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June 2, 2016

More Signs Govt Is Preparing For End Of Days As Barack Obama Has Total Breakdown While Trying To Trash Trump - What Does Obama Know That We Don't Know?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back in 2005, the Washington Post told us in a story that the CIA was planning on moving their US headquarters to Denver, Colorado, a story that never got much national attention but forever solidified its place within 'conspiracy theory lore'. In a new story from The Express on Wednesday, they take a look at a 'shocking claim' that the Denver International airport is also hiding beneath it a secret doomsday bunker for Barack Obama and other White House officials in the event of impending apocalypse. "It's almost as if they built this airport with some sort of information that we don't know about that something bad is going to happen in the near future.”

A total breakdown suffered by US President Barack Obama on Wednesday captured on video for the entire planet to see has gotten a lot of attention recently after being linked to on the front of the Drudge Report. Showing Obama going into a fit of stuttering unlike anything heard before during his presidency during an awkward attempt to trash Donald Trump that blew up in his face, we have to ask, did Obama really only lose his teleprompter as some suggest or was there something more to his breakdown? Does Obama know of that imminent future event that might be devastating to America (or the world) that left him a stuttering mess? You can see Obama's mind-boggling breakdown in the 2nd video below.

Back in March of 2016, Susan Duclos asked if the 'new world order' globalists who have been working to takedown America in order to bring in their global government were planning a massive false-flag attack upon Washington DC that would necessitate the move of the capitol of the US to the Denver International Airport in Colorado. Giving us a look at the Denver International Airport 'conspiracy theory' that might be coming true, Susan told us then that: Lawmakers were jeopardizing U.S. security to save a relatively small amount of money while putting DC at risk according to one national security expertWhy might US lawmakers in Washington DC do something to save a small amount of money if they knew that doing so might be putting our nations capitol at risk? 


Did those working within 'continuity of government' and other 'elitists' long ago discover a dire and mortal threat to our planet that they knew was inevitable at a future date, causing them to begin taking great preparation for 'the end of days'? Maybe an even better question might be, was a sinister plan hatched long ago to prepare for a 'new age' in which the United States no longer existed as a nation, nor did individual nation states across the planet, only to be replaced by a totalitarian, one-world 'Nazi' government to be secretly headquartered in Denver, Colorado?

If such a 'new world order' existed, it might require the surrendering of all weaponry that could be used to oppose it and it might eliminate all of the people it sees as threats to its power while embracing those posing no threat to its world domination, such as social justice warriors who are attempting to silence dissent, playing ignorantly into the hands of tyranny, while using other ignorant tools to 'sow revolution' in the streets of America

In the first video below, YouTube videographer secureteam10 has put out a new video which has already gone semi-viral with over 235,000 views in a few days as well as being picked up by The Mirror in the UK in a new story released on June 1st called "Secret Apocalypse Bunker Buried Beneath Denver Airport As US Government Prepares For End Of Days". 

The video takes a look at the 'Secret Doomsday Base' allegedly hidden under the Denver International Airport and all of the symbology and hidden signs that we see all around the airport, including the fact that nobody really knows who paid to have this mysterious airport built and nobody knows who the mysterious 'new world airport commission' is, either, as seen on the dedication capstone seen in the image below. 

With the possibilities of economic collapse, nuclear war, potential electric grid doom, EMP's, ever present threats from apocalyptic asteroids that could wipe out society, rumors of 'planet X doom' we have to ask, was the breakdown suffered by Mr. Obama on Wednesday due to his knowledge of such future events or just a teleprompter malfunction?

dia-airport1.jpg 146483049733050.gif

Does the US government and the rest of the 'elite' know something that we don't know? Some believe that the shape and layout of the runways of the Denver International Airport tell us a message that we're not getting from authorities who REALLY run this airport. Do these runways tell us something about DIA that we aren't supposed to know? 

The photograph below left of DIA's runways comes to us from this page at Wikipedia. The photograph below right was made by a 'conspiracy theorist' using the photograph below left. Does this runway design tell us something that those who built this airport don't want Americans to know? It's clear that we're not being told everything that matters about this airport that was built to take the place of an airport that many say didn't need to be replaced. We also take a look below these photographs at more of the absolutely bizarre artwork at DIA that tell a tale that we'll never learn from the 'new world airport commission' and those who built this monstrosity.

1024px-Denver_airport_USGA_2002_mod.jpg pr5wfyd7legnax1qykxm.jpg

What about all of the mysterious artwork seen throughout the airport that seems to be telling us a tale that can't be told? Bizarre artwork throughout the airport include dead children, the dove of peace being slaughtered by what looks to be a Nazi storm-trooper, various new-age ceremonies happening later that appear to show a world devoid of caucasians, as well as the un-Godly gargoyles emerging from suitcase near the baggage claim. Who designed all of this?


Between Anubis, the Egyptian 'God of the Dead' standing guard outside of the airport at one period of time to a statue of a rampaging 'horse of the apocalypse' that watches over the airport, red eyes blazing, whether or not freemasons were responsible for this 'sinister site' or not, this place oozes of evil.  


This first video has received an awful lot of attention with both the Mirror and Express picking the video up and covers all of the topics mentioned above (except Obama) and more including the elaborate underground bunker system that is allegedly underneath this airport that will house Barack Obama and likely some of the other 1% who are destroying the world. The 2nd video shows Obama's 'bad day' while on the campaign trail for Hillary. Is the US government preparing for the 'end of days'?

While we don't have the answer to that question, if we take a look at what is going on all across the planet as documented in various stories on ANP and elsewhere throughout the alternative media and act upon the information that we receive in a positive manner, we're doing our own best to prepare for whatever may be on the way.  

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