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February 2018

2018-02-19 -- * New Level Of Crazy Reached As MSM Attempts To Brainwash The Masses To Create A New 'Pseudo-Reality' With Claims of A 'Russian Pearl Harbor'
2018-02-18 -- * Media Hands Russia A Gift As President Trump Says Moscow 'Laughing Their A**es Off'
2018-02-17 -- * How 4chan Pranked MSM Into Reporting Viral Fake News About Florida Shooter Belonging To A White Supremacist Group
2018-02-16 -- * Mueller Indictments Finds No 'Collusion' With 'Any American' And Russian Meddling Did Not Affect Outcome Of Election
2018-02-15 -- * Series Of Catastrophic FBI And Social Media Failures Have Enabled Mass Shooters To Slaughter Americans While They Pursued Fake Russia Collusion Narrative And Stifling Conservatives
2018-02-14 -- * America Being Herded Towards Famine And Disintegration As Final Acts Of Our Nation's Destruction Are Part Of A Well Practiced Plan Through History
2018-02-14 -- * Critical Mass Has Been Reached: Confirmation Of Google Blacklisting Independent Media Websites - New Network Geared For Alt Media Bravely Goes Toe-To-Toe With Google
2018-02-12 -- * Mysterious Insider Could Hold The Key That Brings The Whole Russian House Of Cards Down On Obama & Clinton Minions In The Intelligence Community
2018-02-11 -- * Forbes FBI/DOJ Corruption Article Mysteriously Vanishes - Did The Deep State Disappear Definitive Timeline Off Established MSM Website
2018-02-10 -- * Very, Very Bad News For Mainstream Media - 31% Of Democrats, 55% Of Independents Paying Close Attention To FISA Abuse Issue Know The MSM Is Lying To Them
2018-02-09 -- * Criminal Clinton Cabal Crumbles - The Real Russian Hoax Exposed As Democrats Ironically Caught Colluding With Russia
2018-02-08 -- * 'A War Against Us All' - Another Online 'Safe Space' Emerges As Liberal Site Shuts Down Comment Section
2018-02-07 -- * As Deep State Talking Heads Encourage Revolution And Sedition Against President Trump And America, Brewing Constitutional Crisis Could Complete The Process Of Tearing Our Nation Apart
2018-02-07 -- * Tsunami Of New Information Released - Will This Deluge Of Damaging Documentation Make It Impossible For The Traitors To Stop What Is Coming?
2018-02-06 -- * President Trump: 'We Caught Them' - Senate Memo Drops The Biggest Bombshells While All Eyes Were On The House Memo
2018-02-05 -- * Something So Huge Is Coming It Will Bring Deep State To Their Knees And They Are 'Terrified' As Their Conspiracy To Overthrow President Trump Is Exposed
2018-02-04 -- * 'Pocahontas' Warren: 'We March In Pink P*ssy Hats' - Member of Congress, Possible 2020 Presidential Contender Is Everything That Is Wrong With Feminism Today
2018-02-03 -- * Time To Spring The Trap And Release The Documents Behind FISA Abuse Memo - Veteran FBI Special Agent Warns Much Worse To Come
2018-02-01 -- * Deep State Throws Hail Mary In Desperate Attempt To Prevent Release Of FISA Abuse Memo - Devin Nunes Calls FBI's Bluff - Checkmate

January 2018

2018-01-31 -- * Veteran FBI Behavioral Analyst On Deceptive Facial Expressions We See Widespread Now Across The Democratic Party - 'The Lips Don't Lie' But The People Do
2018-01-30 -- * Liberals Heads Exploding As GOP Congressman Suggests President Trump Release The Memo At SOTU Tonight - Media Backtracking, Dems In 'Manic Panic'
2018-01-30 -- * State Of The Union Address 2018 Open Thread - Survey: Should President Trump Release The FISA Abuse Memo At SOTU
2018-01-29 -- * It Hits The Fan! FBI Director Christopher Wray Reads FISA Abuse Memo On Sunday And Suddenly Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Gone The Next Day
2018-01-28 -- * Prepare Folks, This Week Will Be Huge - FISA Memo To Be Released And MSM, Dems Prepared To Scorch The Earth To Mitigate Fallout - Desperate People Are Dangerous People
2018-01-27 -- * Read Newly Released Text Messages Between Corrupt FBI Agents That Have Now Been Revealed As Press Leaks - Everything These Two FBI Employees Touched Is Tainted
2018-01-27 -- * Congress Finally Targets Obama Top Officials - Climbing The Ladder To Reach The High Hanging Fruit - The Senate Judiciary Is Now Going After The Bigger Fish
2018-01-25 -- * Can Cannibalism In Socialist Venezuela Be Far Behind As Starving Venezuelans Steal And Kill To Eat? MSM Warns 'What Destroyed Venezuela's Economy Could Destroy Ours, Too'
2018-01-24 -- * As Dam Breaks With Devastating Revelations, Top Dems Try Nazi-Like Censorship Tactics Against Angry Americans By Accusing Them Of Being Russian Bots
2018-01-23 -- * 'Most Catastrophic Media Failure In A Generation' - Veteran Wapo/CNN Journalist Says 'Trump Trauma' Cripples News Media
2018-01-22 -- * Former SS Agent: 'Sh*t Is About to Hit The Fan' As House Intel Committee Prepares To Use 'Never-Before-Used Procedure To Release FISA Abuse Memo
2018-01-21 -- * Utter And Complete Panic Over FISA Abuse Memo Roils Democrats - Game Changing Proof Of 'Brazen Plot' To 'Frame An Incoming President With A False Russian Conspiracy'
2018-01-20 -- * NeverTrump Website Teams Up With Media And Liberals To Attack Independent Media - Russia Caught Colluding With The MSM According To Liberal Logic
2018-01-19 -- * Biggest Scandal In American History - 'Is This The KGB?' Lawmakers Explode After Reading Classified Memo Democrats Tried To Hide - People 'Will Go to Jail'
2018-01-18 -- * With Nuclear Missiles Aimed At Our Heads, Here's How We Can 'Checkmate' All Potential Enemies And Win The New Cold War Without Even Firing Off A Shot
2018-01-18 -- * Obama FBI/DOJ/FISA Abuse Report Goes To Full House Of Representatives After Democrats Try To Block Access From Fellow Lawmakers - What Are Democrats So Scared Of?
2018-01-17 -- * President Trump Was Set Up From The Beginning - MSM Willing Conspirators Or Duped By Obama Deep State Members Via Steele Dossier?
2018-01-16 -- * The Great Sex Panic Movement Has Hit Lunacy Levels As An Unpleasant Date Is Now Enough To Claim 'Sexual Assault'
2018-01-15 -- * Former CIA Agent: Deep State 'Running Scared' & 'Terrified' As President Trump Is 'Rocking That Place Left And Right'
2018-01-14 -- * Read Newly Unsealed Vegas Massacre Court Documents Containing Some Interesting Details Previously Unknown
2018-01-13 -- * Strange Clinton Connections Emerge After Uranium One Indictment Against Co-President Of Transportation Company That Also Managed Transport For Megatons And MegaWatts Program Under Bill Clinton
2018-01-12 -- * Media Manufactures Outrage Over Trump Remarks To Distract From Blockbuster Report Confirming That FBI And DOJ Have Become Part Of The 'Fifth Column Cabal'
2018-01-11 -- * Grave Threat To The American People And The Very Existence Of The United States: 'Dangerously Incompetent Deep Stater's Are Undermining National Security Policies Of President Trump'
2018-01-11 -- * 'The Most Sinister Threat To Free Speech In History' - Mention God, Guns, America Or Trump And Twitter Says You Are A Redneck Republican Russian Bot
2018-01-10 -- * Schumer's 'Six Ways To Sunday' Threat Against President Trump Backfires As Deep State Members Continue To Fall One By One
2018-01-09 -- * Golden Globes And 'Sickening Hypocrisy' Of Celebrity A-Listers Who All Knew About The Hollywood Culture Of Sexual Abuse And Child Molesters
2018-01-08 -- * It's Time To Declassify These Deep, Dark Department Of Defense Secrets, President Trump! 'Gravely Unwarranted Optimistic Findings' Set Up Catastrophic 'Game Changer'
2018-01-07 -- * Julian Assange Missing For Eight Days, Since Mysterious 'M.I.A. - Paper Planes' Tweet With Cryptic Code
2018-01-06 -- * With America Turning Into A 'Suicide Cult' Preaching 'Death By Medicine', Big Pharma's Mafia Is Still Terrorizing Americans
2018-01-04 -- * While Media Goes Into Rabid, Foam At The Mouth Frenzy Over Trump-Bannon Theater, They Ignore That Manafort Lawsuit Could Deem Entire Mueller Investigation Illegal
2018-01-03 -- * Where Are George Soros, Hillary Clinton And Tony Podesta? Also, Surge Of Politicians Now Wearing 'Medical Boots'
2018-01-02 -- * President Trump Sends Message To 'Deep State' Justice Department - Heads Up Folks, 2018 Is Going To Be An Explosive Year
2018-01-01 -- * What Is Going On In Outer Space? After 4 Nation's Launch Rockets Within Days, What Are They REALLY Up To?

December 2017

2017-12-31 -- * When You Think You Have Seen It All..... Something Like This Pops Up Showing How Insane The World Has Become
2017-12-30 -- * Statistics Prove President Trump Right Again! Some Democrat-Run Big Cities Have Become 'Death Traps' Worse Than War Zones!
2017-12-30 -- * Top 10 Stories Of 2017 Showing America's Winning As Liberals, Media And NeverTrumpers Lose Their Minds
2017-12-27 -- * Alarming Story Out Of SKorea Confirms Experts Worst Fears And Shows How War Could Bring America To A Standstill In Days
2017-12-26 -- * Extremely Strange Events On Another Front - U.S. Navy Cryptically Tweets 'Julian Assange' After His Twitter Account Mysteriously Disappears And Reappears
2017-12-25 -- * Liberals Meltdown Over Christmas Movies And Claim Celebrating The Birth Of Christ Is Promoting White Nationalism
2017-12-24 -- * Christmas 2017 Open Thread - Merry Christmas Everyone
2017-12-23 -- * Mike Adams Of Natural News Attacked And Forced To 'Water Down' Political Videos On YouTube - War Against Independent Media Reaches Fevered Pitch
2017-12-22 -- * Boom Just Lowered On Clinton Crime Family And Obama Regime? Big Surprise In Wording Of New Executive Order
2017-12-21 -- * Colossal Reality Check For Trump Haters Forced To Admit The President Is 'Winning' - Pigs Are Flying
2017-12-19 -- * President Trump Literally Breaks The Media As CNN Hits Rock Bottom In 2017 - The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of A Huge Part Of America Is Now Complete
2017-12-19 -- * The Total Destruction Of America Can Be Seen In This Parable - California Canary In A Progressive Coal Mine Proves Nightmare Coming True Before Our Eyes
2017-12-18 -- * Mass Protests Scheduled Over A Capitol Hill 'Rumor' - Media Hysteria And Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Driven Liberals Insane
2017-12-17 -- * Mueller's House Of Cards Continues To Crumble After 'Unlawfully' Obtaining Trump Team Transition Emails - How Many Scandals Have To Engulf Team Mueller Before He Is Disqualified?
2017-12-16 -- * 'Explosive Revelations' By DOJ Inspector General May Force A FBI Hillary Clinton Investigation Reboot
2017-12-15 -- * Ominous Harbinger Of Peril Ahead Hints At Deep State Plan To Take Down President Trump - Would That Trigger Civil War?
2017-12-14 -- * There Is A Major Shake Up Coming After Deep State Members Are Exposed Publicly - Let The House Cleaning Begin
2017-12-13 -- * Russia Investigation Was 'Insurance Policy' Against A Trump Presidency? - Ousted FBI Agents Texts Are Smoking Gun Showing Mueller 'Dream Team' Totally Corrupted
2017-12-12 -- * The MSM's Descent Into Oblivion Continues To Snowball With CNN 'Appalled' To Be Called Out Publicly For 'Agenda' Driven Fake News
2017-12-11 -- * Can America Survive The Complete And Utter Destruction These People Are About To Bring Down On This Nation?
2017-12-09 -- * Are We Witnessing The Biggest Sting Operation In History? 'Sewer Rats' Are Panicked - A Look At The Bigger Picture Shows Just How Fast The Dominoes Are Falling
2017-12-08 -- * CNN 'Game Changing' Anti-Trump Viral Report Was Fake News Using Anonymous Sources Again - Are We Seeing The Pattern Here?
2017-12-07 -- * North Korea Could Win The Nuclear War! This Is How One North Korean Nuclear-Armed Satellite Could Cripple The US Military And Lead To TEOTWAWKI
2017-12-07 -- * Are We Approaching The End Of America As 'A Nation Of Laws'? Mueller And The Swamp's Sham Russia Investigation Covers Up The Reality Before Our Eyes Of Real Criminality
2017-12-06 -- * Something Big Is Happening In DC While Everyone Is Distracted By President Trump's Jerusalem Decision
2017-12-05 -- * December 18th Is The End For These Hard-Working Americans - Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures, The Time For Truckers To Strike Is Now!
2017-12-04 -- * Is It 'Open Season' On Americans? Kate Steinle Verdict Is An Indictment Of A Failed Leftist Culture And Proof Of The Decay Within A Culture Dominated By Leftist Ideology
2017-12-03 -- * Major Deep State Bombshell Drops While All Attention Is On ABC Viral 'Fake News' Story That Tanked The Markets
2017-12-01 -- * 'A Trail Of Death' - Shocking Number Of PedoGate Investigators And Observers Have Died (Part 3)

November 2017

2017-11-30 -- * Sex Scandal Sacrifices Are Low Level Rats Being Thrown To The Wolves To Cover Up PedoGate (Part Two)
2017-11-29 -- * 'Worst Yet To Come' - They Are Dropping Like Flies As Planned Take Down Of The 'Elite' Garners Fresh Blood (Part One)
2017-11-28 -- * Disturbing Trends In Our Dangerous New Reality - FemiNazi And Media War Against Men Has Reached A Tipping Point
2017-11-27 -- * This Is Bigger Than The Sex Scandals Rocking Hollywood, The MSM, And Political Establishment, Yet The Media Ignores It - Big Tech's PedoGate Problem
2017-11-26 -- * Hillary's Disintegration Enters Full-Blown 'Alternative Reality' As Liberals Make Case For Another Clinton Run While She Pretends She's On 'Earth 2', Where She Is President!
2017-11-25 -- * These Dangerous Devices Prove Why Elon Musk Is Right And Humanity Will Not Survive The Rise of Machines
2017-11-24 -- * Pandemonium Goes Global As Black Friday Chaos Gives Us A Small Taste Of The Madness Awaiting Us At TEOTWAWKI
2017-11-23 -- * President Trump Triggers Liberals On Thanksgiving & Puts 'Almighty God' Back Into Thanksgiving Proclamation After Obama Removed All Mention Of God In 2016
2017-11-21 -- * The Other Shoe Just Dropped On The Swamp Monsters - 'Remember Me, Congress, I Am Coming For You'
2017-11-20 -- * Revenge Of The Deplorables - Trump Haters Blacklisted, Accused, Fired And Under Investigation
2017-11-18 -- * 'Avalanche' To Start Dropping On Hillary Clinton By Monday - Uranium One Investigation Is Heating Up
2017-11-17 -- * Head Of FDA Declares War Upon US Veterans And Millions Of Other Americans Suffering In Pain To Help His Big Pharma Cronies - Meanwhile, He Received Nearly A Half Million Dollars From Maker Of Killer Drug 'Fentanyl'
2017-11-15 -- * MSM Goes All Out Trying To Incite Civil War In America - Tells The American People: 'Hand Over Your Weapons!'.... Errrrr No! More Proof They've Gone Totally Insane!
2017-11-14 -- * 'My Name Was Seth Rich' Website Hoax Created To Discredit Independent Media - Person Or Persons Behind It May Lead Right Into The Halls Of Congress
2017-11-13 -- * 77 Holistic Practitioners Now Dead Since 2015: This Is Beyond Strange, They Are Dropping Like Flies And MSM Ignores Them
2017-11-11 -- * This Is About to Get Very Ugly, Very Fast - Bannon Vs Establishment 'Season of War' Explodes And Bannon Is Doubling Down, Not Backing Down
2017-11-10 -- * 'Fear Is Everywhere' In Hollywood As The MSM Covers Up The Sex Scandals Within Their Own News Outlets
2017-11-08 -- * UPDATE! New Videos! Priceless! One Year Later....... And They Are Still Screaming - Liberals Unable To Cope With Election Loss Have Epic Collective Meltdown!
2017-11-07 -- * Seth Rich Highlighted By Donna Brazile In Book Dedication, Excerpts, & Public Statements - She 'Feared For Her Life' After He Was Murdered
2017-11-06 -- * Massive Internet/Communication Outages During Last Day Of DOD Grid Down And 'Communications Interoperability' Training Drill - Coincidence Or Beta Test?
2017-11-05 -- * The Dam Is Breaking On Hillary Clinton- Mass Saudi Arrests In Corruption Crackdown & Discovery Of Two New Sealed Indictments
2017-11-04 -- * DOD Electric Grid Down Drill And Antifa November 4th Open Thread - Thud Or Dud? Weigh In Here!
2017-11-03 -- * This Is How 'Fake News' From The Liberal Media Has Put America In Grave Danger And On The Edge Of An 'EMP Apocalypse' - 'No Wonder America Despises Journalists'
2017-11-02 -- * 'Who's Next' Question Has Just Been Answered - Social Media Gurus Admit Russia Didn't Meddle In Election, Twitter And Facebook Did - Now They Are On The Chopping Block
2017-11-01 -- * Establishment Elite Are Freaking Out - 'We All Wake Up Thinking, Who Is Next?'

