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December 19, 2019

Courageous Republican Rep Throws Down Gauntlet: Calls Out 'Belly Of The Beast' & Reminds Us Those Trying To Overthrow President Trump Slaughter Unborn Babies By The Millions

- When 'Tyranny' Become 'Law', Rebellion Becomes Duty


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Almost never before have we seen and heard so succinctly a Congressional Representative sum up what America is now going through and why anyone who loves our country and freedom must stand up and prepare to rise to the challenge than what we heard from Congressional Representative Clay Higgins as heard in the video directly below during the impeachment proceedings Wednesday.

Warning that the same group of people trying to overthrow President Trump without any evidence have no problem murdering the unborn, the most innocent of all Americans, with an estimate of 800,000 babies aborted yearly in America, roughly 2,300+ innocent lives snuffed out a day, we'll take Higgins advice and believe that the Republic can still be saved by preparing to defend America from the pure evil within. Higgins full statement

I have descended into the belly of the beast. I have witnessed the terror within and I rise committed to oppose the insidious forces which threaten our Republic. America is being severely injured by this betrayal, by this unjust and weaponized impeachment brought upon us by the same socialists who threaten unborn life in the womb, who threaten First Amendment rights of conservatives, who threaten Second Amendment protections of every American patriot, and who long ago determined that they would organize and conspire to overthrow President Trump.

We don’t face this horror because the Democrats have all of the sudden become constitutionalists! We’re not being devoured from within because of some surreal assertion of the Socialists’ newfound love for the very flag they tread upon! We face this horror because of THIS MAP! This is what the Democrats fear. They fear the true will of ‘We the People.’

They are deep establishment D.C. They fear, they call this Republican map ‘flyover country.’ They call us deplorables. They fear our faith. They fear our strength. They fear our unity. They fear our vote and the fear our president. We will NEVER surrender our nation to career establishment DC politicians and bureaucrats. Our Republic shall survive this threat from within. American patriots shall prevail. Mr. Speaker, I yield.

Pointing out the map Susan Duclos wrote about in this October ANP story titled "The 'Sea of Red' In This Map Can Only Be Pushed So Far Before They Push Back Hard - Liberals Want A Civil War, Conservatives Are Prepared To Oblige Them as also seen in the video below, we'll be taking another look within this story at more recent signs of where this is all headed in 2020 with Democrats seemingly sincerely believing they'll be able to 'overthrow' the first America-first president we've had in decades without any 'repercussions'. As Michael Snyder warned in this new story, there can no longer be any denying that America is now at war with itself. The must watch warning below from Representative Clay Higgins. 

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With Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders in Congress wasting no time at all in declaring their successful impeachment of President Trump in the House was comparable to the freeing of the slaves or the Revolutionary War or the victory in World War 2 against the Nazis as Infowars reported in this recent story, it also provided Americans with absolute proof that Democrats have become the group that America's Founding Fathers warned us about as John Velisek reported in this ANP story.

Using stasi-like tactics and a pravda-like press to dumb down the masses with a never-ending series of lies that even cast All News Pipeline as 'Russian disinformation agents' despite the fact that my family has been here in the US for over 400 years, that mainstream media/deep state/democratic party conglomerate was recently called out by President Trump as a 'criminal enterprise' as we reported in this December 18th ANP story.

Yet as Mike Adams warns in this must-read new story over at Natural News titled "IT’S ON: 228 Democrats declare open war on the American people by voting to impeach President Donald J. Trump without a shred of supporting evidence", what the American people have been witnessing is nothing less than an all-out attack upon the 'will of the American people' and proof Democrats could care less about 'the rule of law' in America. From that story.: 

Open war on the American people has just been declared by the Democrats in the House, with a 228-member vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump over fabricated “thought crimes” supported by zero evidence.

“This is a stunning abuse of power and a shameless travesty of justice that will stain the reputations of those responsible for generations to come,” said Rep. Tom McClintock today. “Our Bill of Rights guarantees every American the right to confront their accuser, to call witnesses in their defense, to be protected from hearsay, and to defend these rights in court. The Democrats have trampled them all in their stampede to impeach.”

