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February 26, 2020

'Act As If Coronavirus Is Going To Show Up Tomorrow' Government's Told: This Pandemic Is The Final Proof We Should Prep & Get As Far Away From The Masses As Possible

- 'Panic Buying' Everywhere This 'Beast' Hits Shows What May Soon Be Coming To America

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the number of coronavirus cases exploding outside of China after South Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan had all reported huge spikes in the number of cases over just a few days underscored just how contagious this virus outbreak is, and now a resort in Spain being locked down completely after a guest tested positive for coronavirus, (meaning over 1,000 guests and workers no longer have 'freedom of movement' to return to their old lives), we'll begin this story by strongly re-emphasizing an incredibly important survival tip Steve Quayle left when he linked to this Daily Mail story reporting on thousands lining up to purchase masks in South Korea: "YOU ALWAYS WANT TO BE WHERE EVERYONE ELSE ISN'T!!!" 

As the Gateway Pundit reports in this story, the US Senate was receiving a classified coronavirus briefing on Tuesday with the Trump Administration asking them for emergency funding to help fight this emerging beast. With the briefing being 'classified' hinting to some that something may be said within the meeting that 'government' doesn't want the American people to hear or know, even President Trump sent out what appears to be a veiled message on twitter on a day when the stock market tanked over 1,000 points.:

The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me!

Why would America's President call out a 'very good looking stock market' on a day it tanked over 1,000 points while claiming this outbreak is very much under control in the US when it could be already spreading at astronomical speed without 'the masses' even really paying attention to it? While we'll pray that President Trump is correct about what's now happening on the coronavirus front, the World Health Organization just claimed this outbreak might be the recently warned of 'Disease X', an outbreak which doctors warned could kill up to 80 million people or more worldwide. 

And as we'll explore within this story, with 'coronavirus panic buying' now happening across the planet wherever a cluster emerges while one top investor recently asked for advice on stockpiling food, those who aren't paying attention to what's happening and preparing to deal with it could be sitting ducks in the days ahead with much of the world heading towards 'medical martial law' and the global lockdown continuing to grow. As former US Navy Seal Matt Bracken recently warned as heard in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, with the world interconnected by air travel like never before, the only difference between the United States and China is "3 or 4 months", for the disease to take hold and spread among American cities and communities. 

UPDATE! Please read: "Coronavirus news – live: Government ‘fears 80% of country could be infected’, as deadly outbreak sweeps Europe amid looming pandemic - Act ‘as if the virus is going to show up tomorrow. You’re in an interconnected world’, governments told." From that story: 

Coronavirus has spread to countries across Europe with Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Croatia all reporting their first cases after hundreds of people caught the disease in Italy and 11 were killed.

In the UK, schools have closed their doors and warned pupils to self-isolate following their return from trips abroad, and England’s top doctor warned British families may have to be quarantined and transport services cut back in the event of a global pandemic. World Health Organisation official Dr Bruce Aylward urged governments to act “as if the virus is going to show up tomorrow. You’re in an incredibly interconnected world”. The NHS is to begin random testing of flu patients, as it ramps up precautionary measures.

US experts have now warned that “this might be bad”, and that the spread of coronavirus in communities across America was now a question of when, not if. Donald Trump has asked congress for $2.5bn (£1.9bn) to combat the virus. And on Wednesday morning, a confirmed case of coronavirus has been uncovered in Brazil, meaning it was now present on all of Earth’s inhabited continents.

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In this new story over at the Daily Mail we see just how quickly this beast is spreading after Southern Italy confirmed its first case of the virus after Northern Italy was hit hard with 59 new confirmed cases within a day, bringing their total to over 288. With the rapid spread of the virus sparking panic buying in Italy and helping to underscore just how ill-prepared most people are for a pandemic, as Steve Quayle recently warned ANP and as Susan Duclos reported in this new story, a full-fledged pandemic in America will mean our worst nightmare is underway with the average American being totally unprepared, zombified and too dumbed-down to protect their families and loved ones in a SHTF scenario.

As Michael Snyder had reported in this story over at End of the American Dream titled "The Extreme Panic The Coronavirus Is Causing Elsewhere On The Globe Could Soon Be Coming To The U.S.", while the US government is trying to keep Americans calm, people can see what's happening elsewhere. From his story.:

U.S. government officials are doing their best to keep the general population calm, but everyone can see what is happening in the rest of the world. There are now empty store shelves in Italy just like there are in China. People are waiting in extremely long lines to buy masks in South Korea just like we saw in Hong Kong. And victims are literally collapsing in public in Iran just like we witnessed in Wuhan. This coronavirus outbreak is rapidly becoming a true global pandemic, and the panic that this has caused on Wall Street resulted in a 1,031 point drop for the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Monday. Fear is rising all over the planet, and many believe that it is just a matter of time before the same things that are happening elsewhere start happening here.

