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August 28, 2017

In March Toward Civil War, MSM Forced To Admit Antifa Violence Against 'Peaceful' Protesters - NOW Is The Time To Take Back The Narrative


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While Independent Media has hammered Antifa groups' use of violence in order to suppress free speech over the last 18 months, the liberal mainstream media has consistently attempted to excuse and justify their violence by attacking conservatives, claiming any free speech rally, any patriots rally, any protest against the removal of confederate monuments, almost any event that does not promote Antifa  or MSM ideology, was an "alt-right" event, therefore the violence was justified against the conservatives.

That ended in Berkeley CA. on Sunday, August 27, 2017, when a group called the Patriot Prayer attended a planned 'No to Marxism in America," rally in which the leader of the Patriot Prayer group, Joey Gibson, had previously denounced racism and white supremacist rhetoric, and cancelled a prior planned rally because white supremacist groups were attempting to hijack it and Antifa groups threatened violence, was attacked after conducting a peaceful rally, after Antifa groups showed up wearing black, carrying weapons and shields and wearing masks.


Recently our good friend Steve Quayle offered us some outstanding advice, to 'take back the narrative,' to hammer home the truth, over and over, to highlight every violent attack committed by Antifa and to not let up.  Independent Media has highlighted that consistently, since Antifa groups started attacking peaceful rallies in order to use fascist tactics to suppress free speech, all the while claiming to be "anti-fascists," but now is the time to hammer the point home.

Quayle was right, the consistent trickle of truth in contrast the MSM's attempts justify Antifa's violence, has awoken many to the "fake news" and spin by the liberal mainstream media, as well as the truth of the different Antifa groups themselves, and those funding them and now, the MSM has been forced to admit the truth.

Side Note- Before getting into how the MSM is attempting to distance themselves from Antifa groups after over a year of defending them and protecting them by attacking conservatives instead of reporting the truth of their terrorist tactics, a quick reminder now that it is closer that Steve Quayle, along with Tom Horn, Timoth Alberino, L.A. Marzulli, David Lankford, and others, are holding the True Legends Conference scheduled for September 15-17, 2017, in Branson, Missouri, which is sold out, but they are offering a live streaming event

Whether the MSM is attempting to distance themselves after Sunday's attack against the 'No to Marxism in America' participants, or whether they simply haven't been able to converge on a narrative that would "spin" it in favor of Antifa, some of the most liberal mainstream media publications have been forced to admit the truth.

For example, look at the Washington Post, one of the most liberally biased outlets in existence today, actually headlined an article regarding the Antifa attack on the 'No to Marxism in American' rally, with "Black-clad antifa members attack peaceful right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley."

Not only did their headline take a 180 degree turn from their previous coverage by admitting the original rally was "peaceful," but they also admitted it was a "right-wing" rally rather than attempting to vilify the victims of the Antifa attack by labeling them "alt-right" or "white supremacists."

If that headline, by the liberal Wapo, wasn't shocking enough in its truthfulness for a change, the description and content within the article, truly seems like something from the twilight zone. (Archive is link here)

Their faces hidden behind black bandannas and hoodies, about 100 anarchists and antifa— “anti-fascist” — members barreled into a protest Sunday afternoon in Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park.

Jumping over plastic and concrete barriers, the group melted into a larger crowd of around 2,000 that had marched peacefully throughout the sunny afternoon for a “Rally Against Hate” gathering.

Shortly after, violence began to flare. A pepper-spray-wielding Trump supporter was smacked to the ground with homemade shields. Another was attacked by five black-clad antifa members, each windmilling kicks and punches into a man desperately trying to protect himself. A conservative group leader retreated for safety behind a line of riot police as marchers chucked water bottles, shot off pepper spray and screamed, “Fascist go home!”

Further down in the article the writer also highlights other events where Antifa caused violence, events that previously the MSM had largely refrained from reporting the truth of Antifa and what they are.

In February, 150 similarly black-clad agitators caused $100,000 worth of damage when they smashed through Berkeley protesting a University of California at Berkeley speech by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. Portland, Ore., has been the scene of street battles between antifa members and white nationalists this summer. White nationalist Richard Spencer was sucker-punched by a protester in a January video that went viral. And Inauguration Day 2017 in Washington, D.C., was marked by violence when masked protesters burned vehicles, smashed windows and clashed with police, leading to 231 arrests.

Perhaps even more shocking is the liberal audience over at Wapo, in the comment section of this article with over 5,000 comments, where many liberals are calling out Antifa.

(Antifa beating a Trump supporter in Berkeley - Sunday, August 27, 2017 - Via TMZ)

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It is not just Wapo that are finally understanding their encouragement of Antifa groups is also inciting their violence against conservatives, but other outlets such as Chicago Tribune, in a piece via the Associated Press, also highlights Antifa's troublemaking and violence at an event where rally participants and counter protesters were all previously peaceful, until Antifa groups showed up.

Black-clad anarchists on Sunday stormed into what had been a largely peaceful Berkeley protest against hate and attacked at least five people, including the leader of a politically conservative group who canceled an event a day earlier in San Francisco amid fears of violence.