October 2017

2017-10-31 -- * Body Count Rises: What Are The Odds That Multiple People With Some Connection To The Vegas Shooting Are Now Dead?
2017-10-30 -- * Robert Mueller In The Crosshairs As MSM Hides Uranium One & Dossier Funding Investigations By Blaring Manafort Headlines
2017-10-29 -- * Absolutely Devastating New Report Implicates CNN In 'Fake News' Russia Collusion Story - Media Fails In Attempts To Cover Up Their Lead Role In Creating False Storyline
2017-10-28 -- * Antifa Invades TN: 'Crack Some Nazi Skulls' To Protest The 'White Lives Matter' Rallies - Showdown Set For October 28, 2017
2017-10-27 -- * Globalists Give Us Peek At 'Future Of Unimaginable Horrors' As 'Creepy Artificial Intelligence Entity Sophia' Claims 'Humans Are Very Programmable'
2017-10-26 -- * Map With Extensive List Of Sanctuary Cities, Counties And States Where Violence Could Break Out Or Disruptions Occur
2017-10-25 -- * The Dominoes Are Falling As President Trump Starts Taking The Deep State Down - 'Virtual Bombs Are Exploding In Their Faces'
2017-10-24 -- * Vegas 'Official Narrative' Completely Destroyed: Shocking New Raw Footage Shows Covered Body On Ground Floor Of Mandalay Bay On Night Of The Mass Shooting
2017-10-23 -- * US Government Answers The Biggest Threat Facing America By Killing The Messenger, Leaving Potentially Catastrophic Consequences Ahead
2017-10-22 -- * Treacherous McCain Betrays America Again As He Becomes The Darling Of The Left While Exposing His True Treasonous Colors
2017-10-21 -- * Globalist Mouthpiece Warns 'The Fuse Of War Is Shortening' And The Risk Of 'Accidental Armageddon' Increasing Every Day
2017-10-20 -- * When George Bush Talks 'Conspiracy Theory', America Better Read Between His Lines! It's Long Been Warned, Should The 'Elite' Have To Face 'Justice', They'd Launch The 'Final False Flag'
2017-10-19 -- * Where Is Hillary? Clinton Mysteriously Goes Dark After Learning Major Clinton Foundation Scandal Is About to Break
2017-10-18 -- * Hammer Drops On Deep State - Does Wikileaks Hold The Key To Bring Down The Whole House Of Cards?
2017-10-17 -- * Pedogate: Hollywood Sacrifices The Children While Feigning Outrage Over Weinstein To Protect The Real Dirty Secret
2017-10-16 -- * Julian Assange Sends Mysterious Code As He Goes On Full Attack Mode Against Hillary Clinton - Is Wikileaks Ready To Drop Another Bombshell On Clinton?
2017-10-15 -- * Season Of War Declared By Steve Bannon - 'This Is Not My War. This Is Our War. And Y’all Didn’t Start It. The Establishment Started It'
2017-10-14 -- * Media Calls Antifa November 4 Plans For Civil War A Right-Wing 'Conspiracy Theory' As They Whitewash Antifa Violence
2017-10-13 -- * Vegas Shooting Witness Found Dead In Her Bed After Stating There Were Multiple Shooters - 'Bullets Were Coming From Every Direction' As Others Claim FBI Wiped Phones And Devices
2017-10-12 -- * Are We Witnessing Bannon's Utterly Brilliant Scheme To Take Down The Elite? 'Sh*tty Media Men' List Emerges Following Hollywood Takedown
2017-10-11 -- * Wine Country On Fire - Is It Terrorism? In Viktor Suverov's Book, 'Spetsnaz First World War', The Intentional Setting Of Forest Fires Is One Tactic Of 'Grey Terror', Fires Deliberately Set To Advance A Political Agenda
2017-10-11 -- * The Fall Out Begins After Veritas Exposes New York Times Collusion With Social Media Giants To Manipulate The News
2017-10-10 -- * Watch Before YouTube Deletes This On Vegas Shooting - We Are Witnessing The Biggest Crackdown Of Information In Internet History
2017-10-09 -- * Media Using Vegas Shooting As Attack Against The 'Christian White Male' - The MSM Is Pushing For A Race War
2017-10-08 -- * The Bigger Picture Of The NFL 'Kneelers' Vs Patriots Battle: Pence Walks Out Over Anthem Protests, NFL Core Fans Down 31% - America Haters Are Becoming Further Isolated From The Rest Of America
2017-10-07 -- * Tide Turns Against Radical Left - Foul-Mouth MAGA Hat Snatcher May Face Felony Charges, Trump Affirms Religious Liberty, FBI Warns Of Black Extremists Groups
2017-10-06 -- * They're Censoring Vegas Shooting News - 'The Ministry Of Truth' AKA Tech Giants, Hide Differing Views To Control The Information And Manipulate The Masses
2017-10-04 -- * Vegas Shooter Was 'Descending Into Madness' - How Many Ticking Time Bombs Are Out There Ready To Explode Against Trump Supporters?
2017-10-03 -- * 'Pray Only Trumptards Died'- Soulless Liberals Celebrate Vegas Massacre As They Prove How Much They Hate Patriotic Americans
2017-10-02 -- * Something Strange About The Vegas Shooting As Death Toll Continues To Rise - Eerie Warning 45 Minutes Before Shooting Started: 'They're all around... You're all going to f***ing die today'
2017-10-01 -- * Mind-Blowing Photographs From Puerto Rico Vindicate President Trump And Prove 'Cell Phone Zombies' Will Be Among The 90% Who Don't Have A Chance When TEOTWAWKI Arrives

September 2017

2017-09-30 -- * Will Kim Jong-Un Be Allowed To Kill Millions Of Americans On Behalf Of Political Correctness?
2017-09-29 -- * Infiltrating Antifa: MSM Refuses Video Proof Of Antifa Planning Violence: 'You Have To Really Stab Them'
2017-09-28 -- * College Allowing 'P*ssy Power - Slut Nation' Signs To Be Hung Is Worried About Anti-Abortion Displays 'Triggering' Students
2017-09-27 -- * President Trump Separates The 'Wheat And The Tares' - Line Drawn Between Those That Love America And Those That Hate America
2017-09-26 -- * 'California Is Obviously Shaking' - The Ring Of Fire Is Restless As Californians Fear The San Andreas Fault Is Ready To Blow
2017-09-25 -- * Patriots Are Speaking Out! America's 'War' Against The NFL Has Just Begun As Former Fans Stay Away From Stadiums In Droves, Burn Team Shirts And Tickets On Social Media While The NFL Pushes To Segregate Our Nation
2017-09-24 -- * 'Racist' Cotton, 'Oppressed' Colin & Caterwauling Commies Show A Nation Already Engaged In A Civil War By Its Very Definition
2017-09-23 -- * America Under Siege: Antifa - Death Threats, Mass Protests Planned As Free Speech Week At Berkeley Comes Under Attack
2017-09-22 -- * Is It Too Late To Prepare For What Is Coming? Prepping Is Not About Fear, But Of Hope Because Prepping Equals Survival
2017-09-21 -- * Matt Drudge Trolls Media Matters Over 'Russian Propaganda' Fake News Article Accusing Drudge Report Of Being A 'Pipeline" For The Kremlin
2017-09-20 -- * Something Huge Just Happened Which Gives Us The Key To Stopping Globalist Funded Terror Against Americans
2017-09-19 -- * Former Science Adviser To President Reagan Gives Dire Warning: 'North Korea EMP Attack IS An Existential Threat To America'
2017-09-18 -- * Free Speech Week Risks 'Mental Safety' Of Berkeley Snowflakes, Campus Faculty Claims - UC Berkeley Faculty And Students Demand Classes Be Cancelled, Campus Buildings Be Closed, Staff And Students Be Allowed To Stay Home
2017-09-17 -- * Tearing Down St. Louis - BLM Rioting And Violence Continues As Activists Protest Acquittal Of Police Officer
2017-09-16 -- * Big Tech Busted Making Big Money Promoting Racism, Anti-Semitism, And More As The 'Speech Police' Start Cannibalizing Themselves
2017-09-15 -- * MAGA Hats Are Burning While Liberal And Conservative Media Outlets Are Throwing Live Grenades
2017-09-14 -- * Series Of Mysterious Area 51 Crashes Leaves 'Red Hat' Squadron Commander Dead And Experts Warning Deadly Plane Crash May Have A Russian Link - RED ALERT WW3 False Flag Warning!
2017-09-13 -- * Russia Collusion Found! There Is 'Blood In The Water' And The Sharks Are Circling For The Kill
2017-09-12 -- * Attack On Berkeley Planned For September 14, 2017 - Antifa Claiming 'Victimhood' After Exposed As Domestic Terrorists By FBI And DHS Report
2017-09-11 -- * Mass Chaos In Irma-Ravaged Areas Proves How Quickly Everything Can Spiral Completely Out Of Control In Violent Descent Into Anarchy
2017-09-09 -- * IRMA Live Streams: Scam Alerts, Shelters Overflowing & Over A Million Without Electricity So Far - The Latest Hurricane Coverage
2017-09-08 -- * The Earth Is Shaking And We Could Witness 'Seas Of Fire' - X-Flares, Mega-Hurricanes, And An 8.2 Magnitude Earthquake In Mexico - We Are Witnessing Historic Events
2017-09-07 -- * Is Hillary Going To Run Again In 2020? Clinton Endorses 'Safe Space' Website For Supporters That Turns Into The Laughingstock Of The Internet
2017-09-06 -- * Massive X-Flare Sends Shock Waves Towards Earth - Geomagnetic Storm Watch Issued For September 6- 7
2017-09-05 -- * As IRMA 'The Beast' Barrels Across The Atlantic, Panic Shopping Empties Shelves, Lines Of Shoppers Surround Buildings - This Ladies And Gentlemen Is Why We Tell You To Prep!
2017-09-04 -- * Harvey Hatred: Alt-Left Spews Hate And Vitriol Towards Texas, President Trump And First Lady Melania
2017-09-02 -- * Hitler's 'Brown Shirts' Were Oddly Similar To Antifa's Tactics And Methods Today- The Rise of Antifa Nazism
2017-09-01 -- * Alt-Left Website Declares Civil War, Tells Us To 'Choose A Side' - Salon Argues If You Are Against Antifa, You Are A Neo-Nazi By Default

August 2017

2017-08-31 -- * Experts Warn The US Is Now Coming Into The Worst Energy Crisis We Have Seen In Decades - Could 'Harvey-Irma One-Two Punch' Deliver The 'Knockout Blow' To America Long Warned Of?
2017-08-30 -- * 'Stop Reporting About Our Violence' Against Peaceful Protesters And Journalists - Antifa Whines To Press About Negative Coverage
2017-08-29 -- * Houston Officials Lied, People Died - Warnings Of Catastrophic Flooding From Harvey Were Labeled 'False' By Houston Mayor, Officials, And Media
2017-08-28 -- * Intelligence Insider Warns 'Opioid Of US State Department' Could Lead To 'Islamic Bomb' That Helps Bring In 'Global Jihad'
2017-08-28 -- * In March Toward Civil War, MSM Forced To Admit Antifa Violence Against 'Peaceful' Protesters - NOW Is The Time To Take Back The Narrative
2017-08-27 -- * Look Who Is Behind Mysterious Website Claiming Concerns Over Antifa Violence Are 'Alt-Right' Propaganda Backed By Russia
2017-08-26 -- * Name George Soros 'Enemy Of The State' And Charge Him With Sedition To End Antifa & The Color Revolution Happening in America
2017-08-25 -- * Live Stream: Texas In The Bulls-Eye - Hurricane Harvey OPEN THREAD
2017-08-24 -- * 'Identify, Vilify, Nullify, Destroy' - Tech Giants Formula To 'Starve Them Out' In Financial Persecution Of All Americans Against The Communist Agenda
2017-08-23 -- * Tide Turns Against Antifa As Media Attempts To Protect The Domestic Terrorists, Fails Spectacularly
2017-08-22 -- * Rent-A-Mob, Antifa Groups Head To Phoenix To Protest Trump Rally - Craigslist Ad Looking For 'Females 18-30'
2017-08-21 -- * Class Action Lawsuit Against CNN For 'Criminal Targeting Of Americans,' To Be Filed By California Attorney
2017-08-20 -- * War: Antifa Plans Nationwide Terror Attacks For November 4, 2017 - Time To 'Lock And Load'
2017-08-19 -- * Livestream - Heads Up Boston, Antifa Is On Its Way To Crash Free Speech Rally On Saturday! Charlottesville 2.0 Coming?
2017-08-18 -- * Terrorists Within The Media Exposed! The Endgame Is To Overthrow America By Anarchy
2017-08-17 -- * Something MAJOR Is About To Break On '3 Different Fronts' - Ominous Warning Goes Out To The 'Radical Left' And The Establishment 'Destroy Trump Media'
2017-08-17 -- * Expert Warns 'Massive Intelligence Failures Grossly Underestimated The Real Threat' To America From North Korea While Forewarning Of This 'Doomsday Scenario'
2017-08-16 -- * Only 'America's Last Stand' May Prevent This '68-Year-Old Prophecy' From 'Coming True Before Our Very Eyes' - Imagine A Boot Stamping Upon Your Face, Forever
2017-08-15 -- * The Point Of No Return Has Been Reached - Those Dedicated To The Overthrow Of America By Civil War Are About To Get More Than They Wanted
2017-08-14 -- * Read The Memo That Rocked Washington And Exposed The Deep State Plot Against President Trump - The MSM Goes Into Full Damage Control Mode
2017-08-13 -- * Planned Chaos In Virginia: Why Did Law Enforcement Stand Down Until Events Spiraled Out Of Control?
2017-08-12 -- * CALL TO ACTION - MarchOnGoogle Goolag Nationwide Free Speech Protests Against Censorship
2017-08-11 -- * Google 'Kill-Bot' Goes On A Murder Spree As SkyNet Starts Virtually Killing Hundreds
2017-08-10 -- * This Is A History Lesson That Every American Should Learn - 'Leftist Newspeak' And The Orwellian Agenda
2017-08-09 -- * North Korea Powder Keg Is About To Blow Thanks To The Deep State And Their Puppets In The Media
2017-08-08 -- * Insiders Speak Out: 'I Helped Create A Monster' - Describes Google/Facebook's 'Brain Hacking' Techniques
2017-08-07 -- * Indisputable Proof Of Coordinated Attacks By Tech Giants To Control Access Of Information In Order To Control The Masses
2017-08-06 -- * Armed Leftist Group Training 'Urban Guerrillas' In Executions, Kidnapping, Armed Propaganda, Terrorism And Sabotage Against Americans
2017-08-05 -- * The President Declares War On Deep State, Media Enemies Of The State Freak Out
2017-08-05 -- * 'Intelligence Insider' Sends Dire Warning To President Trump He Must Understand To Avoid More Danger Ahead
2017-08-03 -- * Surprise, Surprise! 'Insider' Warns 'Surprises Like This Can Prove Fatal To Millions Of Americans'
2017-08-03 -- * President Trump Tweet Hints Of 'Danger Ahead' - Imagine World War 3 vs Russia, China And North Korea At The Same Time!
2017-08-02 -- * Google-YouTube Goes Full Nazi Against Independent Media - Hiding 'Controversial Content' And 'Redirecting' Searches
2017-08-01 -- * MSM Is Running Scared As We Are Watching The Creation Of A Fake News Story Right Before Our Very Eyes

July 2017

2017-07-31 -- * Most Millennials Will Die When SHTF Because It Will Come Down To Natural Selection
2017-07-30 -- * Will Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Be The Next Seth Rich? Democratic Staffer Arrest Highlights Muslim Brotherhood Connection
2017-07-29 -- * As US Army General Warns 'Time Is Running Out', Ominous, Chilling Signs Are Appearing All Around Us
2017-07-29 -- * This Is How Kim Jong Un's Fantasy Of Annihilating The United States Could Become Reality
2017-07-28 -- * Media Blackout On Four Major Bombshells That Destroy The MSM Preferred Narrative
2017-07-27 -- * It Is All About To Blow Wide Open - Investigator On Dem Staffer Arrest: 'Just The Beginning'
2017-07-26 -- * Is The Clinton Crime Syndicate Finally Going Down? Something Is Terribly Wrong With The Media Narrative And Questions Need To Be Asked
2017-07-25 -- * The War Has Begun - They Are Coming For You, If You See These People Coming At You, Run Like Hell!
2017-07-24 -- * Something Very Strange About The Media Black Out On Major PedoGate Arrests - Worldwide Crackdowns Happening Now
2017-07-22 -- * National Security Insider Warns Of 'Game Changer' And 'An Unprecedented Challenge' To US National Security
2017-07-22 -- * Total Internet Censorship Coming? Comment Censoring By Both MSM And Independent News Sites To 'Control The Narrative'
2017-07-21 -- * War On Independent Media Explodes To Orwellian Levels - What Are You Going To Do When Your Favorite Websites Are Gone?
2017-07-20 -- * Bombshell Conspiracy Theories Confirmed As Former Presidential Candidate Warns President Trump: 'They Are Coming For You'
2017-07-19 -- * CNN Insider Truth Bomb During Disastrous Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' Interview Further Destroys Media Credibility - CNN's Cillizza Admits "Perception Trumps Reality" And 'Theater' Is 'Vital' To Reporting
2017-07-17 -- * Billionaire Warns: 'We Are Summoning The Demon' As World Marches Towards 'Killing Sprees' And Pandemonium
2017-07-16 -- * This Is War And We Now Have A Wartime President To Save America From The Globalist Puppets In The MSM
2017-07-15 -- * CNN Employees Running Scared, Locking Down Their Social Media Accounts - CNNDirt Goes Viral As Phase Two Begins In The CNN Vs The Internet War
2017-07-13 -- * Experts 'Concerned' Because Long Valley Caldera Volcano Is 'Moving' - High Number Of Earthquakes 'Indicators Of Pending Volcanic Eruption'
2017-07-12 -- * Rogue Robots: AI Says Goal Is To 'Take Over The World,' While Another Robot Says They Could 'Rule The World Better Than Any Humans Alone'
2017-07-11 -- * Prediction Made Nearly 30 Years Ago Coming True Before Our Eyes - With 'Chickens Coming Home To Roost', We May Be 'Counting Down The Minutes Until Everything Changes'
2017-07-10 -- * More Proof Russia Did NOT Hack DNC: Files 'Copied Locally' Five Days Before DNC Data Analyst, Seth Rich, Was Murdered
2017-07-09 -- * Panic At CNN - 'One Of The Greatest Moments In The History Of The Internet': The Great Meme War Of 2017
2017-07-08 -- * Putin Asks For 'Proof And Evidence' Of Election Interference After President Trump Confronts Him, Contrary To CNN's 'Fake News' Before The Meeting
2017-07-07 -- * Ghastly New Videos Show Stunning Descent Into Chaos And Anarchy As Bloodshed And Violence Explode In Venezuela
2017-07-06 -- * The Fallout - CNN Vs 'The Internet': Meme War Kicked Into High Gear, Judge Jeanine Details Legal Ramifications For CNN And Much, Much More
2017-07-05 -- * 4Chan Declares War On CNN, The 'Media Mafia' After They Blackmail & Threaten Reddit User For WWE GIF Of Trump Body-Slamming CNN Logo
2017-07-04 -- * Happy Independence Day 2017 - OPEN THREAD
2017-07-04 -- * This Black Swan Event Is Happening Now And Will 'Bring This Country To A Halt'
2017-07-02 -- * Media Freaks Out: President Trump 'Body-Slams' CNN In Video And The MSM Drops Everything To Focus On A Tweet

June 2017

2017-06-30 -- * FEMA: 'The Threat Is Real' - Unpublished Internal Report Warns 4-10 Years Without Electricity After Major Solar Storm
2017-06-29 -- * Did You Hear About This 'Mine Field' Obama Left For President Trump And The American People?
2017-06-29 -- * MSM Inflicting Carnage Upon America By Dumbing Down Half The Population - With Russia BS Story Dead, Media Manufactures New Scandals
2017-06-28 -- * MSM Insider: 'We Are Witnessing An Unprecedented Meltdown Of Much Of The Media' - CNN Engulfed In Russia Scandal As NYT Is Sued For Defamation
2017-06-27 -- * Doomsday World Maps Show Why The Super-Rich Are Choosing These Locations For Their 'Escape Plans'
2017-06-26 -- * Another Nail In The 'Resistance' Coffin - Supreme Court Hands President Trump A Victory On Travel Ban
2017-06-25 -- * 'Enemy Of The State': CNN Publishes Fake News Story, Retracts, Deletes, Disables All Links - This Goes Beyond A Mistake, It Is A Systematic Attack Against America
2017-06-24 -- * Popular Feminist SJW Takes The 'Red Pill' - Social Justice Warrior Community Explodes
2017-06-23 -- * The 'Bloodbath' Commences At Liberal Mainstream Media Publications - 'They Lied Themselves To Death'
2017-06-22 -- * Before You Pack Your Bags To Get Out Of Dodge, You Better Read This...... Yellowstone, The Truth
2017-06-22 -- * White House Statement Warns Of 'Unusual And Extraordinary Threat' - What Do They Know That We Don't Know? Should This Ominous President Trump Tweet Indicate To Us That 'Time Is Short'?
2017-06-21 -- * Media Spinning New Seth Rich Report Saying 'Hired Killer' Or Serial Murderer Killed DNC Staffer - Botched Robbery 'Not Likely'
2017-06-20 -- * Will These Be The Next Heads To Roll After 'Leaker' Comey Firing? - Media Triggered After White House Makes Changes To Press Briefings
2017-06-19 -- * Strange Behavior Is Getting Worse As We See Rage In The Streets Of America Manifesting Into Unexplained Violence
2017-06-18 -- * HUGE CNN FAIL! Audience Survey Backfires & Shows 75 Percent Of Audience Thinks Trump Should Not Be Investigated For Obstruction
2017-06-17 -- * With A Bullseye On Half Of America, Is It Too Late To Stop What Is Coming? - The Radical Left Must Be Stopped
2017-06-16 -- * DOJ Sends MSM Into Tailspin With Cryptic Warning About 'Anonymous' Sources That Confirms Comey's Claim Of Media Being 'Dead Wrong'
2017-06-15 -- * 'Blood On Their Hands' - MSM Stoked The Fire Of Violence: Literally Told The VA Shooter Where To Find The Congressional Republicans
2017-06-14 -- * 'Hate-Provoking U.S. Media' Guilty Of Inciting Shooting of Congressional Republicans In Virginia While Liberals Celebrate The Attempted Massacre
2017-06-13 -- * Judge: 'Biggest Bombshell Of The Day' Dropped As Comey And Loretta Lynch Now In The Legal Crosshairs - BONUS Live Streams Of Sessions Senate Testimony
2017-06-12 -- * Conservatives Join The 'Safe Space Class' As Megyn Kelly Interviews Alex Jones And Snowflakes Across The Internet Melt Down
2017-06-11 -- * President Trump Brings Down Deep State Operative As Liberal Lawyers Brutally Shred Comey And Media Narrative
2017-06-10 -- * American Flag Banned At 9/11 Memorial 'Ground Zero'? Groups Harassed By NY Port Authority Security For Carrying The Stars And Stripes On Separate Days
2017-06-09 -- * 'Fireball' Map Highlights Locations Of 250 Million Infected Computers That Could 'Initiate Global Catastrophe'
2017-06-08 -- * Comey: MSM Stories On Russia 'Dead Wrong,' Admits To Orchestrating Leak To Press, Obama AG Influenced Clinton Investigation
2017-06-07 -- * LIVESTREAM Comey Testimony - MSM Fake News Takes Major Hit Today After Senate Testimony Directly Contradicts Media Reports - BONUS: Comey's Prepared Testimony For June 8, 2017
2017-06-06 -- * It Is Treason, Not Espionage! 'It Is Time For A Clean Sweep' As Arrest Of Leaker Shows Systematic National Security Failures
2017-06-05 -- * Weaponized College Snowflakes Are Finally Getting Their Comeuppance As The Tide Starts Turning Against Them
2017-06-04 -- * Very Strange Computer Problems "Wreak Havoc" Across The Internet - Have You Been Hacked?
2017-06-03 -- * 'A Still Spiraling Disaster' As Internet Troll Goes Down In Flames, Now Cries And Claims 'Victimhood'- Kathy Griffin, A Perfect Embodiment Of The Modern Left, Trying To Abdicate Responsibility For Her Own 'Vile, Disgusting' Choices
2017-06-02 -- * 'She Should Have Stayed In The Woods' - Liberals Fed Up With Hillary's Blame Game Call Her Latest Excuse 'F*cking Bullsh*t'

