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November 13, 2016

Barack Obama And John Kerry Out Of Country This Week As America Burns - What Do They Know That We Don't Know?

'Elite' Continue To Prepare For 'Doomsday' As 'Extreme Times Call For Extreme Measures' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With Barack Obama boggling the minds of tens of millions of Americans by ALLOWING George Soros to foment revolution in our country as widespread violent protests continue to boil over in the streets of America, we find it quite interesting that both US Secretary of State John Kerry and Obama himself will not be in the country this upcoming week. As Kerry continues his travels that took him to Antarctica, landing him in Peru on November 16th, Obama 'bugs out' of the US himself on Monday for 6 days of travel taking him to Greece, Germany and also the APEC meetings in Peru.

At a time when the nation of Turkey has issued a travel warning to their citizens over US travel after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Tuesday's elections due to these continuing 'riots' and the establishment itself still completely aligned against Trump with more and more death threats towards him coming out on social media, we see why so many believe America is in such danger. With 'protesters' shouting 'kill the police' and expressing more hatred during these 'protests' than we've ever seen coming from the mouth or actions of Donald Trump, we can completely understand why a no-fly zone has been set up over parts of Manhattan, New York as shared in the 1st video below:

"No one saw this coming, but extreme times call for extreme measures."

And while much of America prays for the safety of our next president, another huge part proves their insanity by claiming to speak for love while spreading hatred and pushing America closer and closer every day to 'a point of no return' we may never be able to come back from. Rather than 'accepting' President Trump as the right 'accepted' President Obama for 8 years, no matter how grudgingly, the left seems intent upon attempting to overthrow not only the will of the American people but America itself

With everything that's now happening in America and the world, we shouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear that the 'elite' continue to prepare for doomsday as we're told in this story and the 2nd video below and why so many people are so concerned that the globalists will attempt to pull off a last-second false flag that will forever change the landscape of America, sending the US capitol under the Denver International Airport and forever cementing their 'new world order'.


Will the love of Donald Trump and his deplorables be able to 'Trump' the hatred that we see coming from liberals who still don't realize that America just had a very real, bloodless revolution and America is now in the process of overthrowing global tyranny, to put America first, with 'President Donald Trump'? And WHY is George Soros being allowed to foment revolution upon US soil, putting every law-abiding US citizen and law enforcement across the country in danger?

And should the mainstream media also be held responsible for spreading the lies and disinformation that has led to these riots that have blood running in US streets and, as many have warned, our nation in peril? With George Soros, Hillary Clinton and the globalists clearly in the process of launching a 'purple revolution' in America and our nation never more divided, we have to take a look below at several theories that we pray never come true.


Back on March 26th of 2014, Barack Obama responded to a question asked of him at a nuclear-security summit about the #1 threat to America. While questioners were surprised that Obama DIDN'T say Russia, they were even more surprised by his answer as we see by this Time story reaction.:

"Russia’s actions don’t pose the No. 1 national-security threat to the United States” Obama said, adding “I continue to be much more concerned, when it comes to our security, with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan.”

Time's reaction: Yikes! Does Obama really think there’s a serious chance that Manhattan could get nuked? He almost certainly does.


Living now at a point in time when such a nuke in Manhattan wouldn't only be immediately devastating to the lives of tens of millions of Americans but could also immediately bring about the end of president-elect Donald Trump who lives there, with globalists Obama and Kerry conveniently out of town, might we soon witness a false flag dirty bomb or nuclear attack upon US soil, perhaps New York? 'ISIS' threatened to attack NY before the election and has once again threatened to attack NY during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

With the globalists now desperate to hold onto power, it's long been warned that such an event could be 'the final false flag' that brings down America. With the global elite feverishly preparing for something huge for several years now and this March of 2015 story from Infowars reporting on an alleged 'missing nuke', might have 'extremists' within Obama's government allowed terrorists to get their hands on something that could instantly change the world?

We shouldn't forget that according to Islamic eschatology, a nuclear holocaust would help bring on their 'mahdi' so they actually WANT such devastation to happen upon our planet and have long warned of their desire to completely destroy the West.


In the final video below, our videographer asks us to imagine the following hypothetical scenario:

"This day will begin like any other day. Everybody will go to work or play...the streets will be packed and Wall Street will be busy...everything will look normal to New Yorkers...and then, in one hour, all will be gone."

Our videographer then goes on to give her view of what might happen to New York in such a situation, providing disturbing visuals that shows a possibility we all pray never comes to pass but even Barack Obama warned of.

While a potential nuclear war with Russia may have been avoided with Trump's election victory, the danger remains. Whether by Islamic terrorists who were able to obtain a nuclear weapon or dirty bomb or globalists intent upon taking America down along with them, it's easy to see America's not quite out of the woods yet.

With Barack Obama and John Kerry both out of the country this week as George Soros foments revolution in the streets of America, we see and hear in the 3rd video below what looks like unfolding war upon US soil happening at one of the most important times in United States history.


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