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March 3, 2020

This Is How Quickly America Could Be Transformed From A Free Society Into A 'Medical Tyranny' - Bioweapons Expert Warns ANP: 'A Vaccine Will Probably Be More Dangerous Than Useless' 

- When Government Panics, Very Bad Things Happen To The People

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With small outbreaks of coronavirus continuing to appear across America with the virus likely spreading in the state of Washington for six weeks leaving doctors warning hundreds are likely walking around undiagnosed and spreading it to others who'll surely believe they've simply caught the flu to repeat the cycle, this story over at NECN in Boston hit close to 'home' for me and proves that if a coronavirus case can happen in this location up near the mountains of New Hampshire, it can happen anywhere.

As NECN reports, a person who recently traveled to Italy then returned home to the Lebanon, New Hampshire area and his job at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center has tested positive for coronavirus, what was then the 2nd confirmed case of coronavirus in New England (with a new confirmed case in Boston being the 3rd).

With Lebanon being about an hour and a half away from where I grew up as a child in the 'Live Free or Die' state and even more importantly, near the foothills of the White Mountains, if a coronavirus outbreak can happen in that far corner of the world that I used to love to go to in order to AVOID people, it can happen anywhere so while the map seen below showing current cases of coronavirus show it largely missing 'middle America', with many of these latest 'outbreaks' untraceable, we should expect to see confirmed cases in America's heartland within the next few days.  

So while for the moment, President Trump urges calm and we commend him for that because the opposite of calm is panic and as Susan Duclos had reported in this March 2nd ANP story, 'panic kills', we strongly urge the need for preparation and avoiding large crowds in the days ahead with Americans already 'panic shopping' because as Susan pointed out, should the worst case scenario unfold in America, imagine 'Black Friday panic shopping' every day of the week here.

And while we'll pray that it never gets that bad here, history has proven that when 'government's panic', very, very bad things happen to the people so in the next section of this story below we'll be taking a look at, historically, how easy it is for countries to be transformed from free nations to totalitarian nations and a coronavirus pandemic could offer just such an opportunity while in the final section of our story below we'll take a look at preparing for the madness that could be unleashed in such a situation.   

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While there have only been a few diagnosed cases of coronavirus in America, that number will continue to grow daily with the Department of Defense even admitting it'll likely soon be declared a pandemic and while we'll hope that we never witness the kinds of things in America that we saw in China, with forced roundups and detentions of their citizens with beatings and mass attrocities being carried out against them, should this coronavirus really be an 'offensive biological weapon' as Dr. Francis Boyle has warned, all bets are off on how government might handle this. 

As Mike Adams had reported in this February 15th story over at Natural News, the coronavirus outbreak achieves all the top priorities of the globalists: Depopulation, authoritarian government and elimination of the elderly who no longer contribute tax money while being a potential dream come true for 'big pharma' and the 'vaccine industry' who are rushing out to create a vaccine. But as Dr. Boyle recently told ANP in an email interview with him as is echoed by Mike Adams in the first video at the bottom of this story, any vaccine will likely make matters much worse. You can hear more from Dr. Boyle on coronavirus in the 2nd video at the bottom of this story. 

And as Adams also pointed out in his story, if this virus itself doesn't potentially cause the kind of chaos in America that we pray never arrives here, coronavirus-tied 'economic collapse' could do the trick

The pandemic allows governments to declare medical martial law, with gunpoint-enforced quarantines, mandatory vaccinations and government kidnapping of children from parents who refuse to go along with the medical tyranny.

It’s a dream come true for the CDC and the vaccine industry. Simultaneously, the pandemic also allows Big Tech to justify total censorship and de-platforming of “anti-vaxxers,” who will of course be immediately blamed for every infection and every death, as soon as a commercial vaccine is available.  

The economic collapse that’s now inevitable from the pandemic’s effects on the global supply chain will cover up all the counterfeit money printing by the central banks and shift blame for the economic collapse to the virus instead of failed monetary policy. Yes, the global economy was already headed for a cascading debt collapse apocalypse, but now the governments can claim “the virus did it.”

And as this flashback to 2007 story over at the Guardian titled "Fascist America In 10 Easy Steps" had pointed out, even before the arrival of Barack Obama, America was being slowly molded into a totalitarian nation with history showing there are certain steps that any would-be dictator must take to destroy constitutional freedoms. How many of these have we already witnessed in America? 