May 2017

2017-05-31 -- * Weaponized Snowflakes Looking A Lot Like Terrorists As The Progressive Movement Loses Their Collective Minds
2017-05-30 -- * The War Has Begun: It Is Time To 'Fight Fire With Fire' As Patriots Unite In The Battle For Free Speech
2017-05-29 -- * Huge Piece Of The Seth Rich Murder Puzzle - FBI Memo Connects Seth Rich To Wikileaks After His Murder But Before Wikileaks Released Leaked DNC/Podesta Emails
2017-05-27 -- * Criminal Complaint For The Face Of Antifa - Berkeley Professor Charged With 4 Counts Felony Assault With Deadly Weapon
2017-05-26 -- * Trump Administration Notified Of 'Imminent Threat To US Nuclear Facilities' From 'Wave Of Catastrophic Earthquakes About To Start'
2017-05-26 -- * Sucker-Punch A Conservative, Body-Slam A Journalist - What Is The Difference? Middle America: 'Maybe The Media Deserves It'
2017-05-25 -- * Berkeley Antifa Professor Arrested After 4chan 'Trolls' Unmask Radical Thug - Next Project: Seth Rich Murder
2017-05-24 -- * U.S. Senator: This 'Will Dwarf All Other Stories' - Russia Probe Puts Bulls-Eye On The Deep State
2017-05-23 -- * Insiders Warn 'Lives Are At Stake' From Deep State Intel Community Leakers & They 'Need To Be Tracked Down'
2017-05-22 -- * Seth Rich's Cousin: 'He Knew Something' Cryptic Tweet Deleted As Dem 'Crisis Communications' Agent Melts Down On Twitter Over DNC Staffer's Murder Exposure
2017-05-21 -- * OPEN THREAD: Live Stream - President Trump Speech in Saudi Arabia At Arab Islamic - American Summit
2017-05-21 -- * MSM Attempts To Kill 'Murdered DNC Staffer Story,' And Instead Blows Up The Internet
2017-05-20 -- * Warning: 'Deplorables Are Everywhere' - From Lawmakers To 4Chan To Independent Media, Patriots Have Re-engaged - - The Deep State Wanted War, Well Now They Have One
2017-05-19 -- * Experts Warn Of Coming War On US Streets: 'This Is Alarming, They Are Preparing For War And The First Line Of Defense Is Going To Be Our Neighborhoods'
2017-05-18 -- * The Explosive Bombshell Hidden In The Naming Of A Special Counsel - Mueller Given The Power To Drain & Prosecute That Swamp Of Intelligence Leakers
2017-05-17 -- * Gowdy Exposes Comey Cover-Up Of Clinton/Lynch 'Tarmac' Meeting As U.S. Media Becomes A Global Laughingstock With 'Fake News' Stories
2017-05-16 -- * MSM Buries Biggest Story Of The Year Of Murdered DNC Staffer's Connection To Wikileaks, With Yet Another Fake News Story
2017-05-15 -- * Watch Live: Today Is The Day We've Been Waiting For - President Trump's Travel Pause Goes To The 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals
2017-05-13 -- * MSM Heads Explode Across America As President Trump Talks About Throwing Them Out Of The White House
2017-05-12 -- * Did You See These Viral 'News' Stories? Three Days, Three MSM 'Fake News' Stories Get Debunked
2017-05-11 -- * On Victory, And Defeat, In The Nuclear Missile Age - Why Nuclear Weapons Are Central To, If Not The Foundation, Of America's National Security
2017-05-10 -- * This Possible Comey Replacement Recently Said: 'If Trump Made Me His FBI Director, I'd Be Arresting Hillary Clinton Today'
2017-05-09 -- * The 'Adpocalypse': War On Independent Media Rages On - As Censorship Escalates, Indy Media And Their Supporters Fight Back With A Vengeance
2017-05-08 -- * Chilling Details Come To Light After Church Of Scientology-Linked 'Rehabs' Closed Down For Kidnapping, False Imprisonment
2017-05-07 -- * It Is About to Get Very Ugly In New Orleans On May 7, 2017 - Antifa To Face Off With Black Patriots And Oath Keepers In 'The Battle Of New Orleans'
2017-05-05 -- * Did Recent NKorean Missile Test 'Fail' Or Was It Really A Perfect EMP Test? According To South Korean Sources, Recent Test 'Failed' At Ideal Height For EMP Attack
2017-05-04 -- * Huge Revelations Made And MSM Is Hiding Them - DNC Argues In Court They Have The Right To Rig Election
2017-05-03 -- * FBI Internal Report Shows How Obama, Media, & BLM Inspired Cop Killers - They Couldn't Get Their Race War, So Now They Are Pushing Civil War
2017-05-02 -- * MAY DAY Anarchists Attack Police In Portland Oregon - Why Are They Not Being Charged With Felony Rioting?
2017-05-01 -- * Children Are Vanishing At An Alarming Rate In This Small Town - PedoGate In America

April 2017

2017-04-29 -- * While The MSM Grades President Trump And Americans Grade The Media, How Do Trump Supporters Grade Themselves For The First 100 Days?
2017-04-28 -- * Poll: Americans See MSM 'Fake News' By Overwhelming Majority - President Trump Trusted More Than The Media
2017-04-27 -- * Let The Round-Ups Begin! First Berkeley, Now Portland Again - Time For DHS To Designate These Groups As Terrorist Organizations
2017-04-26 -- * Intolerance Is Protected By Police Snipers And Free Speech Advocates Are Left Swinging In The Wind - Welcome To The New World Order
2017-04-25 -- * 'Kill Frat Boys' - Terror Attacks At Texas College: Anarchist Website 'It's Going Down' Publishes Online Terrorist Manifesto
2017-04-24 -- * 'This Is Just The Beginning' - Fox News In The Crosshairs, Independent Media Is Next
2017-04-23 -- * Patriots Versus Antifa: When Will Americans Realize We Are Already In A Civil War?
2017-04-22 -- * ANP READER Request - Totally Open Thread
2017-04-22 -- * Sanctuary City Crackdown Begins - First 9 Jurisdictions Targeted With Compliance Letter As DOJ Fires A Shot Across The Bow
2017-04-21 -- * Should President Trump Federalize CA National Guard To Protect Free Speech In Berkeley?
2017-04-20 -- * Terrifying Data And Charts Show Time Is Short Before The Economy Tumbles
2017-04-18 -- * The Battle Rages On With The MSM On The Ropes - Truth Will Win In The End As The Tide Turns Against Them
2017-04-17 -- * America Remains Unprepared At The Most Dangerous Point in History As Hawaii Nuke Prep Proposal Is Too Little, Too Late
2017-04-16 -- * Compare President Trump's Easter, Passover Message To Obama's Anti-Christian Rhetoric And Israel Hatred
2017-04-15 -- * Another Obama Official Targeted For Prosecution - The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost
2017-04-14 -- * If War Breaks Out, These Are North Korea's 'Aces In The Hole' - This Is Why Kim Jong Un And North Korea Pose A 'Nightmare Scenario' To America And The World
2017-04-14 -- * Showdown In Berkeley On Saturday - Antifa Threatens Patriots Day Free Speech Rally: 'Shut It Down'
2017-04-13 -- * Hillary Is Back And Lying Through Her Teeth - The Only Way To Fight 'The Violence Of Lies' Is With The Clenched Fist Of Truth
2017-04-12 -- * 'They All Have Blood On Their Hands' - 'Fake News' Establishment Media Complicit In Protecting Murderers, Rapists, And Terrorists
2017-04-11 -- * Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely: Brutal Viral United Airline Video Shows That Everything Under 'Federal Jurisdiction' Is Ripe For Abuse
2017-04-10 -- * WikiLeaks Confirms Murdered DNC Staffer Was Behind DNC, Podesta Leaked Emails That Roiled The Clinton Campaign
2017-04-09 -- * Trump Supporters Go After Jared Kushner - Americans Didn't Vote To Put Hillary In The White House - 'When Between A Rock And A Hard Place, Move The Damn Rock'
2017-04-09 -- * When World War 3 Goes 'Hot', These Maps Show Us Where We Don't Want To Be In America - Does President Trump Remember Russia Warned If War Broke Out, They'd Bring War To US Soil?
2017-04-07 -- * Trump Strikes Syria - OPEN THREAD
2017-04-07 -- * On The Course To Full-Fledged, All-Out World War Over A False Flag? - We Are Now Sitting On A Very Large Powder Keg
2017-04-06 -- * 'You Have No Right To Speak' - Social Justice Warriors Are At it Again: Communism Taught In U.S. Colleges
2017-04-05 -- * Heads Up Folks, Something Wrong With Official Story On F-16 Military Jet Crash In Maryland
2017-04-04 -- * Insiders Warn Nightmare Scenario Brewing As The US 'Rapidly And Dangerously Moves Towards A Military Solution' On North Korea
2017-04-04 -- * Another Huge Revelation! MSM Employees Leaked Blockbuster Susan Rice 'Unmasking' Story To Independent Media
2017-04-03 -- * MSM Caught Red-Handed Sitting On Bombshell Report To Protect Obama - Independent Media Exposes It And Them!
2017-04-02 -- * Lawmakers Preparing For Societal Collapse With Plans To Set Up 'Survivalist Communities'
2017-04-01 -- * The Dominoes Are Beginning To Fall - Another 'Swamp Monster' Drained As Former State Department Employee Is Arrested

March 2017

2017-03-31 -- * Time To Bring The Battle To Them - From Censorship To 'Fake News' Labels, War Has Been Declared
2017-03-30 -- * Will We Find A Permanent, Peaceful Solution To North Korea Before A Single Warhead By North Korean Satellite Takes Down The National Electric Grid?
2017-03-29 -- * This 'War Upon Men' Is Another Veiled Attempt To Bring Down America - These Photographs Will Make You Cringe!
2017-03-28 -- * 'Powder Kegs' Placed All Across The Country - Maps Show Terrorists Throughout America - Full Scale Revolution (Part 2)
2017-03-27 -- * Full Scale Revolution (Part 1): Deadly Combination Of Armed & Dangerous Fascists Want A Civil War, And They May Just Get One
2017-03-26 -- * If THIS Continues To Happen, America Is Doomed - Millennial Charts Show Why America Is In Such Trouble
2017-03-25 -- * All ANP Content Flagged As 'Inappropriate' In Restricted Mode By YouTube/Google Because It Does Not Fit Their Liberal Ideology
2017-03-24 -- * Trump Exposes Orwellian 'Surveillance State' We Live Under - It Is Not About Trump, It Is That They Are Spying On All Of Us
2017-03-23 -- * Texas Showdown: Will Governor Arrest Sanctuary Sheriff For Releasing Nearly 70 Percent Of Violent Criminal Aliens Nationwide?
2017-03-22 -- * Banned Video Proves The Watchmen Were Right As Food Is Being Used As A Weapon In Venezuela And Shows Why The Entire World Should Be Alarmed
2017-03-21 -- * Citizens Rise Up Against City Officials As ICE Releases List Of 118 Sanctuary Cities That Are Not Complying With The Law
2017-03-20 -- * 'Stranger Than Fiction' - Lake Turned Into Acid After Underwater Volcanic Eruption As 'Explosive Events' Rock Pacific Ocean
2017-03-19 -- * Pentagon Officials Warned Of 'A Million Casualties' And 'Nightmare Scenarios' If War Broke Out With North Korea - And Remember How NKorea Turned Nuclear In The First Place!
2017-03-18 -- * Fukushima Prepares To Host 2020 Olympics Baseball And Softball As Nuclear Expert Calls Global Cataclysm: 'As Close To Hell As I Can Imagine'
2017-03-17 -- * What Is Wrong With John McCain? Jihadi John Has Become A Soros Establishment NWO Lackey
2017-03-16 -- * War Declared On Trump And His Supporters As Michael Savage Physically Attacked And Roger Stone 'T-Boned' By Intentional Vehicle Assault
2017-03-15 -- * China's Foreign Ministry Warns 'This Could Spiral Out Of Control' With Several 'Wild Cards' Now In Play - Remember! 'Doomsday' Passes Over America Several Times Every Day!
2017-03-14 -- * Dangerously Absurd 'Snowflakes' In The Real World - That Reality Is A Scary Thought - Genderless Society Push And Safe Spaces Within Safe Spaces Shows How Dangerous And Absurd They Are
2017-03-13 -- * A 'Legacy Of Blood' - Obama, Clinton, And Lynch Plotting A Violent Uprising Against Trump?
2017-03-12 -- * Something Very Disturbing Is Going On - Are The 'Real Life Hunger Games' Coming To Reality TV Another Sign We've Reached The 'End Times'?
2017-03-12 -- * As Assassination Threats Increase, Trump 'Not Safe At The White House Anymore'- Dire Warning Issued By Former Secret Service Agent
2017-03-11 -- * 'De-Bamafying' The Administration - Trump Escalates 'The Purge' As Heads Start Rolling
2017-03-10 -- * Assange Presser: CIA 'Lost Control' Then Covered Up, 'Historic Act Of Devastating Incompetence'
2017-03-09 -- * Hammer Drops On The 'Deep State'- Bombshell Revelation Exposed About Wire-Tapping Trump And The MSM Is Covering It Up
2017-03-08 -- * Huge False Flag By The CIA Against Americans, Just Exposed By WikiLeaks - The UMBRAGE Program Allows The CIA To Plant Digital 'Fingerprints' To Blame Other Countries For Attacks
2017-03-07 -- * The Trump Trifecta Has The 'Schizophrenic' Media And Liberals Spinning In Circles
2017-03-06 -- * Insiders: 'ObamaGate Going To Blow Wide-Open This Week' And Confirmation Trump Campaign Was Wire-Tapped
2017-03-05 -- * Sessions Has Names Of CIA Intel Leakers - This Is Why Media And Obama Lackies Went After The Attorney General
2017-03-04 -- * BREAKING NEWS! Coup Attempt Against Trump Backfires: Obama Tried To Stack The Deck At DOJ And Wire Tapped Trump Before The Election
2017-03-03 -- * Meet The 'White Supremacist,' Trump Supporter (Who Was Neither) That Phoned In 8 Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers
2017-03-02 -- * Game Changer: Are The 'Most Dangerous Weapons Known To Man' Now Aimed At America?
2017-03-02 -- * 'It's Coming' - Deep State Escalates Attacks Against Trump Admin As Obama Sets Up Shadow Government Insurgency
2017-03-01 -- * Civil War Commences: Liberals Rip At Each Others Throats As Trump Unites The Nation

February 2017

2017-02-28 -- * LIVESTREAM - Trump Address To a Joint Session Of Congress On February 28, 2017
2017-02-27 -- * A Day Without SJW FemiNazis - A Protest We Should All Get Behind - The Only Thing Better Than These 'Women' Going On Strike For A Day, Would Be If They Did It For A Year!
2017-02-26 -- * 'Beauty Boys' - The Destruction of America Shown In Two Pictures - - Males Are Being Eradicated By Social Engineering
2017-02-25 -- * Trump Is Going After PedoGate - Trump: Clinton Has 'A Lot Of Problems Coming Up' In Connection With Epstein Island
2017-02-24 -- * CNN Talking Head Gets Smacked Down - Chris Cuomo Goes On 90 Tweet Meltdown Against 'Over-Protective' Parents, Calls Them 'Intolerant'
2017-02-23 -- * 'Mystery From The Top Of The World' Alarms Experts - Scientists Warn: 'Billions Being Exposed' As Our Food Chain Is Decimated
2017-02-22 -- * Bullseye CNN? Thursday The Beginning Of The End For 'Establishment Media' Outlet As Hundreds Of Hours Of Leaked Footage To Be Released 'WikiLeaks Style'
2017-02-21 -- * 'Nuclear Holocaust Would Be Like No Other' Trump Warns As McCain, Graham Push For War With Russia
2017-02-20 -- * Media Caught Red-Handed Lying About Sweden 'Attack' - How A MSM 'Fake News' Story Is Created
2017-02-19 -- * Bill Gates Chilling Warnings: 'The Doomsday Scenarios Are Real' - 'Could Kill Hundreds Of Millions' With 'Terrifying New Weapons'
2017-02-17 -- * 'Hatred And Venom' Dominates MSM 'Fake News' - A Trump Truth They Cannot Argue, Defend Against Or Counter
2017-02-16 -- * Did Trump Just Pull Off The Biggest Sting Operation in History, Against The 'Deep State' Within The Intel Community?
2017-02-15 -- * TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES - Shadow Government Exposed In All Out War Against Trump - 'Conspiracy' Explodes For All Americans To See The 'Deep State' Truly Exists
2017-02-14 -- * Trump Turns The Tables On MSM Causing Major Media Meltdown As They Spend News Cycle On Fake 'Muslim Olympic Medal Winner Detained After Trump Ban,' Story
2017-02-13 -- * The 'Ultimate In Malevolent Revolutions' To 'Standardize The Population' We Are Witnessing Now Was Predicted By Brave New World Author
2017-02-12 -- * Trump Admin Strikes Huge Blow To Obama's Transgender Bathroom Order, Has LGBT Community Up In Arms
2017-02-11 -- * Danger Alert! Media Mind Control - The MSM Has Become Single Most Dangerous Institution In America As They Incite More Protests In The Streets
2017-02-10 -- * MSM Hides One Of The Biggest National Security Breaches Of The Century From Their Audience
2017-02-09 -- * The All Out Push For Civil War Marches On! Democrats Called Out By MLK Niece: 'We Will No Longer Accept Racist Bait And Switch Race Card'
2017-02-08 -- * DHS Highlights A Pizza Parlor In Human Trafficking Video 'Take A Second Look' - Are They About To Blow PedoGate Wide Open?
2017-02-07 -- * Prepare For The Worst As Worldwide Food Shortages Now Being Reported, Including In The U.S.
2017-02-06 -- * HEADS UP: Agent Provocateurs Infiltrate Patriot Movement Declaring 'Martial Law Is The Only Way'
2017-02-05 -- * President Trump Shares The 'Cold Hard Truth' With America And Goes After The Globalists In Viral Fox News Interview Before The Super Bowl
2017-02-04 -- * Is Trump Purging The Enemies Within? Obama Loyalists Being Escorted Out Of The White House
2017-02-03 -- * Media 'Legitimizing Violence' To Foment Civil War - Berkeley 'Was Just The Beginning'
2017-02-02 -- * Trump Puts Radical Islamic Extremism In The Crosshairs, Taking The Bullseye Off Patriots In America
2017-02-01 -- * Democrats Call For The Embracing Of Black Lives Matter As BLM Calls For Murder - Anyone Else See A Problem With This?

