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January 2, 2022

'The Globalists Developed An Agent Of Death That Can't Be Treated Or Cured': The Graphene Nanotech In 'The Shot' Is Also Leading To A Huge Crisis In The Human Blood Supply

By Kalbo for All News Pipeline

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Covid Vax has Caused a Crisis in the Human Blood Supply 

Readers of non-MSM news and articles are well aware of the dangerous ingredients in the various Covid "vaccines". The VAX has been found to contain not just the promoted mRNA gene therapy, but also graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide, nanochips, and possible parasite eggs have been found. 

Research and investigation has shown that the blood of those that have been injected undergoes changes almost immediately. The blood darkens, and begins to clot within the veins and arteries. The ingredients of the VAX have been found in every organ of the body of the vaxxed. 

The Dangers of Graphene 

The graphene chips release what appears to be parasitic eggs, and start to form structures within the body. The patient can become ferro-magnetic, that is the ability to react to a magnetic field. Graphene is a two dimensional structure of carbon (C) or carbon oxide (C-O) , or carbon hydroxide (C-OH). It forms a crystalline net of hexagons similar to chicken wire. It is only one atom thick, but can be any of any length. 

The graphene chips can act like razor blades as they circulate through the veins, arteries, and capillaries. They have been shown to accumulate in groups under 5G electromagnetic radio/cellular frequency radiation and form structures. Many injected have found that they are active as a Bluetooth device. 

Graphene is not biologically active, and thus is not metabolized in the body, is not recognized as an invader, and is not biodegradable. Once in the body, it remains unless physically removed. Methods for graphene removal are blood draining and organ removal. Neither method is recommended and both are highly risky and have a low effectiveness rate. Any graphene that has embedded itself in tissue, arterial walls, or cells will not be removable by blood draining. 

The Effect of the Vax on the Human Blood Supply

The reader, having read this far, will now be aware that the products of the VAX are present in the blood and organs of the vaxed. When a vaxed individual donates blood, the donated blood contains all the VAX products circulating in their body. When this blood is used for blood transfusions or blood plasma, the VAX products are not filtered out, and are thus spread to the patient receiving the blood transfusion or plasma. 

As if that was not bad enough, there are many products that are made from human blood and tissue. There is a high likelihood that all these products are contaminated with the VAX ingredients.: 

> Fertility Drugs, (such as Pregnyl). 

> Human Eggs 

> Human Sperm 

> Human Serum 

> Recovered Plasma 

> Source Plasma 

> Whole Blood 

> Red Blood Cells 

> Leukocytes (Buffy Coats) 

> Platelet Rich Plasma 

> Platelet Concentrates 

Unvaccinated patients are in danger of receiving VAX products if they are hemophiliacs, undergoing fertility treatments, receiving donated blood or blood plasma, or sharing sperm. The jury is still out on possible transmission of the VAX contaminates thru saliva, nasal aerosols, sweat, or tears. 


The Powers That Be (PTB) have developed an agent of death that is not medically treatable, does not degrade, is not rejected by the human body, can be transmitted to those not receiving the shot, and that will slowly, then rapidly reduce the population of useless eaters to a level they feel is sufficient. 

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