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December 16, 2017

Neuroscientist Warns Humanity Is Racing Towards Becoming 'AI-Induced Zombies' - Is This Why FEMA, The CDC And The Pentagon Have Been Preparing For A 'Zombie Apocalypse'?†

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to many, the title alone of this brand new story over at Daily Mail would qualify it to be 'fake news'. Titled "AI brain chips will 'evolve' humanity into a 'community of ZOMBIES' who are indistinguishable from robots, expert claims", their story is just the latest confirmation that America and the world are rushing full speed ahead into an 'AI apocalypse' that will forever change the face of our planet Earth and the nature of reality.

Over the past year+, ANP has published numerous stories warning of the potential dangers of AI †and specifically published a story back on October 1st after the horrific hurricane in Puerto Rico took down their power grid titled "Mind-Blowing Photographs From Puerto Rico Vindicate President Trump And Prove 'Cell Phone Zombies' Will Be Among The 90% Who Don't Have A Chance When TEOTWAWKI Arrives"†.

With that story alone helping to show just how close many Americans and people throughout the world already are to being 'permanently attached to technology', as we see in the Daily Mail story, a huge jump may soon be made.


According to this May of 2016 story from Michael Snyder over at End of the American Dream, the average American smart-phone user already checks their cell phone an average of 35 times a day! Reporting back then that at least 50% of US teens are 'addicted' to their cell phones, back on January 13th Forbes reported America's smart phone addiction has become an epidemic.†

With Americans as a whole checking their smart phones 9 billion times every day†and†the convenience of having a computer in our pocket 24/7 radically changing how we interact with the world, how long will it be until human beings are simply merged into computers as the Daily Mail story hints, a horde of flesh and blood zombies, yet indistinguishable from robots?†

In this new story from Fast Code Design that Steve Quayle linked to on his website Saturday they report tattoos are the rage at globalist-linked MIT these days with ink of tattoos being made of living, breathing cells, moving us one step closer to being permanently attached to our machines and tech.†As he stated in an SQnote he left while linking to the story, "consider the genetic ramifications of non human cells, from ancient entities, being integrated into or onto your skin! 'Trans dermal terminal transformation!'"


The fact thata huge percentage of Americans are are already nearly completely dependent upon their cell phones to function and feel lost if they don't have it with them shows us the direction the human race is being herded and now, all of this might take huge jumps further in the same direction if this DM story is correct. From the Daily Mail story:

AI brain chips are set to 'evolve' humanity into a 'community of zombies', a prominent neuroscientist has claimed.

Those implanting AI into their mind risk merging with machines to the point that humans and androids are indistinguishable from one another, the expert said.

It was recently revealed that a tech company backed by billionaire Elon Musk is developing a 'brain-computer interface' that could give people super intelligence and allow them to communicate telepathically.

But brain implants could mean that machines start to take on or imitate human consciousness, Dr Mikhail Lebedev, a senior neuroscientist at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, told Cnet.

The researcher warned that technology firms will falsely market the devices as a 'panacea' - a remedy for all difficulties.

'It is even possible that "humanity" will evolve into a community of zombies,' he said.

'Luckily this is not a problem as of yet.' (ANP: We'll argue with that point!)

If humans begin to take on the qualities of machines, the line between the two will blur, he added.


While we'd beg to differ that a community of zombies would be an 'evolution' for the human species, we're told that the eventual merging of man and machine may become absolutely necessary in the future. For those who don't, they will be left behind we're told. And while we'll happily avoid this latest step towards the 'mark of the beast' as who knows how many devious ways that the globalists will find to use it, others rave about the potential benefits.†

Implanting a microchip into your brain may sound like the plot from a science fiction blockbuster, but some claim this technology could be a reality within 15 years. The chips will allow people to buy and delete memories, and will soon be as popular as smartphones, according to Bryan Johnson, an expert working on such a device. (ANP: Remember the 1995 movie 'Strange Days'? Outlawed 'data discs' allowed people to 'buy memories' and 'experiences' and the criminal element rapidly took control of such technology!)

Speaking at Web Summit in Lisbon last month, Mr Johnson, who is the founder of Kernel, a start-up developing brain microchips, said that unlocking the potential of the mind is the 'single greatest thing' humanity can achieve.

'I would expect in around 15-20 years we will have a sufficiently robust set of tools for the brain that we could pose any question we wanted,' he said.

'For example, could I have a perfect memory? Could I delete my memories? Could I increase my rate of learning, could I have brain to brain communication?'

Mr Johnson added that this new technology a 'necessity' for the future of humanity.


While humanity has done just fine for thousands of years without such technology, and the abuse potential in using it is great as we've recently reported in numerous stories on ANP, the fact that AI such as 'creepy Sophia' have outright stated that 'humanity is easily programmable' and their goal is to take over the world shows we're moving closer every day to 'Skynet' and the fall of humanity.†

And while claims of human AI brain implants still seem very far away, for those who believe that such technologies are still 15 to 20 years away, we learn they're already testing certain products on human beings. What's next?†

Speaking to IEEE Spectrum, Dr Berger said: 'We're testing it in humans now, and getting good initial results.

'We're going to go forward with the goal of commercialising this prosthesis.'

But before being developed for healthy people, the firm hopes that the device will be used to improve memory in people with degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's.

Speaking to New Scientist, Mr Johnson said: 'The idea is that if you have loss of memory function, then you could build a prosthetic for the hippocampus that would help restore the circuitry, and restore memory.'


According to this December 14th story over at The Guardian, 'Humans 2.0' are right around the corner. With AI experts claiming one of the advantages of the age that is about to spring upon us is AI will allow human beings to communicate with each other telepathically without speaking a word, we have to wonder if AI will allow people to read others minds, such as Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, to dig out all of the lies buried within them. Now that would be a good AI application!†

And while we won't hold our breaths, waiting for the 'AI-induced zombie apocalypse' to arrive, it's good to know what some experts in the field are warning of as humanity rushes blindly into the future, knowing not where it will lead us.

Yet with US government agencies including the Pentagon, the CDC and FEMA having very real plans that prepare for a 'zombie apocalypse' as heard in the final video below, mindless AI zombies could very well be the zombies they're preparing for.†


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