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June 13, 2017

'We're Witnessing A Cataclysm In Progress' - 'Signs Of The Times' Include Explosion Of 'Mass Animal Death Events'

- More Animal Attacks Upon Humans As Well - Just A Coincidence?

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die


In the story over at the Big Wobble recently emailed to ANP by one of our readers they reported the 2nd week of June has seen more mass die offs of fish, birds and animals around the planet with 16 new 'mass death events' in the first 12 days of June alone according to the End Times Prophecy Blog. Just the lastest 'mass animal death events' that now number in the 'thousands of events' since 2011, in the first video below, Evangelist Joey Bellmore warns us why these 'mass animal death events' could be something straight out of Biblical End Times Prophecy. 

From China to Brazil to Italy to South Korea to Mexico to Zimbabwe to Maine and Massachussetts, we see that the West coast of the US and the Pacific Ocean aren't alone as areas now being hit by death in huge numbers and as we've previously reported on ANP, the 'mass animal death events' continue to be mirrored by bizarre and unexplained 'animal attack' events around the world with even more unexplained and bizarre 'animal attacks upon humans' within the past few days as we've detailed within this ANP story.

As Bellmore tells us, so far there have been 249 known 'mass animal death events' in 2017 alone spread across 59 different countries and he looks at these 'mass death events' through the viewpoint of Hosea and Zephaniah while warning that what we're witnessing now could be seen as warnings of events still to come.  


Are the recent 'mass death events' and bizarre animal attacks upon humans somehow related or would that be science fiction beyond belief? Is it just a coincidence that we're witnessing more and more 'mass animal death events' and bizarre animal attacks upon people at the same time? As MT Taylor asked in her story on ANP back on May 26th, should we be surprised?

It takes only a moment to open our Bibles to Revelation and see God’s warning about the pale horse and its rider. The warning comes after the first of seven seals are opened and is voiced by the fourth living creature, who invites Death to ride through the earth by saying, “Come!”

What that seems to say is that up to now the earth’s wild beasts have been supernaturally restrained from harming mankind without cause, but there is a point in time when they will be given power—the power to attack and kill without reason, restraint or warning. This verse serves as God’s warning—that day is coming, and we can see signs of the grisly change in nature’s creatures even now.

As Bellmore tells us, all of these Apocalyptic Biblical 'mass death' events could very well be foreshadowing much bigger things to come and are clearly more signs of the times we're now living in. Bellmore breaks down for us each of the recent events which include at least 243 dead seals washing up on a beach in Kazakhstan, at least 18,000 dead fish washing up in France, 40,000+ dead fish in China and more than 600 dead head of cattle in Mexico in which a farmer warned "this has never happened before"


In this new story over at CBS News they report a fire station in Pasco County Florida was recently shut down after between 500 and 1,000 bats invaded the building. Coming only 2 weeks after a man died and at least 40 were injured after what was called 'an eerie series of vampire bat attacks upon humans', such strange attacks have been repeated over and over and over again in 2017. While in New York, a plague of rats has been causing massive problems for two schools over the past few weeks, in Vancouver CTV News reports 'stalked and dive-bombing' crow attacks upon humans have been increasing from above. 

While the Eastern Arizona Courier recently reported that according to Arizona Game and Fish, more and more sightings of wildlife have been happening in urban areas as man continues to encroach upon nature, this story over at the Tallahassee Democrat sums up the bizarre attacks we've been witnessing recently with one man recently attacked by a pelican another sign of something very, very strange going on. From their story:

I was sitting on the deck of a restaurant in Panacea. The guy at the next table was explaining the bandage on his head was from a wound he received from being attacked by a pelican while he was trying to feed an otter. Besides considering the almost incalculable odds of his confrontation, I realized that there are folks who have bigger bird problems than me.

But lately it seems like a number of different species of birds have let go of their natural disdain for each other and formed a kind of feather treaty, uniting to come after me.

I can't help but wonder if this whole bird attack isn't some karmatic response to a goose I hit on the golf course two years ago. I have no other plausible reason why with literally hundreds of mailboxes that look exactly like mine within just a few blocks, they have chosen to make mine their universal rest stop. They mock me.

As I've watched my bird issues teeter on the edge of becoming Hitchcockian, I've decided to take a different approach. A peace offering of sorts.


Might it take some sort of a 'peace offering' to help bring about the end of the bizarre series of attacks upon humans that we've been witnessing and reporting upon across the world recently? During the recent interview between Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly that is getting a ton of attention recently, Alex Jones brought up something that most people probably missed and if they heard it, they will likely write off as another 'crazy conspiracy theory' but it needs to be examined much more deeply, especially in light of everything else that we've been witnessing recently. 

At the 1 minute 15 second mark of the 2nd video below, Jones throws out this bombshell: "30 years ago, they began creating animal-human hybrids, isn't that the 'big story' Megyn Kelly should be doing?"  While most Americans might write off Jones remarks as signs of lunacy, as we reported on ANP back on June 6th, the Obama administration officially lifted the ban on animal-human hybrids during his time in office. What could possibly go wrong with man trying to 'play God'? 

Between what's happening to the Pacific Ocean and West coast of America right now to the 'mass animal death events' still taking place across our planet to the series of bizarre animal attacks upon humans we've been witnessing recently, we may be witnessing some of the results such meddling before our very eyes.

As Susan Duclos reported back on February 1st of 2016 in a story called "Dabbling In The Grotesque: Gene Editing, Human/Animal Hybrids - Monstrous Creations On The Horizon Or Do They Already Exist?", what has been reported in the news on animal-human hybrids is likely just the tip of the iceberg with Susan asking, what other horrific creatures and creations await us?  

In the final video below, Pastor Paul Begley shares with us a video he's called "The Seven Last Plagues -The Coming Apocalypse" within which Pastor Begley shares with us more of the signs that we've been witnessing recently that show him we're now living in truly extraordinary times here in 2017 as events continue to unfold on a truly Biblical scale.  

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