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July 4, 2017

This Black Swan Event Is Happening Now And Will 'Bring This Country To A Halt'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

On June 24, 2017, Stefan Stanford highlighted a very concerning SQ Alert by a member of the trucking industry about the ramifications and total tyrannical control of the government regarding the upcoming ELD Mandate, warning people that the mandate set to begin in December 2017, is all about control and the surveillance state, with the trucking stating "Control trucking, you control every part of this country, and as 1/5th of the GDP, the economy of every part of this country."

Read the entire alert again here, because ANP has just received another warning, coming from a trucker that would be affected, and a possible trucking shutdown, which we are told "would bring this country to a halt."

A black swan is an event or occurrence that deviates beyond what is normally expected of a situation and is extremely difficult to predict and generally brings about chaos and strife, and our reader highlights what has been going on in the trucking industry, but has received very little attention in the media, telling us:

"Every one has or is discussing and looking for a "black swan event". I believe one is right in front of you, and it has gotten little attention, save mention in an article by you and an alert by Steve Quayle. I'm talking about the ELD mandate for trucks. The government is taking total control over the trucking industry under the guise of safety. But their own studies can't prove a safety increase resulting from this. Its a ruse on the scale of the Patriot act, and Obama care. You know how those worked out."

"70% of the total tonnage of freight in the US is carried by truck, according to the ATA. There are over 700,000 trucking companies, 98% of them are small carriers with less than 6 trucks according to the fmcsa. The other 2% are the "mega carriers". A poll by overdrive magazine states that 27% of owner operators and small carriers stated they intend to get out of trucking in December. And another article says carriers across the industry, expect a 15% drop in productivity due to the ELD. As a small carrier owner, these statistics are right in line with my calculations and expectations. Many small carriers will be pushed out of business by that drop, as most opperate on about 12% profit margins."


Before getting into the rest of the warning, we looked up his numbers and while he is correct that over 25 percent of the truckers in the poll referenced said they would retire or look for another line of work, an additional 10 1/2 percent said they would look for a pre-2000 truck (which are excluded from the mandate) or they would retire, and 8 percent said they would stop long hauls and just do short hauls so they don't have to use the ELD.

That brings that 25+ percentage up to over 44 percent of smaller truckers and lines planning to either get out of trucking or stop long hauls.

To understand how important this issue is to the smaller trucking companies which make up the 98 percent of the 700,000 trucking companies, they went as far as to petition the Supreme Court to overturn a federal mandate on electronic logging devices that track how many hours truckers drive, which was rejected in mid-June.

The petition was brought by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, who stated "The mandate has everything to do with large, economically motivated entities using the government to impose their will on small businesses which comprise the majority of the trucking industry."


The reader email continues to explain the consequences of so many truckers deciding to retire, or stop their long-hauls:

All of this will result in stortages at every level. Gas stations, groceries, medical, and so on. This will in itself cause price inflation across the spectrum. Now with the lack of available trucks to move all the freight, many loads will sit idle. This will cause many industries to run into supply problems, exacerbate the problem even further. Not to mention the increase in rates for trucks as the battle among shippers to get their loads moved, and the highest bidder wins, causes even more price increases.

Do you see how this is all about to play out.

America's "just in time" freight system is about to be thrown into complete disarray.

Do you see the black swan yet?

Now, some truckers are beginning to rally together to fight this to the End. But sadly, they are not getting any coverage, other than what I mentioned at the beginning of this. They are being led by country music singer Tony Justice, and are planning a rally in October, and possible shutdowns. A shutdown would bring this country to a halt, Overnight.

Truck driver and song-writer Tony Justice has indeed joined this battle, creating a Facebook page titled "ELD OR ME,"which has garnered over 13,000 members already, with plans to bring the fight straight to D.C., right to the White House.

Via OverDrive Online:

Justice and Reed, among others, have been discussing the first and second weeks of October for a demonstration outside the White House to go on for an as-yet-undetermined amount of time “to try to get Trump’s attention,” Reed says.


"I’ve got about 40 guys on my end who are committed" to being in attendance, Reed says, a number growing by the day. Justice says he’s focused to date on connecting with the right people on social media to network to spread the word about what’s happening.

Reed got a call recently from owner-operator Jerry Novak, also organizer of the Brookville, Ohio, truck show (catch Wendy’s story about its inaugural event last year). Novak and company extended an invitation to Reed to attend, and the owner-operator says he’ll be set up in a booth to “spread the word.” Justice is performing at the Take Pride Truck Show — full show scheduled for June 9-10 — and says he’s likely to invite Reed to the stage to share as well.

"I really feel like Scott’s truly passionate about this, but I think it’s going to take more than just him" to get anywhere near a revocation of the mandate, Justice says. And while his is not the kind of schedule that leaves a lot of time for organizing, he adds, "I’ve got time to go to Washington for a few days. And I have time to get people behind me."

That is the key here, this is all happening right under our very noses, a threat to nation because if the trucks stop, so does everything, yet the media avoids the truckers side of this battle, so those fighting this battle are having to do so by word of mouth, social media, emails like the one sent to us.... anything to bypass the MSM and get the word out.

An older nine-page document from Trucking Moves America Forward, titled "When Trucks Stop, America Stops," highlights how much of our economy, our very survival depends on these truck continuing to run. A simple two-percent of the industry, specifically the "too big to fail" corporate portion that is behind it, cannot keep the nation running alone. Losing even the conservative estimate of 25 percent would bring about shortages in every area of live.

Via the document we see significant shortages will occur in as little as three days, with minor shortages occurring within one to two days, which would be exacerbated by consumer fear and panic. Supply of clean drinking water would occur in two to four weeks. Healthcare, banking and finance, everything and everybody would feel the effects and shortages. offers way the general public can help as well as information on the false assertion that these "bad regs" are about addressing safety rather than just "control," along with a take action button which provides an easy to use way to contact your members of congress to speak out and speak up for our nation's truckers.

In Stefan's June article he provided this excellent infographic, one that should be shared along with this news of this battle being fought by truckers against the invasiveness and regulatory agencies of the goverment, which is threatening our very nation.

This is the epitome of the big government, the surveillance state, being used by economically motivated corporate entities to regulate smaller companies in that industry, right out of work.... the problem here, which should be self-evident, is the "little guy" in this case, the one being ignored by the government and the corporate media, represents 98 percent of an industry that keeps our nation running, keeps food on our tables, medicine in our hospitals, water in our stores....etc.


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