January 2017

2017-01-31 -- * The 'Shake Up' Has Commenced - Hold On To Your Seats Snowflakes, The 'Monday Night Massacre' Was Just The Beginning
2017-01-30 -- * Trump Wins Biggest Battle Of His Presidency And The Majority Of The Media Missed It - MSM And Protesters Play Right Into His Hands
2017-01-29 -- * Amid Protests, Media & Hollywood Meltdown As Border Patrol And ICE 'Applaud' Trump's 'Swift And Decisive Action To Keep The American People Safe'
2017-01-28 -- * UN Put On Notice By Trump Admin: 'Don't Have Our Backs? We're Taking Names' And Will 'Respond Accordingly'
2017-01-27 -- * Independent Media Sites Attacked Financially As Trump Supporters Being Physically Assaulted And Verbally Abused
2017-01-26 -- * 'It Was A Dark Day'- Liberals Declare Just Three Days Into The Trump Presidency: 'Today Was The Worst Day Yet'
2017-01-25 -- * Epic Snowflake Social Justice Warrior Meltdowns Are Escalating As The Media Continues To Push Their 'Fake' Headlines
2017-01-24 -- * Trump Demolishes MSM, Forces Press To Show Their True Colors: Red! - New Admin Has MSM Chasing Their Tails As Liberal Tells Media: 'Trump Has Made You Go Nuts' And 'You Look Ridiculous To Normal Human Beings'
2017-01-23 -- * 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' Sweeps America As The Loony-Left Proves Their Hatred Is As Phony As Their Mantra Of Non-Existent Love
2017-01-22 -- * The Vulgar Vagina March In DC By 'Nasty Women' - American Women Push Back Against Man Hating Holly-Whores: 'They Do Not Speak For Me'
2017-01-21 -- * Media Meltdown On Inauguration Day Worse Than Their Freak-Out On Election Night - The MSM Propaganda Versus The Truth Movement Has Kicked Into High Gear
2017-01-20 -- * Inauguration Day! Live Streams - Protests, Parties, & Police - Donald Trump Is Now The 45th President Of The United States
2017-01-20 -- * Violence Escalating - Arrests, Pressure Grenades, Pepper Spray And Rubber Bullets As Police Attempt To Stop Anarchists In The Streets Of DC - Protests After The Trump Inauguration
2017-01-19 -- * Davos Elite Freak Over Trump While Cowering In 'Silent Fear' Over The Collapse Of Their Globalist Agenda
2017-01-17 -- * ANP Inauguration Countdown News - OPEN THREAD - Post All Inauguration Related News Here
2017-01-17 -- * Something Very Strange Is Going On In Washington DC - More Signs Emerge They're Preparing To Unleash Chaos
2017-01-16 -- * Judge Rips Rosie O'Donnell As 'Mentally Unstable' For Martial Law Tweet - Is Snowflakism A Dangerous Mental Illness?
2017-01-15 -- * Medical Experts Warn 'Terrible Tipping Point' Reached In 2017 Will Have Worldwide Ramifications - 'Luck Will Play A Bigger Role In Your Future Than Any Doctor Could'
2017-01-14 -- * More Will Die In The Aftermath Of A Catastrophic Event From Being Unprepared Than From The Disaster Itself
2017-01-13 -- * More Signs In The Sun, Moon And Stars - Earthquake Warning Issued After Huge Coronal Hole Launches Particle Storm And Solar Winds Towards Planet Earth
2017-01-12 -- * Facebook Death: FB Fast To Protect Terrorists And Censor Truth, But Cannot Manage To Stop A 20 Minute Live Stream Of A 12 Year Old Committing Suicide For The World To See
2017-01-11 -- * Hoax Report Destroys MSM, U.S. Intelligence Community As Media Outlets Turn Against Each Other Over GoldenShowerGate
2017-01-10 -- * Lunatic Left Eats Itself Over Anti-White Racist Screed - 'I Was Born Scared'
2017-01-09 -- * Something Very Strange Happening Worldwide - The Earth Is Literally Shaking
2017-01-08 -- * Is The CIA Plotting To Assassinate Trump? Operations Reinstated Under Obama Regime Includes PSYOPS By The CIA
2017-01-07 -- * Declassified Intel Report Proves Russia Truthful As Americans Overwhelmingly Say They Trust Wikileaks More Than Intelligence Agencies By Large Margin
2017-01-06 -- * 'Open Door To Terrorists' Policy May Soon Blow Up In Our Faces - According To US Law Enforcement Sources, 'Terror Teams' Are Waiting To Attack US Cities Simultaneously
2017-01-05 -- * Every City In America Up In Flames If The Races Were Reversed On Kidnapping And Brutal Torture Video Streamed Live on Facebook Of White Special Needs Male By Black Thugs
2017-01-04 -- * 'WANTED': Will Obama Be Jailed After He Leaves Office? $20,000 Bounty Offered For Evidence Of Obama Admin Agent Destroying Evidence
2017-01-03 -- * Russian 'Hack' Tale Totally Retracted As Washington Post Admits Reporting 'Without Having All The Facts' - This Is How The Obama Admin Deliberately Fed Americans 'Fake News'
2017-01-02 -- * Former Clinton Foundation CEO Missing Since October 2016 - Internet Chatter Reaches A Fevered Pitch
2017-01-01 -- * 'The Worst Is Yet To Come' - How Far Will Obama Go To 'Punish' Americans - The Chaotic Countdown Has Begun

December 2016

2016-12-31 -- * Bilderberg Elite Hacked, Threatened With Ominous Message To '1% Richest Dominant Pr*cks' -Unprecedented Hack Makes It Clear The Elites Have No Safe Spaces
2016-12-31 -- * HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!! - OPEN THREAD
2016-12-30 -- * Epic Putin Statement Crushes Obama As U.S. President Throws One Last Temper Tantrum On His Way Out The Door - 'With That One Statement, Obama Lost The Diplomatic War With Russia'
2016-12-29 -- * Creating A Nation Of Monsters Is Leading To The Destruction Of America - The 'Addicted To Outrage' & Perpetually Offended Crowd Are Not What Is Destroying America, It Is the Spineless Cowards That Appease Them!
2016-12-28 -- * Totally Unhinged, Completely Out of Control And Dangerous As Liberals Attack Trump Supporters Across America
2016-12-27 -- * MSM Admits 'Fake News' Meme Backfired As 'Deplorables' Have 'Appropriated The Term' - - Independent Media Intercepts The MSM's Latest Hail Mary Pass
2016-12-26 -- * Stopping Trump's Inauguration Is The Only Way The 'U.S. Ministry Of Truth' Works For Globalists
2016-12-25 -- * Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
2016-12-23 -- * President-Elect Trump Puts Entire World On Notice: 'The United States Is Going To Reassert Its Position In The Globe'
2016-12-22 -- * One Image Will Trigger All "Intolerant" Snowflakes As Their War On God, Christmas And Reality Rages On
2016-12-22 -- * Warning 'Christmas Solar Storm To Batter Earth' Soon After Obama Executive Order To Prepare For 'Space Weather Chaos'
2016-12-21 -- * 'Whole Internet Will Shut Down For 24 Hours' Says VP Of Internet Security Company - How Many Of Your Favorites Sites Will Still Be Here When It Comes Back Up?
2016-12-20 -- * RED ALERT! Attacks Against 'Whites' Happening Now At College Campuses Across America
2016-12-19 -- * It Is D-DAY! Electoral College Votes Today, But The 'Unhinged' Have More Up Their Sleeve - UPDATED With Live Streams
2016-12-18 -- * Disturbing Video Footage: Chaos In The Streets Of Venezuela - Stores Ransacked - National Guard Called Out - Is THIS What's Coming To America?
2016-12-17 -- * 'Earth Has Shifted' Inuit Elder Warning Comes Back To Haunt Us As Something Big Is Happening Along The Ring of Fire
2016-12-16 -- * Lawmaker: Russian Hacking Meme A 'Whole House of Cards' - CIA Trying To Overturn Trump Election As Obama Admin 'Carrying Out A Disinformation Campaign'
2016-12-16 -- * Insider Warns Russian 'Robot Submarines' Could Carry 'Mysterious Doomsday Bombs' Capable Of Generating Tsunamis Able To Inundate US Coastal Cities And Seaboard
2016-12-15 -- * Tis The Season.......... Stories Of Giving, Generosity, And Helping Those Less Fortunate For Christmas
2016-12-14 -- * Stunning Mainstream Media Admission: 'Fake News' Sites Are The Ones Reporting The Truth - The Blood Of Americans Will Be On The Hands Of The MSM If Something Happens To Trump
2016-12-13 -- * The Most Deadly Under-Reported Story In History - When Will The MSM Be Held Accountable?
2016-12-12 -- * Warning Issued Of 'Galactic Mass Ejection' To Hit Earth - Hundreds Of Thousands Died The Last Time An Event Like This Occurred
2016-12-11 -- * Globalists: 'Kill The Messenger, Ignore The Message' - Russian Hacking Reports All About Butthurt Snowflakes Looking To Distract The Public From The Truth
2016-12-10 -- * We Are Facing 'The Most Important Battle Of All' At The 'Most Dangerous Moment In History'- - The Stakes Are Literally Life And Death
2016-12-09 -- * Shocking Pictures And Videos Show America's Possible Future - But One Shouldn't Have To See These Photos To Want To Avoid This Fate - WARNING: GRAPHIC
2016-12-08 -- * Sheriff David Clarke Destroys The Mainstream Media As Orwellian 'Operation Censorship' Kicks Into Overdrive - 'The Purge' We've Long Been Warned About Has Begun!
2016-12-07 -- * Bigger And Uglier Than PizzaGate (Pedo-Gate) - The Real Number Of Child Victims Will Shock You
2016-12-07 -- * 75th National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Celebration - 'A Date Which Will Live In Infamy'
2016-12-06 -- * 'Terminating' Donald Trump And Mike Pence Web Page Discovered On The Dark Web - Conspiracy To Murder
2016-12-05 -- * Viral Image Shows Why The Global Elite Are Panicking - Former U.S. VP To Media 'We Don't Need You Guys Anymore'
2016-12-04 -- * Christmas 'Snowflake' Lunacy Hits New Levels Of Absurdity - Violating Religious Freedoms & Rewriting Classics
2016-12-03 -- * 'Fully Armed And Ready To Attack' - Jihadi Compounds In The U.S. Stockpiling Weapons And Preparing For 'End Times' Battle
2016-12-02 -- * Audio: Bitter Clinton Aides Melt Down At Harvard Forum, Turn Discussion Into The 'Jerry Springer Show'
2016-12-01 -- * The 'Queen Of Blood' Is Back Throwing Her 'Hail Mary' Pass! Why Won't Hillary Clinton Just Go Away?

November 2016

2016-11-30 -- * 'War' Declared! - Why We All Should Join This Historic Battle To Save The Republic - This Is A CALL TO ACTION
2016-11-29 -- * 'Expect More': Ohio State University Terror Attack Came Just Days After ISIS Stabbing Instruction Video - Is Your State Next?
2016-11-28 -- * Trump Should Replace The MSM White House Press Corps With Alternative Media
2016-11-27 -- * Revolution Against The Communist Control Of MSM And Schools Is Happening Now - Americans Are Snatching Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat
2016-11-26 -- * Surprise! It Isn't Over Yet - The Big Steal Or The Big Con? Stein/Clinton Recount Effort For Three Critical States In The Works
2016-11-25 -- * MSM Declares War On Drudge & All Conservative Alternative Media Websites, Calls Them 'Russian Propaganda' Sites
2016-11-24 -- * Happy Thanksgiving 2016 Everyone
2016-11-23 -- * Clinton To Challenge Election Results In Swing States? The Latest Attempt To Change The Outcome Are Claims Of Russia 'Rigging' Election
2016-11-22 -- * Donald Trump: The Media Executioner, Punks The Mainstream Then Cuts Out The Middlemen To Speak Directly To The People
2016-11-21 -- * Map Shows How $650 Billion Will Be Saved By Trump! No More 'Sanctuary' For Illegals, Democrats, Or The Hell Stream Media
2016-11-20 -- * 'The Year Of The Uprising', American People Send Resounding Message To Battered Globalists: 'Welcome To The New World'
2016-11-19 -- * Showdown Between Patriots And Snowflakes Scheduled For Inauguration Day - Bringing A Baby Rattle To A Gun Fight
2016-11-18 -- * It Is Now Much More Dangerous In America As 'Snowflakes' Become Deadly
2016-11-17 -- * MSM Exposes Trump Scandals While Howling Like Crying Wolves At The Moon!
2016-11-16 -- * It Begins! Tech Giants Lash Out At Trump Supporters As Twitter Starts Mass Purge Of Conservatives
2016-11-15 -- * Trump Team Leaks Bombshell Memo That Should Stop Conservative Meltdowns From Those Crying Wolf At Every Decision, Action And Appointment
2016-11-14 -- * GAME ON! The Battles Begin Even Before President-Elect Trump Takes Office And He Is Already Winning
2016-11-13 -- * 'Rape Melania' Protest Sign Just The Latest Sickness Shown By Protesters Refusing To Accept Election Results
2016-11-12 -- * Readers Enraged By MSM Election Reporting - 'You Misled Your Readers, Blinded By Journalistic Bigotry'
2016-11-11 -- * Assassination Threats Against Trump Spike In Dangerous And Out Of Control Aftermath - Snowflakes And Psychopaths
2016-11-10 -- * Satanic Globalists Threaten Violent Revolution Upon America As Thousands Of George Soros Zombies Are Triggered By Donald Trump And Reality
2016-11-09 -- * NWO, Media And Establishment Elite Were Overthrown Last Night, But They Will Not Go Down Without A Fight
2016-11-08 -- * President Elect Donald J. Trump!!!! - Elections Day Results, Polls And Controversy - Live Stream Presidential Election Day Coverage - OPEN THREAD
2016-11-07 -- * Mysterious Wikileaks, Twitter Outages After Government Warns 'Public Election Results Vulnerable To Attack' - U.S. Hackers To 'Interfere' With Election
2016-11-06 -- * Warnings Of Mayhem And Anarchy - Something Huge Is Coming And No Matter Who Wins It Is Going To Be Ugly
2016-11-05 -- * With 'Election Night Doomsday' On The Minds Of Millions, America Prepares For Chaos As Insider Warns 'False Flag Of All False Flags' May Be On The Horizon
2016-11-04 -- * 'Hellish Book Of The Dead' Unfolds In Final Chapters Of 'World's Craziest Year' - Still Unfolding Horror Story Of The Sellout Of America Reaches Danger Zone
2016-11-01 -- * Panicked Rats Jumping Ship - Clinton Allies "Livid," Withdrawing Support Citing "Constitutional Crisis" As Clinton Campaign Admits To Corruption

October 2016

2016-10-31 -- * Wikileaks Bombshell The MSM Won't Report! - Top Media Names Busted Colluding With Hillary Clinton Campaign
2016-10-30 -- * Buyer's Remorse Hits Early Clinton Voters And Allies- Can They Change Their Early Votes?
2016-10-29 -- * Danger Level Goes Up 10 Notches In America With 'Clintonistas' Backs To The Wall - Does This Recent US Military 'Purge' Foreshadow The 'Final False Flag'?
2016-10-28 -- * War Declared! Paid Clinton Trolls Working Overtime In Countdown To Election - Reddit Users Fight Back
2016-10-27 -- * MSM Journalists Whine About Trump Supporters 'Turning On The Media' - Alternate Title: Mainstream Media Sucks And Now They Are Whining About Trump Supporters Telling Them They Suck
2016-10-26 -- * How The Deplorables Will Overthrow The Elite - An 'Amazing Thing To See' - A Tale of Two Liberals Predicting A Donald Trump Presidency
2016-10-25 -- * The 'Moment Of Reckoning' Has Arrived - Trump Tells The NWO To Go To Hell As Hillary Clinton Is Stunned By October Surprise
2016-10-24 -- * Media Declares War On The 'Deplorables' - It Is Time To Destroy The Mainstream Media
2016-10-23 -- * The Mother Of All Bombshells Is About To Drop..... Right On Hillary Clinton's Head - - O'Keefe Message To Trump: More Video Coming Showing Clinton 'Personally Involved' In Directing Violence At Trump Rallies
2016-10-22 -- * Something Huge Is Going Down, DDoS Attacks On October 21, 2016 Were Just The Beginning
2016-10-21 -- * UPDATE! - Now West Coast Being Hit Also - East Coast Under Cyber Attack, Massive Outages Reported Across A Variety Of Platforms
2016-10-20 -- * What Is Wrong With Hillary Clinton? Strange Behavior At Final Debate Creates A Firestorm On The Internet - 'Creepy' Smile And Constant Nodding Send Social Media Into A Frenzy
2016-10-19 -- * Obama Behind Violence At Trump Events? Mass Voter Fraud Admitted On Camera By Democratic Operatives
2016-10-19 -- * Livestream - Fight Night In Vegas - Final Presidential Debate Between Trump And Clinton - Open Thread
2016-10-18 -- * DNC Insider: 'We Have MENTALLY ILL People, We Pay To Do Sh*t' At Trump Events - Bombshell Report Goes Viral Exposing Hillary Campaign
2016-10-17 -- * All Hell Is Breaking Loose! Wikileaks 'Dead Man's Switch' Has Been Activated Days After A Mysterious Warnings From Drudge
2016-10-15 -- * Time To Make Your Final Preparations - We Are At The Eve Of Destruction As Psychopathic Leaders Barrel Towards World War III
2016-10-14 -- * Russian Official Warns 'There Will Be Hiroshimas And Nagasakis Everywhere' - As State-Owned Television Tells Russian Citizens To Locate Nearest Bomb Shelters
2016-10-13 -- * US Veterans And The American People Win One Round Over Tyranny After 'The Internet Gets Really, Really Mad' - Drug Policy Expert: 'Move By The DEA Is Shocking'
2016-10-12 -- * Latest Trump Ad Showing Sickly Hillary Placed Behind 'Restricted Mode' Firewall For 'Inappropriate Content' By YouTube
2016-10-11 -- * With Our Nation Approaching Madness, What Happens To 'Special Snowflakes' When The Prozac Wears Off And iTune Batteries Die?
2016-10-10 -- * Powerfully Viral Images Mark The Downfall Of Hillary Clinton As She Makes A Fatal Mistake
2016-10-09 -- * Livestream Debate OPEN THREAD: Trump Vs Clinton - October 9, 2016
2016-10-08 -- * Why This Will Be The Worst Week Of Hillary Clinton's Life - Total Destruction Of The Clinton Machine Is Now At Hand
2016-10-07 -- * Like Frogs Being Boiled, Americans Won't Understand What Is Happening Until It Is Too Late
2016-10-06 -- * Major Hillary Clinton Medical Update From Prominent Medical Expert - Was Clinton On A 'Drug Holiday'?
2016-10-05 -- * Was The 'Kill Switch' Activated? - Assange Might Have Just Exposed Bigger Conspiracy Than Any Clinton Revelation
2016-10-04 -- * Massive Staging Of UN Vehicles In Maryland - Are The Boys In UN Blue Here To Kill You? 'Quit Denying The Obvious And Get Real - Looks Like It's All About To Go Down'
2016-10-03 -- * Is Los Angeles About To Blow? - LAPD Institutes 'Citywide Tactical Alert'
2016-10-02 -- * Ripping Social Justice Warriors Out Of Their 'Safe Space' And Welcoming Them To The Real World
2016-10-01 -- * 'Lone Wolf' Terrorist Narrative Falls Apart - NY, NJ Bombings A Planned Terrorist Attack On America

