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November 9, 2021

Always Follow The Golden Rule Of Survival: Be Where Everybody Else Isn't! Astroworld Showed How Quickly Things Can Spiral Out Of Control, Just Imagine The Calamity Unleashed In TEOTWAWKI 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to Survival Expert and author Steve Quayle, the 'golden rule' of survival in almost any situation is to BE where everyone else isn't! With that rule applying in all situations that one might face, as we just saw this past weekend at Travis Scott's Astroworld Concert, large crowds can instantly turn deadly.  

With a massive wall of human bodies moving like a tsunami towards a particular destination, it really doesn't matter how big or how strong somebody is with thousands upon thousands of people pushing towards something as we saw at that concert, with people getting trampled and crushed and 'the crushers' not even knowing what's going on as they mindlessly push towards their destination as seen in the videos at the bottom of this story. 

And while this event was just a concert, (and clearly 'demonic' as reported in this Gateway Pundit story as we'll explore more below), just imagine a mass crowd of 10,000 hungry folks looking for their next meals! With that concert a perfect example of the 'golden rule of survival' played out before our eyes, as everything continues to fall apart in America on Joe Biden's watch as Susan Duclos pointed out in her latest story on ANP, we see again why we're best off in 2021 by getting out of the cities/suburbs if we haven't already. 

Because whether being among 1 million or more of your 'closest friends' in the cities, a food riot unleashed on the spot over no food, a protest of some sort or another or even a 'rap concert,' Astroworld showed us just how quickly things can spiral out of control. 

Steve Quayle has warned us and his listeners numerous times that avoiding the large crowds could make the difference between life and death, with preparation for absolutely anything done well ahead of time often becoming the very thing that helps people get through a situation most never make it out of. 

And as Steve has also warned in SQ notes while linking to various stories, in a TEOTWAWKI situation that includes great food shortages or famine, neighbor will quickly turn against neighbor. Imagine all of the unprepared people who live around you in a SHTF scenario, going about trying to acquire food for their own children with none available at the stores. 

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As Democrat-run US cities all across America continue to fall apart, with crime rates skyrocketing, the number of homeless people exploding and drug abuse growing more and more rampant from one city to the next nationwide, when we add in the collapsing supply chain we see get a recipe for utter disaster.

With many survival experts warning of '9 meals to anarchy', we've also long warned it will be far fewer than '9 meals missed' until anarchy strikes once people understand the food isn't coming back. 

And with roughly 107 million 'working age Americans' no longer in the work force just another sign of what is ahead, along with food prices already spiking due to shortages with food product producers warning they'll continue to go up into 2022 and for the foreseeable future beyond then with no end to price spikes in sight and many US cities already looking like war zones and turned into no-go zones, we shouldn't be surprised that the globalists are buying up bunkers as if they know something dangerous ahead is lurking,   

So while we'll continue to pray that America can make it through the chaotic period of time that we've entered, where would you rather be once TEOTWAWKI fully arrives in America, one of the many Democrat run cities all across America already falling apart or in the mountains/country where very few other people live? 'Population density' is one of the very reasons I myself decided to get out of the city/suburbs almost 10 years ago now. Susan and I simply prefer to be where everybody else isn't. 

It's long been argued that the globalists use large events such as concert, the Olympics and various other sporting and arts events to 'indoctrinate' people into satanism and as this Gateway Pundit story points out, what happened at Astroworld sounds very much like such 'an event'. 

The “Astroworld” concert, where 8 people died and over 300 other concert-goers were injured during rapper Travis Scott’s performance, was like a satanic ritual, attendees of the concert claim. Scott watched his fans fall to the ground as paramedics tried to resuscitate them during his performance on Friday. But the show did not stop. Instead, it came to a crescendo with displays of dark imagery as Travis played for another 30 minutes

“It was demonic,” an Astroworld attendee warned in a video he published after leaving the concert. 

“It just felt like we [were] like, literally, like in f***ing hell, bro. It felt like we [were] in a concert in hell. You couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t see. Just imagine all the people they are going to find tonight who [were] in that crowd who nobody could see, who nobody could hear who passed out. And everybody was just trampling on top of them in the whole f***ing concert,” he said. 

It was so many bodies who [were] laid out. People were getting pulled out who was fainted. The managers were trying to give them CPR and they were flipping them over and they were literally turning black and blue. [I’ve never seen death] in my f***ing life bro,” he continued. “That was demonic sh!t. What was so crazy – people were screaming, ‘Help!’ trying to tell Travis Scott. The whole crowd was going, ‘Help! Help!’ and he just kept going, bro. It was scary – it was so demonic.”

And while giving us just a taste of what will happen in a very real, SHTF scenario that will await America once Biden and Democrats get what they're pushing for and complete their mission of turning America into a 3rd world, socialist nation, what happened at Astroworld can be a lesson to us all to always follow the golden rule of survival and avoid large crowds at any and all costs because as we see in these videos, once madness breaks loose among a crowd, who's going to stop it? 

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