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November 4th, 2019

 'War' Declared Upon Tens Of Millions Of Americans With 'Impeachment' Nothing But A Seditious, Communist Coup  

- America's Founding Fathers Might Argue The 2nd Amendment Was Enshrined For Times Like These 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

As talk of impeachment fills the air in America with long-time Conservative publisher Matt Drudge now turning on President Trump by echoing the Democratic party and Deep State's talking points, we're not surprised that Drudge has lost 1/5 of his audience, over 200 million page views, as Conservatives arm up in record numbers and prepare for a bloody civil war that we pray to God never comes.

With the Democrat party/deep state attempted impeachment of President Trump nothing less than an attempted Communist coup with President Trump's entire presidency dogged by blatant and outright lies and false allegations of 'Russian Collusion', allegations beginning with the 'Queen of Death' and the 'biggest loser', Hillary Clinton herself, the polls that Drudge linked to all over his website Monday morning show a very clear division in an America being pushed by Democrats to the breaking point.

And although a Fox News poll reported 49% of Americans want President Trump 'removed' from office, those numbers echoing a NBC News poll that also found 49% of Americans want him 'removed' from office, while 52% of MSN readers want him 'removed', the word 'removed' itself sounds like that used in a 3rd world coup, though this time its against the 'Will of the American People' and the US Constitution. And as Mike Adams warns in this must-read new story at Natural News, if Trump is 'removed' from the office he was voted into by more than 60 million Americans, there may be nothing that can stop all hell from breaking loose in America. 

With those poll numbers also showing that at least 51% of Americans DON'T want President Trump 'removed' from office, and those numbers likely much higher considering how badly the 'polls' got the 2016 election wrong and the msm being close to 99% or more in favor of Trump's impeachment, any kind of 'takedown' of Trump's presidency has the potential of unleashing total madness in America with the Democrats and deep state launching a very real attack against not just President Trump but on the over 100 million Americans who support him and his plan of putting 'America 1st'. 

Before going on, we wanted to thank everybody who has reached out to us about Susan's health following her heart attack on Saturday. ANP readers have been absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for your concern and your prayers. The great news is, as long as her surgery is successful today, Susan should be coming home on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

(ANP EMERGENCY FUNDRAISER! With Susan's recent heart attack, All News Pipeline is going to need financial help in the days, weeks and months ahead. Anything that you can do is greatly appreciated as we're now facing a tremendous uphill battle ahead of us. Thank you so much. Please consider donating to ANP to help keep us in this 'Info-war' for America at a time of systematic censorship and corruption.) 


So let's take a look below at Mike Adams recent story over at Natural News titled "25 mind-blowing things that are likely to happen if the Dems succeed in removing Trump from office" within which he warns the ultimate goal of this 'deep state coup' is to 'install' the 'Queen of Death', Hillary Clinton, into office with Democrats and the 'deep state' hoping to overthrow the results of the 2016 via any means necessary.

And while Democrats won't admit it, such a 'coup' could immediately turn over 100 million Americans forever against the 'establishment' in this country, possibly launching the biggest tax protest in 2020 in US history because anyone paying any taxes at all to the federal government should this 'coup' be successful will merely be supporting a banana republic government that the American people owe no allegiance to what-so-ever. 

So while a successful 'coup' could launch a bloody civil war in America that our country may never recover from, and we pray that such a war is avoided but strongly recommend preparing to defend your families from anyways, the excerpt below comes from Mike Adams story in which he warns of great dangers ahead should the deep state coup against President Trump be successful. You can also hear his entire list in the 1st video at the bottom of this story. 

A coordinated, deep state attempt to remove Trump from office at any cost is now gaining steam. With the collusion of the deep state media, CIA operatives and anti-Trump tech giants that censor all truth, the deep state is hoping to crush democracy, destroy Trump and install Hillary Clinton as President of the United States in just the next few months.

Should they succeed in achieving a U.S. Senate conviction of Trump — which would remove him from office — here are 25 shocking, history-changing events we may see unfold.