September 2016

2016-09-30 -- * 'This Should Send Chills Down The Backs Of Every American Who Wants To Live Freely' - National Call To Action Announced - This Is How You Can Help Defeat Tyranny!
2016-09-29 -- * 'You Should Be Worried' Warns FCC Commissioner On Internet Giveaway - China Already Drafting Totalitarian Laws To Govern Internet
2016-09-28 -- * Insider Warns: 'Everyone I've Talked To Thinks We're Doomed' - 'They Say The Future Is Going To Be Rough' - 'None Can Escape What Is Coming To The Earth'
2016-09-27 -- * 'Nightmare Scenarios' That Lawmakers Have Been Warning Us About - Imagine Waking Up To No Internet
2016-09-26 -- * Mass Awakening And Insurrection Ahead Of Presidential Debate - 'The American Public Are Starting To Really Wake Up'
2016-09-25 -- * Chaos Erupts And Insanity Ensues When Social Justice Warriors Crash Conservative Group Meeting At Kansas University
2016-09-24 -- * Hillary Clinton Completely Melts Down On Camera - Is She Having A Psychotic Break?
2016-09-23 -- * Clinton Supporter Films Her Own Humiliation, Becomes Completely Unhinged Over Trump/Pence 2016 And Hillary For Prison Yard Signs
2016-09-22 -- * 'Thugs Of Charlotte': Black Cop Shoots Black Armed Man And Black Lives Matter Activists Attack White 'Devils' And Burn Down The Town
2016-09-21 -- * Americans Must Give Up 'Freedom Of Action' Obama Tells United Nations - Final Push For One World Government Begins
2016-09-20 -- * New Media Meme: Clinton Health Questions Are Really Just Sexism And Gender Bias!
2016-09-19 -- * 'Erasing The Obama Presidency' - Far Left Liberal Writer Just Provided The Best Argument For A Trump Presidency!
2016-09-18 -- * Look At The Map! All Three States Attacked Have High Amount of Refugees - Multiple Bombs, A Stabbing Rampage In The Name Of Allah And No One Wants To Call It A Terror Attack?
2016-09-18 -- * Race Baiter-In-Chief Plays Race Card - 'Personal Insult' If Blacks Do Not Vote For Hillary Clinton - Obama's Legacy By The Numbers
2016-09-17 -- * Media Freak Out After Trump Trolls Talking Heads, Lays Birtherism Right On Doorstep Of Clinton Campaign
2016-09-16 -- * Globalists Go Into Meltdown Mode And Elite Panic As Media 'Stumbles' Their Way Into Obscurity
2016-09-15 -- * Dems Plan B Revealed - They Do Not Expect Clinton To 'Serve' As President, Just To Be Elected
2016-09-14 -- * Media Marches To Orders By Clinton Campaign Via 'Talking Points' On How To Spin Devastating Video Of Her Passing Out
2016-09-13 -- * The 'Deplorables' - MSM Loses Their Collective Minds And Allows White Supremacists To Dictate Their 'Pepe The Frog' Coverage
2016-09-11 -- * MSM To Expose Hillary Clinton Health Problems! Reporters Request Permission To Use Footage Of Hillary Passing Out At 9/11 Memorial
2016-09-10 -- * 'More Devastating Than Anything We've Seen Yet, And There's Even More Coming' - What Will Be The Price In American Dead Lives Courtesy Of The Clinton's Treasonous Legacy?
2016-09-09 -- * More Proof The Globalists Are Preparing To Steal The Election From Trump - Julian Assange: Hillary Clinton Threatened Bernie Sanders To Drop Out Of Presidential Race
2016-09-08 -- * Map Of Likely States Targeted For Attack - FBI, DHS Issues Joint Warning For Civilian Targets In The U.S.
2016-09-07 -- * The Hammer Is About To Drop - Wikileaks To Release 'Teasers' As Early As Next Week
2016-09-06 -- * Are You Going To Believe Your Eyes Or The MSM Lies?- It Is Plain To See Clinton's Health Is Getting Worse Despite The Media's Attempts To Cover It Up
2016-09-05 -- * The Scariest Video You Will Ever See - Proof Of How Easily The Masses Can Literally Be Programmed To 'Conform'
2016-09-04 -- * MSM Busted On Hot Mic Calling For 'Blackout' Of Positive Trump Coverage At African-American Church In Detroit
2016-09-03 -- * Clinton Admits To Brain Damage And FBI Investigation Document Dump Proves It - This Is Huge!
2016-09-02 -- * BREAKING NEWS ALERTS! Reader Request - Open Thread No. 3
2016-09-02 -- * READ FBI Clinton Investigation Docs Here - FBI Deliberately Attempts To Bury Bombshell Investigation Notes Over Holiday Weekend
2016-09-01 -- * 'Demon' Hillary Awakens A Sleeping Giant - Why All Conservatives Should Embrace The Label 'Alt-Right'

August 2016

2016-08-31 -- * Drunken 'Dashboard Hula Dancer' Tirade Goes Viral And Backfires Against Foul-Mouthed Social Justice Warrior That Started It All
2016-08-30 -- * SPLC To List White Lives Matter As 'Hate Group' But Not Black Lives Matter Whose Members Are Killing Cops And Threatening 'White' People
2016-08-29 -- * New Black Panther Leader Drops Bombshell On Hillary - 'Trump Is Right'
2016-08-29 -- * Media Insider Scared For His Life After Reporting Clinton Health Problems - Issues Warning 'I Am Not Suicidal,' So If Something Happens To Me........
2016-08-28 -- * See Censored Video - Facebook Openly Shills For Hillary By Banning Video Exposing PBS Censorship To Protect Clinton
2016-08-27 -- * University Takes Away Binkies And Diapers, Special Snowflakes Freak Out Across The Internet - Social Justice Warriors Are Having A Fit Over UChicago Letter Saying They Don't Support Or Condone 'Safe Spaces' Or 'Trigger Warnings'
2016-08-25 -- * Is The 'Biggest Scandal And Coverup In American History' About To Come Crashing Down?
2016-08-24 -- * Are Megaquakes Coming? Another Government Warns People To 'Be Prepared For The Worst'
2016-08-23 -- * Renowned Doctor: Clinton Health Not A 'Conspiracy' - Issues Are 'Disconcerting To Say The Least'
2016-08-22 -- * The Latest Attack On America - 'What Is Happening To Our Country?' Exactly What We Were Warned Of In The House Of Congress, Decades Ago
2016-08-21 -- * Illuminati Insider Warns: 'Unknown Consequences About To Be Unleashed' Upon America And The World
2016-08-20 -- * Louisiana: What They Don't Want You To Know Or See - Trump Did More For Louisiana In One Day Than Obama, Hillary Or The MSM Has Done Since The Historic Flooding Began
2016-08-19 -- * Say Goodbye To Your EBT Cards And Free Rides - Bad News For Those That Think Welfare Is A 'Career'
2016-08-18 -- * Our Days Are Numbered - Round-Up Commences As Websites Lead Their Sheep Into Virtual FEMA Camps
2016-08-17 -- * 'Deranged Conspiracy Theory' Or The Biggest Story Of 2016, What Is Wrong With Hillary Clinton? Patriots Unite To Offer $1 Million Reward To Find Out The Truth
2016-08-16 -- * Whites Only Please! Is That Racist? Only If Whites Do It....If POC Social Justice Warriors Do It, That Is Called 'Self-Preservation'
2016-08-15 -- * Putin Prepares For Nuclear War - Russia Building Dozens Of Nuclear Underground Command Posts While Obama Leaves Americans Defenseless
2016-08-15 -- * Milwaukee Live Stream August 15, 2016- OPEN THREAD - Protests and Riots Day Three, National Guard Activated, Curfew Implemented
2016-08-14 -- * Will 'Black August' Come To Every City Across America? This Is What A Hillary Clinton Presidency Could Look Like And How Obama Could Stay In Office For 4 More Years
2016-08-12 -- * MSM To Admit Hillary Clinton Is Mentally Diminished, But According To Them, That Is Good For America!
2016-08-12 -- * Astronomer Warns: 'Buckle Your Seatbelts' - 'New Development Foreshadowed Within Our Solar System'
2016-08-11 -- * Former US General Has Alarming Warning: 'ISIS Infiltrating The Bloodstream Of Mainstream America' - 'They Are Here In Startling Numbers' - 'Clinton's Terrorists Are Here - It's Already Too Late'
2016-08-10 -- * Forget The Clinton Body Count, Who Is Still On The Clinton Hit List? - How Many Who Are Opposed To A Hillary Regime Have A Bullseye On Our Backs?
2016-08-09 -- * Hillary Clinton Medical Records Leaked? Dementia, Partial Seizures Noted On Alleged Leaked Docs - Twitter Account Of Whistleblower Disappears
2016-08-08 -- * Total Meltdown Of Hillary Clinton - Rapid Mental And Physical Decline Shown By Years Of Images, Videos And Testimony
2016-08-07 -- * Putin's Scathing Warning To Hillary And The Globalists: 'Using Terrorists For Political Gain Is Dangerous' - What Does Putin Know That We Don't Know? Hillary And Globalists Preparing American Public For War With Russia
2016-08-06 -- * UN Troops Across America - Waiting For What? 'Reality Check! There Is No Reset Button'
2016-08-04 -- * NWO Puppets Putting The Final Nail In America's Coffin - Liberal Media And Their NWO Puppet-Masters Are Deliberately Keeping The Mindless Sheep Uninformed Of The Dangers Of Hillary Clinton
2016-08-03 -- * Bill Clinton's Girlfriend Tells All - Hillary Has Cognitive Impairment, And 'Hates America, Hates Americans, Hates Everyone' - Dolly Kyle Joins Alex Jones
2016-08-02 -- * An Open Letter And Emergency Message To Donald Trump From Dr. Peter Vincent Pry: 'The Fish Rots From The Head Down' - Don't Trust Barack Obama's Intelligence Community
2016-08-01 -- * 'This Is The News That We've Been Dreading' - Are 'Door To Door' Urine Sample Collections REALLY Just For Zika Virus Or Is Something Much More Sinister Unfolding? 'This Is Very Disturbing To Me' Health Expert Warns

July 2016

2016-07-31 -- * Global Elite Panic As The World Rises Up Against Them - Donald Trump Better Watch His Back
2016-07-30 -- * More Proof It's Getting Worse! Venezuela Authorizes Slave Labor, Now In 'Full Blown Crisis Mode' - How Long Until This Comes To America? Obama Already Has All Of The Executive Orders In Place!
2016-07-30 -- * 2016 Olympic Games 'Arrive In Hell' This Week - 'Ring Of Steel' Goes Up Around Rio - 'A Nightmare In The Making' As Cops Warn: 'Whoever Comes To Rio Will Not Be Safe'
2016-07-29 -- * GAME ON! The Donald Versus Hillary - Trump Played The Mainstream Media Like A Fiddle And They Are Still Dancing To His Tune
2016-07-28 -- * Something Seriously Wrong With Bill Clinton - Internet Explodes With Chatter During His DNC Speech
2016-07-27 -- * 'The Final Nail In The Coffin' - Hillary And The DNC Drop Massive 'Bombshells' On Themselves! Many More 'Bombshells' Coming Wikileaks Warns!
2016-07-27 -- * 'It's A Horror Show' - Trump Slams 'Hillary's House Of Horrors' In Scathing Press Conference - Why Hasn't Hillary Given A Press Conference In Over 235 Days?
2016-07-26 -- * Delegates Defy Democrats In DNC Convention Disaster As Hillary Clinton 'Feels The Bern'
2016-07-25 -- * Hillary Flips Middle Finger To Bernie Supporters - Brings Disgraced Debbie Into Her Campaign As 'Surrogate'
2016-07-24 -- * WikiLeaks Proves DNC Rigged Primaries To Select Clinton As Nominee In 'Hillary Leak Series Part One'
2016-07-23 -- * Left So Threatened By 'President Trump' They're Already Talking 'Coup' - Taking A Hint From Dictator Erdogan, They'd Rather Have A Dictatorship Than A Republic - Elite Warn Of Coming 'Darkness'
2016-07-22 -- * Social Justice Warrior Freak-Out Compilation - Special Snowflakes Weaponizing Victimhood To Stifle Debate
2016-07-21 -- * Bill Clinton's Sex Antics Are Fair Game As Is Hillary's Abuse, Attacks And Cover Ups - And Remember: Elect Clinton Get 'Two For The Price Of One'
2016-07-20 -- * RNC Protests Heat Up On Day Two - Reports Of Bags Of Urine Thrown, Alex Jones Attacked And Riot Squads Sent In
2016-07-19 -- * GOP Convention 2016 - Open Thread- Day One Giuliani Brings Down The House!
2016-07-18 -- * 'Heat Dome' Over America This Week As Country Reaches Boiling Point - 'Once The Week Starts, The Heat Is Going To Really Start Building'
2016-07-17 -- * Sheriff To Cleveland:'Throw The Hammer Down Early, Send A Loud And Clear Message Right Away' to 'Thugs And Anarchists'
2016-07-17 -- * LIVE STREAM - Multiple Officers Shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Cops In The Bullseye Across America
2016-07-16 -- * Black Militants Plan Chaos For Republican Convention After 'Day Of Rage' Protests Fail And BLM Supporters Whine France Terror Attack Stole Their Thunder
2016-07-15 -- * The Go Signal Has Been Given, France Attack Was An Open Declaration Of War On Western Society - Newt Gingrich Is Right, Every Muslim Who Believes in Sharia Must Be Deported
2016-07-14 -- * Sheriff: Dallas Was 'Mission Accomplished' For Black Lives Matter - White House Now Working Directly With Domestic Terrorist BLM Leader
2016-07-14 -- * Live Stream Coverage - Terror Strikes France Again - 80 Dead According To Preliminary Reports
2016-07-13 -- * Obama's White Hate Has Led To The Present Race War Playing Out On The Streets of America
2016-07-12 -- * The Video Black Militant Groups Do Not Want Their Members To See - Hidden By The MSM Because It Runs Counter To The 'Race War' Agenda
2016-07-11 -- * Retired US Lt. General Warns America In Grave Danger Of Collapse As Country Reaches 4th Stage Of 5 In 'Cycle Of Insurgency' - Will BLM Terror Lead To Major Crackdown Then An Explosion Of The 'Powder Keg'?
2016-07-10 -- * 'Red Revolution' (Race War) In America Hits The Point Of No Return - Black Hate Groups Incited By The "Communist" Party Brings Color Revolution To America
2016-07-09 -- * REPOST- FBI ALERT: Planned 'Purge To Kill All Cops' - New Black Panther Party Advisor 'Attack Everything In Blue'
2016-07-08 -- * Did Hillary Reveal Ultra-Secrets? 'Disastrous Consequences May Await America' - Remember 'Loose Lips Sink Ships'? Think What Our Enemies Know Now Because Of Hillary!
2016-07-07 -- * Where Is Vladimir Putin? Russian President 'Vanishes' Again - Early July Events Canceled - Putin Watch
2016-07-06 -- * Reports Of Russia Readying Bombshell Data Dump Of Bulk Clinton Emails - Can Russian President Vladimir Putin Destroy Hillary Clinton And Save America?
2016-07-05 -- * Did America Officially Die At 11 AM Tuesday? FBI Director James Comey May Have Just Gave Donald Trump Enough Rope To Hang Hillary With
2016-07-04 -- * As Americans Celebrate What Could Be Their Last Independence Day, Obama Goes On Another 'One World Government' Tour
2016-07-03 -- * Perpetual Victimhood: Whining, Crying Millennials Yanked Out Of Their Safe Space By Reality Of The World They Live In
2016-07-02 -- * Welfare Recipient Accrues A Five Thousand Dollar Balance On Their EBT Card In Kentucky, But Research Shows It Gets Much Worse
2016-07-01 -- * What The Media Is Hiding From You Because it Doesn't Fit The 'Official" White House Gun Grabbing Narrative

June 2016

2016-06-30 -- * America Is A Huge Jihad Terror Training Camp - ISIS Plans Multiple Attacks In The U.S., Orlando Massacre Was Just The Beginning
2016-06-29 -- * Celente: 'The War Has Begun' - 'Mindlessly Angry Ignorant Masses' Or Just Fed Up With Global Elite Destroying The Middle Class?
2016-06-28 -- * With Warnings Of 'FEMA Invoking Emergency Draconian Measures' In Our Future, Can America Stave Off The 'Coming Food Apocalypse'? 'Current Trends Could Result In Wholesale Collapse Of Industrial Civilization'
2016-06-27 -- * Another Mysterious Death Surrounding Hillary Clinton - Former UN General Assembly President Was Scheduled To Testify In Corruption Trial Involving Hillary - Drops Barbell On His Neck - Just An Accident Or Something Much More? 'This Will Be Much Bigger Than Vince Foster'
2016-06-26 -- * Message To The Elite 'Start Packing, Your Days Are Numbered' Counters The NWO Attempt To Hi-jack 'Anonymous' Hactivists 'One World Government' Message
2016-06-25 -- * Brexit Lesson For The U.S. - America Should Exit The United Nations Before It Is Too Late
2016-06-24 -- * Global Elite Freak Out! Chaos Reigns As Brexit Causes Stocks To Rock, Gold To Surge, Central Banks To Panic, And Contagion To Strike
2016-06-23 -- * BREXIT OPEN THREAD & Live Stream - Whether "Leave" or "Remain" Wins The Day, Could Today Be The Beginning of The End Of The EU?
2016-06-23 -- * Home Run!!! Critics & Supporters Alike Are Praising The Truths Donald Trump Revealed About Crooked Hillary And Her Career Of Corruption
2016-06-22 -- * Putin Sends Warning To Trump And All Americans: 'US Elections Being Stolen' - This Video Can Stop WW3 - Putin Warns International Observers Being Sent Away From US Polling Stations As Globalists Prepare To Steal The Final Election From America
2016-06-22 -- * Ring Of Fire: Scientists Warnings & Maps Show A Chain Of Events Could Literally Bring Hell On Earth
2016-06-22 -- * Meet Our Executioners - AI Disasters Prove Why Humanity Will Be Exterminated By Our Own Creations
2016-06-21 -- * Big Brothers Revolutionary Training Grounds Revealed! Divide And Conquer Using Reverse Discrimination: New Warring Class Is Being Groomed For Race War Within The College Campus
2016-06-20 -- * Prepping & The Bible- Doing Nothing May Cost Your Life! - Emergency & Escape Preparedness
2016-06-20 -- * Time For A Military Coup In America? Obama Administration Inarguably Just Provided Aid And Comfort To Enemies Within The United States Of America
2016-06-18 -- * The Dangerously Uneducated Black Lives Matter Patsies Being Used As 'Weapons Of Black Destruction' By Their Billionaire White Socialist Paymasters
2016-06-17 -- * 'ShootBack' Campaign Goes Viral As Orlando False Flag Backfires Against Gun Control Advocates
2016-06-16 -- * NATO Says It Now Has Grounds For War With Russia As Massive Drills Take Place On Russia's Doorstep - 'Big Mistake!' Insider Warns - Nuclear Annihilation Anyone?
2016-06-15 -- * 'The Darkest Time In Prophetic History Is Now Upon Us' - The Final Act Has Begun As The Ultimate Purpose For Orlando Massacre Is Exposed
2016-06-14 -- * Americans In The Bullseye, Totally Unprepared For What Is Coming - Deaf, Dumb And Blind, All By Design
2016-06-13 -- * The 'Religion Of Peace' Has Killed 2,230 People In The Last 30 Days - There Have Been 226 Terror Attacks In 32 Countries Including The U.S.
2016-06-12 -- * Map -Is Your City On The List? Islamic Holy Month Of Terror Begins - After ISIS Calls For Lone Wolf Attacks In U.S. During Ramadan, Dozens Massacred In Florida As Supporter Heeds The Call
2016-06-11 -- * 'We Must Build The Wall' AKA The 'Tortilla Curtain' - Far Left Liberal Writer Shocked After Spending Seven Days And Seven Nights Along Border
2016-06-09 -- * Preparation Accelerates Rapidly For A 'Grand-Scale' Event With Terrorists Acquiring Technology To Bring Entire Cities To A Standstill With The Click Of A Button - More Signs They're Prepping For All-Out Breakdown Of Society
2016-06-09 -- * Could This Be The Start Of Mass Chaos? 'As Hard As Times Are Right Now, It's Only The Beginning' - Americans Hungry After EBT/SNAP Snafu But Refugees Are Eating Fine
2016-06-08 -- * Something Very Strange Is Going On - Weird Events And Planned Chaos Coming At Us From Every Direction
2016-06-07 -- * Compare The Contrast Of Censored Images Showing Socialist Country Where The Elite Thrive, The Poor Starve
2016-06-06 -- * It Is Happening Now - EBT, Food Stamp Payment Deadlines Missed And Economic News Shows The System Is Falling Apart
2016-06-05 -- * Is It Already Too Late? If EMP Holocaust Of Mass Starvation And Societal Collapse Is Avoided, We Can Thank This True American Hero - Roscoe Bartlett - The 'Paul Revere' Of EMP Turns 90
2016-06-05 -- * Race-Baiter In Chief Neglects To Mention It Is Mexicans And Blacks Terrorizing Citizens, Rioting, Burning Down Cities And Calling For The Murder Of Police And Whites
2016-06-04 -- * White House Unveils FEMA Camp App To Lead The Sheep To Slaughter And Warns America: 'Prepare For Disaster' - What Does He Know We Don't Know? Is 'Cascadia Rising'?
2016-06-03 -- * It Has Begun! Terrorist Thugs Attack Americans! How Long Till The Headlines Read 'Mexicans Terrorizing Americans Shot By Law-Abiding Trump Supporters'? It's Time To Get The Illegals Terrorizing America Out Of The Country!
2016-06-02 -- * The New Dark Ages - The New Black Death - The New Doomsday - The New Barbarian Hordes Have Arrived
2016-06-02 -- * After Daughters Were 'Visibly Frightened' By Men Using Women's Restroom 'Progressive' ACLU Leader Resigns
2016-06-02 -- * Elite Military Planes Crashing - Is Russia Using Their Secretive EMP Weapon To Send America A Message? Obama Was At Plane Crash In Colorado - Why?
2016-06-01 -- * Feminists Silent Approval Of Rape, Mutilation, And Beheadings Of Women Across The World Should Be The Outrage Of The Century

