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January 12, 2022

Joe Biden's 'Woke' Military Prepares For War Upon America As 'Paper's Please' Becomes Official Policy In Washington DC - We've Seen This Madness Before And The Road Leads To Destruction

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the capitol of the United States, Washington DC, going full-scale Nazi 'paper's please,' quite literally busting out the 'yellow stars not permitted', disallowing the unvaccinated to enter dozens of types of different indoor establishments effective on January 15th, we have to take a look within this story at the latest signs the globalists are preparing to go after those who are 'dissenting' to growing tyranny with massive military exercises coming up at the end of January into February called 'Robin Sage'. 

Described by this Stars and Stripes story as "a 'realistic' guerrilla war that will be fought across two dozen North Carolina counties this month, with young soldiers battling seasoned 'freedom fighters'” according to the U.S. Army release, their story reports the two-week “unconventional warfare exercise” will be staged from January 22nd to February 4th, "and it will be realistic enough to include the sounds of gunfire (blanks) and flares".

And while we'd hope that these 'exercises' were truly being carried out to prepare these young soldiers for combat overseas (though we hope overseas combat is avoided!), as this Daily Mail story that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website recently pointed out, these 'Robin Sage exercises' sound much more like rehearsal for a Civil War in America, something we also pray will be avoided. 

Yet while governments which are imposing tyranny, such as the 'yellow star's not allowed' being unveiled in Washington DC, are busy demonizing those who 'don't comply' with their tyranny as being 'radical', and these Robin Sage 'exercises' are built around 'battling freedom fighters', the 'exercises' also follow the DOJ's creation of a new 'domestic terrorism' unit as the nation faces what officials said is an 'elevated threat from domestic violent extremists.'

So governments happily allow themselves to unveil tyranny upon entire human populations, while anyone who opposes that tyranny is labeled as 'a radical'. As Susan Duclos had warned in this ANP story just days ago titled "They Claimed None Of These Things Could Happen In America, Called Them 'Conspiracies' And 'Unreliable And Harmful,' Claims, Yet They Have All Come True In The Past Year", the unfolding tyranny the independent media has long warned about has been 'normalized' before our eyes. 

So where will one need to 'show their papers' in Washington DC starting January 15th? The list.: 

On January 15, 2022, per Mayor’s Order 2021-148, the District of Columbia will adopt a city wide vaccination entry requirement that requires COVID-19 vaccination to enter indoor facilities within the city. 

Guidances Vaccination Entry Requirement for Certain Businesses – Guidance and FAQ Timeline for Vaccine Requirements January 15, 2022: one dose for ages 12+ February 15, 2022: fully vaccinated for ages 12+ Proof of vaccination against COVID-19 is required in the following locations: 

Indoor food and drink establishments, such as: 




Coffee shops 

Food halls 

Indoor cultural and entertainment establishments, such as: 

Concert, live entertainment and sporting venues 

Movie theatres 

Bowling alleys 

Indoor exercise and recreational establishments, such as: 


Fitness studios 

Indoor event and meeting establishments, such as: 


Required Signage 

Beginning on January 15, 2022, businesses shall display prominently, visible to patrons prior to entry, a notice informing patrons that proof of vaccination is required to enter any indoor portion of a covered location.  

People who are still left in Washington DC and across the country should begin boycotting any businesses sporting signs such as the one seen below from this 'VAX DC' website of their mayor Muriel Bowser. You'll certainly never catch us spending any of our money on anything associated with this 'anti-freedom', 'pro-tyranny' movement going on all across America. 

So let's go ahead and take a look at this new story over at the Daily Mail reporting on Robin Sage, and some of the comments from that story. Reading just like the latest 'martial law' drill to be carried out across America, the Daily Mail story even brings up these drills being used to get US troops accustomed to slaughtering fellow Americans. From the story first.:  

Young Army soldiers will be battling 'seasoned freedom fighters' across two dozen North Carolina counties in a two-week 'guerrilla warfare exercise' where they attempt to overthrow an 'illegitimate government'. 

News of the training exercise comes just days after the anniversary of the Capitol riot and as the Justice Department announces the creation of a new 'domestic terrorism' unit to tackle what officials said is an 'elevated threat from domestic violent extremists'. 

Some questioned the close timing of the events, while others went further with fears that the Biden administration is 'preparing for American Uprising'. 

'Biden's military wargames fighting and killing American "Freedom Fighters" in guerilla (sic) warfare,' one Twitter user posted in reaction to news of the guerilla warfare training on US soil. 

Another Twitter user even questioned if the government was 'trying to get troops accustomed to the idea of killing fellow Americans?'

Yet as the top-voted comments on the story pointed out, any such moves by government against the American people would end up disastrously, especially with 475 million+ guns in the country owned by law abiding American citizens and the original intent of the 2nd Amendment having nothing to do with 'deer hunting'. 

Whatever liberal fantasy you have about using the military against Americans is exactly that, a fantasy. Number one it is unconstitutional. Number two, a brother against brother conflict will have no winners. Half would not comply, and then you would have war. Who would want that other than our enemies?

Beats me what it is, but the political climate feels like it's going to blow. Big time. People cannot take being lied to about SO MANY things for an extended period. This country is going somewhere that it will never return from. 

The Pentagon is conducting war exercises against American citizens on American soil. Sounds like a paranoid conspiracy theory to me....except it is not.

The worst-voted comment on the other hand called for sedition in 2024, dropping this doozy.: 

Good move. America needs an army unit to take the government back should Trump or DeSantis win in 2024.

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So while 'vaccine passports' and the 'roundups of the unvaccinated' were long called 'crazy conspiracy theories' by the left, as this new story at the Brownstone Institute points out, we've seen this happening before in history and it doesn't lead to a pretty place. 

