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November 1, 2021

FLASHBACK!  We Warned In 2015 About Potential Attacks Against Shopping Malls In America, And Now 'Activated ISIS Cell' Could Carry Them Out Thanks To Joe Biden's Weakness

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

During the four years of the Trump presidency, the world watched the harshest attacks against ISIS seen before or after, decimating the terror group, keeping them on the run and taking out new leadership almost as quickly as they were taking each others' places.

Before Trump's presidency, during the Obama's rule, potential terrorists, fighting aged young men were fast tracked into America with "speed vetting," and simply allowed to spread out through America

In the nine months since Joe Biden has occupied the White House, Americans are once again being warned about threats of attacks, by.... you guessed it, ISIS.

Way to go, Joe! Let's go Brandon!

2015 ISIS threat against American shopping malls


We were warned back in 2014, ISIS and other radical Islamic extremists were planning attacks against "shopping malls" across America to strike fear and terror into the hearts of Americans.

In 2015, Stefan Stanford highlighted the fast-tracking of the vetting process for potential terrorists and terror cells by Obama, and how ISIS was vowing "there will be blood" along with threats against shopping malls in America.

Via that 2015 ANP piece:

We also are putting out a major heads up alert to everybody who goes shopping on Black Friday, be cautious, be prepared, be ready, because as even presidential candidate Donald Trump recently commented, there is no target for terrorists as easy as a 'soft target', gun free zones such as many of our shopping malls here in America are. As CNN's Deborah Feyerick recently tweeted, "it's only a matter of time" according to her police source.

At ANP we have written about those "soft targets," including shopping malls, and the amassing of "sleeper cells."

Sleeper cells are: a group of operatives, spies or terrorists, living in secret among a targeted community waiting for instructions or an opportunity to act, according to

While Independent News and even some of the MSM outlets, like this NYT's piece, warned about the threats against malls in America, no one could state with any level of certainty the "when," or date, or even a year, terrorists would conduct their attacks.

There is a reason these cells are called "sleeper" cells.

One more quote from Stefan's 2015 piece and then we will jump forward to the present day warnings and threats.

The fact that ISIS also recently vowed to 'repeat 9/11' in America by sending a fleet of suicide bombers and truck loads of explosives into the country as shared in this NY Daily News story and an ISIS warning back in July of a future 'bloody Friday' leads online forums and others to believe the terrorists may already be planning such 'bloody Friday' attacks here on 'black Friday'.

 Terrorist threat calls for attacks on American shopping malls

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Well, Donald Trump is no longer in the White House, and after the chaotic and incompetent Afghan withdrawal which left Americans and allies stranded under the rule of the terror group, Taliban, it appears that terrorists are once again emboldened by the weakness, and we are seeing warnings yet again about possible terrorist attacks.

Immediately after the withdrawal from Afghan, ISIS killed 13 marines by suicide bomber, and in response, the Biden regime bombed a family of ten, killing them all, men, women and children, claiming at first it was an ISIS operative.

The US military on Friday admitted that it killed 10 civilians — including seven children and aid worker Zemari Ahmadi in a drone strike near Kabul’s airport last month — and not Islamic State bomb plotters, as it originally claimed.

Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth McKenzie Jr., commander of US Central Command, said the civilians “were tragically killed” on Aug. 29, one day before the final chaotic Biden administration evacuation flights from Kabul.

“I am now convinced that as many as 10 civilians, including up to seven children, were tragically killed in that strike,” McKenzie said at a press conference.

“We now assess that it is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were associated with ISIS-K or a direct threat to US forces.”

By attempting to overcome the weakness shown in the withdrawal and the loss of lives of those 13 marines, solely because of how the withdrawal was handled, Biden slaughtered an entire family.

SKY News encapsulates the issue in one headline "Afghanistan: Flurry of Islamic State Khorasan attacks could be sign of group's growing strength."

Now, ISIS is once again terrorizing Americans with the threat of attacks at malls and shopping centers. 

Fox 5 headlines with "Threats to Northern Virginia malls, shopping centers could be activated ISIS cell: military source."

FOX 5 has learned that threats to multiple malls and shopping centers could be linked to an activated ISIS cell.

We're told, the cell could carry out an attack within the next 72 hours.

Law Enforcement Today digs a little deeper as to why we are suddenly seeing renewed threats against malls and shopping centers, in a piece titled "Double threat: Unvetted Afghans identified as national security risks, ISIS terror threat uncovered in Virginia." 

Reports state that approximately 70,000 Afghan evacuees is expected to increase to 124,000 and the majority of them are unaccounted for, just let loose in America.

In other words, an overwhelming majority of Afghans flown to the U.S.—somewhere on the order of 80 percent—were not American citizens nor SIV holders. To make matters worse, nobody knows exactly who they are, least of all Biden’s handlers.

Way to go, Joe! Let's go Brandon!


• Just because information pertaining to the threats against "Virginia" malls has been exposed, does not in any way negate the threat against other states that haven't been exposed.

• Attempts to set a "date" such as "Halloween weekend," is a practice in futility as situations like this are generally fluid, and when it doesn't happen in the specified time frame, everyone tends to become complacent again.

• Any large shopping day in America could be the target date, as previous threats indicate, so no one should let their guard down.

Get your "Let's go Brandon" gear


The media reports on the threats to Virginia malls and shopping centers, but we have not seen one MSM report that reminds Americans that this is not a new threat, we were warned more than seven years ago about the plot to attack shopping malls, and that it would be "sleeper cells" activated to carry out said attacks.   

Remember the previous warnings were about ISIS and other terror groups attacking more than a hundred malls, so while we cannot say with any level of certainty that 100 mall will be under attack, we also cannot ignore the previous warnings as the MSM seems determined to do.

We also cannot ignore the timing of ISIS' growing and increasing power in just the nine months Biden has occupied the White House, to the point where once again, Americans have targets on their backs.

Way to go, Joe! Let's go Brandon!

Flashback Video: 2015, terror groups call for mall attacks.

Flashback: Westgate Mall attack - Kenya

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