Disclaimer: This author does not condone any of the actions outlined below. This is analysis, not a call for action. Many of the events described below involve mass executions and other horrific crimes. We hope to see none of this come to pass.

#1) The stock market will implode. That’s because Trump seems to be the only person remaining in Washington D.C. who doesn’t want the stock market to crash. If Dems seize power, expect a collapse of the stock market and U.S. economic activity as Wall Street investors head for the exits. Democrats will thrust America into an economic nosedive approaching Venezuela-scale collapse.

#2) Once Trump is impeached, convicted and removed from office, the focus will immediately shift to removing Mike Pence so that Nancy Pelosi — current Speaker of the House — becomes President without any election taking place. (Note that the deep state traitors absolutely despise the voters and will do everything possible to override the will of the People.)

#3) Once Nancy Pelosi becomes President, she will immediately push to nominate and have Hillary Clinton confirmed as Vice President. This will require confirmation from the Senate, but if Senate Republicans have already lost any backbone to prevent the conviction of Trump, they will have no resistance whatsoever to Democrats shoving Hillary Clinton down America’s throat.

With Adams also warning that 'defending' President Trump isn't just about Trump but about defending all of humanity from the 'Democrat demons' and what they'd be unleashing in America should their coup be successful, Adams warns that traditional American values are in grave danger from the deranged, demonic Leftists who now openly demand the complete destruction of every last shred of human decency and morality. Please read his entire story here

Democrats are not just mentally ill and brainwashed, they are demon-infested non-human entities who demand the sacrifice of children to satiate their own sick, perverted proclivities. Even right now, MMR vaccines given to children across America are deliberately engineered with the entire gene sequence of an aborted human baby as a way to contaminate new children in a cannibalism ritual that involves injecting infants with the blood of other dead babies who were killed via abortion.


While most of us had hoped we were done with Hillary Clinton back in November of 2016 after her humiliating election defeat, with the stakes enormous in 2020, Hillary and Joe Biden running neck and neck according to a new poll should she join the Democrat primary in 2020 and Hillary allegedly only waiting for Joe Biden to drop out of the race for her to get in according to former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris, Morris recently said "She feels entitled to do it. She feels compelled to do it. She feels that God put her on the Earth to do it.

Entitled to be America's President? Now we know know where all this leftist insanity began, with the 'entitled' old witch herself! With Hillary the very root of the Russian collusion hoax as Susan Duclos had reported in this October 18th ANP story, claiming that US military member Tulsi Gabbard was also being 'groomed' by the Russians, we can't help but keep coming back to the 2nd video we've embedded below from back when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and she went before the Council On Foreign Relations and babbled "we're losing the information war" to  the likes of Russia, China and the independent media.   

So with any future Civil War in America leading straight back to the lies and insanity of Hillary Clinton, completely pushed by the mainstream media, driving formerly sane Americans over the edge, we again urge everybody to be prepared for whatever is unleashed in the days, weeks and months ahead with America being pushed to the breaking point by globalists who definitely don't have our nation's best interests in mind. 

As talk show host Michael Savage recently warned in an emergency message to President Trump as Infowars reported in this November 2nd story as also heard in the 3rd and final video below, it's time for President Trump to go on the offensive in this political war with nothing less than the future of America and the world at stake. 

Michael Savage joined The Alex Jones Show to break down the Democrats’ civil war against America and warned President Trump to fight back against them before they tear America apart.

“We have a civil war in the country. It may not be a shooting civil war right now, they have started the civil war,” Savage told Jones on Friday.

“And some of us know it and some of us don’t know it. Eventually we will all know it.”

“And the criminals needs to be exposed for their criminality,” Savage added. “They’re not stealing the presidency from us.”

ANP EMERGENCY FUNDRAISER! With Susan's recent heart attack, All News Pipeline is going to need financial help in the days, weeks and months ahead. Anything that you can do is greatly appreciated as we're now facing a tremendous uphill battle ahead of us. Thank you so much ahead of time.

All donations are greatly appreciated and will absolutely be used to keep us in this fight for the future of America.

Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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