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February 24, 2020

The Politics Of A Coronavirus Pandemic Hitting The United States - Will There Even Be A 2020 Election If American Cities Are Locked Down During TEOTWAWKI?

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As we observe more cities across the globe being locked down due to the fast spread of the Coronavirus, dubbed COVID-19, which originated in China, we have to wonder what happens if the Pandemic spreads all throughout America and cities here have to be locked down?

Stefan Stanford has been updating readers as to the latest reports regarding this deadly, from shocking videos the mainstream media are not showing their American audience, to the potential of medical martial law being implemented in America.

I myself have addressed the wake-up call this virus should be and how it and prepping should go hand in hand, with suggestions, links and readers' recommendations as to protection and prevention.

Another aspect that needs to be addressed is what happens with the 2020 presidential election, and the down-ticket elections if medical martial law, or simply multiple cities are on lock-down because health officials can not control the spread of COVID-19 here is the U.S.

This illness has already been roiling China, officially since late 2019 when China notified the World Health Organization, but the actual virus started sickening people before them.

The importance of the COVID-19 timeline cannot be overstated as even after months with WHO, the CDC, the Chinese government, and scientist across the world working on it, not only is it still spreading in China but is now reported in 31 countries with dozens of separate town, villages and/or cities locked down in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the spread.

To assume that once the Pandemic spreads through the U.S. that it will be eradicated immediately, would be the height of idiocy.

As we always say, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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So, if this deadly virus spreads to the point where American cities need to be locked down, and should that "medical martial law" continue through the end of 2020, what exactly happens to the 2020 Presidential elections?

What about the party conventions? Are people really going to chance huge gatherings?

This is not a random question as we see that the Trump administration is already preparing to ask Congress for funding to combat the coronavirus here in the states, and according to anonymous sources (so take it with a large grain of salt) they are also concerned about what a huge public health event would mean for the elections.

Here is how the media is portraying it, via Politico:
The Trump administration is bracing for a possible coronavirus outbreak in the United States that could sicken thousands — straining the government's public health response and threatening an economic slowdown in the heat of President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

That stark realization has taken hold in high-level White House meetings, during which some administration officials have voiced concerns the coronavirus is already spreading undetected within U.S. borders, two officials told POLITICO.

Though Trump in public has downplayed the virus, privately he has voiced his own anxieties, rebuking public health leaders over last week's decision to fly home 14 Americans who tested positive for the virus while aboard a cruise ship off Japan, said three individuals with knowledge of the situation. Trump was worried that transporting the Americans to the United States without adequate precautions could create new risks, the individuals said.

“The biggest current threat to the president’s reelection is this thing getting out of control and creating a health and economic impact,” said Chris Meekins, a Raymond James financial analyst and former Trump administration HHS emergency-preparedness official.
The media is always so focused on what President Trump is doing and as usual using those sources with no name , but the economic ramifications for him and conservatives, are nothing compared to the complete Democrat and liberal meltdown that would occur if the U.S. is in the midst of fighting a Pandemic when the conventions start and the election date nears.

Think about the Democrats reactions, from screaming to the media that the President deliberately allowed a pandemic into the U.S. in order to stop the elections, to the theories that any and all quarantine are only occurring in liberal cities to prevent liberals from voting, ignoring the fact that those same liberal cities are a Petri dish for diseases and the spread of viruses.

It would be just as likely, or more so, that internal polling shows that President Trump, barring some major disaster, is likely to win the 2020 election by a landslide no matter who the Democrat candidate is, and bringing the virus into the U.S. is the "deep state's" way of preventing the election.

Sure that might sound as out there as Trump deliberately introducing the coronavirus into the U.S., except for the fact that against the advice from the CDC and without approval from the President, State deliberately brought in Americans with confirmed coronavirus infections, on transport with people that were not infected!
But the failure of the quarantine was clear well before now. On Saturday, February 15, US officials announced that they would evacuate Americans. “To fulfill our responsibilities to US citizens, as well as to reduce the burden on the Japanese healthcare system, the US government recommends that US citizens disembark and return to the United States for further monitoring,” the CDC said in a statement.

The agency made clear that only the uninfected would be allowed to fly back. “All travelers from Japan will be screened before boarding the State Department-chartered aircraft to prevent symptomatic travelers from departing Japan,” the CDC said.

But in a last-minute twist, that all changed. As American evacuees sat crammed into buses idling on an airport tarmac in Japan, officials received the results of coronavirus testing done a few days before: 14 of the people on the buses were positive. A fierce debate broke out in Washington, DC, according to the Post, who spoke with unnamed senior US officials involved with the decision.


Interestingly, there is information regarding emergencies during an election time frames, and some states even have specific guidelines, but a pandemic during election season plan, would be a legal mess.

Via The Atlantic:

• But in the weeks since, the measures have become more drastic still. The quarantine-style lockdown has since been extended to include more than 50 million people elsewhere in China. Officials have ordered door-to-door checks in Wuhan to round up the infected for further isolation. Anyone who hides infections, one official said, “will be forever nailed to history’s pillar of shame.”

Putting aside the question of whether such radical measures are even effective, China’s government generally has much more authoritarian control over its population than the American government has over its. If a fast-spreading, deadly epidemic should threaten the United States, could the U.S. government do the same? The answer is yes: American government officials do have extensive authority to implement public-health measures to stop an epidemic, as the Americans on the Diamond Cruise ship in Yokohama, Japan, are now learning. According to The Washington Post, they were told on Saturday that following their two-week quarantine aboard the ship they would face an additional two-week quarantine back in the United States.

• Government officials can prevent travel, require vaccinations, make people submit to medical exams, and commandeer private property. Even those who are not sick can be ordered into quarantine—confined to their home or another location with others who may also have been exposed to a virus. When quarantine is medically justified, individual rights give way to the greater good. As the Court stated in Jacobson v. Massachusetts in 1905, “Upon the principle of self-defense, of paramount necessity, a community has the right to protect itself against an epidemic of disease which threatens the safety of its members.” The constitutional structure tolerates such substantial restriction of liberties for at least a limited time in a true public-health emergency. That said, constitutional protections during quarantine do exist. For example, health officials must use the least restrictive means consistent with medical guidance, and the government must have good reason to believe you’ve been exposed.

Related: How America Struggled to Bury the Dead During the 1918 Flu Pandemic

According to a 2004 article, regarding the rules about elections, and laws that have not been changed, the Executive Branch would have to petition Congress for authority to delay an election, but barring that authority, elections fall under state control.


The real question would then be, would individual states postpone their scheduled elections if the nation was in the midst of a pandemic.

It would likely be dependent on how widespread and out-of-control the virus became within the U.S.

For example, say COVID-19 spread throughout New York City in an uncontrolled fashion. Exactly who would think it is a good idea to go to the polls to vote, where other people are gathered and machines have been touched by potentially infected residents?

Would whole states declare State of Emergency, and willingly postpone elections in order to lock down their cities? It may sound harsh, but I have to wonder if the most radical Democrats in the most liberal states and cities, would rather risk the very lives of their residents than allow President Trump even one additional day.

Would they put the country ahead of politics?

It is a very interesting question and one we may face in the near future.

As we watch this pandemic spread and await WHO to "officially" list it as pandemic, we highly encourage readers to prepare for the possibility that they may need to hunker down to protect themselves from any type of mass infection.

As an example of how people will self-quarantine themselves to avoid coming in contact with others potentially infected, see the short clip below titled: "Codogno Like Ghost Town After Coronavirus Outbreak Hits Italy."

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