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April 13, 2022

THIS Is Why Americans Need To Keep Arming Up Heavily! Shanghai's Present Is America's Near Future As China Gives Biden The Blueprint For Tyranny 

- China Is The Model For The Despotic 'New World Order' If The Globalists Get Their Way

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

I recently read a story over at the NY Post that should not only horrify Americans but give everyone another great reason to 'prepare' in every sense of the word, especially considering the mad rush the globalists are in towards a 'one-world government' and the fact many are looking at China as a 'model' for that 'new world order'.

With China embracing a 'Zero-COVID' policy, setting a 'hard' goal of getting ALL areas hit by ANY COVID cases back to zero new infections in order for those regions to be able to resume normal economic and social activities, imagine your own home town being locked down permanently, or at least until NO ONE in your area was sick with COVID, or even the common cold or flu for that matter. 

So as that NY Post story tells us, for over two weeks the financial capital of China, Shanghai, had been locked down tight. Leaving at least 26 million people to languish around in their tiny and cramped apartments while staring at their now-very-empty refrigerators, as that NY Post story warned, these poor people are not even allowed to go to the grocery store or a fast food restaurant for fear of being taken away by the 'Chinese govt goon squads' that have earned the nickname 'the big whites'.

Looking a bit like the memorable goon squads out of the viral TV series 'Squid Game' as seen in the side by side pictures below, just imagine being stuck inside of your house for over two weeks, unable to go out to get food or supplies, and you'll see why we'll continue to stress preparation as the highest urgency.

Especially considering the current food shortage crisis that continues to worsen, as we'll explore in the next section of this story below, Tucker Carlson recently warned Democrats and Joe Biden want to use Shanghai's tyranny as a model for America. So, from this NY Post story titled "China leading citizens to jump from balconies in quest to achieve ‘COVID Zero’" before we continue with much more below.:

For over two weeks the financial capital of China, Shanghai, has been locked down tight. Some 26 million people languish in their apartments, staring at their now-empty refrigerators, unable to set foot outside to forage for food for fear of arrest and incarceration.

Foreigners are in the same predicament, as one complained on Twitter: 

Day 16 of our COVID lockdown in Shanghai today and food is the key thing on people’s minds. We aren’t allowed to leave home so delivery is the only way I was up at 6 am yesterday trying to get any kind of delivery but nothing was available all day. So far, same results today.

Yet the homebound are the lucky ones. 

The unlucky ones are those who test positive for COVID each day, like the 17,077 Shanghainese who did on Wednesday. Symptomatic or not — and nine out of 10 show no signs of illness — they are hauled off to hastily erected quarantine camps. 

The Shanghai lockdown, the largest since the first Wuhan lockdown two years ago, is China’s latest attempt to achieve COVID Zero. An army of health care workers, some 38,000 in all, have been sent to Shanghai, with instructions to completely stamp out the coronavirus within the city. They are frantically testing and retesting everyone.

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Warning that these Chinese people, the vast majority of whom were long ago disarmed and thus no threat at all to totalitarian government, have no other way to 'protest' than to scream out of their apartment windows as their children have no food to eat with still really no end to this lockdown in sight, as that story also points out, we're not surprised that most of the 'protests' (falling on deaf ears) are tied to food. Once again, from this NY Post story.: 

Unable to protest their lock-up any other way, people have taken to venting their anger by yelling out of their apartment windows. Most of their complaints have to do with food. “We have no food to eat,” they scream. “We haven’t eaten in a very long time. We are starving to death.” 

One starving lockdowner found a quieter way to protest his growling stomach. He rolled his refrigerator onto his balcony and opened its doors. The inside is completely empty. 

Other protests have taken more tragic forms. As they did in Wuhan two years ago, people are once again jumping off the balconies of high-rise apartment buildings. One video circulating in China shows a couple falling to their deaths. The husband was said to be distraught because the lockdown had cost him his business.

So with what's happened here in the USA ever since the COVID bioweapon attack giving us proof that getting down to ZERO cases, like getting down to ZERO flu cases or ZERO cold cases during those seasons, will be next to impossible no matter who or where, in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, Tucker Carlson warns maybe that's the globalists goal, with Tucker warning us all as reported in this new Daily Mail story "If we want to know what the future looks like, you can look at China and shiver."

Warning us that the deadly and seemingly never-ending lockdown in Shanghai is providing Democrats and Joe Biden with the 'blueprint' they'll need to once again 'lockdown America' with the 'repression of people' in mind, one of the top-voted comments on that story hit the nail on the head.:

"Authoritarianism is the world's most dangerous disease... totalitarianism under the cover of covid is terminal."

And if you wanted to get a taste of what a China-like future for America might look like, all we need to do is take a look at this recent Bloomberg story, the photograph above as well as the videos at the bottom of this story.

With Bloomberg reporting Shanghai is on a breakneck-speed mission to build hundreds of thousands of so-called 'isolation pods' while they're busy converting gymnasiums, sports stadiums, convention centers and other large buildings into 'isolation facilities' (of course run by the BIG WHITES as seen in the photo above), that story reported such 'facilities' are the key to China’s 'Covid Zero' strategy, although we've seen proof it's driving the Chinese people to go 'building diving' and starvation.

So once again, as even Tucker Carlson suggests as a possibility, imagine Americans have to go through in the future what the Chinese people are going through now, with China's lockdown being used as a 'blueprint' by Joe Biden to lock down America to try to 'get us out of' some future 'COVID' (bioweapon) outbreak. As we all know by now, the last COVID lockdowns did nothing but cause havoc. 

Are 'big whites' hunting down human beings America's future under Joe Biden and Democrats? Just think, these poor people in Shanghai are starving, and going out and risking their lives to acquire food, while Squid Game-like 'Big White's' are hunting them down. Briefly, from this NY Post story.: 

Those desperate enough to venture outside in their search for food are hunted down by “Big Whites” — members of the security forces who owe their nickname to the white hazmat suits they wear. Patrolling the streets day and night, the “Big Whites” arrest and jail anyone caught breaking quarantine, who often get beaten in the process. 

Those sent to mass quarantine camps for testing positive for COVID have it scarcely better. These makeshift facilities often lack basic necessities. One video from Shanghai’s Nanhui camp shows people fighting over limited supplies of blankets, water and food

No one, not even small children, is exempted from the quarantine rule. Hundreds of infants and toddlers have been separated from their parents after testing positive. As one grieving mother complained on social media: “I’m so upset … This is inhumane.” 

Like China’s previous efforts to contain the highly infectious Omicron variant, this one too is doomed to fail, although not before extracting an enormous cost. The dimensions of human suffering comes through in some of the videos posted by the suffering residents. 

As these stories suggest, China has unleashed yet another COVID Horror Show on its population. But why?

With the answer to that question quite easy to see if one is 'looking outside of the box', for China is showing Joe Biden and the world a model of forthcoming global government tyranny, each of the videos below take a look at the topics discussed within this story. With one video showing us the 'Big Whites' in action, using a drone to hunt down the hungry, while another one shows us the inside of one of these gigantic 'isolation facilities', another one of the videos shows those little tiny metal containers people are being tossed into with no charges, trials or convictions, which will surely be the final place some of the Chinese people ever see. What's happening in China gives Americans another reason to keep our 2nd Amendment strong and the American people well educated, well armed and well prepared for absolutely anything. 

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