The group of more than 100 hooded protesters, with shields emblazoned with the words "no hate" and waving a flag identifying themselves as anarchists, busted through police lines, avoiding security checks by officers to take away possible weapons. Then the anarchists blended with a crowd of 2,000 largely peaceful protesters who turned up to demonstrate in a "Rally Against Hate" opposed to a much smaller gathering of right-wing protesters.....[...]

Separately, groups of hooded, black-clad protesters attacked at least four other men in or near the park, kicking and punching them until the assaults were stopped by police. The assaults were witnessed by an Associated Press reporter.

SFGate, along with other MSM outlets, even quoted Kristin Leimkuhler, 60, of Berkeley, who was in attendance until the violence started, saying "We’re just puzzled as to why people consider violence a valid tactic. We felt disappointed and surprised by how many people were not in any way discreet about being with antifa — in fact being very bold and prepared to be violent."

In an excellent, must read piece over at The First Street Journal, we see we are not the only ones noticing the "tone" change by Washington Post by admitting the violence is stemming from Antifa groups, as well as noting how they are also still attempting some spin while admitting some truths:

They cite part of the Washington Post article which stated "'I applaud the more than 7,000 people who came out today to peacefully oppose bigotry, hatred and racism that we saw on display in Charlottesville,' Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín said in a statement. " … However, the violence that small group of protesters engaged in against residents and the police, including throwing smoke bombs, is unacceptable. Fighting hate with hate does not work and only makes each side more entrenched in their ideological camps."

The First Street Journal responds "Oh, look! It’s not the left as a whole, but 'that small group of protesters.' How odd that, in Charlottesville, one idiot drove his vehicle into a crowd, killing one woman, but his action was laid on the alt-right as a whole. Yet, as we noted previously, though many on the 'alt-right' side came armed, not a single shot was fired."

Read the entire piece.

Over at Reveal we see that in the midst of all the Antifa violence, Al Letson, an African American reporter for 'Reveal," actually jumped between the Antifa terrorists and another man they were attacking.

“While covering Sunday’s “Rally Against Hate” in Berkeley, California, today, Reveal host Al Letson witnessed a man being attacked by a group of protesters. The man was balled up on the ground, fending off blows from several people. Letson, wearing a red T-shirt, jumped in front of the batterers, protecting the man from further injury.[....]

Meanwhile, Letson said, a man who appeared to be one of Gibson’s supporters was also chased by 20 to 30 antifa protesters, who began to kick and hit him with sticks.

One of the biggest apologists for the extremism on the far left, MSNBC, has been forced to call out the "Antifa thuggery" that occurred on Sunday, on the Morning Joe show.

Even those still wanting to protect and defend Antifa, are being forced to admit how the Berkeley event supports what Independent Media has been saying for over 18 months, as the liberal NY Mag, writes "The violence ended quickly, and the vast majority of the day’s events were peaceful. Nevertheless, images of defenseless Trump supporters being mobbed by their ideological nemeses lent stark visual support to the conservative narrative that Antifa is a menace equivalent to white nationalism."

No, it does not just offer "visual support to the conservative narrative," it offers proof that cannot be denied that Antifa is a terrorist group that encourages the use of violence, because people are getting to see it with their own eyes.

They continue:

Such clips energized right-wing commentators who saw proof that President Trump was right when he assered that “many sides” played a role in the Charlottesville violence, which featured scenes of Antifa clashing with white nationalists. Trump recently called out the group by name at a rally in Arizona. High-profile surrogates and supporters have been propagating the message too:


On August 23, 2017, I said the  "Tide Turns Against Antifa As Media Attempts To Protect The Domestic Terrorists, Fails Spectacularly," and they have failed, not only because Independent Media outlets across the board have hammered home the truth relentlessly about Antifa groups and their terrorist tactics, but because Antifa groups themselves were encouraged by the favorable coverage by the liberal MSM, they were incited into becoming even more violent at every turn, and now, even the MSM has been forced to admit what we and dozens upon dozens of other Independent Media websites have been reporting for over a year now.... has been the truth.

ANP RelatedWith The Operational Phase Of The 'Attempted Overthrow Of America' Underway, Civil War Would Likely Lead To Our Invasion And Destruction By 'Enemies Within' And On The Outside

(Police rescue a man attacked by Antifa in Berkeley, Sunday, August 27, 2017)


When I mentioned the Wapo and other MSM headlines, finally admitting that Antifa was a violent group, Stefan pointed out the very hypocrisy of the MSM, reporting this after criticizing President Trump for calling out Antifa violence while denouncing white supremacist rhetoric. The media had a field day with those comments, yet in their reporting today, while they won't say it out loud.....they just admitted that President Trump was right.

Now is the time to follow Quayle's advice, "take back the narrative," hammer home the truth, make sure every liberal, every Democrat, and every MSM outlet still inciting Antifa groups into more violence is shown, is forced to acknowledge, what is shown below... that Antifa groups are domestic terrorists.

Now is the time to end Antifa, they are entitled to their free speech rhetoric, but they are not entitled to break the law, attack innocent people or commit terrorist acts. 

Sign the "Formally recognize AntiFa as a terrorist organization" petition.

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