Warning within that story if we don't turn back now, we're heading as a nation into the kind of darkness that we haven't seen in a very long time, their story warned we must learn from history or we're destined to repeat and we're on the fast-track there already. From their story before our conclusion.: 

In my teaching, I prepare undergraduate students to become high school history teachers. In one course, teacher candidates prepare and deliver mock lessons. Their peers play the role of high school students, and I observe and give feedback following these practice lessons. Whether coincidence or a reflection of the times, this fall a good number of mock lessons covered the rise of totalitarianism. In one excellent lesson, a teacher candidate had his students examine the contexts that gave rise to totalitarianism. He accompanied this lesson with an excerpt from a world history textbook listing characteristics of totalitarianism. 

This lesson hit on the true purpose for including totalitarianism in high school curricula. That purpose is not to honor the likes of Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini. Nor is that purpose to provide the methods of totalitarianism as an instructional manual to follow. Rather, the purpose of teaching on totalitarianism is to deliver a warning: heed well the conditions that yielded totalitarianism, so you can recognize and avoid them. As I observed this teacher candidate’s lesson, I could not help but think about that purpose in the context of our present time. 

One passage from the lesson’s textbook concerned me the most: “Totalitarian leaders often create ‘enemies of the state’ to blame for things that go wrong. Frequently these enemies are members of religious or ethnic groups. Often these groups are easily identified and are subjected to campaigns of terror and violence. They may be forced to live in certain areas or are subjected to rules that apply only to them” (pg. 876). 

Creating an enemy of the state requires othering: a process of dehumanizing through marginalizing a group of humans as something different, less than, and other. Such othered groups become an easy target to scapegoat, unfairly bearing the blame for a society’s ills

Much like we're witnessing now here in America and across the world, where the unvaccinated are being blamed for COVID surges despite the fact that 'the vaxxed' are still catching, spreading and dying from COVID, their story then offered us historical evidence of such dehumanization going on in the past, before delving into how globalist world leaders are now repeating such behavior in the present.:   

History is replete with examples of othering. The Ancient Greeks othered based on language, labeling those who did not speak Greek barbarians. In the United States, chattel slavery and segregation were sustained through othering based on skin color. In Nazi Germany, Hitler othered based on religion, casting Jewish people as enemies of the state. 

Othering frequently plays on people’s stereotypes and fears. In the United States, for example, black men have been othered as “thugs,” playing on fears about violence and criminality. In another example, public health officials in Nazi-occupied Poland played on the primal human fear of disease. Propaganda posters proclaimed “Jews Are Lice: They Cause Typhus.” 

Now, some politicians are othering the “unvaccinated.” These politicians attempt to scapegoat and marginalize this minority group, despite knowing that vaccinated and unvaccinated persons alike can contract and spread COVID-19. Below, I provide the words of three politicians as examples of othering language. I also encourage you to read their words in context. 

In the United States, President Joe Biden’s September 9 press conference announced sweeping vaccine mandates. He expressed that “many of us are frustrated” with unvaccinated persons. He laid blame on them for the continued pandemic; Biden claimed that this “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was “caused by…nearly 80 million Americans who have failed to get the shot.” He faulted “a distinct minority of Americans” for “keeping us from turning the corner.” And he promised “We cannot allow these actions to stand in the way of protecting the large majority of Americans who have done their part and want to get back to life as normal.” 

In a September 17 interview on the Quebec talk show La semaine des 4 Julie, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau labeled those opposed to vaccination “misogynists” and “racists.” Then, he exclaimed that Canada needed to make a choice: “Do we tolerate these people?” 

In France, President Emmanuel Macron gave an interview with Le Parisien on January 4. In this interview, he categorized the unvaccinated as non-citizens, referred to their “lies and stupidity” as the “worst enemies” of democracy, and proclaimed “I really want to piss [the unvaccinated] off.” Macron argued these unvaccinated persons to be only “a very small minority who are resisting,” and asked a chilling question: “How do we reduce that minority?” 

In these communications, Biden, Trudeau, and Macron employed several practices of othering. 

- They created a majority in-group, signaled by use of the first person plural (we, us), and a minority othered group, signaled by use of the third person plural (they, them). 

- They cast blame for government pandemic policies on that othered group (“keeping us from turning the corner”). 

- They used words to signal to the in-group that they should be angry at the othered group (“many of us are frustrated,” “I really want to piss them off”). 

Trudeau and Macron specifically used labels that devalued this othered group: misogynists, racists, enemies, non-citizens. 

Most worryingly, Macron and Trudeau questioned whether and how to eliminate this othered group (“Do we tolerate these people?” and “How do we reduce that minority?”). 

My hope is that this will all amount to nothing more than ignored political rhetoric – empty bluster these politicians hope will score a few popularity points with their electoral base. My fear is that it will not. Either way, this dangerous othering language must be recognized and condemned. 

Historians study causality: contexts, conditions, events and their outcomes. We have examined the conditions that yielded chattel slavery, the gulag, the Holocaust, Jim Crow, Rwanda. This is not an attempt to equate current pandemic policies with these past tragedies. 

Rather, this is a warning call. We have seen these conditions before, and we have seen where they lead. Turn back now – that way leads to darkness.

And far too many on the left are insanely responding to all of this bluster, calling for those who haven't been vaccinated to be rounded up and shot or thrown into FEMA-style camps as we're now seeing being moved towards by Democrats in the state of Washington. 

Giving us more and more evidence that it is indeed 'leftist government' that is becoming more and more radicalized every day in their attempts to 'hoard power forever', the American people cannot allow this dehumanization to continue, for nothing less than the fate of all future generations is at stake. 

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