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June 8, 2022

As One World Govt Works To Consolidate Global Domination At Lightning Speed, Expect More Bioterror Attacks Upon The World As Their 'Population Control' Programs Are Kicked Into Overdrive

- The Movement To Tyranny Ties Directly To Bilderberg And These Other Secret Societies


By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

Please allow me to ask you a question; and no, I am not being snide or inauthentic, but I am looking for an idea of just how well we are being viewed by the world’s elites.  Nasty answers are expected, and it is likely that they would all be correct.  What are the world’s elites?  Directly related to that question would be to what extent are the world’s elites in agreement, or how far would they go to create that agreement?  Who comprises the “world’s” elites, and would that include the whole world or just a few areas?  I do not believe I can answer those questions properly, but I can give a few hints that may get us in the ballpark. 

This past Sunday was the end of the 2022 Bilderberg meetings at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, scheduled to take place from June 2nd to the 5th.   It appears they began Thursday evening for some of them, although the Friday sessions appear to have been the first full compliment attended meetings according to those outside reporting on it.  There are a variety of reasons why this year’s meetings are very important and to understand why, let’s first look a bit at their history and makeup.

On the official website of the Bilderberg Meetings they say very little and that it “is a three-day forum for informal discussions, designed to foster dialogue between Europe and North America.”  Ok, so much for being worldwide if we were to assume the Bilderberg’s are the World’s Elites, assuming they are telling us the whole truth.  “The first Meeting took place in Hotel De Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands, from 29 to 31 May 1954” which tells us it isn’t really that old, but it is based on associations and linkages that are ancient.  They list their topics of discussion for this year’s meetings as including realignments of Geopolitical and Indo-Pacific, China, Russia, Ukraine, NATO, Disinformation, and a somewhat puzzling combination of the Disruption of the Global Financial System along with topic of Continuity of Government and the Economy.  Please remember that the information given is from their own website and the official Press Release and that it must be considered with a great deal of skepticism.  This page has an official list of this year’s participants, but that does not limit who may actually be there, they may be hiding some very important guests for their own secret reasons.

Now perhaps we should tell another viewpoint taken from other than official propaganda sources.  Many of the sources I read through quote from an older InfoWars article from June 2015 that is not now on the web except in archived form.  It appears that the Nazi efforts of WWII to unite the European nations and hopefully the rest of the world failed and so one of the key founders of the BG (Bilderberg Group) was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who also served as the Chairman until 1976.  An archived article from the Telegraph in 2010 said “"Bernhard, a secret history" has revealed that the prince was a member of the German Nazi party until 1934, three years before he married Princess Juliana, the future queen of the Netherlands.”  He has always denied this, but the papers exist proving it correct showing the “prince, a former officer in the SS, had worked in IG Farben’s notorious NW7 group, which served as spies for the Third ReichBernhard belonged to the Dutch branch of the Knights TemplarIn 1954, he was appointed to govern the Dutch order. .  “As the Nazis invaded Holland in 1940, the young prince consort, then aged 28, organized a group of palace guards that engaged in combat with German forces” and held the honorary title of “Wing Commander Gibbs” of the RAF and is the father of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. 

The links with the BG and the Nazis is deep, including one of the original founders being John Foster Dulles, the brother of Allen Dulles who was responsible for Operation Paperclip bypassing both the Law and Presidential directives forbidding it that brought so many Nazi scientists and others into the US from post war Germany.  One could call Henry Kissinger the Godfather of the BG and Kissinger is deep into a variety of very shady schemes including being the contact man for a secret spy network made up of old Nazis and elite aristocrats aimed at torpedoing the plans formulated by Chancellor Willy Brandt.”  Alex Jones said they are still at the heart of Nazi movement today, and I tend to agree.  Just like the Nazi’s they believe in heavily socialized and centralize national governments, very strict gun control, and government control of education.  They are deeply committed to eugenics, population control, One World Government and perhaps the most telling feature proving their Satanic evil, the elimination of religion, especially Christianity.  No wonder they are so damned secretive.

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They have their foundations in the Council of Foreign Relations and the Marshall Plan and reconstruction Europe after the war with money and directions from David Rockefeller and the Rockefeller Foundation and lead all the way back to the Chatham House and Joseph Retinger.  Many more top US elites like the Morgan’s, Averill Harriman and so many more involved deep in the CFR are in that origination group of supporters.  The Treaty of Rome which brought the European Common Market to birth was nurtured in the early Bilderberg meetings and so much more, but this is enough to give you an idea of just what or who they are.  It is enough to say that they are one of, if not the according to some, most secretive groups around.

