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September 18, 2019

This Is How Close America Is To Disaster: With A 'Trucker Bloodbath' Already In Progress, Once TEOTWAWKI Arrives, It'll Already Be Far Too Late To Prepare 

- Something Is Seriously Wrong With The Globalists Now Pushing Cannibalism


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back in 2017 as the socialist nation of Venezuela was spiraling downward into mass starvation, their President Nicolas Maduro put his national military in charge of the nation's food system, a move that led to not only the Venezuelan military profiting from the Venezuelan people going hungry but many of the 30 million residents of the country barely getting one meal a day. 

With the food shortage in Venezuela becoming so dire that some spend their entire days picking up grains of rice and corn that fall out of delivery trucks while others turned their attention to raiding the local zoos and hunting down stray animals in the streets for their next meals, not only is Venezuela a perfect example for Americans to look at to see why we want nothing of being a 'socialist nation' but also giving us a perfect reason to prepare ourselves in 2019 with a potential 'perfect storm' brewing in America and across the planet.

As Steve Quayle mentioned in an SQnote while linking to this story over at Zero Hedge titled "If Truckers Stopped Working, Grocery Stores Would Run Out Of Food In 3 Days", "Don't forget the panic and riots would force the closures before 3 days, with the military securing all public food sources!"

Steve's words of warning are proven in what we've been watching in Venezuela over the past several years and as Susan Duclos had reported in this ANP story just days ago, between warnings of an economic collapse and a recession, the growing possibility of an outright bloody civil war in 2020-2021, no matter who wins the presidential election, terrorist attacks, cyber attacks against the nation's grid, earthquakes and weather events, along with the long list of other possibilities that would be considered a SHTF scenario, whether national or local to your area, there's never been a better time than now to prepare. 

And as Susan had also reported within that story, there are going to be two types of people once we arrive at a 'TEOTWAWKI' moment, those who are prepared and able to survive, and everybody else, the walking dead.

So we're going to be taking a look within this ANP story at just how close America is to total disaster at a time when over 4,500 trucking jobs were eliminated in the month of August alone, showing that the 'trucker bloodbath' that the independent media has been warning about is now ongoing and in a very worst case scenario, could leave store shelves across the nation looking like those in the photograph below.  

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As this story over at Mongabay had reported, the wildlife of Venezuela, one of 17 countries that account for 70 percent of the world’s biodiversity, has come under new pressure in addition to deforestation, toxic oil spills and illegal trafficking: human starvation. With the insane left pushing for socialism in America, how many Americans are ready to go on the 'Maduro diet'? If Democrats have their way and are able to bring socialism into America, this could very well be America's future.: 

Stores are empty and people sift through garbage for scraps. Many people call the country’s malnutrition the ‘Maduro diet,’ laying blame for the gaunt figures that are common sights now [in the streets] on Mr. Maduro,” reports the New York Times

Although the national government officially denies the severity of the humanitarian emergency here, public services, agricultural productivity and even the commercial transportation network have deteriorated — and as a consequence, so has access to food.

As a result, people are feeding themselves wherever, and on whatever, they can. That has come to include wild animals such as the Guiana dolphin (Sotalia guianensis), locally known as tonina; the Caribbean pink flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber); several threatened sea turtle species; as well as wild donkeys in the Lake Maracaibo estuary, once at the heart of the nation’s oil production.

Likewise, Venezuela’s zoos, which suffer from a lack of vital supplies, and have reported the theft of animals, believed to have been stolen for food.

Few arrests have been made for these environmental crimes, with perpetrators given minor penalties or fines. Three young men who slaughtered a wild donkey, for example, and sold its meat, were sentenced to report to a court every day for 30 days; two others found guilty of hunting 60 protected birds for illegal sale as food were ordered to perform community service.

Yet what would you do if you were suffering from starvation to survive? With the globalists who are pushing socialism also now going so far as to push 'cannibalism' as a potential 'answer' to 'global warming' as the website 'What's Up With That' had reported in this viral September 6th story and videographer 'Ice Age Farmer' elaborates on in the 1st video below, as we'll examine in the final two sections of this story below, thanfully there are tons of other options available to becoming a cannibal. But as even birds hunting for the early worm know, we serve our families and loved ones best by preparing now while we still can.