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
2. Create a gulag
3. Develop a thug caste
4. Set up an internal surveillance system
5. Harass citizens' groups
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
7. Target key individuals
8. Control the press
9. Dissent equals treason
10. Suspend the rule of law

With any kind of 'coronavirus health emergency' potentially allowing the suspension of certain parts of the US Constitution as Celeste Solum had reported in this February 27th story and the 'building blocks of tyranny' having been cemented into place during Barack Obama's 8 year term in office following George Bush's 8 years that included the 'surveillance state' built up in America following 9/11, there is no guarantee that a coronavirus pandemic will end well for freedom and humanity with even the NY Times putting out this recent story (saved at archive) titled "How to Be a Smart Coronavirus Prepper: Instead of freaking ourselves out, we need to plan for a difficult future every day."  

So while we'll pray that somehow America will emerge unscathed at the other side of this outbreak that could take 2 years or more to travel around the world several times according to medical experts, with the very real potential of severe economic disruptions as people are unable to go to work to create products we use daily, China's supply lines dry up, factories are temporarily shuttered and store doors closed,this very well could be 'the event' for which many 'preppers' have long prepared for with the 'average American' now finding out why themselves. 

As this new story over at the Daily Mail titled "Coronavirus preppers panic buy across America, clearing stores of food, masks and hand sanitizer as more than 100 people across 12 states are confirmed to have killer virus - and it's spreading fast" reports, according to the FDA, up to 1 MILLION Americans could be tested for the virus by the end of this week! 

So with more than 100 people already confirmed infected with coronavirus in America, it potentially spreading unchecked for 6 weeks confirming that it could be anywhere here in the US, even the foothills of the White Mountains, and the CDC expecting a massive explosion of cases in the coming weeks, we'll echo the words of US Surgeon General Jerome Adams who recently said: 'Caution, preparedness, but not panic.' 

Yet as we'll read in the words of a leftist outlet called 'The Prospect' in a story that is getting a lot of attention titled "Next, Martial Law", many are panicking with leftists feeling President Trump could use this outbreak to unveil martial law in America. And while certainly don't agree with all of the sentiments expressed in this story, it does point out that the building blocks for medical martial law tyranny were cemented into place long ago. A small snippet from the minds of leftists. 

I give Trump about a week to do a 180-degree pivot away from virus denial, and toward martial law. He’s always wanted to be a full-on dictator. The virus gives him his opening. As clueless as he is, this will soon dawn on him.

Dozens of laws on the books allow a president to declare a national emergency and claim extraordinary powers. If ever there were a national emergency, this is one. A benign, competent president would use these emergency powers constructively. That does not describe Trump.

Some of those powers are legitimate, and needed. A Korean War–era law authorizes the president to use emergency powers to expand production of drugs and medical supplies.

In this emergency, it will be necessary to ban nonessential travel, commandeer health facilities, create virtual substitutes for many schools, order quarantines, and a great deal more compulsory commands that will add up to a national strategy that is either coherent, or just massively disruptive and chaotic.

Trump’s role model, ironically enough, is China. The recent WHO report lavishly praises China for its decisive (and autocratic) quarantine policies, facilitated by the fact that China was already a dictatorship. The deep state in action!

So once again, we stress preparing to defend our families and loved ones from the potential chaos that could be unleashed here in America with Americans thankfully having the 2nd Amendment while the people in China were sitting ducks. And while we'll pray for peace in America in the days, weeks and months ahead, we should all get prepared for anything in the days ahead and as Susan had reported in this January 11th ANP story as seen below, many self-defense items are as close by as a next day home delivery.


Many will suggest just getting a gun, get trained and be prepared to use it if necessary, but not everyone is comfortable with those types of weapons. Others may live in states that are very gun UNfriendly or who do not have access to training for safety and use, which is absolutely a must when considering purchasing a gun.

Related: 5 Primitive Weapons Every Prepper and Survivalist Should Know

There are a variety of personal defense weapons available these days, delivered right to your door with no need for registration or licenses, that are very useful in deterring assailants and if needed, disabling them.

Up close and personal one can use a knife, tactical pens, brass knuckles, collapsible batons, baseball bats, even just a walking stick can be an damaging weapon if swung hard enough.

When the assailant is a little further away, stun guns, tasers, and pepper spray, are some cheap and effective methods to deter or disable someone coming at you.

Longer range when one does not have a gun, there are sling shots (remember extra ammo), enough practice and one can use it for hunting as well if need be. Others items like cross bows and blow guns can also be used as a weapon or hunting tools.

The point here is that a few self defense weapons to protect yourself, your family, home and your preps, will cost far less than the actual prepping supplies themselves, so it is well worth whatever item(s) one chooses to get.

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As Susan had also mentioned in that story, as always, ANP readers are encouraged to share your own tips on self-defense and protection in a coronavirus SHTF scenario. Your tips could save lives. In the final video at the bottom of this story, 'Ice Age Farmer' points out that quarantine centers on the West Coast were pre-planned before this outbreak while asking if that signifies something about the greater spread of this pandemic into America. 

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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