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December 31, 2017

When You Think You Have Seen It All..... Something Like This Pops Up Showing How Insane The World Has Become

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

After witnessing the antics by liberals, feminists and the LGBT community in 2017, where liberals "screamed helplessly at the sky," and a feminist editor over at HuffPost thought it totally appropriate to tweet that one of her New Year's resolutions was to "band together to kill all men," (before deleting it) and just about everything under the sun offended the LGBT community, sometimes the thought "I have seen it all," occurs........ and sure enough, the second it does... WHAM, something even sicker comes along.

A website has come to the attention of some Independent Media that sells "Transgender" items targeting children, such as fake penises for girls that want to learn to urinate standing up, and "packer" holders and harnesses in case they want to wear the fake penises all day long.

Unfortunately this is not satire. The site is called "TransKids," and in their item descriptions they make it very clear that these prosthestic penises are geared for female children "aprox. 8-13 years old."


The site is obviously geared toward adults since not many 8 year old female children are going to be Googling "fake penises for children." Of course the site doesn't refer to the items in the top row of the screenshot above as "fake penises," they call them "Stand-to-Pee" devices, and "packers", stating "If your child was assigned female at birth but wants to stand up while urinating, this just might work great for them."

The target age for their book products is even younger. One for adults that want to force their "ideas" onto their underage children about "transgender or gender-creative children," stated age target is 6-12 years old.

I absolutely refuse to go through and describe each product on that site that, it appears from their domain information, has been up and running since 2015, which highlights the fact that these types of sites have been running under the radar for years. 

I do want to note that when looking through their resources page, it offers another site, The Trans Youth Equality Foundation, that actually targets parents of children as young as 2 years old



In December 2016, ANP highlighted how Google's YouTube was allowing a channel called "Queer Kid Stuff" to target children 3-5 years old to brainwash them into the LGBT community with videos titled ""T is for TRANS! - Transgender: QUEER KID STUFF," and "What's a LESBIAN?!? - LGBT: QUEER KID STUFF," and "Learning Our LGBTs! - LGBT: QUEER KID STUFF," and "UNICORNS are QUEER HORSES!! - Queer: QUEER KID STUFF," and "HE, SHE, and THEY?!? - Gender: QUEER KID STUFF," and perhaps the most egregious of all, "Do YOU like apples AND bananas? - Bisexual."

In researching this article, while doing a number of searches to see how many websites are actually targeting children and adults with children under the age of consent, for the purposes of indoctrinating children into the LGBT lifestyle, I ran across an older interview with the creator of the Queer Kid Stuff YouTube channel, Lindsay Amer." While the article was about her claims that she was targeted by a "neo-Nazi" website, she did admit something in that interview, which should concern every single conservative and/or religious parent that has access to the Internet, and especially those that allow their children to use YouTube.

Via Business Insider:

About a year ago, I turned to YouTube. It’s a free and completely accessible platform (for those with internet), and a space with lots of children. I called my channel Queer Kid Stuff. The opportunity to reach kids directly, bypassing their more conservative parents, was exciting.

What is truly disgusting is that YouTube does not even have a channel that admittedly targets children on restricted mode, yet my ANP channel on Youtube is in restricted mode, and we only discuss politics, no sexual content, no targeting of children, no cursing, yet a channel geared to discussing sex with children, who admits they are using it to bypass the parents of those children, indoctrinating them into the LGBT lifestyle, is open for any child to see?

What is  wrong with Google that they would allow this?

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Over the last month we have seen the LGBT community attack conservative and Christian values with a Christmas book called "Santa's Husband," and accusations claiming one-third of President Trump's judicial nominees are "Anti-LGBT." In California, as reported by Warner Todd Houston, "parents are not allowed to opt their school-aged children out of the mandatory LGBT indoctrination in the state-sponsored school system."

Good News- While some are not favorable over President Trump's choice of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, she is a proponent of school choice, and charter, private and religious schools, which do not push a LGBT agenda to indoctrinate children, being part of that choice. What many do not know is that as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was just signed into law, they expanded the program titled 529 plans, which allows people that save money to accumulate those savings to pay for college on a tax free basis, including public, private or religious institutions.

Via CNBC: "That means individuals can take up to $10,000 in distributions annually from their 529 plans to pay for private school tuition and books through 12th grade – in addition to using their account proceeds for college costs."

Liberals, like those that write ate HuffPost, who often promotes the child indoctrination YouTube channel Queer Kid Stuff, are livid, screeching at how this will allow "millions of tax dollars to discriminate against LGBT students." Quite a claim when in reality it is allowing parents to choose whether or not to spend money on schools that focus more on LGBT activism than they do on actual education.

Frankly I don't have the time nor inclination to care what grown adults do behind closed doors, that will be between them and God when Judgment comes for them, but targeting children via Youtube deliberately to "bypass" their parents teachings, and indoctrinating them in public schools before they are even capable of understanding sexuality, is something that should never be tolerated.

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