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November 19, 2015

Our Extermination Was Planned Long Ago! White House Goes Rogue As Barack Obama Gambles With The Lives Of The American People!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to a story two weeks ago on The Hill, America is 'dangerously vulnerable' to an epidemic as shared in the results of a new 100-page report within which we're told a weaponized version of a killer virus is 'relatively easier to create than other weapons of mass destruction' and 'we're not ready for the threat now'.

According to former US Senator Joseph Lieberman, we should be happy that we haven't yet experienced a significant biological attack in America: “This is not a threat that we’re creating. This is real” he warned “We better get ahead of it before it gets ahead of us and we’re running to catch up." (Interesting choice of words Lieberman used highlighted!)

We learned over a year ago that ISIS was seeking to acquire chemical, biological and nuclear weapons to use against America. Back in October of 2014 we were told by experts that ISIS could use Ebola in bio-attacks against Americans. How difficult would it be for a refugee of war-torn Africa or Syria to intentionally infect themselves with Ebola or other deadly communicable diseases, altered within a laboratory, prior to beginning their 'hijrah' to the West and using such diseases as biological weapons upon Americans?

According to a February 2015 story from The Guardian, a top-secret military warning was issued in the UK revealing scientists had determined ISIS/alQaeda was determined to use Ebola as a bio-weapon. An October 2015 story at The Hill tells us that finally, bills have been introduced in the House and Senate preparing for biothreats. However, that was just last month, is it already too late?

They obviously know the danger is real and as we hear in the eye-opening 3rd video below from Sean Hannity and two US governors, for some reason Barack Obama is now gambling with the lives of Americans. The first video below features Steve Quayle with Tom Horn on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report talking about the 'hybrid age' that has begun where human beings are used as guinea pigs for the 'elite' to use their medications upon as experiments and humanity is scientifically annihilated.


All across the mainstream media we now see them heavily pushing recent announcements by scientists that the world is no longer a safe place with 'superbugs' threatening to unleash a global epidemic of untreatable infections as our 'last line of defense' against diseases, antibiotics, have failed us and leaving deadly diseases resistant to our medications.

We know that in Germany, government officials have been hiding the exact nature of a terror threat to avoid panicking the public. We know in France they're preparing for a chemical weapons attack. Coincidentally, or not, at the same time, European nations and America are being flooded with citizens from 3rd world nations who are being very lightly vetted if vetted at all. As recently stated, this flood of refugees is putting every citizen of the country they're 'invading' now at risk.

Listen to the 3rd video below in which the governors of Florida and Texas join Sean Hannity to talk about their recent conversation with President Barack Obama about Syrian refugees. While each governor is admittedly responsible for the protection of their citizens, we get a great feeling of the contempt that Obama has towards each of these governors (and governors all across the country) who are trying their very best to protect their citizens.

With everything we're watching unfolding in America now, after listening to these governors we have to admit, it sure seems that Barack Obama is going out of his way to avoid answering any kind of legitimate safety or security concerns of governors of US states accepting Syrian refugees and we have to ask why?

While we also learn in the video from Texas governor Greg Abbott that state governors CAN prevent the flow of refugees into their states, we also see a very real battle that is ongoing between states trying to protect their citizens and the federal government that seemingly could give a damn about the safety of anyone at all except for the Syrian refugees.


Why, we have to ask again, is Barack Obama suddenly pushing potential terrorists into America, terrorists who have already said that they want to kill Americans in huge numbers? Is Barack Obama somehow 'in on it all'? Why is he intentionally putting Americans in potential danger as pondered by US governors in the 3rd video below? As the 10th Amendment Center has asked, why should ANYONE even trust a government like this?

Why should anyone trust a government that kills, maims, tortures, lies, spies, cheats, and treats its own citizens like criminals? For that matter, why should anyone trust a government utterly lacking in transparency, whose actions give rise to more troubling questions than satisfactory answers, and whose domestic policies are dictated more by paranoia than need?

