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March 9, 2020

Mass 'Coronavirus Quarantine Zones' Could Be Erected In Democrat-Run Cities Across America As Even The MSM Is Finally Warning Of Potential Coronavirus Havoc Among The Homeless 

- Is Coronavirus An Engineered Weapon For The Globalist Take-down Of The Western World?

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on February 4th and again on February 18th, we published stories on ANP warning of the huge dangers of COVID-19 making it into the big, Democrat-run cities across America where 3rd world diseases are already proliferating and homelessness has become an epidemic while reporting upon how just one infected homeless person could cause a coronavirus outbreak of epic proportions and now, finally, we're happy to see ABC News on March 7th putting out a story also warning of the 'double risk' of the homeless both 'getting' and 'spreading' this disease. 

As we'd reported within our February 4th story titled "America's Democrat Run Cities Are The Perfect Breeding Grounds For A Pandemic - Should Coronavirus Make It Into 'Tent Cities' Full Of The Homeless, Entire Metro Areas Might Be Locked Down", if Dr. Francis Boyle, the creator of the US BioWeapons Act of 1989, is correct in his assertion that COVID-19 is an 'offensive biological weapon' designed to spread quickly and efficiently within a population, the big cities across America full of the homeless (who daily interact with the rest of the public in one way or another) could 'incubate' something horrific that spreads uncontrollably. 

And as we had reported within this February 18th story titled "The 'Wipe Out Humans To Save The Earth' Insanity Now Being Babbled By 'Elite Leftists' Another Hint Coronavirus May Really Be A Depopulation Weapon", as flu-like illnesses explode across America, all it would really take is one homeless person who thinks they have the flu to spread it all across a city if this is as contagious as it seems, and reports are confirmed infections of coronavirus will continue to double daily. What about all of the homeless who don't have the money to make it in to a doctors appointment and thus, are unable to even be properly diagnosed? 

China's absolutely draconian response and crackdown upon those infected with coronavirus hint this thing is so much worse than we're being told so with the mainstream media finally addressing the potential of coronavirus spreading within the large population of the homeless within cities and communities across America, might it already be far too late with the ability of COVID-19 to spread stealthily and rapidly? From the ABC story.: 

They often don't have places to wash their hands, struggle with health problems and crowd together in grimy camps. That's what makes homeless people particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Almost 200,000 people live in those conditions in the United States, according to a White House report, with Washington state, California and Oregon among the states most affected by homelessness as income inequality grows and housing costs rise.

And — in a possible recipe for disaster — the new virus has hit hardest on the West Coast, where nearly all of the nation's deaths have occurred. Health officials have not yet reported coronavirus outbreaks among homeless populations, but tuberculosis and other diseases have swept through them in the past, underscoring their vulnerability.

Yet few communities that are trying to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus have rolled out plans to protect the homeless and give them a place to recover in isolation, which would prevent them from passing it on.

"They are double risk. One is a risk to themselves, the other is a risk to society,” said Chunhuei Chi, director of the Center for Global Health at Oregon State University in Corvallis.

Yet with any person who has caught COVID-19 immediately becoming 'a potential risk to society', especially if this beast has been weaponized to spread rapidly and efficiently among a population as Dr. Francis Boyle has warned, what's happening now with Italy quarantining 1/4 of their population is a warning of where America is likely headed in an attempt to 'contain' this thing as we had reported in this February 1st ANP story titled "Locking Down America & The Globalists End Game: Due To The 'Nature Of The Beast', Completely Stopping A Coronavirus Pandemic May Require 'Shutting Down Society'".

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While long called 'conspiracy theory', the globalists 'depopulation agenda' can clearly be seen in the words of globalists such as Henry Kissinger who was quoted as saying in Bob Woodward's book "The Final Days" stating that "the elderly are useless eaters" as well as in the words of CNN owner Ted Turner who once stated in an interview: "A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal."

Also seen in the "Georgia Guidestones" monument to depopulation which calls as its first principal to "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature", nowhere on the Guidestones does it tell us how it's going to get humanity down to 500 million from the 7.7 billion people living here now.

And while we're unable to prove that COVID-19 has been 'engineered' to target the elderly, as the Administration for Community Living recently reported, "Early data suggest older people are twice as likely to have serious COVID-19 illness. This may be because immune systems change with age, making it harder to fight off diseases and infection. Older adults also are more likely to have underlying health conditions that make it harder to cope with and recover from illness."

