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December 15, 2020

'Lockdown Fatigue' Is A Thing Now - Fed Up Americans Now Less Likely To Comply With Dictatorial Decrees By Fascist Governors

- Apparently There Is A Point Where Americans Say ENOUGH

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

On Tuesday Stefan Stanford highlighted globalists plans to turn earth into a "prison planet," with massive long-lasting lockdowns aka medical martial law, but those plans may suffer a severe setback as Americans, from all sides of the aisle, have started suffering from COVID or 'lockdown fatigue,' and are less likely to take the precautions they thought were so very important when the pandemic first hit.

While the World Health Organization (WHO) labeled this syndrome as "Pandemic Fatigue," others are highlighting that the weariness is not stemming from just the "pandemic," but rather from the arbitrary rules set by leaders, which they are tired of following just to see no noticeable difference.

We'll start with the recent reports on Americans sick and tired of lockdowns which have resulted in nothing more than additional lockdowns, with stated intentions of making those long term, while shutting down more and more businesses by deeming them "non-essential."

A new Harris Poll conducted for Fast Company has shown some lockdown attitudes that should have been expected, where people once stringent in their COVID precautions are now not even bothering with much of them anymore.

“The mentality of getting on plane was ‘I can’t handle it anymore. I’ll roll the dice,'” Pasant says.

That betting—in this case with your life or at least your health—is what’s making people adopt a to-hell-with-it attitude. Remember the days when people let deliveries sit out on their front porches for a few days before bringing them inside? The endless slog that is this pandemic makes it hard to maintain the same high level of alertness; as the one-year mark approaches, hand sanitizer is replaced with hand shakes, social distancing with socializing.

We weren’t assuming we’d all be wearing masks for last nine months, so people had lot of energy at the beginning, because they thought, ‘If I do all those things, this will go away faster and our lives will go back to normal,'” explains Rachel Dubrow, a therapist in Northfield, Illinois, who specializes in anxiety, depression, and stress management. “They weren’t expecting this is where we’d be in December 2020. We don’t have anything worth working towards. You have people who don’t want to adjust to this anymore, so you have your super-spreader events. The craze is over.”

The fatigue of doing everything that officials claimed would help, just to find out it didn't work, so they now are starting, some cases planning to start, the lockdowns all over again, is only one part of the "fatigue."


Granted there are still a lot of "Karens and Kevins" out there, ready to cause a scene when faced with freedom loving Americans that are now refusing to follow the arbitrary rules of individual governors, but on a larger scale, Americans have had quite enough of complying with dictator-like governors

Americans are reading less and less news about COVID, done the overreactions by state leaders. They are more concerned about keeping their homes after losing their income because a governor deemed it "non-essential," feeding their families, seeing their loved ones, celebrating the holidays, and above it all, being free.

Non-compliance, protests, refusal on the part of businesses owners to comply with another round of lockdowns they barely survived the last time (Many didn't survive and have closed permanently), lawsuits against overreaching, dictatorial governors, is all on the rise.

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There is also an increase in cases of refusal to wear masks outdoors, abiding by tyrannical curfews, or limitations on the amount of people one allows in their own private homes, social distancing, and a whole host of other BS rules being implemented by state leaders.

Making things worse we are seeing more and more examples of lockdown mandates that have no basis in science, and are admittedly being done for the sole purpose of trying to force Americans to lock themselves away at home in isolation.

For example: In California we now find out a ban on outdoor dining had nothing to do with safety whatsoever, it was used as a tactic to "keep people at home."

That was admitted by CA Health Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly, on video, seen below:

"Turning to restaurants to deliver and provide takeout options instead really has to do with the goal of trying to keep people at home," Ghaly said. "Not a comment on the relative safety of outdoor dining."

The same can be said for curfews that some state governors have decreed, despite the fact that the virus does not transmit more at night than in the day. These curfews, considered by some to be part of the medial martial law being implemented by out-of-control governors are just another teactic being used to control the people.

They are trying to see how much control they can wield, but they have gone too far in many cases, and Americans are hitting back.

Below we see Los Angeles restaurant and bar owners protested the ban on outdoor dining outside the home of LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.

Sheriffs from one end of the country to the other, are refusing to enforce these governor decrees, citing their unconstitutionality. 

We have seen businesses willing to face fines and arrest to remain open as other businesses are allowed to be because they were deemed "essential." 

We are noting more Americans refusing to wear masks, to the point of walking out of a businesses if they are harassed about the lack of a mask.

The point here is that people are tired of being told where they can go, what businesses are "essential," how many people they can have in their own homes,  what to wear and how to wear it, and arbitrary rules that have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with power-hungry politicians.


These dictator wannabe governors are acting like fascists, pushing their own agenda for total control of their constituents, without any regard to the U.S. constitution, or basic freedoms that should be guaranteed to every American.

There are many reasons for the lockdown fatigue we are seeing talked about more and more, but the general consensus appears to be a "been there, done that,' attitude where Americans and people around the globe, are noticing the initial lockdowns and implementation of medical martial law, simply didn't work.

It won't work this time either. 

COVID is the "new flu," and just as the world learned to deal with that every year, so will we all learn to roll with this as well.

It is time for everyone to stop complying and get this nation back to work.

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