Let there be no doubt that the Democrats are coming for all of us who believe in the Constitution, democracy, equal justice and the rule of law. If they succeed in removing Trump, they will immediately seek to impeach Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. They will attempt to impeach Mike Pence and try to install Nancy Pelosi as president, and they will come for your guns and your Bibles, having long ago decided that both Christians and gun owners must be exterminated from their new left-wing authoritarian society which exhibits tolerance toward no one except their own obedient cultists and fanatics. (Democrats are now the most dangerous bigots, racists and fascists our nation has ever known.)


With law-abiding Americans across the country who are President Trump supporters now 'mad as hell' as Susan Duclos had reported in this December 18th ANP story, confronting impeachment-loving and America-hating Congressional Democrats wherever they go, 2020 is quickly setting up to be a year for all time with the left and right so diametrically opposed in 2019 and no signs of things getting any better ahead.

With the left's attitude perfectly summed up in a comment I read this morning on a story over at The Hill, "that's why Democrats need to disarm all Republicans", and Democrats in Virginia now taking moves to do just that with even talk of gun confiscations filling the halls of Democrat politics there, we must remind everyone once again that gun registration and gun confiscation has historically led to horrific genocides. From the Mises Wire.: 

Arguably one of the rights that has seen less government encroachment in the US — in contrast to other activities such as commerce — gun rights are now witnessing unprecedented attacks at the state level and even from politically-connected corporate entities.

Although gun control laws are not created equally in terms of overall impact, gun confiscation holds a special place in the halls of political repression. A trip down memory lane will give us a refresher of how gun confiscation has helped consolidate government power.

The Soviet Union and Its Satellite States

The Soviet Union left its mark as one of the deadliest political regimes in the history of mankind. However, it could not get away with such atrocities without having a complete monopoly on the use of force.

Ironically, the famous Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin called for a proletarian militia in his essay Letters From Afar. Lenin charted out his vision in the following passage:

What kind of militia do we need, the proletariat, all the toiling people? A genuine people’s militia, i.e., one that, first, consists of the entire population, of all adult citizens of both sexes; and, second, one that combines the functions of a people’s army with police functions, with the functions of the chief and fundamental organ of public order and public administration.

Lenin’s ideas manifested themselves in military form once the Military Revolutionary Committee was created in late 1917. Despite the ostensive revolutionary nature, these military forces morphed into another enforcement arm of the State.

To maintain its iron grip, the Soviet Union had to turn to the most proven form of suppression — gun confiscation. On December 10, 1918, the Council of People’s Commissar mandated that Soviet citizens turn in their firearms. Failure to do so, led to criminal prosecution.

Soviet gun control laws remained tight in the following decades, although the government did go out of its way to give Communist Party affiliates privileged access to firearms. Once World War II came to an end, Eastern European countries took after their Soviet overlords and started implementing gun confiscation, as detailed in Firearms Possession by 'Non-State Actors': The Question of Sovereignty.

And more recently, Venezuela which was also disarmed and now the people are eating trash in the streets. 


It’s no secret that the Venezuelan government has eviscerated property rights and fundamental civil liberties in the crisis beleaguered country. But how has the Venezuelan government been able to stay in power?

The Venezuelan government’s civilian disarmament campaign is an oft-ignored abuse of human rights in discussions concerning Venezuela’s political crisis. The Venezuelan government started by passing the original version of the Control of Arms, Munitions and Disarmament Law. Since then, the law has been modified to broaden the scope of the firearms regulated by the Venezuelan Armed forces, who have the power to register, control, and confiscate firearms.

The day of reckoning came when Venezuela banned the sale of firearms and ammo in 2012, under the guise of fighting crime. Despite the gun ban in place, crime rates continue to skyrocket.

Now Venezuelans have no way of defending themselves against a government that is free to muzzle their speech, expropriate their wealth, debase their currency, and starve them to death. And if that weren’t enough, the average Venezuelan must contend with the constant threat of common criminals and colectivos, Venezuela’s infamous pro-government paramilitary units. Even in the 21st century, the nasty effects of gun confiscation are still being felt. 

We couldn't possibly do any better in summing up the Mises' story's conclusion than they did.:

Gun control may not have a path dependency toward tyranny. However, gun confiscation is an egregious form of gun control that allows authoritarians to steamroll their subjects at will. The way gun confiscation enhances the consolidation of state power is undeniable. A disarmed populace is simply no match for a repressive apparatus that has a monopoly on the use of force.

Gun rights might not guarantee victory against tyrants, but being deprived of them all but guarantees submission.

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