So with the homeless and the elderly among the most vulnerable to being seriously harmed by this disease and now even the msm admitting that that the potential of this virus getting into the big US cities and causing havoc is very real and growing each day that this outbreak cannot be 'contained', we should look at the big cities across America as very similar to cruise ships having coronavirus outbreaks, as 'petri dishes' for the brewing of a rapidly-mutating infectious disease that very well may be a bioweapon in the first place. Once again, from this ABC News story.:

King County, which includes Seattle and has seen most of the deaths in the U.S., is one of the few places that's taken action: installing more than a dozen module units where infected homeless people can recover, some on county-owned land flanked by apartment buildings. The units, roughly the size of a mobile home that accommodate several people, were previously used by oil workers in Texas. County officials also bought a motel where coronavirus patients can recover in isolation.

That approach needs to be replicated in many more places, said Chi, who has been closely following the global outbreak that originated in China.

“This should be treated as an emergency policy, not as a permanent solution to homelessness, but more of framing it as a solution for containing the spread,” Chi said. San Francisco says it's developing a plan to protect the homeless from the virus but hasn't released details yet. A cruise ship believed to be a breeding ground for more than 10 cases has been lingering off the coast of the city.

San Francisco postponed an event Thursday at a major arena that was to provide community services for the homeless. It typically draws up to 1,000 people and was delayed to reduce the risk of exposing the homeless population to coronavirus "because they are older as a group and typically have multiple chronic medical conditions,” the city said in a statement.

Farther south, in Los Angeles County, the health department is sending teams to over 300 homeless facilities to ensure people are washing their hands and not sharing food or utensils, department director Barbara Ferrer said. She's urging shelters to prepare large spaces to isolate those who may become sick.

Health officials in the nation's most populous county also are planning for a possible large-scale quarantine of homeless people in case the virus spreads, and will deploy street teams to work with those living in encampments to get people with symptoms treated.

And while we hear all of this 'talk' coming from so-called authorities, if COVID-19 really is a bioweapon that had 'escaped' from a level 4 biowarfare lab in Wuhan, China as Dr. Boyle had also argued, then all of those 'street teams' deployed to work with the homeless better have the same kind of level-4 bio-safety equipment that was being used by those in China attempting to disinfect the streets and get the infected off of it. 

We have published a number of coronavirus ANP prepping stories over the past 6 weeks within which we've suggested ANP readers prepare themselves to be 'shut in' their own homes for a potentially lengthy period of time and now we learn in this new story over at the Daily Mail that Americans should indeed be preparing for potential quarantines with Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the infectious diseases unit at the National Institutes of Health, warning Americans should brace themselves for quarantines. 

With the nation of Italy having joined China in locking down a huge portion of their entire population, nearly 25% of it in Italy, as we had reported in this February 1st ANP story, locking down society is part of the globalists 'end game' and now we see another 'piece' of that agenda in this new story over at the Daily Mail which reports that 'cash' is a primary transmission mode of the virus, leading banking experts to suggest people do away with it. 

And with such a scenario pushing us even closer to the full implementation of 'the mark of the beast', as Mike Adams had reported in this February 15th story over at Natural News, a coronavirus pandemic allows the globalists to attempt to implement and complete all of their satanic agenda's for the world including: depopulation, authoritarian government and the 'elimination of the elderly'. 

So with infectious disease experts at a Harvard forum recently calling COVID-19 'the most daunting virus in half a century' while the World Health Organization recently claimed COVID-19 is way more dangerous than the Spanish flu that killed 10's of millions of people, we pray that everybody is ready to ride out this storm on their own because as we'd reported in this ANP story Sunday, medical experts believe that most US hospital beds will be completely filled up by May. Some recent ANP coronavirus prepping stories include:

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"Preparing Fast And Cheap - With So Much Uncertainty In The World Today, Prepping NOW, Even On A Budget, Could Save Your Life - It is 'Never Too Late Until It Is'"

In the 1st video below we hear a CBS Bay Area report about why the homeless population is so vulnerable to coronavirus while in the 2nd video  we hear about the potential 'hidden danger' of coronavirus, the attempt to usher in a vaccine that even Dr. Boyle had warned ANP could be much more dangerous than the actual disease, especially if it is a rapidly mutating bioweapon. And in the third and final video below from Infowars they argue that this virus has been engineered to assist the globalists attempt to take down the Western world. 

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