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April 2, 2017

OOPS! The Sickening Truth Slips Out On CNN - Now We Know Why They Continue To Push 'The Russian Boogeyman' Theme!

Would They Push It To 'Nuclear Annihilation'? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In psychology, projection is a theory in which humans defend themselves against their own (sometimes unconscious) impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting. 

In the recent tweet seen screenshot below from President Donald Trump, he urges Americans to watch a Fox News story on John Podesta's ties with Russia. Reminding Americans and the world "it was Russia" stone-throwers on the left may have been living in Russia-funded glass-houses, we see now playing out in politics a classic case of psychological projection.

'Actors on the world stage' attempting to deny or downplay their own ties to Russia, casting those qualities of themselves upon President Trump, we also get ear-opening truth from CNN in the first video below that projection is now voraciously at play within the mainstream media and the 'deep state'. 


In this new story over at Breitbart they report that while the MSM is busy chasing Trump-Putin 'conspiracy theories', they've completely neglected links between Russia and key players on the Democrats, specifically Podesta. As we hear in the 2nd video below from Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer, Podesta became very, very rich due to Russia, and that's documented, verified news. 

We also have absolute proof that money flowed into the Clinton Foundation due to a Russian uranium deal, this story coming straight to us from the NY Times. How far do the ties stretch between the Clinton's and their associates and Russia? As we reported back on August 27th of 2016, Russia's Yamantau Mountain doomsday bunkers were largely funded with a one billion dollar aid package given to Russia by Bill Clinton, allegedly to help them take down their nuclear weapons. More on that below but first, from the Breitbart story detailing Podesta's Russia links.  

“In 2011, he joins the executive board of this small energy company in Massachusetts called Joule Energy,” (Breitbart editor Peter) Schweizer recalled. “And Joule Energy, about two months after he joins the executive board, gets a large infusion of cash. They get one billion rubles, which is about $35 to $45 million, invested from Russia. It comes from a very unusual entity, this entity called RUSNANO.”

“RUSNANO is this government-funded investment fund, called ‘Putin’s Child’ by the Russian Science Ministry, so it shows you how connected this fund is,” he explained. “They actually buy an equity stake in this John Podesta-linked company, which they can do. You can raise the question of why they’re doing it while he’s advising Hillary Clinton, but they can legally do that.”

“The problem for Podesta becomes when he joins the Obama White House as counselor to the president in 2013,” he continued. “In order to do that, he’s got to file those large, cumbersome, but I think essential financial disclosure forms where you list what boards are you on, that you are connected to or have been connected to in the last year, what entities. You’re also required to disclose your stock holdings.”

“In the case of Podesta, there are two omissions. One of them is the way the Joule was structured, it has three corporate boards. It has one based in Massachusetts, one based in the Netherlands, and then it has a holding company. John Podesta, according to corporate records, was on all three of those boards. He only listed two of them on his financial disclosure. He omitted probably the most important one, which was the holding company,” said Schweizer.


In this story from The Hill that the Drudge Report linked to on Friday they reported that according to the spokesman of Russian President Vladimir Putin, relations between the US and Russia are 'maybe worse' now than they were during the Cold War. 
Dmitry Peskov joined George Stephanopoulos on ABC Good Morning and blamed the US for the disintegrating cooperation between the two countries while citing an Obama administration decision to expel 35 Russian diplomats from the US back in December.

Also claiming that allegations of Russian hacking during the US election have led to increased anti-Russian sentiment in the US with deep-state US intelligence officials warning the Kremlin was likely to try and meddle in other upcoming elections across Europe, we get bombshell proof straight from the mouth of CNN's Anderson Cooper that the CIA has been meddling elections across the world for a very, very, very long time.

With the entire establishment and MSM still trying to blame Russia for President Trump being in office nearly 6 months after the election, we get truth from one who knows slipping out when he likely least expected it.


While CTV News recently reported Putin had emphatically DENIED hacking US elections while using HW Bush's infamous line: "Read my lips", the still-sleeping masses would be wise to read the lips of CIA-asset Cooper in the  video directly below in which he states outright: "Of course, the US meddles in the internal affairs of other nations. The CIA has done that for decades". Oops! 

