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December 21, 2020

It's Too Late Now: New COVID Strain In UK Has Already Jumped Borders - Time To Stand Up Against Dictator Wannabe Governors And Teach Liberals What True Resistance Is

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

By now I am sure most already know about the new mutated strain of the COVID-19 coronavirus (Bio warfare?) in the UK.  Dozens of nations have banned travel from the UK into their countries in fear of the new strain spreading.

Too late.

As Stefan Stanford recently highlighted, the vaccine rollout is already chaotic between people passing out on live TV after having taken the first round of the vaccine, with reports indicating that in just the first week of the rollout, thousands have already suffered from adverse reactions.

There are more than 20 flights due into the U.S. from the UK  on December 21, 2020, but considering the fact that the contagion has already jumped the UK border, the international community needs to start accepting the reality.

There is no cure. No vaccine is going to magically apply to all strains, especially one that experts expect to become the 'dominant global strain.' 

According to reports coming out of the UK, the new strain is already "everywhere" within the United Kingdom, and since it was first spotted in late September and now accounts for approximately 60% of cases in South East and London..... the "lets stop the spread" ship has already sailed. Reports also claim that this new and improved strain is 70% more transmissible than existing strains.

Are the mutated versions a way to force compliance by the globalists?

Banning flights and travel from the UK is like closing the barn door after all the animals already escaped.

It is a useless exercise to which the only purpose it to make people "feel good" that "something" is being done. Never mind that something is totally pointless, that is besides the point to these brainiacs.

A little bit like the mask mandate, where governors are trying to force their constituents to wear masks, control who is allowed to their private residences, whether they can keep their businesses open or whether they can eat out.... all about control.

Or as U.S. Senator Rand Paul says, it is all about submission. Granted Paul is pro-vaccine, but his point about the trajectory of the coronavirus has not changed one iota by social distancing, or masks, is a point the media absolutely refuses to tell their audiences, is something everyone needs to hear.

For the record: Back when we were watching the news from China of people passing out in the streets and being dragged into vans by men in hazard suits, we recommended people get masks and gloves before they became unavailable. Our suggestion was made with the thought of protecting yourself from others, and we never suggested people should be forced to do anything against their will.

Now we know all that mask wearing has done zip, zilch, nothing to alter the trajectory, so wearing on should have been, and still should be, a personal choice.

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Preppers usually prepare for as many possible scenarios as they can, preparing for the worst while hoping for the best. This is why most preppers didn't face the issue of limited products and empty store shelves.

Preppers do not stock up, learn to grow their own fruits and make other preparation due to fear, but rather as a method of assuring themselves they can take care of their families in a time of crisis should availability become scarce on items needed to survive. 

That is hugely different from the campaign of terror politicians, celebrities and the liberal media are perpetrating on Americans, and other world leaders are perpetrating on the international community.

For example: We now know that this "new" strain found in the UK; 1) Isn't new, it has been around since September, so all these travel bans against the UK, are nothing more than a campaign of terror, and 2) The "new" strain has already jumped the border of the UK.

In other words: It has been spreading since September.

The same goes for tyrannical and power-hungry U.S. governors shutting down restaurants when they are not causing any significant increase in the spread of COVID-19. Same goes for gyms, outdoor dining and going to work, at least those that these dictatorial governors have deemed to be working in an "essential" business.

Like in New York, restaurants are dangerous says Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but filming Saturday Night Live, with no mask wearing or social distancing,  is ESSENTIAL!!!!!!   

More proof that this campaign of terror is a power grab and an attempt to force submission and compliance, we see that they are already discussing a "COVID-19 Passport." (Hat Tip JoeJoe)

The expected rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine is raising interest in creating ways to quickly recognize who has been immunized and who has not.

That could allow people who can prove they’ve received the full dose — or have already survived the disease and may have immunity that way — to travel with fewer restrictions, or attend concerts and sporting events without getting tested.

Some are calling the concept a “COVID passport.”

Internationally the same campaign of terror is being waged as we see new updates on what is happening around the globe, via ZeroHedge:

• Seoul Metropolitan Government and its neighboring Gyeonggi and Incheon provinces will ban holiday gatherings of five or more people from Dec. 23 to Jan. 3. The restrictions would apply to about half of the country’s 51 million people. Weddings and funerals aren’t included in the new rules.

• Indonesia’s capital has extended its virus restrictions by another two weeks as cases continue to rise and to prevent any further spikes from the holiday season.

• Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government suspended flights between Canada and the U.K. for 72 hours effective midnight Sunday due to "the high number of cases of a variant Covid-19 virus observed in some areas in the United Kingdom."

• Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike urges the capital's 14 million residents to stay home during the upcoming holiday season to prevent further spread of infections. "I would like people to prioritize life above everything else during the year-end and New Year," Koike said at a news conference. "I do hope families will stay home during the holiday season."

• Colombia’s capital Bogota will return to partial mobility restrictions where citizens are only allowed to buy staples, go to restaurants, shopping malls, among other spots, depending on the last digit of their ID, Mayor Claudia López said in a video posted on Twitter. The new measures will take place from Monday.

Read the rest at ZeroHedge.

Some speculate that this "new" strain has been deliberately modified to force compliance on those that have resisted so far. (SQ note on link to new strain)

Considering the things we have been witnessing nationally and globally of late, that is scarily believable.


With so much horrible stuff happening in the world present day and so much happening nationally here in America, it is critical, in my mind, that we look at some good to counter all the bad and ugly.

Fighting BackNYC restaurants band together to ban Andrew Cuomo from dining in their establishments

The irony of them banning him after he destroyed so many of them with his tyrannical lockdowns, is simply delicious.

“He can eat at some sh---- roadside diner outside of Albany but he will not be served anywhere in New York City, known universally as the world’s greatest dining destination! If he has to use the restroom he can go pee on my street-corner,” said bar owner Larry Baird.

Amazing Americans Step UpAnonymous Donor Gives 123 Tons of Food to Needy Families in Kentucky.

Santa Clause is known for delivering toys to children but in Daviess County he just dropped off 246,300 pounds (123 tons) of food for families struggling this holiday season,” the Kentucky State Police wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday:


Heartbreaking Selflessness: Toy Store Owner Whose Business Closed Donates Inventory to Charity

A toy store owner whose business closed for good during the coronavirus pandemic donated her remaining inventory to a charity for kids fighting cancer.

Now This Is Real Resistance: Daily Caller writer - I just ate inside of a restaurant in PA that’s resisting the state’s indoor dining ban.....  Dinner was great but it tasted even better knowing I was defying the governor."

I could go on and on, the stories are out there, they are just buried under the tyranny, the dictator wannabes, the election antics, and a variety of other controversial news.

There are some very good, kind, generous and loving Americans and they should be highlighted when we find them.

America versus Amerika.... makes quite a statement.


Just as the world learned to simply deal with the flu, where the yearly "flu shot" is a choice, so should the vaccine for COVID-129, because it is not going anywhere.

The new strain has already jumped the borders and we would not be at all surprised if it is already here and nobody noticed the difference.

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