As Susan Duclos had reported in this May 29th ANP story, should America be hit by a catastrophic food crisis due many different reasons (one of which being our country becoming a socialist nation), hydroponics and sprouting may be one of the best ways to survive and ensure a long term food supply as Steve Quayle had told Susan as she reported below. As the graphic above shows, while a month or even a year's supply of survival food will buy us some time, being self sustaining is the ultimate goal. From Susan's story.  

We'll start with sprouts, often described as a "miracle food" as they are healthy and nutrious, offer vitamin, mineral, amino acid and protein boosts, are affordable, requires no soil (perfect for apartment preppers with a limited amount of space), and offer a large variety, sprout seeds, beans, legumes or grains, and more.

The information on sprouting is out there if one knows what to look for and the easy process "involves germinating seeds and legumes, and then eating them raw," so they don't even have to be cooked, and most can be added to soups, stews, salads, among a number of other foods.

In researching sprouts  we found that they can be grown in simple mason jars, or sprouting trays that barely take up any room and some sprouts can be ready to eat within a week. (Note - Some  can take 10-20 days to harvest)

Hydroponics is a method of growing nutritious sprouts and other greens and vegetables that doesn't require soil. While researching this method, we were amazed to see how many different herbs, vegetables and greens can be grown using a hydroponics system. Lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach and much more can offer decent yields, with no messy soil or the need for a full outside garden, and they can be grown all year round.

While the systems themselves range from larger hydroponic growing systems, to smaller ones for those that take up much less space, we found the majority of them to be relatively inexpensive.

The great part of being able to grow sprouts, vegetables, fruits and greens indoors using hydroponics is that one is not limited by season or weather and can be harvested more rapidly than traditional gardening. The best part is using non-GMO seeds and growing your own food, you always know exactly what is in the food you are eating and how fresh it is.

With the massive amounts of food recalls in recent years due to listeria, salmonella and ecoli, growing your own food is also safer.



Vitamins and supplements are also an important part of long term survival with vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A being important to general health and skin health.  Vitamin B helps with energy and stress. Vitamin D and calcium for bone health and more.  Omega-3 fatty acids/fish oil supplements helps with inflammation. Antioxidants for eye health. Probiotics help with the digestive system.

As always, if you are on prescription medications or taking any other type of vitamin cocktail daily, please check with your doctor about drug interactions. There are even some online websites that you can plug in what you take with any of the aforementioned vitamins and supplements to make sure nothing will interact negatively with what you are already taking.

Protein Powders: One of the best tips Steve Quayle offered in our email communications (although I found them all important) was the need to accumulate protein powders, which in hindsight should have been common sense, but it is something we rarely see addressed when talking about prepping and survival.

We have often linked to freeze dried meat packages, and with the long shelf life, they are still an awesome investment for survival, but when talking about long-term survival, when the possibility of no longer being able to refresh your supply due to food shortages, having a large accumulation of protein powders to simply mix up and drink, is not only imperative but is also an answer for those without a lot of storage space for those large emergency survival food buckets.

From organic, plant based, to flavored powders, to gluten free whey powders, to any other number of powders available, one can accumulate enough to last years, or even a decade using a limited amount of space for storage.

We've also gone ahead and added in a few other links to long term food storage alternatives: 

The Prepper's Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals 

Survival Tabs 60-Day 720 Tabs Emergency Food Ration Survival MREs Food Replacement for Outdoor Activities Disaster Preparedness Gluten Free and Non-GMO 25 Years Shelf Life Long Term - Mixed Flavor - 

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Survival Garden 15,000 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden 32 Variety Pack by Open Seed Vault 

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3 Month Long Term Emergency Food Supply Kit - Eden Valley Farms 

Nutristore Freeze Dried Ground Beef Premium Quality | USDA Inspected | Amazing Taste | Perfect for Camping | Survival Food 

Nutristore Freeze Dried Chicken | Premium Quality | USDA Inspected | Amazing Taste | Perfect for Camping | Survival Food

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Augason Farms Fruit Variety Pail Long Term Food Storage Camping Everyday Meal Prep 6 Gallon Pail  

In the 2nd video below our videographer talks with us about all of the truckers now losing their jobs in America at a time when our nation is already experiencing crop shortages and massive mysterious food recalls as we had reported within this ANP story. And with people shooting each other over food and water in the Bahamas following the wrath of Hurricane Dorian proving that people will do anything to survive, even in 2019, all of that gives us more reason to prepare, while we still can, because as the title of this story suggests, once TEOTWAWKI arrives, it'll already be far too late to prepare. 

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