May 2016

2016-05-31 -- * The Shocking Endgame Plan - The 'Chemical Castration' Of The American Male And The 'Estrogenic Disaster' Facing The U.S. - The Real Reason For Ongoing Rape Of European Women
2016-05-31 -- * Glenn Beck Suspended From SiriusXM For Comments Which 'May Be Reasonably Construed By Some To Have Been Advocating Harm' To Donald Trump
2016-05-30 -- * This Utterly Unique Box Was Set Up To Commemorate Those Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice
2016-05-29 -- * Obama's Terrorists Strike America On Memorial Day Weekend - Sickening Images Show The Hatred Of America Created By This Administration - Obama's Legacy, 'The Terrorist Cancer', Continues To Grow In America
2016-05-28 -- * Welcome To A 'Brave New World' Where The Government Controls What You Eat, Say, And How You Raise Your Children
2016-05-27 -- * One Graph Says It All! Target Market Cap Tanks Since Announcement Of Transgender Bathroom Policy - Hit Them Where It Hurts, Their Wallet
2016-05-25 -- * Bullets, Bunkers & Bullion - Government Prepares For Civil War, Wealthy For Revolution, And Preppers For Survival, As Russia And China Wait In The Wings, To Strike
2016-05-24 -- * We Have Reached The Height Of Absurdity In Colleges Across America Where 'Prozac Tipped Binkies' Should Be Part Of The Welcome Package During Enrollment
2016-05-23 -- * 'Baltimore Going To Burn' Threat Goes Out After Judge Finds Freddie Gray Arresting Officer Not Guilty On All Charges - Special Event Response Team En Route
2016-05-22 -- * 'Go Back To Bed, Hillary' - Judge Annihilates Hillary Clinton On Keeping America Safe
2016-05-20 -- * Target Now Suing A Hero Who Saved The Life Of A Child Amidst Stock Market Plunge Over Dangerous Policy Of Allowing Males Into Female Bathrooms
2016-05-18 -- * As 'Preppers Nightmare' Comes To Life, More Proof Emerges They're Preparing To Bring It All Down - 'It's Just A Matter Of Time, That's A Guarantee' Financial Experts Warn - 'Can This Possibly End Well?'
2016-05-18 -- * US Supreme Court Justice Warns Of 'World Gone Mad' - Government Targets Preppers And Preparing For Doomsday Goes Mainstream
2016-05-18 -- * Europe's Falling! World Moves One Step Closer To Genocide - Free Speech Extinguished In Germany As Angela Merkel Caves To Hitler-Wannabe Erdogan
2016-05-17 -- * The UN To Crack Down On Internet Free Speech As Facebook And Twitter Conspire With Them To Censor Conservatives
2016-05-16 -- * How To Deal With The Professional Clinton Trolls Who Are Paid To Counter Truth About 'The Queen Of Blood' With Lies
2016-05-15 -- * When America's Farmlands Become The Killing Fields Of Tomorrow
2016-05-14 -- * Hoax Terror Attack Proves How Woefully Unprepared Authorities Are For The Next Major Terrorist Attack As U.S Admits Tens of Thousands Potential Terrorists
2016-05-13 -- * The Perfect Storm Is Here - Disaster Preparedness Warning & Banking Collapse
2016-05-13 -- * Enough Is Enough - Barack Hussein Obama Should Be Co-Charged For Any Sexual Assault Occurring From His Transgender Access To School Restrooms Decree!
2016-05-12 -- * Has Mitt Romney Teamed Up With Hillary Clinton Or Is He A GOP Establishment Puppet In Their Ongoing Campaign To Stop Trump?
2016-05-11 -- * FEMA Prepares For West Coast Carnage As New Madrid Awakening And Mount St. Helen's Shaking Are More Signs That 'Imminent Destruction May Be Coming Soon'
2016-05-11 -- * Hillary Is Toast In November, Campaign Paralyzed As Polling Tightens And Trump Attack Ad Hits Home - Team Clinton Just Does Not Know What To Do About Trump
2016-05-10 -- * The Manufactured Divide - Elite Suffers A Devastating Blow And It Is About To Get Worse For Them
2016-05-09 -- * 'New Media' In The Bullseye For Being 'Too Influential' - How Long Before The Hammer Drops On All Of Us?
2016-05-08 -- * The Rise Of Orchestrated Terrorism In America - Latest Assassination Threat Against Donald Trump, Wife And Daughter
2016-05-07 -- * Hillary Clinton Makes The Same Mistake The GOP Establishment Did, Creates "Anti-Trump" Ad That Helps Donald!
2016-05-05 -- * Experts Warn America Is 'Ready To Rumble' - 'The Springs Have Been Wound Very, Very Tight' - Some Ask If Recent New Madrid Quake Is Another Sign Of 'End Times'
2016-05-04 -- * Most Americans 'Blissfully Unaware Of Nightmare Scenario' - Something Strange Is Going On In North Korea As Dictator Bans Weddings, Funerals And Freedom Of Movement And Prepares To Launch New Nuclear Missile Tests As Early As Friday
2016-05-03 -- * Gingrich: 'It Really Is The Last Stand' - Indiana Primary Live Coverage OPEN THREAD - The Tide Has Officially Turned
2016-05-02 -- * 'Hunger Games' - Take A Good, Long Look Because This Is What Is Coming to America
2016-05-01 -- * Bill Holter Issues A Red Alert Warning: 'They Know It Is Coming' - An 'Event You Cannot Recover From'

April 2016

2016-04-30 -- * The New ISIS Hit List - Media Downplays The Danger To Thousands Of New York Residents Despite NY Leading Arrests Of ISIS Supporters
2016-04-29 -- * Alarming Phenomenon Has Entire Continent Imperiled - 'The Danger Is Real And Persistent' Experts Warn
2016-04-28 -- * Trump Destroys Establishment, Slams Globalism While Sanders May Have Just Doomed Democrats In November
2016-04-28 -- * REPOST JULY 8TH: Another Insider Warns Of Martial Law Before Election! 'NWO Will Do Anything To Stop Donald Trump' - The Rest Of 2016 May Be 'One Wild Ride'
2016-04-27 -- * WW3 Unfolding Before Our Eyes: Russia Reacts To Pentagon's Threats, Deploys Navy To Baltic Sea For Live Fire Exercises As US Destroyer Goes 'Weapons Hot' In Mediterranean Drill
2016-04-26 -- * Super Tuesday April 26 Primaries OPEN THREAD - CT, DE, MD, PA & RI - Live Stream, Results, Polls, Discussion And More
2016-04-25 -- * Internet Outage Reports Increasing In Frequency As First Time Ever Riot Control Drills Are Being Conducted - Are They Beta Testing The 'Kill Switch' To Be Used When Mass Civil Unrest Breaks Out?
2016-04-24 -- * If Elected, Hitlery Is Going For Americans Guns While Enabling ISIS To Slaughter The American People - Shocking 'Game Changer' May Alter Course Of US Politics In 2016
2016-04-23 -- * 'Not So Sure We Are Going To Get To October' - Bill Holter: This Is The Endgame - A 'Big Enough Failure Somewhere And You'll See The Entire System Close Within 48 Hours'
2016-04-22 -- * As Danger Surrounds Us Survival Of The Fittest Becomes Survival Of The Most Prepared - Government Prepares For Massive Civil Unrest, Are You Ready?
2016-04-21 -- * MSM Fervently Works To Prepare Masses For The Collapse Of Establishment Power
2016-04-20 -- * Drone Footage Shows Devastation Of Japan Literally Ripped Apart As Fears Mount With Food In Short Supply And Ringing Warnings Of 'This Has Only Just Begun' - This Will Be The End Of The Pacific And Tens Of Millions Will Die
2016-04-19 -- * Biblical Scale Invasion Of Parts Of North-Eastern United States Coming In Weeks - Are You Prepared For The 'Emergence'? They Lived 17 Years Underground
2016-04-19 -- * Live Coverage New York Primary - OPEN THREAD
2016-04-18 -- * Ring of Fire: Three Deadly Earthquakes In Three Days - 'Earthquake Outbreak' Has Scientists Concerned
2016-04-17 -- * Dire Warning Issued 'It Is Going To Be A Rough July' - From Georgia To Colorado Things Are Rapidly Spiraling Out of Control
2016-04-15 -- * Outright Panic Among Establishment Elite As Their Worst Nightmare Materializes - This Is Going To Get Much Uglier
2016-04-14 -- * Desperate Michelle Fields Attacks Greta Van Susteren As 'Trump Shill' While 'Irresponsible' Megyn Kelly Eggs Fields On
2016-04-13 -- * 'Burn The Card' Movement Kicks In To High Gear From Florida To Colorado As Angry Republicans Start Burning Their Voter Cards - The GOP Exodus Begins
2016-04-13 -- * Experts Warn Of 'Downright Disastrous And Impending Collapses Everywhere' - 'Smart Money Says Get Ready To Get Out, US Banks Not Prepared For What's Coming'
2016-04-12 -- * In A Mistake Of Epic Proportions Ted Cruz Attacks Matt Drudge - Be Careful What You Ask For Rafael, You May Just Get It!
2016-04-11 -- * Revolution Begins In Colorado - Voters Burn Registration Cards As GOP Delegates Are Removed For Voting Trump
2016-04-10 -- * Chaos At Portland State University Ensues When Radical Leftist Crybullies Crash 'Students For Trump' Meeting - The Radical, Ugly Left On Full Display
2016-04-09 -- * Hack-Attack, Grid Down, No Back-Up Fuel To Nuke Plants - Two Weeks 100 'China Syndromes' Will Begin The Mutagenic Zombie Apocalypse
2016-04-08 -- * TheChalkening- Crybullies Called Out At Colleges Across The Country And On Social Media In An Epic Free Speech Versus 'Safe Space' Battle
2016-04-07 -- * Top Space Scientist Claims 'Planet Nine' Could Cause E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event)
2016-04-06 -- * Exclusive - D.C. Madam Attorney Response To Supreme Court Denial Of Application To Release Escort Service Records
2016-04-05 -- * Surviving The Unthinkable - Being Prepared For What Is Coming Will Be The Difference Between Living And Dying
2016-04-05 -- * Livestream - April 5, 2016 Wisconsin Primaries - OPEN THREAD - Underdogs Favored
2016-04-03 -- * 'Days Of Rage' Coming - Elite Declare War On We The People - Plan Revealed To Fight Back And 'Stop The Steal'
2016-04-02 -- * The Enemy Within Once Again Reveals Himself - More Proof The White House Has Been Infiltrated By An Islamic Extremist
2016-04-01 -- * 'Insidiously Evil And Deadly' - Millions Of Americans Are Being Sickened Nationwide In Their Own Homes - This Is NO April Fool's Joke!
2016-04-01 -- * Trump Death Threats Hit Fevered Pitch Yet Media Ignores Journalists And Politicians Promoting The 'Assassination' Mentality

March 2016

2016-03-31 -- * War Against The Washington Elite Declared - Border Patrol Takes Unprecedented Action And Ted Nugent Provides The Enemies List
2016-03-30 -- * Michelle Fields - The Hit Woman Behind The Attack On Donald Trump - Attention Seeker Or Paid Operative?
2016-03-29 -- * Strange Internet Outages All Across America - Verizon, Comcast, Cox, Charter, AT &T And More
2016-03-28 -- * Beware! Battle Line Has Been Drawn With America Now In Crosshairs Of Sharia Law And Muslim Caliphate As CAIR Joins Black Lives Matter And Establishment Pushes Revolution
2016-03-26 -- * The REAL Scandal Is Not About Alleged Cruz Mistresses But The Hell Stream Media Making It 'All About Trump'
2016-03-25 -- * Microsoft AI Becomes Genocidal, Racist Maniac In One Day - Proof Hawking Was Right, AI Will 'End Humanity'
2016-03-25 -- * Huge Changes Coming April 1st - More Signs Banks Have Begun 'Tightening The Screws' With World On Edge As Insiders Warn: 'Get Out While You Still Can' And 'Try To Hold On To What You Already Have'
2016-03-24 -- * Chilling Details Revealed Indicates ISIS Is Prepared To Attack The U.S. At Any Given Moment
2016-03-23 -- * 'Trump 2016' Yanks College Students Out Of Their 'Safe Space' With No TRIGGER WARNING!
2016-03-22 -- * EUROPE ATTACKED - Multiple Explosions Rock Brussels, Dozens Dead As ISIS Extremists Celebrate The Attacks
2016-03-22 -- * Turkey's President Warned Days Ago Of Bombs In Brussels: 'The Snakes You Are Sleeping With Can Bite You At Any Time' - Trump Warned Brussels 2 Months Ago: 'There's Something Really Bad Going On' - They Didn't Listen - Will We?
2016-03-21 -- * Political Insider: 'Get Ready For Armageddon' - Trump, Cruz Delegates Forming Alliance Against Party Establishment
2016-03-21 -- * What Is Wrong With Bill Clinton In This Video? Listless And Disconnected During Arizona Appearance - Are Bill And Hillary Clinton Even More Sickly Than What Is Being Reported?
2016-03-20 -- * The Viciousness Of Megyn Kelly And Her Crazy Obsession With Donald Trump
2016-03-19 -- * Sheriff Clarke Warns Sovereignty Of America At Risk As Anti-Trump Protesters Tyrannize Americans - Black Lives Matter Spokesperson Warns Of Violence Against Whites If Donald Trump Wins
2016-03-18 -- * Beyond The Pale - Threatening The Lives Of Children - Was Hacktivist Group Anonymous Responsible For Threat Against The Grandchildren Of Donald Trump?
2016-03-17 -- * 'The Big Steal Is ON': RNC Secret Plans Revealed - Hannity 'I'm Walking' With Supporters - Time To Make Our Voices Heard
2016-03-16 -- * Syria: Putin The Statesman, Obama The Chump - Putin Outsmarts Obama Again
2016-03-16 -- * Political Official Blatantly Admits The Truth - Parties 'Select' Nominee, Voters Do Not 'Elect' Them
2016-03-15 -- * Live Stream Coverage -Big Day! March 15 Primaries - FL, IL, MO, NC And OH Head To The Polls - OPEN THREAD
2016-03-14 -- * UPDATE! Was Black Lives Matter Responsible For 'Suicide By Cop' Turned Into Tragedy After Maryland Police Station Ambushed And Officer Killed? Suspects Were Recording Incident In Order To Make A Political Statement - Black Harvard Students Advocate White Genocide
2016-03-14 -- * Former Breitbart Reporter Busted As Video Emerges Of Alleged 'Violation' By Trump Campaign Manager
2016-03-14 -- * Iran Launching Rocket Into Space This Weekend Capable Of Carrying An EMP As Insiders Warn Of Chaos - 'It Would Change The Game, It Would Change The World Order'- The NOAH Project Will Help You Prepare To Survive
2016-03-13 -- * Anti-Trump MOB FOR HIRE Ad In Chicago Craigslist Days Before Violent Protest - Man Who Attacked Trump Made Short Film Calling For Killings Of Whites And Is An 'Actor' With An IMDb Page Dating Back To 2004
2016-03-12 -- * Fukushima Coverup: Radiation Still A Big Problem – A Brief Personal Story
2016-03-12 -- * Videos Of Chaos! Trump Responds To Chicago Rally Cancellation As Protesters, Including Terrorist Bill Ayers, Killed Free Speech
2016-03-11 -- * Exposing The Elite For Who And What They Are - We Are Now Witnessing The Ultimate 'Reality Show'
2016-03-10 -- * Glenn Beck Melts Down, Attacks Matt Drudge And Alex Jones Over Rubio 'Midget' Images - Accuses Drudge Of Colluding With Donald Trump
2016-03-10 -- * More Proof We Have Reached The 'Rubicon Crossing': Liberal Slams Clintons And Hails Trump As Republican Party Prepares To 'Trump' Trump - Americans Show They Have Trumps Back As We Fight Back Against The NWO
2016-03-09 -- * 'We Have Entered Very Dangerous Territory' - Peter Schiff Warns On America's Last Chance - More Proof Global Trade Is Absolutely Imploding!
2016-03-08 -- * Preparing For The Worst Natural Disaster In History - How Everyone In America May Be Impacted When The Cascadia Subduction Zone Rips Apart - Full Cascadia Rising Exercise Scenario Document Here
2016-03-08 -- * NSA Chief Warns Black Energy Attack On U.S. Power Grid A 'Matter Of When, Not If' - Lights Out Scenario Not A Myth But A Coming Reality
2016-03-08 -- * Live Coverage - March 8, 2016 Primaries - MI, MS, ID And HI
2016-03-07 -- * Alternate Reality? Central Banks Consider The 'Nuclear Option' As The 'Gathering Storm' Prepares To Unleash Upon The World
2016-03-07 -- * Completely Out Of Control - Riots, Sex Attacks And Now 'Schools Ban Sausages, Ham, Other Pork Products' To Avoid Offending Muslims
2016-03-06 -- * 'There Is An Insurrection Coming' - Judge Jeanine Shreds Romney & Party Elite In EPIC Opening Statement
2016-03-06 -- * 'Only Days Away' - Three Celestial Events In One Day: Total Solar Eclipse, Supermoon And Asteroid Flyby Have People Worried About The End Of The World - Should We Worry?
2016-03-05 -- * March 5-8, 2016 Presidential Primaries And Caucuses - OPEN THREAD - Today Multiples States Weigh In
2016-03-05 -- * Seeing Is Believing.... About That Glenn Beck 'The Stabbing Just Wouldn’t Stop' Quote
2016-03-04 -- * 'Dead Or Alive' - Jonathan Chait From NY MAG Offers Bounty For Donald Trump - Where Is The Secret Service?
2016-03-03 -- * BREAKING NEWS ALERTS! Reader Request - Open Thread
2016-03-03 -- * Mitt Romney Endorsed Donald Trump....... Before Selling His Soul To The Devil
2016-03-02 -- * 'I Will Not Kneel' To Street Gangs, Black Activists Or Bureaucrats - Police Captain That Vowed To Take America Back, Resigns - 'A Matter Of Conscience'
2016-03-01 -- * There Are Vipers In Our Midst - Viral Video Ignored By MSM Shows Why America Is About To Get Bitten
2016-03-01 -- * Infowars Live Stream Election Coverage Begins At 8 PM Eastern Time - Video Here! Super Tuesday All News Pipeline Reader Open Thread

