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August 2, 2021

When Tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty: Enough With Gutless Americans Bowing To Tyrannical Government Mandates - Even The French Are Showing More Backbone Than Americans 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

It is a crying shame when citizens of other countries are far more willing than Americans to fight for their freedoms, and to stand up and say "enough," with the government overreach of power with endless mandates, whether it be the renewed mask mandates or threats of forced vaccines of experimental drugs that haven't been around long enough to even estimate what their long term effects will be, orvaccine "passports." 

Italy, Australia, and France are all seeing massive protests against "vaccine passports," being required for every day activities.

Via Reuters:

It was the third weekend in a row that people opposed to President Emmanuel Macron's new COVID-19 measures have taken to the streets, an unusual show of determination at a time of year when many people are focused on taking their summer break.

The number of demonstrators has grown steadily since the start of the protests, echoing the "yellow vest" movement, that started in late 2018 against fuel taxes and the cost of living.

An interior ministry official said 204,090 had demonstrated across France, including 14,250 in Paris alone. This is about 40,000 more than last week.

"We're creating a segregated society and I think it is unbelievable to be doing this in the country of human rights," said Anne, a teacher who was demonstrating in Paris. She declined to give her last name.

"So I took to the streets; I have never protested before in my life. I think our freedom is in danger."

Yes, the French people are showing more backbone than Americans.

My heavens, what has happened to Americans to cause tens of millions of them to allow themselves to be led like sheep to a slaughter? 

Yes, the media bears quite a bit of responsibility with their fake news, lies, and using their influence to misinform the populace. 

Democrats and liberal state leaders, also bear responsibility for using the COVID-19 pandemic as a means for the biggest power-grab ever seen. 

For the media and Democrats/liberals, it is all about control.

With that said, the media and Democrats cannot be held accountable for the lack of courage, individual thinking and cowed responses of their audience, who has been shown time and time again that they have been lied to, and still they believe what they are told to believe, do what they are told to do, and mimic what they are told to mimic by Democrats activists pretending to be journalists.

Since when do Americans, collectively, sit and obey arbitrary, nonsensical, and tyrannical mandates?

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For years we have watched Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups march, riot, destroy, vandalize, loot and burn cities/towns up, all in the name of protesting perceived wrongs, and while we would never suggest blowing up towns like that, we do note that America conservatives have a habit of taking the moral high ground, and assuming that Americans will come to their senses without mass protests.

They won't. Let me be clearer, Americans will not collectively come to their senses and conservatives need to understand that.

Being the "adult" in the room is going to get all of our freedoms taken away while conservatives continue to believe that common sense will prevail.

It won't.

Common sense is no longer common.

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While not suggesting or recommending violence of any kind, we can, we must, start taking actions to remind the government they work for us, not the other way around.

It is time for conservative Americans to say enough is enough, and start organizing protests, campaigns, and every other means of civil disobedience available.

While not everyone is in a position to physically go out and protest, there are actions everyone can take to make their voices heard.

Refuse to be forced to wear masks again, and only wear them if you believe it is best for you. 

Refuse to shop in establishments that "require" masks, or proof of vaccine.  If enough people actually do so, the hit to those businesses' wallets, will most definitely give them pause, especially when more and more people start doing joining the boycott protests.

Refuse to comply with any "mandates" that violate your civil liberties and freedoms.

Refuse to follow the liberal sheep off the cliff the media and Democrats are trying to led them to.

When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.

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Say what you want about Antifa and BLM, I certainly do on a regular basis, but at the least they are willing to fight for what they believe in, no matter how misguided some of those beliefs are. 

If they are capable of organizing mass protests, conservatives sure as hell are as well. 

Granted, conservatives won't be carrying bats with nails in them, or cement milkshakes, or pepper spraying strangers because they disagree with them, but civil disobedience doesn't require violence unless others attack first.

For those who for whatever the reason, cannot physically protest, helping to organize, sharing information on protests, supporting those protests in any way possible, are all ways to help fight against the tyranny we are watching take over our entire country under the Biden regime. 


Everyone can do something, and if they don't, say goodbye to America because our freedoms are disintegrating more every single day.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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