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March 16, 2020

Heads Up! 'Coronavirus Checkpoints' Coming To American Roadways The American Preparedness Radio Network Warns - Prepare For Months Of Madness In America!

Were China's 'Ghost Cities' Built For Coronavirus Survivors? 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

This new story over at AMRRON, the American Redoubt Radio Operators Network and The American Preparedness Radio Network (TAPRN), is a must-read for anybody who plans on venturing outside of their 'home bases' should a 'shelter in place' national shutdown order be issued and implemented in the days and weeks ahead with coronavirus now rampaging across America.

With Hoboken, New Jersey one of the first cities in the US to issue a mandatory 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew while Teaneck, New Jersey has ordered its entire town to self-quarantine hinting at what might be ahead for other parts of America, and now Dr. Anthony Fauci urging a 'coronavirus national shutdown' as the Washington Times reports in this new story, the coming months may be among the most difficult that many Americans have had to deal with in many years should 'life as we know it' come screeching to a halt.

And with a Kentucky coronavirus patient now under 24/7 armed guard for refusing to self-isolate while dystopian footage has emerged from Israel of a quarantine breaking patient being tackled to the ground by HAZMAT-suit wearing police showing us the measures that might be implemented to enforce quarantines here in America will likely be the same as we witnessed in China, we serve ourselves, our families and loved ones and 1st responders best by preparing to shelter ourselves within our homes for a period of time. 

As New York Mayor Bill De Blasio recently warned, this pandemic could go on through fall (or longer) and with De Blasio's office claiming everyone in New York should assume they've already been exposed to the virus hinting at just how far it has likely already spread, concerning is most people who have it still have no idea they may have been exposed. And if COVID-19 really is a 'bio-weapon' as Dr. Francis Boyle continues to argue, all bets are off as to how far and how quickly it will spread with Dr. Boyle recently warning Dr. Joseph Mercola that COVID-19 is likely a brand new generation of bioweapon the world has never seen before as shared in Dr. Boyle's words in the excerpt below from this story over at American Free Press

"This is a brand-new generation of biowarfare weapons we haven’t seen before.

Its lethality goes from 15%, as estimated by Lancet, up to 17% to 18% by a British health official and even Chinese statistics.

Its infectivity is 83%. It can infect maybe three to four people for every person infected.

It has gain of function properties, which means it travels through air at least six or seven feet, and … there are reports that even contaminated human feces give it off, that the human feces radiate off maybe six or seven feet.

So, we’ve never seen anything like this before in the history of biological warfare, at least in the public record.

I want to make it clear: I have never worked for the United States government. I’ve never had a security clearance. I’ve never had access to any type of secret information. I just read what is in the public record and the scientific record and try to draw my own conclusions, and that’s what I’m giving you today.

I could change my opinion if people can provide me reputable scientific evidence to the contrary. Right now, I’m standing by my conclusion that it leaked out of the Wuhan BSL-4, the highest level of the Chinese government has known about it, they’ve been covering it up from the get-go, until they informed the WHO at the end of December."

So before we go on, taking a look in the next section of this story below at a theory that's gaining ground, that China's mysterious 'ghost cities' may have been built for 'coronavirus survivors', let's take a look at this warning from AMRRON and the American Preparedness Radio Network.     

From JJS: I have received ‘back channel’ chatter from multiple independent sources stating that a nationwide quarantine (social distancing and travel restrictions) is being discussed in various places within the federal government.


AmRRON Action Items:

1. If you are traveling, be sure to get to your final safe destination as soon as is practical. Preferably, get HOME.

2. If travel restrictions are implemented, expect:

A. To prove residency for the place you are trying to travel to.
B. Expect control points (checkpoints), where documentation may be required at city limits, county lines, state borders, and even portions of larger metropolitan areas.
C. Company/Agency letterhead showing that you are traveling as a necessity for work/business/etc.

3. Be prepared to be self-reliant and without need of resupply of basic goods for up to a minimum of 60 days.

4. Continue monitoring for additional instructions, such as intelligence reporting guidance. PIRs (Priority Intelligence Requirements) will likely be issued for AmRRON operators withing the next 24 hours.

5. Review SITREP guidance and forms in the Signals Operating Instructions. Prepare one based on the current situation as practice.

6. Begin preparing (or updating) your Area Study. If you are not familiar with an Area Study, it is an essential part of your preparedness intelligence effort. You can learn more by going to Forward Observer. Below is a video on the subject, recently put out by Sam Culper, and which I highly recommend watching. (ANP: We've embedded that video directly below!)

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Over the past several years, numerous stories, photographs and videos have come out surrounding China's mysterious 'ghost cities', numbering possibly 50 or more, which were very large cities China was building that were allegedly never completed, leaving dystopian landscapes and totally empty streets and many questions unanswered as to why they'd even build so many monstrous cities with no people living in them.

Yet perhaps even more eerily as we can see in the final video at the bottom of this story, a live video showing many different Wuhan, China traffic and security cameras, the streets of Wuhan are still looking like a 'ghost town' despite an alleged 'coronavirus recovery' in China. With 11 million people once living in Wuhan, as 'anonymous' states in the post we've screenshot below of the video, the streets of Wuhan are still looking more eery than ever before with their comment: "this is the scariest video I have found about the entire coronavirus ordeal." 

