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September 2020

2020-09-19 -- * 'More, Bigger Riots': Whole New Level Of Crazy Is Coming - If We Thought Things Were Insane Before: Supreme Court Riots Of 2020 Being Planned After Ruth Bader-Ginsburg Dies
2020-09-18 -- * With 'Deep State' Pushing China & Russia Having 'Killer Satellites' In Space, The Stage Has Been Set For An Election False Flag Event - Is A Massive Blackout In November Ahead?
2020-09-17 -- * As Democrat-Run Cities Across America Fully Descend Into Crime And Disease Ridden Wastelands, Joe Biden Is Enabling Domestic Terrorists To Run Roughshod Nationwide - A Joe Biden Presidency Would Do Irreparable Damage To America
2020-09-16 -- * With Reports Emerging Globalist Vaccine Triggers A 'Kill Switch' Inside Human Cells, 'Forcing' COVID-19 Vaccinations On Everyone Will Be Divisive, Dangerous And Deadly! 'Shot In The Arm, Shot In The Head, Either Way, You End Up Dead'
2020-09-15 -- * President Trump Official Warns Left-Wing Hit Squads Are Being Trained Across Country As Globalists Maneuver To Complete Their Worldwide Take-Down And America Herded Into Our Darkest Days
2020-09-13 -- * 'Color Revolutions' And 'Grey Terror' Are More Proof Globalists Are Bull-Rushing America Towards 'The Final Act' As Country Is Forced Down A Path Blazed By Authoritarian Regimes
2020-09-12 -- * Chaos And Mass Violence In Cities Across America Coincide With A Revolution In Our Enemies 'Super Weapons' - Governments Powerless To Stop Leftist Mayhem Provide Inspiration To Terrorists And Dictators Seeking To Attack America
2020-09-11 -- * Evidence Democrats/Globalists Are Using Illegal Immigrants And Germ Warfare Upon 'The Masses' In The Streets Of The Western World To Bring In Their 'Orwellian Hellscape' - 'Operation Moonshot' And The Implementation Of The 'Global Police State' Are Now Fully Underway
2020-09-10 -- * 'Dangerous For America's Survival', Leftists Working At America's Nuclear Labs Have Put The Entire Country In Danger! Why Is The Left-Stream National Media Burying This Story?
2020-09-09 -- * Are You Prepared For 'TEOTWAWKI'? These Survival Items To Get And Things To Do RIGHT NOW May Make The Difference Between Life And Death When SHTF - Far too many people try to get prepared at the last minute! Don’t be one of them!
2020-09-08 -- * USA Today Story Reports On Covid-19 Vaccine: 'The Devil Is In The Details' - The World Bank's Covid-19 Program Ends In 2025, Aligning With Deagel's Forecast 'Depopulation End Game' Date
2020-09-07 -- * HAPPY LABOR DAY 2020 - OPEN THREAD - We Hope That Everyone Stays Free, Stays Safe, Stays Prepared, And Stays Alert.
2020-09-06 -- * 'COVID-19 FEMA Camps' Popping Up From Sea To Shining Sea As 'Forced Isolation Facilities' Become 'The New Norm' In America - 'This is the battle we have been waiting for; the battle is not of flesh and blood'
2020-09-05 -- * DOJ Investigating Social Media Companies For 'Illegal Campaign Contributions' For Their 'Algorithm' Censorship Against Conservatives
2020-09-04 -- * Danger! Danger! The Last Months Of 2020 Will Be A Slow-Motion Train Wreck For America With Election Chaos Spilling From The 'Urban Prisons' Onto 'Main Street America' - Rioting, Looting And Food Shortages Only The Warmup As America Enters Unknown Territory
2020-09-03 -- * Leftist Terrorists Planning 50-Day 'Siege of The White House' Another Warning For Americans To Lock And Load - Democrats 2020 Election Goals Are Crystal Clear: Social Chaos And Burning America To The Ground
2020-09-02 -- * Democrats Tell Us How They Plan To Pilfer The Election And Defraud The American People In A Plundering Of America That Could Lead To Massive Bloodshed And All-Out Civil War
2020-09-01 -- * President Trump Highlights 'Stupid Rich People' Funding Democrat Riots As DHS Announces They'll 'Follow The Money' To See Exactly Who Is Bankrolling Antifa And Black Lives Matter

