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May 3, 2021

Americans Should Be Prepared For A 'Hot, Violent Summer' As 'Domino Effect' Wreaks Havoc Upon 'Supplies Of Everything' - Trucker Shortage Could Grind Supply Chain To A Halt

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on April 20th, we published a story on ANP titled "With All Hell About To Break Loose In America, Prepare To Get Out Of The Cities And Into The 'Red Zones' In The Event Of A Worst Case Scenario" in which we warned America was heading towards another violent summer, an endless cycle of 'wash, rinse, repeat' ahead of us from Antifa and BLM as Susan Duclos had reported in this May 1st story. And now we get more signs why that might unfold, with leftist outlet Axios reporting "It's Set To Be A Hot, Violent Summer" while Yahoo News warns of exploding prices of food and commodities across the country. 

As Yahoo had reported in this May 1st story, "the prices of the stuff that make EVERYTHING are surging", and with rising commodities prices comes rising food prices, and with rising food prices comes people going hungry and stealing for food. Eventually leading to a cycle of violence and crime, as Axios reported in this May 1st story, "after a year in which murders spiked in the U.S., homicides are already trending up in many cities, presaging what is likely to be a violent summer."

And while that story also reported that from Washington to Louisville, Kentucky to New York to Oakland, California to Kansas City to Atlanta, murder rates have been trending up in big US cities and small ones, it also reported that the 'pandemic' was partially responsible for why violent crimes have risen so dramatically over the past 16 months. 

The direct and indirect effects of the pandemic almost certainly play a major role, with in-person schools closed, violence prevention programs forced to pull back and unemployment skyrocketing, especially in big cities.

And while that story had also reported that even if 2021 eclipses last year's murder numbers, America will remain a far safer country than it was during the most violent years of the 1990s, should any one of numerous SHTF scenarios unfold during the Summer of 2021, all bets to the accuracy of that statement are off. 

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As Susan had also reported in this April 25th ANP story, massive sticker shock and more shortages were definitely on the way, with experts warning prices of just about everything will continue to rise for the foreseeable future while food insecurity grows as food is used more and more as a weapon against the unsuspecting public.

And this new Yahoo story gives us a dose of unsuspected truth about what is ahead. Warning that the prices of everything are now 'skyrocketing', and that is their word, not ours, we had reported back on March 26th that this was likely coming, reporting within that story of shortages of plastic, steel, lumber, computer chips and more, an early warning of what Yahoo News is reporting now.  

The prices of raw materials used to make almost everything are skyrocketing, and the upward trajectory looks set to continue as the world economy roars back to life. From steel and copper to corn and lumber, commodities started 2021 with a bang, surging to levels not seen for years. 

The rally threatens to raise the cost of goods from the lunchtime sandwich to gleaming skyscrapers. It’s also lit the fuse on the massive reflation trade that’s gripped markets this year and pushed up inflation expectations. With the U.S. economy pumped up on fiscal stimulus, and Europe’s economy starting to reopen as its vaccination rollout gets into gear, there’s little reason to expect a change in direction.

So we shouldn't be the least bit surprised that the prices of food will also be going up along with the prices of everything else, with 'food insecurity' already soaring during this pandemic largely due to lockdowns and unemployment, with military families sadly being hit particularly hard according to this Texas Standard story. Once again, from this Yahoo Finance story.:

China, a crucial source of supply and demand for raw materials, is playing a big role, particularly as the government tries to reduce production of key metals like steel and aluminum. It’s also buying up massive amounts of grains. Food prices are also being affected as poor weather in key growing nations like Brazil and France hits harvests. 

As just about every basic material gets rapidly more expensive, the rally is rippling across the globe to create winners and losers.

As Infowars had warned in this story as we also hear in the first video below, with food and commodity prices skyrocketing at the same time that the globalists destabilization and eugenics plans have gone public, a recipe for utter disaster lays before us in the days ahead should any number of 'TEOTWAWKI scenarios' unfold. 

Also read at Epoch Times: "Former BLM Movement Leader Arrested for Interfering in Homicide Probe: Police"

With all signs also pointing to a gasoline shortage this summer according to this new story over at Car & Driver while also reporting "there's one more thing to worry about as a lack of qualified tanker-truck drivers starts to eat into gasoline supplies at stations", as Fox News had reported back in April, this 'trucker shortage' is adversely affecting businesses and causing shortages nationwide.  

Reporting that the trucking industry needs to hire at least 1 million new drivers to keep up with 2021 demand, it's long been warned that America would grind to a halt within days should such a thing happen, with the Transportation Data Source (TDS) warning the following will occur in short time. 

In the first 24 hours… 

Delivery of medical supplies to the affected area will cease. 

Hospitals will run out of necessary supplies. 

Service stations will begin to run out of fuel. 

Manufacturers using just-in-time manufacturing will develop component shortages. 

U.S. mail and other package delivery will cease. 

Automobile fuel availability and delivery will dwindle, leading to skyrocketing prices and long lines at gas pumps. 

In just 2-3 days… 

Food shortages will escalate, especially in the face of consumer hoarding and panic. 

Supplies of essentials like bottled water, powdered milk, and canned meat at major retailers will begin to disappear. 

ATM’s will run out of cash and banks will be unable to process transactions. 

Service stations will completely run out of fuel. 

Garbage will start piling up in urban and suburban areas. 

Container ships will sit idle in ports and rail transport will be disrupted, eventually coming to a standstill.  

In just one week… 

Automobile travel will cease due to lack of fuel. 

Hospitals will begin to exhaust oxygen supplies. 

By one month… 

The nation’s cleanest water supply will be exhausted. 

As you can see above, if trucks were to stop moving there would be a severe domino effect. Trucks are the lifeblood of many industries, delivering the goods and supplies we need to exist.

And with all of this happening while 'vaccine passport wars' heat up in states across America, with Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker recently announcing the liberal state WON'T require vaccine passports while the state of Florida has outright banned them though New York is moving in another direction, the nation of Canada recently announcing that 'vaccine passports' will be required for entry is another sign of where the world is headed should the far left get their way.

Yet with reports of more and more people dying and being injured by vaccines emerging every day as Health Impact News reports in this new story, that story warned we're witnessing nothing less than 'clandestine genocide', with blatant propaganda being put out by the govt, reinforced via the pharma-funded corporate media, that continues to claim that NONE of these deaths are linked to the COVID injections, and are just “coincidences.” Can you believe that? 

So with things heating up as the weather heats up as they quite often do, we should expect and prepare for the rest of 2021 to bring leftists burning down their own cities while Biden and Democrats insanely 'declare war' upon half of America, pushing the country closer and closer to a breaking point. And all of this is happening at a time when the globalists are pushing their 'great reset' and depopulation agendas full tilt as Steve Quayle warns in the 2nd/final video below, a recent appearance on the Hagmann Report in which they also talk about the upcoming June 11th/12th Extinction Protocols Conference.

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