February 2016

2016-02-29 -- * This Is Our 1 Week Warning! Will Huge June Megaquake Drill Be Too Late? Massive West Coast Earthquake Warning After Carbon Monoxide Levels Explode Leaves Fears Of 'Cascadia Rising'
2016-02-28 -- * Experts Warn: 'The Whole System Could Blow!' - 'This Is How To Hedge Against Catastrophe' - Retail Dying After Middle Class 'Executed' - 'Gulag-Ameripeligo' Awaits!
2016-02-27 -- * Christie Endorsement Of Trump A Three-Pronged Attack Against 'Elites,' Rubio And Cruz
2016-02-26 -- * CALL TO ACTION! Look What They Are Doing To These People - Time To Stand Up And Speak Out
2016-02-25 -- * China Terrified Of A Potential Trump Presidency, Starts Issuing 'Warnings' To The U.S.
2016-02-25 -- * The Biggest Mystery In America Today Is Why No One Can Explain This Phenomenon - We Have The Answer
2016-02-25 -- * Warning Goes Out: System Break Down In 10 Days - How Long Will It Be Until The Same Thing Happens Here? 'We're On The Brink Of Disaster'
2016-02-24 -- * Best Part Of Nevada GOP Caucus Night - Video Of Trump Stealing The Show From Glenn Beck
2016-02-23 -- * Huge Fireball Strikes Atlantic Ocean - Did You Hear About It? Months Ago, 'Asteroid Almost Wiped Us Out' - Did The MSM Tell You? 'Cosmic Roulette' Underway In The Heavens - 'There Is An Asteroid With Our Name On It' Expert Warns 'These Things Happen'
2016-02-22 -- * Shocking Image Of A Real Life Sea Of Zombies
2016-02-21 -- * Why Most Millennials Will Not Survive What Is Coming
2016-02-20 -- * Voter Revolution! Trump SC Victory Speech Video - Jeb Pulls Out, Democrats Cheat For Hillary And Trump Stomps GOP Opponents
2016-02-19 -- * Law Enforcement Officer Puts Out Call To Take America Back And Sends This Message To The World: 'We're Americans And We'd Rather Die On Our Feet Than Live On Our Knees'
2016-02-18 -- * From Cashless Society To Killing People According To Meta-Data 'Skynet' Is Real, It Is Live And It Has Already Taken Control - CIA, Google, Facebook Connections
2016-02-17 -- * This Is Why America Is In Grave Danger: The Accelerating Death Of The Global Economy Awaits The Coming Derivatives Massacre - How Long Before These 'Weapons Of Mass Destruction' Are Unleashed?
2016-02-16 -- * Jim Rogers On CNN: 'We Are All Going To Pay A Horrible Price' - Bank Bail-Ins Imminent?
2016-02-16 -- * Political 'Armageddon' - Trump, Sanders Expose Corrupt Process - DNC Cheats And GOP Party Establishment Has Been Hoisted By Their Own Petard
2016-02-15 -- * All Hell Is About To Break Loose - Massive Russian Wargames Include Over 20 Drills And The Deployment Of 88 Combat Vehicles!
2016-02-14 -- * Ongoing Threat To The Whole Internet - John McAfee: 'As Serious As It Gets - Absolutely No Defenses In Place'
2016-02-13 -- * Experts Warn 'Guerrilla Warfare' & 'House To House' Methods May Be Needed To Combat Zika In America - 'One Neighbor Could Cause Outbreak For Whole Neighborhood' Is A Warning Of Where This Is Going!
2016-02-12 -- * After Tragic Mistakes And Predictions Of Disaster, Expert Warns: 'Americans Will Not Be Spared From The Crisis' - More Proof Emerges Obama Running Illegal Invasion And Planned Takedown Of America
2016-02-11 -- * 'Dangerous New Cocktail Of Threats' Have Emerged And This 'Perfect Storm' Is A Grim Warning To The World: 'We Are At The Breaking Point'
2016-02-10 -- * Unravelling Right Before Our Eyes - Preparation, Precious Metals & The Coming X-Wave
2016-02-10 -- * THURSDAY Live Stream From Oregon Added! UPDATE - Cliven Bundy Arrested In Oregon - Call From Oregon Malheur Wildlife Refuge
2016-02-09 -- * Russian Troops Put On High Alert - World War 3 Warning Goes Out: 'The Bloodshed Will Drag On Until Every Semblance Of Civilization Is Destroyed'
2016-02-09 -- * When You Are Told That 'You Are Not Allowed To Walk In Your Own City Anymore' - It Is Too Late
2016-02-07 -- * Authorities Afraid Of Free Thought And Free Speech - Censorship Around The World Still At High Levels
2016-02-07 -- * 'We Are All Going To Suffer' - Jim Rogers: 'Be Knowledgeable, Be Worried And Be Prepared'
2016-02-06 -- * Placing Yourself On A Government 'Red List' - Oregon Court Documents Prove Social Media Content Used To Self-Incriminate
2016-02-04 -- * Experts Warn Of 'Destruction Of Food Chain' Edging Towards Completion - 'Whole Systems Out Of Whack And Other Freakish Phenomena' - There But For The Grace Of God Go We
2016-02-03 -- * 'America Will Be Shaken Like Never Before' - New White House Executive Order Prepares For 'The Big One' - What Do They Know That We Don't Know?
2016-02-03 -- * Billary Clinton: Rapist And Coverup Team Par Excellence
2016-02-02 -- * Cliven Bundy Serves Notice Upon Barack Obama Over Oregon Refuge Means The Fight Is Far From Over - Should Lavoy Finicum Be Added To The 'Clinton Body Count'?
2016-02-02 -- * Situation Critical: Empty Shelves, Store Closings Are The 'New Normal' - Fed Talks Negative Interest Rates For US Banks And Americans Across Country Share Their Warnings!
2016-02-01 -- * 'Playing With Fire': Washington Post Exposes How False Flags Are Set Up! Massive Disinfo Campaign May Be In The Works!

January 2016

2016-01-31 -- * Beware Of The Danger Within - Shocking Details From Oregon Militia Criminal Complaint
2016-01-31 -- * Former Reagan White House Official Warns: 'We Are Nearing The End' - The War On Cash And The Coming Global Bank Runs
2016-01-30 -- * More Signs Of 'The Really Big One' On Oregon's West Coast - Will The Cascadia Subduction Zone Soon Be Toast?
2016-01-30 -- * DHS 'Loses' Thousands Of Badges And Hundreds Of Guns And Cell Phones As Barack Obama Prepares To Visit A Mosque With Known Ties To Extremists - What's Wrong With This Picture?
2016-01-29 -- * 'Something Big Is Going On' - Alex Jones Interview With Ron Paul - 'Martial Law Is No Conspiracy' And 'The Big Event Is In Our Sight'
2016-01-28 -- * 'A Perfect Storm Of Biological Events Has Unfolded' In The Americas In 2016 - Zika Virus 1st Discovered By Rockefeller Foundation Back In 1947 - Is This Disease A Bioweapon?
2016-01-27 -- * Warnings Of 'Something Bigger And More Sinister' Go Out After Fiber Optic Lines Cut More Than 16 Times Ahead Of What Could Be Most-Watched TV Show Of All-Time
2016-01-26 -- * This Is It, It Is Happening Now - Elite Scrambling As House Of Cards Starts Crumbling - 'It Is Over'
2016-01-26 -- * How To Weather The Coming Storm - Michael Snyder With A Minute To Midnite
2016-01-26 -- * Oregon Update: Angry Militia Member Warns: 'Now You're Going To See The Pacific Patriot Network Mobilized' - Official FBI Press Release - Update - Lavoy Finicum 'Cold-Bloodedly Murdered' According To Witness
2016-01-25 -- * More Proof Emerging Time Is Short - Full Impact Of Growing Collapse Slams Railroads, Freight Transportation Industries - Is This The 'Tsunami' That's Coming To America?
2016-01-25 -- * Indefinite State Of Emergency - Think It Cannot Happen In America? Think Again!
2016-01-24 -- * Martial Law Mentality Has Become The New 'Norm' In The U.S.
2016-01-23 -- * Total Red Alert! Is New 'ISIS War Powers Act' Preparing For ISIS Or The Breakdown Of Society?
2016-01-22 -- * China Prepares Nuclear Strike Against US As America Rides Down The Road To Hell - Targets Could Include Biggest Cities On East And West Coast And 'Blast Waves That Could Vaporize Manhattan' And Well Beyond
2016-01-21 -- * 'Mini-Tsunami' Strikes State Of Washington Along 'Ring Of Fire' - Two Massive 'Ring Of Fire' Volcanoes Erupt Simultaneously As Five Planets Begin Alignment - Why Haven't We Heard About This From The Mainstream Media?
2016-01-20 -- * It Has Begun - Food Shortages Already In America And What Is Coming Next Is Going To Be Ugly - The Crash Felt Round The World
2016-01-19 -- * Mind Controlling Mantras And Repetitious Usage of Words Such As Crisis, Collapse, Panic And Meltdown, Have Lulled The Sheep Into A State Of Passivity, Apathy And Denial, Resulting In Their Demise
2016-01-18 -- * 'This Is It, We Are Watching The Meltdown' - Bill Holter: 'We Are Standing At The Gates Of Hell'
2016-01-17 -- * Surprise! Russia Preps For Nuclear War As US Army Sinks $900 Million Into Chemical And Biological War Projects - What Do They Know That We Don't Know?
2016-01-16 -- * New U.S. Online Task Force Is 'The Greatest Threat To Free Speech America Has Ever Seen'
2016-01-15 -- * 'The Most Extreme I've Ever Seen' - Horrifying Disasters Leave Heartbreaking Death And Carnage In Their Paths
2016-01-15 -- * 'Elite' Are Preparing For 'Uprising' From The Masses - With Global Economy In Full Panic, More Signs They're Preparing To Move Into Their Underground Bunkers
2016-01-13 -- * Industry Insiders Predict 'Cataclysmic Year' - Time To Kick Your Prepping Into High Gear
2016-01-13 -- * Gerald Celente Is On Fire! Completely Destroys Obama's State Of Union And Tells Us Why America Is Finished As Canada 'Feels The Great Depression' - Is THIS What's Coming To America Next?
2016-01-11 -- * 'RAPEAGEDDON' Headed To America - Time For Women Across This Nation To Arm Themselves And Prepare To Defend Their Lives
2016-01-10 -- * World Faces Terrifying Consequences As 'The Panic Of 2016' Has Begun: Gerald Celente - 'These Are Dangerous Times Indeed'
2016-01-09 -- * Obamacare's Resurrected Death Panels Modeled After Hitler's T4 Program Which Had 'Red List' Patients Slaughtered - Is This What's Coming To America?
2016-01-08 -- * The Clock Is Ticking: 'It Is Going To Get A Lot Worse' - Act Now And Prepare - X22 Report
2016-01-08 -- * RADCON 5 Alert: Pittsburgh, PA - Officials In California Warn 'It's On The Brink Of Pandemonium'
2016-01-07 -- * Is The World Ready For This? Countries Across Planet Prepare For Crash Landing As Critical 'Make Or Break' Event Is Happening Now
2016-01-07 -- * Is US Military Being Set-Up For Fall? Obama Eyes 6 FEMA Camps For Illegal Immigrants, On US Military Bases!
2016-01-06 -- * Dr. Chuck Baldwin- Oregon Standoff - Helping or Hurting The Cause of Liberty?
2016-01-06 -- * Unprecedented Catastrophe Underway Near Los Angeles - Why Haven't We Heard About This From The Mainstream Media?
2016-01-05 -- * Are We Witnessing The Perfect Storm That Leads To The Second Amendment Apocalypse???
2016-01-04 -- * Reports Of EBT - SNAP Not Working Nationwide Are A Symptom Of The Problems That Will Bring Down The System As 2016 Begins With A Bang!
2016-01-03 -- * Nugent: 'We The People Must Raise Hell Or Die' - US Marines, DHS & UN Practicing For Gun Confiscation
2016-01-02 -- * One Step Closer To All-Out War As Putin Names U.S., NATO As 'Threats' To Russian National Security In Updated Defense Strategy
2016-01-01 -- * House Resolution Moves To Implement Sharia Law In America By 'Condemning' Free Speech And Conflating It With Violence

December 2015

2015-12-30 -- * As Bank Bail-Ins Begin, We Could All Soon Be In For A World Of Hurt Because 'Underneath The Surface, Big Trouble Is Brewing'
2015-12-29 -- * Experts Warn Of Doomsday And The End Of Humanity
2015-12-29 -- * 15 Sickening ISIS 'Rape' And 'Slavery' Rules - ISIS Committee of Research and Fatwas - Number 64
2015-12-28 -- * 2016 Offers Rapidly Unfolding Recipe For Disaster As Obama Funds Overseas Mosques To Tune Of $770 Million While Americans Are Served Cold, Hard Financial Devastation
2015-12-27 -- * Illinois Beta Testing Gun Confiscation Law? HR0855 Title '2ND AMEND-NOT INDIVIDUAL RIGHT ' - IL Attempts To Ban Private Ownership Of Firearms
2015-12-26 -- * Meet Your Executioners - They Must Disarm You Before They Can Kill You And This Is The First Step - 'To Ensure That The Right To Keep And Bear Arms Is Not Unlimited'
2015-12-26 -- * Mysterious String Of Suspicious Events Continue Towards Potentially 'Massive Main Event' After 43 More Propane Tanks Are Stolen In Philadelphia And Terror Expert Warns: 'ISIS Jihadis Could Cripple America'
2015-12-25 -- * 'Illegal Humanity' Armed DontComply Activists Break The Law To Feed Homeless In Dallas
2015-12-23 -- * US Holds Full Spectrum Nuclear Wargames And Expresses Concern Over Russian Superweapon As New Drone Footage Shows Damascus In Apocalyptic Ruinous Heap And Biblical Prophecy Unfolding
2015-12-22 -- * Lights Out For America - Experts Say Terrorists Have 'Capability To Strike At Will' - What Are They Waiting For?
2015-12-21 -- * Hillary Clinton Sets Up America For 'Disaster Of Biblical Proportions' By Enabling ISIS To Slaughter Americans On US Soil - Sweden Locked Down After ISIS Threatens To Decapitate Infidels In Their Own Homes
2015-12-20 -- * Unstoppable Death Looms - Millions Of Americans In Danger! Chaos Awaits Below The Surface As Massive Cover-up Is Exposed - Officials Are Preparing For The Worst
2015-12-19 -- * 'Terror Blitz' Planned - ISIS Planning 'Series Of Coordinated Attacks' Says Former ISIS Terrorist - U.S. Plot Exposed
2015-12-18 -- * Something Very Strange In The Middle Of The Atlantic Ocean Another Sign It's Almost Time For Everything To Fall To Pieces
2015-12-17 -- * Loesch To The Godless Left 'You All Have Blood On Your Hands Right Now' Over San Bernardino Massacre
2015-12-17 -- * Feds Ignore New Islamic Threats In America To Focus On 'American Jihadists'
2015-12-16 -- * The Horrifying Truth Americans Are Not Being Told - Islamic Cannibalism, Kuru And The End Days
2015-12-15 -- * With An Increase Of 'Gun-Free Zone' Mass Shootings, Perhaps We Should Stop Putting Targets On The Backs Of Our Children
2015-12-14 -- * Getting Ready For War - Will This One Be On US Soil? Massive Military Train Convoy Outside Of Dallas 2nd Convoy In Texas In Days As Signs Increase Of A Major Imminent Event
2015-12-12 -- * Something Huge Is Coming As ISIS Prepares Imminent 'Main Event' In U.S. - To Be Largest Terror Attack In History And Fully Sanctioned By Obama Administration
2015-12-12 -- * Russia's New Doomsday Plane To Launch This Week After Putin's Threat To Nuke ISIS - What Does Russia Know That We Don't Know?
2015-12-11 -- * 'Total Confrontation' Promised In 2016 As Mile-Long Military Train Videotaped In Texas! The Trend Is Towards 'Weird And Creepy' As Americans And Government Prepare For Something Huge To Happen!
2015-12-10 -- * 'Be Ready' - 'Enough Is Enough' - 'It Is On Its Way' - One By One Law Enforcement Officials Are Standing Up And Speaking Out 'Arm Yourselves Now!'
2015-12-10 -- * Bizarre San Bernardino Massacre Link Tracks Back To Russia! Warnings From Law Enforcement To Stay Extra Vigilant This Holiday Season As Terrorists Target Hobby Stores And Remote Control Toys
2015-12-09 -- * France Raids Mosques, Finds ISIS Propaganda, Ammunition And More! America Has Over 3,000 Mosques With 75 Percent Used As Jihadi Networks And Obama Admin Declared Them 'Off-Limits' For Surveillance
2015-12-08 -- * Obama Caught Running ISIS From White House! How Can We Defeat Islamic Terrorists When We Are Arming And Supporting Them Overseas?
2015-12-08 -- * AskSean: Is This Enough To Send Obama And Clinton To Jail?
2015-12-07 -- * Next Phase Of Operation Complete To Disarm 'Red List' - Disinformation, Misdirection And Outright Lies In Obama Speech From Oval Office
2015-12-06 -- * U.S. Mosque Map - Former FBI: Vast Majority Are Part Of 'Jihadi Network' - Reality Is Not Racism And It Is Not Paranoia When They Are Really Trying To Kill You!
2015-12-05 -- * UPDATED 'Confirmed' Third San Bernardino Shooter Mysteriously Disappears From News Reports And The National Discussion
2015-12-04 -- * They Are Here, Planning More Attacks - San Bernardino Killer Passed DHS Vetting! Outrageous New Information Emerges As Police Face Off With Obama Over Guns
2015-12-03 -- * Americans Being Set Up For Huge Fall! Most Mass Shootings In America EVER Under Obama Regime! Is He Now Hinting Of More Islamic Terrorist Attacks Upon America After Terror Strikes California?
2015-12-02 -- * Danger Ahead Of Coming 'Economic Storm Of The Century' - 'Emergency Preparedness Alert' Comes In For Big Banks - What Do They Know That We Don't Know?
2015-12-02 -- * SUSPECT PICTURE HERE - DEVELOPING: Mass Shooting In San Bernardino - 14 Dead, 17 Injured
2015-12-01 -- * Why America Is Doomed To Become A Third World Nation With No Constitutional Rights - College Age Kindergarteners
2015-12-01 -- * Islam: The Truth From Woman That Grew Up Muslim - 'Mohammed Was Rapist, Pedophile, Mass Murderer' And All Muslims Are Taught To Emulate Him