We have mentioned that the WHO conference had been moved back to coincide with the WEF conference that was held in May on the 22nd to the 26th of this year with a comment that it was to better coordinate their efforts prior to the Bilderberg meetings just concluded.  It appears that the actual topics covered as can be discerned by those involved to be directly related to what those held earlier covered.  This is a coordination meeting for the evil ones to better put together whatever it is that they have planned for this world.  Perhaps this would be a great time to go over some of what was handled in those meetings to better understand what the BG meetings were organized to accomplish.  This is all directly related to the Great Reset and the NWO schemes and plans to force a strictly authoritarian and strongly evil Nazi like approach to world government.  And remember to keep in mind that they are basically North Atlantic western nations and not the larger WEF/WHO/UN New World Order folks, but they do steer much of those and associated groups’ actions.

Before we continue, please allow me to define some terms.  The standard schoolbook definitions of a Communist system, a Socialist system, a Fascist system, Nazi and so forth are great when you are writing a school paper for a grade, but in the real world, they are all almost exactly the same in actual operations.  There are many that do err in the belief that the communist party and the Nazi party are different, in actual real world conditions they are the same thing.  Hitler was a communist before he was a national socialist and his ideas changed only to realize the real world operational conditions must change from the theoretical models.  Megalomaniacal tyranny of the masses by a few elitists in absolute power is that functional definition.  We see that very well just looking at the democrat/communist factions that have illegally and immorally taken power to themselves and are out to destroy what is good in not just this nation, but of the people themselves.  Therefore we will use them almost interchangeably here and that means that the Communist Democrat party is indeed the American Nazi party and also includes many republicans as well.  This same thing goes for many nations, and includes the Socialist nations of Europe, Canada, many South American nations, and especially those currently in the news such as the Ukraine and Russia along with China and their hybrid Market Socialism that is the current model for what we are being transformed into.  In other words, you will own nothing and you will like it – or die.

I liked the way The Guardian story on this year’s Bilderberg meeting put it, “Bilderberg is sometimes dismissed as a talking shop or crazed imagining of conspiracy theorists. But in reality it is a major diplomatic summit, attended this year as ever by extremely senior transatlantic politicians, from the US commerce secretary to the president of the European Council.

Many consider it an older, less flashy Davos, staged annually by the World Economic Fund. The two events have a good bit in common: namely, three WEF trustees at this year’s conference, and Klaus Schwab, the grisly head of Davos, is a former member of Bilderberg’s steering committee. His “Great Reset” looms large over the Washington conference, with “Disruption of the Global Financial System” at the heart of the agenda.

Got that?  After a two year “pandemic gap” they are being steered by what was decided in the just previous WEF meetings and also the WHO meetings.  There are many agenda items that are directly connected, and the whole world lies in wait.  The Guardian continued with “the elite global summit is being rebooted in a security-drenched hotel in Washington DC, with a high-powered guest list that includes the heads of Nato, the CIA, GCHQ, the US national security council, two European prime ministers, a healthy sprinkle of tech billionaires, and Henry Kissinger…. To be sure, the Washington conference is a high-level council of war, headlined by the secretary general of Nato, Bilderberg veteran Jens Stoltenberg. He’s joined …. by the Ukrainian ambassador to the US, Oksana Markarova, and the CEO of Naftogaz, the state-owned Ukrainian oil and gas company….. with experts in Russia and Ukraine, including the assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs, Celeste Wallander, and ex-deputy national security adviser Nadia Schadlow, who has a seat on the elite steering committee of Bilderberg….. led by the CIA head, William Burns”. 

Four other active intelligence chiefs are attending: the head of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters; the director of France’s external intelligence agency, DGSE; the leader of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency; and Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan.

Former spy chiefs at the talks include David Petraeus (CIA) and Sir John Sawers (MI6), now a board member of Bilderberg and BP.

And of course, holding court at the hotel bar will be Klaus Schwab’s mentor, Henry Kissinger.”

There can be no good resulting from this assemblage and we can see in the very near future what exactly their plans are for us.  What shape, fashion or degree this planned and looming war will take only they know for sure.  And again, please note that it is primarily those nations of NATO that were in attendance and the very highest military and intelligence levels along with the associated top notch and powerful political elites.

