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January 23, 2017

'Trump Derangement Syndrome' Sweeps America As The Loony-Left Proves Their Hatred Is As Phony As Their Mantra Of Non-Existent Love


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story over at Infowars reports just the latest example of the insanity of the left as an anti-Trump protester preaching 'love trumps hate' sets the hair on fire of another woman who's only 'crime' was she just happened to be a President Trump supporter. You can see that 'attack' in the 2nd video below.

Coming soon after Holly-whore Madonna 'set the pace' for the 'loving left' by claiming on national TV and before thousands that she'd often thought about 'blowing up the White House', we see massive cognitive dissonance coming from those on the left as exemplified by several stories that went viral over the weekend.


In Canada, Rebel News Alberta Chief Sheila Gunn Reid was recently covering the 'women's march/protests' in Canada when she was sucker-punched by a thug who was marching there, preaching the same 'love trumps hate' drabble we've been hearing from the lunatic left from sea to shining sea - as they verbally and physically assault anyone who doesn't quite see eye to eye with them.

Fortunately, internet sleuths were able to identify guitar maker Dion Bews of Edmonton after he slithered away after sucker-punching Gunn Reid. Bews has since removed himself from the internet, shutting down his own website while deleting his social media accounts. Why would someone preaching 'love trumps hate' take such a cheap shot at someone who was just doing their job? You can watch that raw footage in the 3rd video below.

And as Kyle Olson over at the America Mirror reports, a clearly-demented elderly woman on an airplane flight to Washington DC recently received the shock of her life when she found out that in the real world, just because you're a liberal, you don't get 'extra rights'. Kicked off a plane for berating a Trump supporter who was going to Washington DC to celebrate our system of government, we see the left completely breaking down all across America, completely unaware their lives may soon be changing incredibly for the better with President Trump and his 'America 1st' policies.

Demanding that Scott Koteskey be moved from the seat next to hers because he was a Trump supporter, the crowd loudly cheered as the cops come in to escort her off the plane. In the 4th video below of the incident, we hear her ranting about a 'moral high ground', something that the loony-left clearly lost during 8 disastrous years of endless Obama corporate wars though many would argue those slaughtering millions of unborn babies a year never even had it in the first place.

We also take a look at the 1st video below showing how a young girl celebrating her 13th birthday in Washington DC was treated on Saturday while at the woman's march, simply for wearing a MAGA hat. While in DC with her mother, the two woman were verbally assaulted and humiliated by hundreds of lefty's shouting 'love trumps hate' while proving just how hateful they really are.


As the first days of Donald Trump's presidency in 2017 go by, we continue to see a HUGE disconnect between those claiming 'love trumps hate' who then follow-up with hateful, violent and despicable actions or words. Why are we now witnessing so many people going completely out of their minds over Trump, a man who has just gotten into office?

As Alex Jones tells us in this final video below, with Trump now president, 'the forces of evil are panicking'. And we're not the least bit surprised that Hollywood is leading the way. As many ANP readers and others all across the internet have pointed out about this recent women's march, there was clearly 'evil in the air'.

From Madonna's 'f-bomb laden rant' in Washington DC on Saturday to the ties that George Soros had to at least 50 of the groups marching on Saturday, we see in Saturday's march and the inauguration protests the globalists in absolute desperation mode, working dilligently to bring America down with them. We also see 'Trump derangement syndrome' playing out across not only America but much of the world.

And while the left and the MSM have claimed the protests in DC were 'grass roots', Soros ties alone to those 50 groups participating proves those claims are more 'fake news'. And with 'Stop Operation Soros' recently launched in Macedonia to 'overthrow Soros' now exploding, will the left here in America continue to take Soros's money while allowing 'Holly whores' like Madonna to continue to lead them to believe the hatred they display is love? If so, America could be in for a long 4 years of 'Trump derangement syndrome' as the left 'melt down' like never before.

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