Is Anderson Cooper peddling 'fake news' on CNN in this video or is THIS why Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the DNC, the Rino's in Congress, the entire establishment and our 'deep state' have gone off the 'deep end'? Even the Washington Post sometimes gets it right...on October 13th of 2016 they published a story called "The Long History Of The US Interfering With Elections Elsewhere" which helps prove to us where this 'Russian boogeyman' projection comes from. First, from Anderson Cooper dropping this sickening truth (that most independent news readers know) with more below on the tensions that are ramping up now between the US and Russia that could still lead to catastrophe.

According to former Vice President Dick Cheney, Russia's 'meddling with the election' could be an 'act of war'. Have all of the acts of US/CIA interference in elections the past decade around the world also been 'acts of war'? 

With Hillary Clinton suddenly making a 'reappearance' as the popularity of President Donald Trump continues to remain at rather low levels nationwide except among his staunch supporters, we remind you of where things were prior to Trump's election back in November with some of the headlines that were splashed across ANP back then including.:

Russian General Has Alarming Warning For Americans: 'We Are Teetering On The Brink' - Russia Warns Globalists Trying To Turn The Entire World Into 'Uncontrolled Chaos'

'Everything's Aligned For All Hell To Break Loose' - Vladimir Putin's Ominous Message To The American People

'A Very Disturbing Series Of Events' - Are The Russians Running To Their Bunkers?

Putin Checkmates Hillary Clinton And The Globalists As Insider Warns: 'We Might All Be Dead Soon' - Russia Unveils 'Satan 2' Country Destroying Super-Nukes

Putin Prepares For Nuclear War - Russia Building Dozens Of Nuclear Underground Command Posts While Obama Leaves Americans Defenseless

Russian Official Warns 'There Will Be Hiroshimas And Nagasakis Everywhere' - As State-Owned Television Tells Russian Citizens To Locate Nearest Bomb Shelters

Putin's Scathing Warning To Hillary And The Globalists: 'Using Terrorists For Political Gain Is Dangerous' - What Does Putin Know That We Don't Know? Hillary And Globalists Preparing American Public For War With Russia


While many Americans are not happy with the way things have gone during the first few months of the Trump presidency, we're absolutely sure that we're much better off than we could have been had the election turned out the other way and Russian President Putin's warning to America and the world seen below had come true.

Remember! Putin Ordered Russian Military Leaders To 'Prepare For Imminent War With America' If 'Satan' Hillary Wins

From this Inquisitr story we used as a source for our story on ANP, we see that despite the tensions playing out today between the US and Russia, it could have been so much worse for America and the world had Clinton won. In the 2nd video below we hear that the Russian Embassy played an April Fools Day joke on the 1st, leaving a message on their answering machine in which they offer hacking services and 'election interference' while in the final video below, we get more proof that foreign powers are RIGHT NOW seeking to destabilize Russia from within. 

Hillary Clinton brings the real threat of war, not Donald Trump, according to Vladimir Putin, as election news has Russia gearing up for a possible attack. Hillary’s image as a war hawk is lost on mainstream American voters, but Russia, Europe, and other nations saw a not-so-warm-and-fuzzy side of Hillary when she was Secretary of State, and the contents of Mrs. Clinton’s intercepted emails has not served to soothe their fears.

Ironically, Hillary Clinton’s war hawk ways have the Russian public scared to death in a very specific way, and the Kremlin is gearing up for what it perceives as an unwanted but inevitable war with Hillary.

Putin doesn’t say Hillary is thin-skinned — he says she’s Satan incarnate. Vladimir Putin does not obfuscate his opinion of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. They are both Satan in his eyes. Many older Russians blame Bill Clinton for the collapse of the Russian economy during the 1990s, while younger people have formed their opinions based on Russian media reports.

The Observer reports Putin’s words as he describes his view of Mrs. Clinton. “First, there was Bush senior in power, then Bush junior. [Bill] Clinton was [U.S. President] two times in a row, now his wife has ambitions. Again, the family might stay in power. As they say in Russia, a husband and a wife are the same Satan.”

Hillary Clinton is Satan to the Russian People, according to the Observer, while they see at least a ray of hope in Donald Trump.

Vladimir Putin has ordered the Aerospace Defense Forces to accelerate the deployment of two or more missile attack early warning system satellites. He told his military leaders to prepare for imminent war if Hillary is elected according to ETF.

“If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s war.”

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