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October 18, 2019

It Is Official, Hillary Clinton Completely Loses It As She Accuses Jill Stein & Tulsi Gabbard Of Being 'Russian Assets' - Has Clinton Started To Believe Her Own Propaganda Campaign?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Well it is official, Hillary Clinton has not only reached Stage 4 of Trump Derangement Syndrome, but she now seems to think that anyone that ran against her in 2016, namely president Trump and the third party candidate Jill Stein, or any present-day Democrat that may turn into an Independent Presidential candidate is a "Russian asset."

Before detailing the very sinister reason behind Hillary Clinton's obsession with Russia, let's take a look at her recent conspiracy theory, which she shared on Wednesday during a podcast interview with former Obama campaign manager and senior adviser David Plouffe. She rambles on for nearly an hour.

During that long-winded interview Clinton made some outlandish claims, calling former third-party Presidential candidate Jill Stein "A Russian asset - I mean totally," and suggested that  Russia is "grooming" someone that "is currently in the Democratic primary," to be a third-party candidate, which is a direct reference to Tulsi Gabbard.


Since it is doubtful that ANP readers really want to to listen to the whole 61 minutes of the podcast (here), we found the clip of the entire statement shown in the screen shot above.

Gabbard herself addressed the media's "despicable" attempts to paint her as a Russia asset at the most recent Democrat primary, directly quoting both CNN and NYT which has been pushing that conspiracy, and she did so while the debate was being hosted by the NYT and CNN.

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You can hear her debate comments at the beginning of the  Tucker Carlson interview below.


The reason why Clinton is so obsessed with Russia that she basically sees them in every shadow is because it was Clinton and her allies that created the entire Russia collusion hoax.

The media has been very careful to downplay, or simply refuse to report that Clinton, the DNC when under Clinton's control, and her  allies, all orchestrated everything Russia-related that has dominated the media narrative over the past three years.

We now know from former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, that Hillary Clinton took control of the DNC before she was nominated as the Democrat candidate for the 2016 presidential election. 

We also know from John Solomon over at The Hill that "a top FBI official met with Democratic Party lawyers to talk about allegations of Donald Trump-Russia collusion weeks before the 2016 election, and before the bureau secured a search warrant targeting Trump’s campaign."

Former FBI general counsel James Baker met during the 2016 season with at least one attorney from Perkins Coie, the Democratic National Committee’s private law firm.

That’s the firm used by the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to secretly pay research firm Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence operative, to compile a dossier of uncorroborated raw intelligence alleging Trump and Moscow were colluding to hijack the presidential election.

The dossier, though mostly unverified, was then used by the FBI as the main evidence seeking a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant targeting the Trump campaign in the final days of the campaign.

The fact that the Clinton campaign and the DNC funded the Steele dossier was never revealed to the FISA court.

It was later discovered from an interview between federal agents and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, that the sources for the Steele dossier were Russian, and was thought to possibly be part of a Russia disinformation campaign

Ohr told agents in November 2016 he “never believed” Steele was “making up information or shading it” and that he believed Steele was just passing along what his sources in Russia were telling him, but added “that doesn’t make that story true.” And Ohr raised the specter of possible Russian disinformation, noting “there are always Russian conspiracy theories that come from the Kremlin” and providing a redacted example.

By January 2017, some FBI agents trying to verify the dossier’s allegations had reportedly concluded some of the dossier’s contents may have been based upon rumors and hearsay passed from source to source and originated as Russian disinformation. Former CIA Moscow station chief Daniel Hoffman told the Washington Examiner the dossier was "likely FSB disinformation."

Agents said in a series of notes from December 2016 that Ohr told them Simpson from Fusion GPS “directed” Steele to speak to press “as that was what Simpson was paying [Steele] to do.” Michael Isikoff, the chief investigative correspondent for Yahoo News whose September 2016 news article based on the dossier was used to bolster the FISA applications, later said the media should have shown more skepticism over Steele's dossier, which he described as "thirdhand stuff." Steele also passed along information to numerous other media outlets.

Remember, Clinton and the DNC, which she was in control of, paid Fusion GPS for the dossier compilation, but that wasn't all Team Clinton and her allies arranged and orchestrated.

Longtime associate of the Clinton machine, Sidney Blumenthal, nicknamed "Sid Vicious," and referenced as a Clinton "attack dog," and "hatchet man," then went to the State Department with another dossier, "compiled by another Clinton ally, Cody Shearer, which contained much of the same Russian disinformation as the Steele dossier, and was eventually given to the FBI to substantiate its own investigation." 


The Clinton team orchestrated, paid to have Russian disinformation compiled, then fed that information to the press and to State Department, which she formerly ran, to be fed directly to the FBI, as confirmation to another dossier they paid for using Russian sources to frame President Trump.

Also add in the fact that the DNC, under Clinton's control, hired Crowdstrike to investigate the "hack" into the DNC servers, and the FBI was never allowed to independently examine those servers. It was the Crowdstrike report that was used by Obama intelligence officials that determined Russia hacked the DNC.

Every bit of the narrative to date about "Russia" and the 2016 elections, other than some social media ads to sow discord, has come from a Clinton controlled or connected source.

The problem they ran into was that despite all the planning and orchestrating of the Russian collusion hoax, the special counsel investigation still found that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but Clinton still attempted to assert in her podcast interview that "Russia" has something on President Trump.



Now whether Clitnon has actually lost so much of her mind that she has begun to believe the propaganda that her campaign started, or is just so totally deranged that she thinks "everyone" is a Russian asset or a Putin puppet, matters not, because in listening to her rambling claims that Trump, Stein, and Gabbard are "Russian assets" or anyone else that leans-left but runs as an Independent third-party candidate is owned or being "groomed" by Russia, makes it apparent that she has officially lost touch with reality.

I truly think that President Trump broke Hillary Clinton and what is left looks like a  child throwing a three year temper tantrum and screaming "Russia, Russia, Russia," because he beat her in 2016.

Then again, Clinton isn't the only person that lost her mind after the 2016 election.

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