August 2020

2020-08-31 -- * The Most Important Videos Of 2020 - As Biden Prepares To Threaten America With More Violence If Trump Is Reelected, Videos Show Democrats Don't Just Support Rioters, They Are Their Ringleaders
2020-08-30 -- * When Terrorists Tell You They Will Kill You....Believe Them And Act Accordingly: 'Death To America' Chanted By Antifa/BLM In Oakland Another Alarm To Prepare For Bedlam
2020-08-29 -- * Over 100 Million Law-Abiding Americans Owning More Than 300 Million Guns And Trillions Of Rounds Of Ammo Will Become The 'New Law And Order' In America If Democrats Defund The Police
2020-08-28 -- * 'There's Something Going On' Warns US Senator: 'This Isn't Normal' After Mob Attacks Rand Paul And His Wife - As Democrats Burn Down America, Is It Time For President Trump To Take Drastic Measures?
2020-08-27 -- * The U.S. Keeps Getting Suckered, And National Security Imperiled, Because Washington DC Is Addicted To Arms Control - China, Russia, Pakistan & India Holding War Drills Together Set Alarm Bells Ringing Across The Globe
2020-08-26 -- * Deagel Goes Nuclear: America's 2025 GDP Forecast To Be Less Than Mexico's In Rush To 3rd World Nation Status As Current Events Implore Us To Prepare For Pandemonium Ahead
2020-08-25 -- * Its Time For Joe Biden & Kamala Harris To Learn A Hard Lesson: There Is No Vaccine For Their Hypocrisy - These Censored Bombshells Should Sink The Democrats - The Media Completely Silent On Joe Biden's 'Creepy' Tendencies Tells Us All We Need To Know
2020-08-24 -- * The Democrats Plan To Whip The Masses Into A Frenzy Using MSM Election Night Lies That Lead To Blood Flowing In US Streets So The Globalists Can Institute Full-Scale Martial Law In America
2020-08-22 -- * 2013 Medical Study Showed The Quickest Way They Could Find To Completely Dismantle America: Study Warned Authoritarian Governments Emerge From 'Parasite Prevalent' Societies
2020-08-21 -- * A Mad Max Reality Almost Unavoidable If States Shut Down For A Second Time Over COVID-19 Pandemic - A Second Round Of Food Shortages Will Deplete Whatever Is Left From Round One
2020-08-20 -- * These Videos And Images Foretell The Future Of America - The Monsters They Have Created Can Never Be Eradicated Thanks To Democrats And The Establishment Media
2020-08-18 -- * 'Commiefornia's Rolling Blackouts' Show Us How Quickly The Globalists Could Shut Down America Completely & A 'Long-Term Grid Down Death Toll' Would Absolutely Dwarf That Of Covid-19
2020-08-17 -- * Chaos Warning! If This Deadly Sinister Plan Comes To Pass, Democrat Tyrants Will Control America Forever
2020-08-16 -- * Harbingers Of Full-Scale Medical Tyranny Ahead: Govt Prepares To Deliberately Infect Americans With Man-Made Coronavirus Then Force Family Members To Be Removed From Homes Of Infected - A Recipe For Tyranny Has Been Brewed Up By Democrats In America
2020-08-15 -- * We Can Kiss America Goodbye If This Happens: Expect The 'Clinton Body Count' To Skyrocket As Americans Are 'Tracked, Whacked And Stacked' Should This Nightmare Marriage Between Communism & Crazy Win In November
2020-08-14 -- * With 4th Generation Psychological Warfare Being Waged Upon Americans, The 'Confluence Of Destabilizing Crises' Striking America Are Nothing Less Than Calculated Treachery- Americans Bugging Out Of The Cities As Globalists Wage Secret War Upon The American People
2020-08-13 -- * America's November Date With Destiny May Include A Military Coup If Democrats Can't Steal The Election - The Globalists Are Setting America Up For Its Final Fall On Their Road To Tyranny
2020-08-11 -- * The George Soros 'Color Revolution' In America Is In Progress - Antifa And BLM Are Nothing More Than Soros Minions
2020-08-10 -- * Prescient 2018 Warning Envisioned 2020 America: As We Enter One Of The Most Tumultuous Times In US History, Americans Better Brace For Impact With Perilous Times Ahead
2020-08-09 -- * Incrementalism Is The Globalists Key To Unrestrained Slaughter As Democrats Unleash Pandemonium Across America - We're Witnessing The Beginning Of America's Worst Nightmares If Democrats Get Their Way
2020-08-07 -- * The 'Boiling Frogs Syndrome' Is Now Fully At Play As The State Of New York Attacks The NRA, Another Sign Of America's Full Descent Into Communism
2020-08-06 -- * Covid-19 Is Nothing Compared To This 'Black Swan Event' That Could Leave 90% Of The US Population Dead From Starvation And Disease And Lead To The Total Paralysis Of America - America Is Now More Vulnerable Than Ever To An EMP Attack That Could Kill Millions
2020-08-04 -- * The Bigger Covid-19 Picture Has Come Into Sharp, Clear Focus And It Is Horrifying - More Signs Emerge Of Where Democrats Are Trying To 'Herd' America In 2021 And Into The Future
2020-08-03 -- * 'Things Are Heating Up Faster Than Expected': The Lunacy Across America Is Getting Worse As 'The Final Countdown' To America's Frightening Future Has Begun
2020-08-02 -- * More Astounding Evidence The Takedown Of America Was Engineered Long Ago As We Rush Towards 2025 And Deagel's Forecast Of America As A 3rd World Nation - '3 Months Of Hell' Bringing Shockingly Low GDP To America Another Sign Of What's To Come

