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October 1, 2017

Mind-Blowing Photographs From Puerto Rico Vindicate President Trump And Prove 'Cell Phone Zombies' Will Be Among The 90% Who Don't Have A Chance When TEOTWAWKI Arrives


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on March 29th in a story on ANP we reported 'America's Achilles Heel Is Also Our Worst Nightmare', warning that 84% of Americans can't go a single day without their cell phones. We were flabbergasted to learn that back on January 5th of 2017, the Daily Mail reported that should a real 'zombie apocalypse' break out, 47% of those surveyed believed that their cell phones would be their #1 choice as a 'survival tool' in an emergency.

And while getting in touch with somebody nearly instantly who can help you in a time of danger or an emergency might seem like a great idea, as we're now seeing in pictures from across Puerto Rico that the entire world needs to see, cell phones don't make very good survival tools when the 'S' REALLY 'hits the fan'.


The photos you see in this story not only prove that cell phones are virtually useless in a real-world TEOTWAWKI scenario, one which happens immediately once the power goes out for a lengthy period of time, but they also vindicate President Donald Trump in his latest 'twitter war' with the terrorist-supporting Puerto Rico mayor and the entire 'left', who call Trump's remarks on Puerto Rico 'insensitive'.

With brand new FEMA head Brock Long also defending President Trump's tweets that enraged the left, we also take a look below at the new head of FEMA's very surprising recent words that could also be seen as a final warning call to America. According to FEMA head Brock Long, "Americans need to develop a culture of preparedness"...but nobody is listening.


Well, however 'insensitive' and 'politically incorrect' President Trumps remarks might have seemed to some, they were RIGHT on the money, a massive dose of truth for a world that still doesn't want to hear it. As we see very few pictures of any Puerto Ricans helping out clearing roads or doing other things to help the situation progress while countless Puerto Ricans search for a cell phone signal that they will probably be waiting a very, very long time for.

Rather than being self-sufficient and stepping to the plate to help clear roads of trees and other debris, the countless 'cell phone zombies' we see in these pictures have helped to prove the very meaning of that phrase.


Proving to us how completely useless cell phones will be when the power goes out, we completely understand that people need to get a hold of relatives to confirm they are safe or for countless other reasons. And for a country that completely lost their electricity, going without it for such a long period of time has got to be nerve racking for loved ones who don't know if family members are safe or not.Yet once again, we get 100% proof that if we're counting on our cell phones in dire emergencies, we better make other plans.


As we see in the next series of photographs below, there is a tremendous amount of work to be done in Puerto Rico to get the country back to 'normal' - but sadly, it appears that not enough Puerto Ricans are there to get the work done, especially with so many people still searching for cell phone signals as seen in the photographs above.

Was President Trump correct when he tweeted that "Puerto Ricans just want everything done for them"? Every one of these people cleaning up this horrible mess sure look like they could use a little bit of help.


While President Trump went after Carmen Yulin Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, after claiming she was very complimentary to him just a few days ago with her tone changing soon after the Democrats told her 'you must be nasty to Trump', we see why the Democrats likely approve of Cruz as she strongly supported convicted FALN terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera, who Barack Obama pardoned although he was involved in up to 100 bombings in the US back in the 1970's and 80's.

Why do so many Democrats so coddle terrorists?


For those who still believe a standard cell phone will be a reliable 'survival tool' that can be counted upon in times of need, we hope that the photographs in this story change your mind. A much better alternative for those who have the funds available would be to invest in a satellite phone, citizens band or HAM radio.

With Puerto Rico proving that prepping saves lives as food, water and power have become scarce to non-existent, for those who are new to prepping or want to top off their food and supplies, we suggest you visit Mike Adams store which not only has nutritious organic food but numerous survival tools and supplies.

Living in an era of climate-engineered and weaponized weather , we have to thank new FEMA director Brock Long for at least speaking out on the fact that Americans are totally unprepared for any kind of real, long term disaster as is also heard in the 1st video below. While ANP and many other independent news outlets have been quick to criticize FEMA, especially since the Katrina disaster, Long's words show we may finally be witnessing some must-needed change within that agency.

The 2nd and 3rd videos below both look at the unfolding situation in Puerto Rico from two different angles. The 2nd video shares an analysis of Puerto Rico from the 'alternative media' while the final video is a recent NBC report.

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