Originally, 99 percent of the confirmed cases were in China, but now the rest of the globe is starting to catch up.

In fact, the number of confirmed cases outside of China has gotten more than 10 times larger over the last three weeks.

If we continue to see that sort of exponential growth we will soon be facing a nightmare of epic proportions.

So rather than panicking as many Americans are sure to do when this beast hits full force and the average, dumbed-down American realizes they're unable to go to the store to buy food and supplies because their community has been 'locked down', we'll continually stress to 'prepare' ahead of time because one day we may wake up and find that life as we previously knew it had completely 'disappeared'. Other recent ANP coronavirus prepping stories include:

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Also, you can get the "The Wuhan Coronavirus Survival Manual", Amazon's #1 new release in Survival & Emergency Preparedness written by Cat Ellis and edited by Daisy Luther of the Organic Prepper here

While some warn what we're now witnessing are warnings of the 'End Times' and something straight from the Book of Revelation as reported in this new story, as Susan Duclos had reported in this February 24th ANP story, should things get as bad here in the US as they are in China, Italy, Iran, and South Korea, we might not even have a 2020 election with the potential of entire cities and communities being locked down.

Although the election is still quite some time ahead and we pray that all of this works itself out naturally, with every country that has been hit hard by this incredibly contagious disease locking down the cities and communities that have been hit showing us the 'viral nature' of this outbreak and how quickly this deadly illness can be spread to others, we keep coming back to Dr. Francis Boyle's theory that COVID-19 is an incredibly deadly bioweapon, designed to spread throughout entire populations rapidly as Mike Adams had reported in this February 20th story at Natural News.

And while the mainstream media will surely call it 'conspiracy theory', the globalists hopes for 'depopulation' are very well known among independent media readers as Brandon Smith had reported in this November 2019 story over at Alt Market titled "The Globalists Are Openly Admitting To Their Population Control Agenda – And That’s A Bad Sign".

The globalists thoughts on depopulation have been perfectly voiced in opinions of those such as Bill Gates who said "The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care & reproductive health services, we could LOWER that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent"; Henry Kissinger who stated "World population needs to be decreased by 50%"; and Ted Turner who said "A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal", we'll also take a look in this closing segment at what these globalists might have planned should they accomplish their sinister goals, a 'non-human robot workforce slave colony' being created and implemented before our very eyes.

With this outbreak sure to grow into a full-fledged pandemic in the days ahead, especially with 14-day quarantines possibly being far too short as the Daily Mail reported in this new story of a man who took 27-days to develop coronavirus symptoms while false-negatives are widespread with one woman testing negative 8 different times for the virus before finally testing positive, should this really be some kind of purposefully initiated 'depopulation event', the globalists who survive might need new 'slaves' to do their bidding. And as Inverse had pointed out in this recent story, robotic technology is gaining more dexterity and becoming much more nimble as robots prepare to take the place of human workers in factories, retail and elsewhere.

With robot cooks now churning out 36 meals every 15 minutes to feed coronavirus medical workers in China as the NY Post reports in this new story while the NY Times recently put out this new story titled "The Robots Are Coming. Prepare For Trouble" within which they warned "Artificial intelligence won’t eliminate every retail job, an economist says, but the future could be grim unless we start planning now", we'll go ahead and echo the Times main point with COVID-19 and the globalists agenda in mind: "The future could be grim unless we start planning now"

So while the global elite might somehow imagine a future with less human beings and 'robot slaves' to do their every bidding, like many science fiction TV shows and movies, that rarely ends well as perfectly seen in numerous different shows where A.I. eventually slaughters their 'hosts'

In the 2nd video below we see and hear about what's now going on in Italy, where panic buying has led to empty store shelves as the outbreak explodes there while in the 1st video below from Infowars, former US Navy SEAL Matt Bracken warns us why, most likely, America will be witnessing something similar to what China is witnessing with there really only being one difference; 3 or 4 months. Just think about that! We sure hope Bracken is wrong. The final video below is a must-watch coronavirus prepping video titled "Contagion Survival Kit: Preparing for a Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak"

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