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September 4, 2015

America's Enemies Position Themselves To Make War Against The US - Preparation For Our Invasion And Destruction Escalate Daily

'We Have Been Betrayed Both From Within And From Without As Our Entire Way Of Life, Blessings And Freedoms Are About To Vanish Forever!' Steve Quayle


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on January 12th, 2015, Susan Duclos published a story on ANP in which she asked if visions and prophecies showing the destruction of America at the hands of a foreign invasion were about to come to pass. With recent developments on both our East and West coasts involving Russian and Chinese spy ships and warships trolling our shores, we find it's time to revisit Susan's story and the prophecies and visions of Henry Gruver, Dumitru Duduman, Pastor David Wilkerson and others below, all of whom have warned us America's days are numbered and our sudden destruction may soon be at hand.

The newly released video directly below and screenshot above from a Chinese tech giant show a CGI version of China attacking an American base should tell us what the mainstream media won't, our very way of life is in danger. We have been betrayed. Why would China so publicly release this video while their warships skirt Alaskan shores while Obama was visiting? What are they trying to tell us? The 2nd video below from Professor Doom2 tells us all about this bizarre video. Much more below videos including a January 2015 SQAlert that we can now see coming  to fruition as well as a look at the escalation that we are now witnessing near America's shores. We also learn of another upcoming foreboding September event.

In the next video below, a compilation of news reports from SignsofThyComing, we learn that the Russian spy ship that was recently announced by the Pentagon as being in our territorial waters traveled up and down the entire East coast and its' specialties include deep sea surveillance and 'cable cutting'. We're told that the ships cable cutting ability could possibly be used to cut off communications between our leaders at home and our military overseas. Even Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' spoke of the utmost importance of disrupting an enemies communications.

Are events of the past week more signs that we are now getting closer to the fulfillment of those visions and prophecies or have China and Russia simply determined that they'd like to learn a little bit more about America with their close passes? This next video also tells us that China and Russia have been holding their largest ever joint naval drills and with the Chinese ships seen near Alaska recently now heading home according to Reuters, all of this only weeks before China's President Xi Jinping makes his first state visit to Washington and the White House later this month makes for another momentous September event.


A January 2015 SQAlert warned that our GPS systems were being taken over by the Russians and Chinese and that an 'entire pre-invasion plan' was being put into place. Coming from a SQ reader in Texas and a former intel guy, their warnings to us (republished below) have since been confirmed by GPSWorld and previous stories from RT and Gizmodo that warned.:

 China is now one step closer to become the top economic and military superpower in the world: their Beidou geo-positioning system is now fully armed and operational.

Beidou cuts China's dependency of the American GPS system completely. It means that they would be able to launch any attack and move their forces around the world without any US interference. Right now, the United States can deactivate their Global Positioning System so nobody can use it in certain areas. That includes enemy armies. After Beidou, however, this will be impossible.

How accurate is Beidou?

Civilian transports would be able to know where they are within a range of 10 meters. They would also be able to record speed with a 0.2 metres-per-second error margin and synchronize their clocks with an accuracy of 0.02 millionths of a second. This is way better than the United States' GPS system, which has an accuracy of 20 meters (66 ft). Garmin claims that their receivers are accurate to within 15 meters on average, which is worse than the accuracy claimed by the Chinese.

Like GPS, however, Beidou has two modes: civilian and military. The Chinese military will have even more accuracy. They haven't disclosed by how much.

With last-minute US Military drills being held off of the East Coast cutting off much satellite positioning for the month of September, is all of this happening according to a well thought out plan? The January 2015 SQAlert.:


Just something weird. I live in S Texas, avid user of GPS. Last couple of weeks the GPS has been haywire. Today I noticed a few local hotels listed on one of the main freeways in my city written in Chinese! I have never seen this before! In order to see the name of the hotel in English you have to tap to open a new window.
Considering what's going on I thought it quite interesting, not to mention frightening! Still my trust is always in the Lord! I know I am protected. Kris

----------- FORMER INTEL GUY---Not surprising since the system is being changed over to the Glonass satellite system for GPS rather than the use of US GPS satellites. The US 911- system also being turned over to that, so very easy for Russian or Chinese partner takeover and control. All being done in increments so final takeover will be easy. The sheeple are not being told this. Jesus is Lord.


A look at Susan's January story told us: Dumitru Dudaman envisioned Russia attacking America by sea and destroyed America by nuclear weapons. Henry Gruver described a vision of the invasion of America and its total destruction by the hands of the Russians and the Chinese. He saw Russia moving by sea and air from the north to destroy America by nerve gas and nuclear weapons. David Wilkerson described an economic collapse followed by a Russian invasion. William Branham saw an explosion, and the nation of America was turned into ashes from coast to coast.

In the next video below we take a much deeper look at the invasion prophecies of Henry Gruver and have to ask if we are now beginning to witness a warning fulfilled. Events of recent days certainly seem to show that we've reached an entirely new level of the falling of America. First, from Dudaman's prophecy.:

“The Russian spies have discovered where the most  powerful nuclear missiles are in America.  It will start with the world calling for ‘peace, peace.  Then there will be an internal revolution in America, started by the Communists.  The government will be busy with internal problems.  Then, from the oceans, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico, and two other countries will attack!  The Russians will bombard the nuclear missile silos in AmericaAmerica will burn."

At ANP we certainly do not have all of the answers but what we have been witnessing lately is being looked at as provocative behavior by many. As America has been betrayed from both within and without, we see that our entire way of life is truly at stake and as Steve Quayle warns, all of our freedoms and our blessings are at great risk. We owe the future of humanity our hard work and dedication to make sure our freedoms and way of life don't vanish off the face of our planet forever.


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