Note above in the third paragraph that I highlighted the word “disinformation” and that was for a very specific reason.  Remember I mentioned that the WHO moved their scheduled meeting to coincide with the WEF meetings, but why?  I cannot tell you for certain, but please consider this; the recent news that the WHO plans for the worlds governments give up all control if an international health emergency should breakout was supposedly defeated in vote, and we are supposed to believe that.  The WHO’s plan for a Health Super Government is not really off the table, but is being redesigned, or more correctly relabeled with some other names to bypass public opinion.  That “pandemic treaty” will be implemented in other ways since the people spoke and the world’s elitists will not give up their dreams so easily.  Remember Yuval Noah Harari is a close advisor to Klaus Schwab, and Klaus is founder and on the board of the WEF as well as a big name attendee to the BG meetings.  A couple years ago Harari saidIn order to stop the epidemic, entire populations need to comply with certain guidelines. There are two main ways of achieving this. One method is for the government to monitor people, and punish those who break the rules. Today, for the first time in human history, technology makes it possible to monitor everyone all the time.”

Do you really think they will give up so easily?  Not me; and as a matter of fact, the linkages of the WEF and the WHO with the Bilderberg Group is a marriage made in hell. Literally.  And please do not underestimate Bill Gates and his evil plans for world control through his bioterrorism systems.  Including his donations through both his foundation and GAVI Billy boy is the LARGEST funder to the WHO and we cannot think that he will not have a massive say in just what happens there.  LifeSite noted that Gates is partnering with the WHO to restrict medical freedom globally, and he has the background and history of doing just that.  The Corbett Report said of Gates book “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic” that “Gates’ goal in writing the book is to disarm the public and prepare us to accept the agenda that Gates and his allies would like to impose on the world. Ultimately, what this is about is drumming up general public support — or at least general public understanding — of the unfolding biosecurity agenda.”  With bioengineered weapons and the resulting world mandate that someone take over to stop them and then the massive coordinated push to put the world at war, the means to implement total dictatorial control over the whole planet is apparent and is actively being planned.  This is NOT Kabuki theater, it is real life.

That total control is being planned to be implemented in part by the forthcoming “Metaverse” that is the complete revision of the internet to handle all of the data required to create a worldwide Social Credit system, and the inclusion of health concerns is a great part of that.  The recent renaming of FaceBook to Meta is a direct result of the meetings of the WEF and the Gates Foundation and all of those participating in it including the likes of Microsoft, HTC, Sony, Walmart, many other Big Tech operations and so on – at least 60 or so stakeholders are involved.  News Wars said they call it ““ethical and responsible” in nature” and “the future metaverse will represent “a force for inclusion and equity.”  Yeh – right.

A recent Zero Hedge article had a few very good insights that I would like to quote now; “the members (two thirds of the participants from Europe and the rest from North America) will be discussing (plotting?) ways to manage the emergence of a bipolar world. Also, the agenda appears to be a direction away from freedom as the group will discuss plans to combat "Disinformation," or elites silencing their opponents

The lead topic through the weekend will be "Geopolitical Realignments" following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The second is "NATO Challenges" and likely how European members will deter Russian aggression. And the third is China, as Beijing threatens to invade Taiwan.”  Or to put it more succinctly, they will instigate whatever will make the global elites more powerful and wealthy.  Creating a bad guy to take the brunt of the Military Industrial Complex output and the goals of whittling down the population much faster and to tighten their absolute control of the world are the main goals this year as has been in past years.  They control the making of war, the making of terror and the creation of the public propaganda that will keep the peasants in line.  ZeroHedge also quoted Charlie Skelton with an excellent comment; the biggest ethical question faced by the summit is not whether to milk the madness of war for profit. Bombing and rebuilding countries, missiles and debt, that’s all fine: that’s just how neoliberalism works. What’s tougher to justify, within a democratic framework, is the practical process whereby conflicts are being debated, behind closed doors, by top policymakers in concert with billionaire industrialists and private sector profiteers.”

Do you really feel safe?

The agenda of this year’s set of secret societies Spring meetings gives us more disinformation, more disruption of the world’s financial systems, more war, more loss of Liberties, more terror and bio-weapons released on the world, more “Megalomaniacal tyranny of the masses by a few elitists in absolute power” and everything that they are doing now to reduce the world’s population to “manageable” acceptable to them levels.  And although the Bilderberg Group is fundamentally NATO, the WEF and WHO among other worldwide secret societies are included in the makeup overall and the elimination of the USA as a threat to their power is paramount in their evil minds.  The attendees and topics of discussion prove where we are headed, and the speed at which they are now moving to push it on the world and especially us in this once great nation.

Stay safe my friends, and God Bless

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