So if China is in a 'coronavirus recovery', where are all of the people of Wuhan? I sat and watched that video for quite some time and while once in a blue moon, a truck drove by, for the most part, Wuhan was looking as much like a ghost town as it was when this outbreak was first happening there. And since the streets of Wuhan are still deserted, are all of the people of Wuhan STILL self-quarantining or as another commenter on the video mentioned, are they all dead? 

With officials in China actually welding people into their homes so they couldn't go out into the world and infect others as the Sun had reported in this February story, as another commenter asked on that live Wuhan video, have all these gigantic buildings instead been turned into gigantic graveyards with the residents buried within their own homes and the city to be burned down in the future and any surviving residents simply 'moved' the 'ghost towns' free of the virus all across China? We'll certainly NEVER get the truth from China or the mainstream media here about what's been going on though as Mike Adams reports in this new story, all of this offers 'preppers' some redemption. 

With even Time recently putting out this story titled "What 'Preppers' Can Teach Us About The Coronavirus Outbreak" proving to us that 'preppers' have prepared themselves to be well ahead of the rest of the nation for quite some time should a pandemic strike, and COVID-19 suddenly turning most of America into 'panic shoppers', the first video at the bottom of this story is a mainstream media look at how many preppers are handling this pandemic much differently than the rest of America, having prepared for such a scenario for years.  

Even Market Watch recently published this story largely commending 'preppers' for spending their money wisely preparing for potential disaster ahead while others were wasting their own money and as Mike Adams reports in this new story over at Natural News, many of those who mocked preppers for preparing are now facing a potential day of reckoning themselves with stores across America facing food and supply shortages, chaos shoppers with some stores surely being shuttered completely in the days ahead. 

So with the coming months sure to bring many difficulties that many Americans have never faced in their lifetimes, as Susan Duclos had reported in this new ANP story titled "As The Store Shelves Empty It Is Time to Get Back To The Basics - Could You Bake Your Own Breads Or Feed Yourself Without A Grocery Store?", maybe the best way to go forward is to 'get back to the basics' with America's older generations sure to have many tips to help the younger generations survive and good old American ingenuity always free and available. 

As Susan had also reported back on February 3rd of 2019 in this story titled "Pioneers Were The Ultimate Preppers: In An Increasingly Dangerous World We Can Learn A Lot From Them To Survive When SHTF", Americans in 2020 can learn a ton from our ancestors the pioneers who made their way across America years ago. Some links below are affiliate links. From that 2019 story. 


The pioneers had to survive without the things we consider to be "basics" in this era, no internet, no 911 for emergencies, no fully stocked grocery stores, etc.... they had to have skills to survive, and unfortunately many of those skills are no longer taught, nor learned in today's world.

In 2015, C. Davis published a piece over at Ask A Prepper, titled "30 Lost Ways of Survival from 1880 We Should All Learn," and it is definitely a recommended read. In August 2018, James Cole published a piece at Bio Prepper titled "25 Forgotten Pioneer Survival Lessons Worth Finding And Learning," which includes some not listed in the first piece.

Even something as basic as learning to make your own soap, are skills that have been long forgotten as now we just buy it at a store, so they are well worth the read.

More recently I ran across another pioneer tip that is extremely interesting. "Survival soup" otherwise known or Skillagalee kettle. They call it the long lasting. never-go-bad perpetual soup. According to Off The Grid News, this soup is referenced in a 1910 book written by Horace Kephart titled "The Book of Camping and Woodcraft: A Guidebook for Those who Travel in the Wilderness," who described this perpetual soup as "Into it go all the clean ends of game — heads, tails, wings, feet, giblets, large bones — also the leftovers of fish, flesh, and fowl, of any and all sorts of vegetables, rice or other cereals, macaroni, stale bread, everything edible except fat."

The soup is always kept between a steady temperature between 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so the food never becomes contaminated, and the flavors continuously change as more and more is added into it day by day.

Pioneers also had some basic recipes, most of which required what we now call Dutch ovens which can be used to cook over a fire. Every prepper should have at least one Dutch oven.

15 Pioneer Recipes That Survived The Oregon Trail over at, includes simple recipes such as Potato cakes, Johnny cakes, Molasses stack cake, cured bacon, corned pancakes, Jerky, pork and Mormon gravy, trail breakfast cornmeal mush....and more.

Another basic item to add to prepping supplies is a washboard, again, something every pioneer family had because there were no washing machines and dryers. In the immediate aftermath of any SHTF disaster, clean clothes might be a luxury while trying to survive the initial chaos, but long term you will want the ability to wash your clothes or you will start to get sick of your own stink.

Related: "Tools The Early Pioneers Used on A Daily Basis" and "Winter Survival Skills That Kept The Pioneers Alive"

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"Preparing Fast And Cheap - With So Much Uncertainty In The World Today, Prepping NOW, Even On A Budget, Could Save Your Life - It is 'Never Too Late Until It Is'"

In the first video below we hear a mainstream news media report about 'preppers' getting ready for this pandemic while in the 2nd and 3rd videos below, both from videographer 'Prepsteaders', we get some very good pandemic prepping advice. And in the 4th and final video below we see numerous live feeds coming out of Wuhan, China, showing a mainly 'dead' and deserted world. And as always, ANP opens up our comment section below to your suggestions, recipes, ideas, videos, photographs and links to other stories and resources which could very well save lives. We'll take a look more within a future ANP story at a choice that many people may have to make in the days and weeks ahead, bugging out or 'hunkering down'

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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