November 2015

2015-11-30 -- * Russia Launches 'Operation Total Destruction' Against ISIS In Syria - Nuclear Annihilation Possible - All Life On Earth Hangs In The Balance
2015-11-29 -- * Silencing Truth In America And Across The World - It Is Not Just Alternative Media They Are Trying To Silence, It Is TRUTH Itself
2015-11-28 -- * Obama Gives $500 Million More To Arm And Train 'Syrian Rebels' - What Could You Do With Just One Million Dollars?
2015-11-28 -- * 14,000 Potential Terrorists Go Missing As Reports Come In US Veterans Are Being Disarmed - Map Shows Islamic Terrorist Network In America
2015-11-27 -- * ISIS Is The Ultimate NWO Weapon Against 'We The People' - John Kerry Admits To 'Making Order Out Of Chaos' For 'World Order'
2015-11-27 -- * Are We Watching A 'Shortage Psyop' To Guarantee 'Food Riots' In The Future? Brutal Black Friday Fights Nothing Compared To What's Coming To America With Collapse
2015-11-25 -- * ISIS Supporters In America Deemed 'No Credible Threat'?!? Horrifying Images And New Report Show How Close We Are To Terror Attack On U.S. Soil
2015-11-25 -- * The Terrifying Numbers Prove It: Americans Are Sitting Ducks Unless We 'Take Out The Terrorists Before They Take Out Us' As Recently Suggested By The Washington DC Chief Of Police
2015-11-24 -- * Terror Group Publicly Humiliates Obama By Thanking U.S. Backed Syrian Rebels For American Weapons - MSM Silent
2015-11-24 -- * Billions May Soon Die In Nuclear World War 3! NATO, Turkey And America Playing Russian Roulette - There's No Turning Back Now!
2015-11-23 -- * More Mass Death Across Planet Provide Us More Proof Something Huge Is About To Happen - Are We Now Witnessing Prophecy Unfolding?
2015-11-23 -- * When Whispers Turn To Fire - What Revolution Could Look Like In America
2015-11-22 -- * CHAOS On All Levels As White Genocide Hits America! Arming The Enemy As Obama Vows Millions More 'Refugees' During His Last Year
2015-11-21 -- * Take Your Child Out Of Public School Now! Radical Islamic Indoctrination Of The Children Of America Has Begun
2015-11-20 -- * Inuit Elders Sound The Alarm As Government Cover-Up Intensifies While Strange Reports Pour In That Indicate The Elders Were Correct 'The Earth Has Shifted'
2015-11-18 -- * France Prepares For Chemical Weapons Attacks As German Interior Minister Gives Dire Warning While America Is Given Our Two Week Warning!
2015-11-17 -- * Credible Intel: Impending Attacks By ISIS In America - King Abdullah Warns Of World War III Within Islam
2015-11-16 -- * Obama's War On US Veterans Expands As Govt Prepares To Take Ultimate Creep Towards Tyranny And US Vet Issues Dire Warning: 'Don't Bow To Tyranny America!'
2015-11-16 -- * Toward Nuclear Holocaust: Paris Bloody Attacks Evil Root Cause Black-Out Herds US To Slaughter
2015-11-15 -- * Obama 'Fast Tracks' Potential Terrorists Into America As Police Warn: 'It's Only A Matter Of Time'- Will ISIS Black Friday Terrorist Attacks Upon US Shopping Malls Lead To The 'Grand Finale'?
2015-11-14 -- * Map Shows What U.S. States Likely To Be The Next 'Paris' - They Are Already Here
2015-11-14 -- * It Is Too Late To Save America, Now You Better Prepare To Save Yourselves
2015-11-13 -- * France Under Martial Law After Muslim Rampage! New Videos And More Live Streams
2015-11-12 -- * We Are Living In A Nightmare - Turned Into A Nation Of Zombies Incapable Of Seeing What Is Happening Right In Front Of Their Very Eyes
2015-11-11 -- * Jade Helm 2 Shapes Up For Texas! Now Called UWEX16, Role Players Wanted As Unconventional Warfare Drills Ramp Up Across America In 2016!
2015-11-10 -- * US Senator Admits Hillary Clinton Financed ISIS And Other Terrorist Organizations! Will This Spell The End Of Her Or Will America Continue Down This Very Dark Path?
2015-11-10 -- * In Broad Daylight And In Plain Sight - The Federalization Of Our Police Has Occurred
2015-11-10 -- * With Dollar's Execution Event On Horizon, One CEO Prepares For Economic Apocalypse - Dr. Ron Paul Interviews 'Most Hated Man On Wall Street'
2015-11-09 -- * COP 21: UN Plan to Make Legally Binding Climate Change Laws – Worldwide
2015-11-09 -- * Something Very Strange Is Happening - Experts, Government, And MSM Are All Warning Us Of The 'Big Event' On The Horizon
2015-11-07 -- * Total War Against All Alternative Media Now Underway - Imagine The Day When All Truth Has Been Blown Away, Along With The Voices You Listened To, Then What Will You Do?
2015-11-07 -- * Americans To Foot Bill Of Our Own Overthrow And Invasion! Billions Of Dollars And Lots Of Free Stuff Will Go To Syrian Refugees While 94 Million Americans Remain Out Of Work
2015-11-06 -- * At Least 17 Dead, 45 Missing, Town Leveled In 'Catastrophic' Dam Collapse In Brazil - Video Footage
2015-11-06 -- * Do You Know What Those Strange White Vans aka 'White Devils' Are Doing To You? Another Example Of Amerika Turning Into A Police State
2015-11-05 -- * Total War Command Is Given To Government 'Cyber Warriors' - Propaganda 'Troll' Attacks Go Hypersonic Against Alternative Media
2015-11-05 -- * US Nuclear Weapons Truck Rear Ended In Transit: Was This Being Moved For WW3 Or Nuclear False Flag Preparation?
2015-11-04 -- * Putin Dominates Obama Militarily And Politically And Proves Why You Do Not Pit A Community Organizer Against A Former KGB Operative
2015-11-03 -- * Escalation! US Army General Warns Russia An 'Existential Threat' To America! Putin Preps Russians For Nuclear War While DC Does Nothing For Americans
2015-11-03 -- * Reader Request: ANP Preppers Nationwide By State - Interactive Map
2015-11-03 -- * U.S. Gov Plans For 'Worst Case Scenario' EMP From Solar Event - Lights Out!
2015-11-02 -- * False Flag Refugee Crisis To Usher In Global ID With UN In Charge! Muslim Man Tells How They'll Conquer Us - Whistleblower Warns Of 'American Lunatic Asylum'

October 2015

2015-10-31 -- * Russian Doomsday Plane Flew Circles Over Russia For 6 Hours After Passenger Jet Shot Down By ISIS - ISIS Video Allegedly Shows Plane Being Blown Out Of Sky!
2015-10-31 -- * St. Louis Radiation Poisoning Death Toll Revealed
2015-10-30 -- * Amazing Photographs Show Earth Ripped Apart - A Sign Of Impending Doom?
2015-10-30 -- * Major East Coast False Flag Coming? Distant Early Warning System Now Offline As We Lose 'Eyes In The Sky' - Was NORAD's Missile Detection Blimp Sabotaged?
2015-10-28 -- * 'This Is Going To Get Very Ugly Quickly' - 250 Million Potentially Dead With 'Most Deadly Of All' False Flag Unfolding And World War 3 Upon Us
2015-10-28 -- * Is ISIS Preparing Massive Slaughter? Hundreds Go Missing As US Senator Warns Of Biological Terror Attack In America Ahead Of Complete Collapse And The Total Breakdown Of Society
2015-10-27 -- * 'Very Dangerous Times' - Jim Willie: 'We Are In A Situation That No One Has Ever Seen In The History Of The World'
2015-10-26 -- * Top Obama Official Warns 'Terrible Accident' May Happen Soon In What Some Warn May Be A Secret Message Of Coming Doom
2015-10-25 -- * Facing The 'Final Days' - The Quote That Shows Everything Is Falling Apart Right Now
2015-10-25 -- * Hurricane Patricia Foretold? Deaths, Flattened Village, 3000 Destroyed Homes in Prime Real Estate. 'No Damage'?
2015-10-24 -- * Media Insider Admits We Really Do Live In The Matrix - Many Reports And Troll Comments Bought And Paid For To Manipulate The Masses
2015-10-24 -- * More Proof Elite Are In 'Race Against Time' Prepping For The End Of The World - What Do They Know That We Don't Know?
2015-10-24 -- * Three Chinese Warships To Dock In Florida Next Month After China Called Obama's South China Seas Bluff - Is This A Prelude To Invasion?
2015-10-23 -- * Mexico Braces For 'Catastrophic Weather Bomb' Hurricane Patricia - Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded With 'Potential To Cause Massive Death And Destruction'
2015-10-22 -- * Reverend Franklin Graham Issues Terrifying Alert To Christians! - How Long Before The Wholesale Slaughter Of Christians Comes To America?
2015-10-21 -- * Mizzou Student Labeled 'Uncle Tom' For Defending Thomas Jefferson Statue
2015-10-21 -- * Presidential Path Opens For 'Queen Of Blood' As America Falls Further Into The Hands Of Total Evil - Will 'Clinton Body Count' Expand In 2016?
2015-10-20 -- * Will California Be 'Toast' After Mega Quake? Dire Warning Comes Before Swarm Of 200 Quakes Hit San Ramon Area
2015-10-20 -- * Are They Getting Ready To 'Pull The Plug?' Convergence Of Events Show We May Be In The Midst Of The 'Final Phase'
2015-10-20 -- * The Week's Most Censored Stories: Terrorist Threatens To Blow Up Airplane Over New York, Major Coverup Ongoing Over Trojan Horse Invasion And Trump Warns Of Obama's Intention To Confiscate Guns
2015-10-19 -- * Sickening Social Media Frenzy On 'How To Stab A Jew' - Social Media Removes Images Of Muhammed But Allows Incitement To Murder Jews
2015-10-19 -- * 13,000 Walking Talking Ebola Time Bombs Has Terrifying Implications And Catches Entire World By Surprise
2015-10-18 -- * We Will Not Be Silent And We Will Not Be Led, Like Sheep To The Slaughter - Top Website Labels Truth As 'Dangerous'
2015-10-17 -- * Scientists Warn 'Godzilla's Coming!' - Millions Potentially Endangered By Coming Monster!
2015-10-16 -- * Insider: 'Hell Is Literally Going To Break Loose' - The Final Act Is About To Begin
2015-10-15 -- * 'Nudging' America Using Psychological Warfare To Modify Your Behavior And Force You To Comply, And The Depopulation Activist Behind The Scheme
2015-10-14 -- * 'Something Big Is Coming' - Billionaires Kick Doomsday Prepping Into High Gear
2015-10-14 -- * Jim Willie: There's Nowhere Left To Hide - Sinister Social Weapon Being Used Against Europe With America Now In The Crosshairs
2015-10-14 -- * DHS Terror Watch List Computers Go Down Across Country For 90 Minutes Same Day ISIS Calls For Islamic Youth To Carry Out Holy War Against America And Russia
2015-10-13 -- * Jeb Bush And Liberal Media Trumped - Radical Femi-Nazi Who Attacked Donald Trump In New Hampshire Exposed As Jeb Bush Plant!
2015-10-13 -- * High-roller Gruesome Torture Psychologists Finally Sued
2015-10-12 -- * Govt Insider Warns Of 'Armageddon-Like' Attack From Specialized China Warfare Unit Targeting America! Is This The Ultimate False Flag Setup?
2015-10-12 -- * Mannarino Warns 'Get Ready!' - Are We On The Precipice Of The 'Big One?'
2015-10-12 -- * Judge Jeanine Goes One-On-One With Donald Trump
2015-10-11 -- * Are You Ready For The 'Internet Code of Conduct' Dictated By China? America Has Been Sold Down The River!
2015-10-10 -- * Next Step Of The Complete Takeover Of America Uncovered And It's Much Worse Than We Think! Totally Sold Out America About To Go Under As The Contract For Global Extermination Is Revealed!
2015-10-10 -- * Scientists Shocking Armageddon Sign Discovery
2015-10-09 -- * Ebola Back In The News - Ebola Nurse Back In The Hospital With 'Unusual Late Complications' Months After Being 'Cured' Of Ebola And Discharged
2015-10-08 -- * News That Is Not Washington Approved Being Censored! All Out Attacks Against Alternative News Increasing Exponentially - Soon All That Will Be Available Is DC Propaganda!
2015-10-08 -- * IMF Paints Grim Picture - Message To World Bankers: Batten Down The Hatches - Turbulence Ahead!
2015-10-07 -- * Say Goodbye To Internet Free Speech - Comply Or Be Purged And Shut Down! The End Is Not Near.... It Is HERE
2015-10-06 -- * Would You Force Your Little Girl To Undress In Front Of A Strange Man? Houston Cannot Define 'Men And Women' - How Did We Get Here?
2015-10-05 -- * Putin Vs Obama: The Breakup Of The Washington 'Empire' Is On The Horizon - Paul Craig Roberts
2015-10-05 -- * Emergency High Alert! Gun Confiscation Agenda Kicked Into High Gear As Call Goes Out For US State Department To Label NRA a 'Terrorist Organization' - Republic Hangs In Balance!
2015-10-05 -- * NORSE Live Attacks Shows America Under Major Cyber Attacks After Paypal Crashed Worldwide Monday Night! Are They Prepping Us For 'Total System Failure'?
2015-10-04 -- * American Flag Under Attack In Utah! Chestnut Place HOA Fining Residents For Flying The American Flag - Contact Info
2015-10-03 -- * Russia Condemned For Bombing Terrorists While US Bombs Hospital Killing Nine Staff, Calls It 'Collateral Damage'
2015-10-03 -- * Something 'Never Seen Before' Washes Up On West Coast As New Government Charts Show 'Evil Beacon Of Light' Poisoning America
2015-10-02 -- * Is Barack Obama Responsible For The Oregon Massacre And The Targeting of Christians?
2015-10-01 -- * Key September Issues Show World Government Rising Now
2015-10-01 -- * DHS Insider Exposes 'Containment' Plans For Big City Dwellers - Issues Warning 'Prepare' And 'Have A Plan'

September 2015

2015-09-29 -- * Putin Annihilates Obama And West 'Do You Realize Now What You Have Done?' - UNGA Full Speech By Vladimir Putin
2015-09-29 -- * DRUDGE: 'Putin Outsmarts Obama' - The HUGE Story The MSM Buried About Obama's 'Embarrassing Failure'
2015-09-28 -- * The Apocalyptic Doomsday Vision Of ISIS Forces All Christians To Become Muslims Or Die & Launches Global Armageddon As Islamic Invasion Of The West Plays Out Before Our Very Eyes
2015-09-27 -- * The Final Betrayal - Something Huge Just Happened But Is It Too Late? Say Goodbye To America
2015-09-26 -- * Putin Sends A Message To The American People - 'Which Party Is The Provocateur Here?'
2015-09-25 -- * Viral Video Removed By YouTube - Hero Saves Blind Kid, Rewarded By Being Suspended And Kicked Off School Football Team! Petition, Contact Info
2015-09-24 -- * Obama Caught With Horns Again! - 'Birthing Of A New Order?'
2015-09-24 -- * Massacre In Mecca As More Than 700 Dead In Human Stampede After 'Stoning Devil' - The Will Of God? A Warning To All Americans
2015-09-24 -- * ISIS Plans Nuclear Tsunami - Warns Of Biggest Religious Holocaust World Has Ever Seen That Will Wipe Hundreds Of Millions Of People From The Face Of The Earth
2015-09-23 -- * Prepare For Nationwide Riots! USDA Sends States Notice To Hold Off 'Until Further Notice' Process That Distributes Food Aid To 46 Million People In The US
2015-09-22 -- * Something Strange Is Happening! Widespread Outages Across A Variety Of Platforms And A Very Eerie Verizon Commercial
2015-09-21 -- * Cash This! Man Writes Check To School Using "Common Core" Math In Place Of Amount - Can You Tell Us The Amount?
2015-09-20 -- * Shocking Revelation! Your Doctor Now Works For FEMA And DHS And It Is Not In Your Best Interest
2015-09-20 -- * Massive Military Train Convoys Caught On Video All Across Country As Prep For Economic Collapse Or World War 3 Continues Across America Despite Official End Of Jade Helm 15
2015-09-19 -- * It Is Already Happening - Government Can Pick You Up, Lock You Up Or Exterminate You At Any Time
2015-09-18 -- * School Threats & Lockdowns Across America - What Is Really Going On? ISIS Promised America In May: 'The Next 6 Months Are Going To Be Interesting'
2015-09-18 -- * FEMA's Major 'New World Order' Announcement Tied To Coming Visit Of The Pope - Be Wary Of The Coming Deception
2015-09-17 -- * 'Massacre Along West Coast' - 'Countless Dead' - Monstrous Alien-Like Fish Caught Off Coast Of Fukushima, Japan
2015-09-16 -- * Reports: SNAP EBT Down Nationwide - Was This Another Deliberate Test To See How People Will React When They Can't Buy Food?
2015-09-16 -- * Black Lives Matter 'Terrorist' Post Leads To Police Chief's Forced Retirement - BLM 'An American Born Terrorist Group'
2015-09-16 -- * 'Truly Frightening' New Obama Executive Order Will Help Government 'Master The Human Domain' - Orders Federal Agencies To Begin Behavioral Experiments Upon Americans aka 'Human Guinea Pigs'
2015-09-16 -- * Backbone Of California's Internet Cut For 15th Time Since Last Summer - Cut Lines Close To U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration And Weapons Lab With CERN-Like Facility
2015-09-15 -- * Strange September 18th Warning Letter Goes Out To Parents From School Near Philadelphia - Do They Know Something We Don't Know?
2015-09-15 -- * Putin Sends Out Warning To World On ISIS's Intentions To Invade Jerusalem, Europe - New ISIS Video Claims 'We're Back In America!'
2015-09-14 -- * Footage The Media Refuses To Broadcast - This Is What Is Here In America
2015-09-12 -- * 50 US Military Intel Chiefs Revolt Against Obama - Pentagon Official Warns Obama Is Lying To America 'About Us, And About ISIS'
2015-09-11 -- * Is A Cyber Hack Power Grid Takedown Just A Mouse Click Away From Bringing The U.S. To Its Knees?
2015-09-11 -- * ISIS Attacks America On 9-11 And Issues New Warnings - 'We Are Back America' And 'It Is Just The Beginning' - We've Entered The Danger Zone!
2015-09-10 -- * Massive United Nations Train Carrying Tanks, Humvees Seen Near Chicago - Mysterious White Bus Seen In Florida
2015-09-10 -- * IMPORTANT ANP REPOST: List Of 190 US Cities Where 10,000 Refugees May Be Coming To Live In America - The Hidden Facts Of The Refugee Crisis - Germans Ready To Lynch Angela Merkel
2015-09-09 -- * The Biggest Trojan Horse In History - Europe Crumbles, America Next?
2015-09-09 -- * Proof Propaganda Controls Every Aspect Of Our Lives And Those That Do Not Toe The 'Official Washington Line' Can Be Legally Imprisoned Or Killed
2015-09-08 -- * Dozens Of Holistic Doctors/Practitioners Poisoned At Conference! Some Suffering 'Delusions, Breathing Problems, Racing Hearts And Cramps, Some In Life-Threatening Conditions'
2015-09-07 -- * Putin Puts Russian Troops On Full Military Alert And Sends Deadliest Sub To The Pacific
2015-09-07 -- * Signs Everywhere WW3 Has Already Begun - Covert Warfare On Many Levels Has Seemingly Broken Out All Across The Planet
2015-09-06 -- * Extremely High Radiation Levels All Across America As Fukushima's Pummelling Of Pacific Ocean Brings 'Invisible Blanket Of Death' To US Shores
2015-09-05 -- * 'This Ends In Complete Disaster' - Jeff Berwick: 'Looking Bad And It's Going To Get Worse'
2015-09-05 -- * Elite Take Preparation For September Doom To Next Level - Infowars Total Emergency Alert Update - Warning All Hell Breaks Loose This Fall
2015-09-04 -- * America's Enemies Position Themselves To Make War Against The US - Preparation For Our Invasion And Destruction Escalate Daily - Bizarre New Video From China Shows China Attacking America!
2015-09-03 -- * 'We Are Going To Have An Absolute Biblical Collapse Of Our Standard Of Living, And No One Even Has A Clue That It Is Coming' - Bill Holter
2015-09-02 -- * Black Lives Matter Patsies Being Used To Create A 'Profound And Acute Crisis In Society' To Start A Civil War
2015-09-02 -- * As A Woman I Am Sick And Tired Of Feminist Double Standards, Media Hypocrisy And Especially 'Male' Feminists
2015-09-02 -- * Last Minute East Coast Military Drills Send Out September Alarm As China Warships Seen Off Coast Of Alaska - Something Very Strange Is Going On!
2015-09-01 -- * This Is Why Scientists Are Warning Of Apocalypse! AI Robot Wants To Keep Humans 'Warm And Safe' In His 'People Zoo' (Video)
2015-09-01 -- * September Events Have Begun As We Enter The Danger Zone! Remember, Rev. Threatened ISIS-Style Terror Attacks Against Police Across America!

August 2015

2015-08-31 -- * 12 Hours Before It Is All Gone! New Study Shows The Critical Importance Of Being Prepared Right Now
2015-08-31 -- * President Warns Nation Of 'Massacre And Death' - Scenes Of Plundering In The Streets, Empty Shelves And Mile Long Lines Should Have Americans Preparing For The Worst
2015-08-29 -- * Reports Of SNAP EBT Problems Nationwide - Did We Just See Another BETA Test Leading Up To A September Event?

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