“Why should anyone trust a government that has condoned torture, spied on at least 35 world leaders, supports indefinite detention, places bugs in thousands of computers all over the world, kills innocent people with drone attacks, promotes the post office to log mail for law enforcement agencies and arbitrarily authorizes targeted assassinations? Or, for that matter, a president that instituted the Insider Threat Program, which was designed to get government employees to spy on each other and ‘turn themselves and others in for failing to report breaches,’ which includes ‘any unauthorized disclosure of anything, not just classified materials.’” — Professor Henry Giroux

Is Obama allowing Syrian refugees into America part of the false flag that Barack Obama recently hinted at, a series of lengthy and sustained terror attacks against the American people that will lead the 'survivors' to beg Obama to disarm the ISIS radicals only so Obama can also disarm the American people?

We see that ISIS is using social media, and masterfully, to help not only plan their terror but to recruit new cowards to go around the world killing as well. With this new story from Infowars telling us that police are now looking for 4 suspicous and apparently Muslim men who were recently seen at the Pentagon as shown in the photo below, have we reached a point in time when ISIS terrorists have completely infiltrated our country as shared in this NY Post story?


As we learn in the new SQAlert republished below videos and the 1st video below, a new video featuring Steve Quayle with Tom Horn on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, there's a full-fledged attack upon humanity ongoing right now and scientific annihilation awaits everything that God created as the elite play a game of 'genetic Armageddon'.

Interestingly enough, beginning at the 56:43 mark, Tom shares with us news of a recent visit with his mother whose doctor wanted her to try a new, experimental medication. The following day, following the removal of her eye patch, she began to see strange people walking through her house and looking at her with the eye she tried the experimental medication upon. Are new medications in America being modified to open portals to other dimensions as claimed by a medical practicioner in the SQAlert we've republished below? Video begins at the 5:43 mark.

What do you know about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance? As we learn in this next video, there are many misconceptions that make an unknowledgeable population extremely vulnerable as diseases become resistant to antibiotics through misuse. Can antibiotics help against viruses? Should we stop taking antibiotics soon after starting them because we're feeling better? We're unknowingly creating our own antibiotic resistant killer diseases by antibiotic overuse and improper usage.

Personally, I avoid all big pharma antibiotics while eating a lot of raw garlic regularly and upping my garlic intake if I feel something coming on or get a tooth infection. As has been reported on many alternative health news websites such as Mike Adams' Natural News, garlic is just one amazing antibiotic God put on this Earth long before big pharma manufactured their own. We should know that if we're eating garlic for its antibiotic properties, there are right ways and wrong ways to eat it.

This next video is quite fascinating to listen to and you can see the contempt that Barack Obama has towards not only these state governors but towards all American citizes and members of law enforcement as he refuses to answer questions posed about practically anything concerning the refugee resettlement in America.

These are very legitimate questions that Mr. Obama has refused to answer such as "how's your vetting better than the French vetting?" or "are you going to give me or our law enforcement background information on any of these refugees?" only to be met with answers of "no we're not". Why is Obama gambling with the lives of the American people?

I have worked in the Healthcare system for close to 35 years now, and I can promise you that the medications they are using now have been modified to open portals.


I'm not sure if you got my last email, but thank you! I intercede for you and those you work with and interview with daily!

I have worked in the Healthcare system for close to 35 years now, and I can promise you that the medications they are using now have been modified to open portals.

I cannot tell you how many of my friends, family members and patients that I have recently (in the past 5 - 8 years) are having supernatural side effects from PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS!

My dear friend's husband had minor surgery and was being given Dilaudid for the pain. When he woke up the next day, he was SCREAMING that there were demons running around his room! this is a 55 year man who has served God for most of his life and has NEVER touched drugs or alcohol. He was COMPLETELY out of his mind. He didn't recognize anyone around him, not even his wife. I counseled my friend to get him off of the pain medication and all the other meds they were giving him and within a day he was back in his right mind.

I am witness on a daily basis to patients coming into the ER in complete psychosis from mood altering and depression medications.... I can go on an on...

Just wanted to share this with you in the hopes that you would pass it on to Tom Horn.


His Beloved,


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