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April 18, 2016

Ring of Fire: Three Deadly Earthquakes In Three Days - 'Earthquake Outbreak' Has Scientists Concerned


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Update from Alt Section †-†Something Huge Is Happening Worldwide - Earth Changes And Birth Pangs

Ecuador, Japan and the US all reside on the same tectonic "Ring of Fire," which can be seen in the map above, and both Ecuador and Japan have just suffered three deadly earthquakes in rapid succession along that ring.

As can be seen in the ABC News report below titled "Third Earthquake in Rapid Succession on 'Ring of Fire', we hear what the newscaster refers to as the "Eathquake Outbreak," along the ring of fire with Ecuador suffering a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and Japan being hit twice with †7.3 and 6.5 magnitude quakes followed by hundreds of aftershocks which is hampering rescue effots.

(Article continues after the ABC News video)

Just two days ago Stefan Stanford reported on a warning from the†Prime Minister of Japan, Sinzo Abe who said "we are in a race against time," as we learned that the ground in Japan was "swaying every hour," in an article titled "Predictions Of Biblical Quakes On Horizon Lead To This Alarm: 'We Are In A Race Against Time'.†

As can be heard in the ABC News report above, with the U.S. residing on the same tetonic "Ring of Fire," there are new concerns about "the big one hitting here," as they bring on an expert that states "We're all on the 'ring of fire,' this is a very active part of the Earth and it is a reminder that this is a hazard we face."

According to the Express UK, scientists are now warning that under current conditions along the Pacific Rim we could see up to four earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 8 as they quote a†seismologist of University of Colorado who believes "And if they delay, the strain accumulated during the centuries provokes more catastrophic mega earthquakes."

RT reports "A total of 38 volcanoes are currently erupting around the world, making conditions ripe for seismic activity in the Pacific area."


In order to understand the scope of the seismic activing being seen, the map below is a screen shot from Earthquakes-Volcanoes Discovery, who also provide a list of volcanoes erupting currently.



We are reminded by a link found at Steve Quayle's website the importance of being as prepared as possible, because when the "big one" hits in the U.S., it will be too late. We see that store shelves in Japan are empty as people start "panic buying" after the deadly earthquakes hit.

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While no one can be prepared for total devastation if their home is destroyed, those left without transportation because of inaccessible roads, or access to their bank account or ATM machines, should have food, water, medical supplies and cash on hand before catastrophe hits.



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