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June 24, 2016

Global Elite Freak Out! Chaos Reigns As Brexit Causes Stocks To Rock, Gold To Surge, Central Banks To Panic, And Contagion To Strike

Greenspan Predicts Brexit Is "Just Tip Of The Iceberg"


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The global elite are freaking out after the people of Britain voted for independence from the European Union, dubbed as "Brexit", tired of what is best for them as a nation taking a backseat to what is best for "globalization."



The Brexit vote roiled the markets with stocks plunging, as of this writing Dow is down nearly 500  and NASDAQ over 165 , as central banks scramble to stem the panic by offering to pump "fresh funds," and to "intervene" in currency markets, Bloomberg reports. (In other words they are attempting to manipulate the system) 

Zero Hedge offers the following quote from James Butterfill, head of research and investments at ETF Securities, as a summary of "It’s scary, and I’ve never seen anything like it. We’re going to see outflows from basically any kind of cyclical asset. A lot of people were caught out, and many investors will lose a lot of money." 

Reuters reports "World stocks tumble as Britain votes for EU exit, where they state the following "The blow to investor confidence and the uncertainty the vote has sparked could keep the Federal Reserve from raising interest rates as planned this year, and even spark a new round of emergency policy easing from major central banks."

The two biggest losers marketwise of the Brexit vote are the EU itself and the British wealthy elite, the very same globalist crowd that fought against Brexit and pushed to keep Britain in the EU.

USA TODAY offers the following headline "U.S. stocks hammered as Brexit shock continues to rock markets," where they highlight "U.S. stocks nosedived Friday as investors stunned by United Kingdom voters' unexpected move to exit the European Union and Prime Minister David Cameron's subsequent resignation announcement sent global markets into a tailspin."

An interesting point via the USA Today article linked above:

The events startled investors who were counting on early polls as a reliable predictor, showing support to remain in the EU. During regular trading Thursday, investors had sent the Dow 230 points higher and the Standard & Poor's 500 index to within 1% of a new record close, betting that a "Brexit" would be off the table.

The reason investors were "startled" is because the MSM, pollsters, and globalists attempted to convince the public that Brexit didn't stand a chance, tried to repeat it often enough that the people on the "leave" side of the equation were disheartened, perhaps would not show up to vote... they miscalculated the dissatisfaction of the general populace and their attempt to "lead" the voters in the direction they wanted them to go... failed.

In the short video below we hear that U.S. banks are getting "crushed" because of the Brexit.

Via Money CNN:

U.S. banks also got hit, feeling the downsides of the American-British "special relationship." Morgan Stanley (MS) fell 8%, Citigroup (C) slid 7% and Goldman Sachs (GS) was down 5%. Invesco (IVZ), an investment firm headquartered in the U.S. but with a substantial presence in the U.K. was the worst performer in the entire S&P 500, falling over 10%.


A Veteran Trader Explains "The Essence Of Mayhem-Day Survival" - Key quote "No matter what, there will be blood on the streets today."

Dow plunges 500 points as U.K. 'earthquake' crushes global markets



FT reports that gold has soared to a two-year high as "investors run for cover," while Bloomberg asserts it has risen the most since 2008 as investors "seek Brexit haven."

ANP emailed precious metals dealer Steve Quayle of Renaissance Precious Metals to ask if gold has surged from the Brexit and were told "Yes, Absolutely," as he explained that "All paper currencies are subject to meltdown and destruction, and people are fleeing to the last place of safety that only gold can provide, as it has stood the test of time for 6,000 years."

We also note the recent reports showing that Russia and China were buying "huge volumes" of gold, and are reminded now that those values have just exploded.

Reuters points out "The traditional safe-harbor assets of top-rated government debt, the Japanese yen and gold all jumped. Spot gold rose nearly 5 percent and the yield on the benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury note fell to lows last seen in 2012 at 1.5445 percent."



Contagion - Within hours of the "leave" result being declared as winner of the referendum, contagion hit, as was predicted by many that it would and reports came out that the people of France, Italy and the Netherlands were demanding their own referendum on the European Union membership and the the Euro.

In Italy, the anti-establishment Five Star movement on Tuesday declared it would demand a referendum on the euro. The party wants the euro to be split – one for the rich north and one for the south.

Beppe Grillo, the party’s leader, has called for a full referendum on EU membership. He said: "The mere fact that a country like Great Britain is holding a referendum on whether to leave the EU signals the failure of the European Union."


In France, Marine Le Pen, the Front National leader, last night called for France to have its own referendum on the “decaying” EU. “I would vote for Brexit, even if I think that France has a thousand more reasons to leave than the UK,” she said.

In the Netherlands, polls show a majority of voters want a referendum on membership, and voters are evenly split over whether to stay or go.

Scotland is also dealing with the Brexit referendum, since in 2014 they rejected independence from England by a voted of 55 to 45 percent, yet on Thursday voted to stay in the European Union by a vote of 62 to 38 percent. Globalist leader First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who wants to stay in the EU is now calling for another "independence referendum," to split with England.

"As things stand, Scotland faces the prospect of being taken out of the EU against her will. I regard that as democratically unacceptable," said Sturgeon at a news conference in Edinburgh.

Sweden reportedly also wants to hold a referendum, according to the Daily Mail.

In Germany another globalist leader, Angela Merkel, warns other EU member states not to draw hasty conclusions or commit to any "knee jerk" reactions according to AFP, but it is the following direct quote from Merkel reported by the Guardian, that we see Merkel's globalist mindset.

"The European Union is one of the biggest markets in the world. It has to act as an engaged global partner, shaping and wanting to shape globalisation."


 Former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" on Friday that the U.K. voting to leave the European Union "is just the tip of the iceberg." (Source - CNBC)

'Europe will fall very soon': Now even MEPs say EU will CRUMBLE within five years after shock Brexit result. (Source - Daily Mail)



NBC News offered an unintended truth today, writing "But there is one more important consequence: Worldwide, we are seeing an angry middle class revolting at political elites and institutions."

The elite knew the day when everything would start to unravel was coming. In 2015, and even earlier, reports of "panicked elite" buying up boltholes with airstrips to flee to in the event of wide-spread civil unrest, when the "poor rise up," were springing up across the Internet. In August 2015 ANP reported that an Alt energy insider had revelaed the elite were buying up and kind of survival items they could get their hands on. In April 2016 WND warned the "elite" were fleeing cities and even countries and preparing emergency bunkers and panic rooms. 

The jig is up for the globalist world leaders across the world, those that believe the interest of the "international community" should take precedence over the people they are chosen to represent, defend and protect.



The global elite have lost control. They knew it would happen one day as they ran out of options to manipulate not only the system, but the people, with the use of the MSM, threats and with scare tactics, but from politics to the Brexit vote, all across the globe, the "people" have turned the tables and stopped allowing themselves to be led like sheep to the slaughter and we are witnessing exactly what the NBC linked report said...... the middle class are revolting.

It won't be recognized by everyone that had hoped for this day to come, but are brainwashed into thinking the "elite" always win in the end, but we will remind those people that David did beat Goliath.

The danger now stems from the fact that the globalists will not go down without a fight and when MSM, "elite" and central bank manipulations finally fail, they will utilize force.

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The battle has just begun.

Jim Rogers - 'Everybody should be concerned'

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