July 2020

2020-07-31 -- * This One Image Says It All: Americans Despise The Establishment Media Because They Have Become Activists Rather Than Journalists - All They Think About And Report Is "Orange Man Bad"
2020-07-30 -- * Preparing For America's Last Days With The 100 Day Countdown To Carnage And Mayhem Now On, America Already On Fire And And Warnings Of More Turbulence And Chaos Ahead - Pastor David Wilkerson Warned Of UN Troops On US Streets And America On Fire In Our Final Days
2020-07-28 -- * It's Now Or Never Time As America Rushes Full Speed Ahead Into The Danger Zone: One Election Stands Between 'Freedom' And America A Leftist Banana Republic Worse Than Venezuela
2020-07-27 -- * If You Didn't Plan Ahead You'll Be Blindsided By What's Coming: Panic, Suicides, Hunger, Food Riots, Gang Violence & Utter Mayhem Are Ahead - A recent British study declared we are only 'nine meals from anarchy!'
2020-07-26 -- * Connecting The Dots On The Covid-19 Deception: 'Withholding Information Is The Essence Of Tyranny While Controlling The Flow Of Information Is The Tool Of Dictatorship'
2020-07-24 -- * The Covid-19 Global False Flag Showed How Easily 'The Masses' Can Be Manipulated & Controlled While Bringing Down Entire Economies And Leaving Freedom Hanging By A Thread - Thinking For Yourself Is The Only Regimen For A Full Recovery - Part I
2020-07-21 -- * The Reckoning Is Here: The 2020 Summer Of Hate Will Be Known As The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back Leading To A Second Civil War
2020-07-19 -- * PLANDEMIC SCAM UPDATE – Texas Governor Greg Abbott In The Spotlight Over Unconstitutional Mask Mandate
2020-07-17 -- * 'Violent Anarchists' Ignored And Supported By MSM, As Media Lies Increase Ahead Of 2020 Presidential Election
2020-07-15 -- * The Utter State Of Madness America Has Descended Into Under Our Communism Subversion Was Warned Of Long Ago: Extrajudicial Killings & Mass Starvation Are America's Future If We Continue Along The Road We're On
2020-07-14 -- * With The Depopulation Agenda In Full Swing, Democrats Unveil Their Plan To Steal The 2020 Election And Get President Trump Out Of Office 'By Any Means Necessary'
2020-07-13 -- * We Are Living In 'The Great Delusion' - Where are we? Nazi Germany. Where is this? Purgatory.
2020-07-10 -- * Current Day Events Hint America Already Lost The War And The Globalists Are Divvying Up The Spoils - Globalists Are Steam-rolling Their 'New World Order' Down Our Throats Whether We Like It Or Not
2020-07-09 -- * Democrats Are Ushering Americans Through An Emergency Course Of 'Obedience Training' On The Way To The Full-Scale Implementation Of Socialism - Masking The Truth - It's Not About 'The Virus', It's About Authoritarians Trying To Turn Americans Into Their Slaves
2020-07-08 -- * 'Arkancide Alert!' Revisiting The Never-Ending 'Clinton Body Count' In The Age Of Ghislaine Maxwell - Will They Be Able To Keep Her Alive Or Will She Suffer The Same Fate As Countless Other 'Clinton Cronies' And Enemies?
2020-07-07 -- * Heads Need To Roll At The Knee-Deep In Corruption CDC Following The Entire Covid-19 Fiasco - President Trump, The CDC Needs Your Attention—Now!
2020-07-06 -- * Where Are The 'Fast And Furious' Guns From Obama's Gun Running Scandal? Everything Happening In 2020 Is Part Of The Democrats PURE EVIL Plans To Get President Trump Out Of Office By 2021 - Yet One Stunning Development Could Give The Democrats/Globalists A Heart Attack!
2020-07-05 -- * This 'Planned-Demic' And The Events Of 2020 Are The Biggest Crimes Against Humanity Ever Carried Out By The Globalists To Complete Their 'Depopulation Agenda' - Is It Time For The American People To Carry Out Mass Citizen Arrests Of The 'Enemies Of America Within'?
2020-07-03 -- * Democrats Are Using America's Younger Generations Like Hitler Did His Nazi Youth: So The Carnage Across America Now Hints Of Total Destruction Ahead If We Stay On The Same Path We're On - Their ultimate goal is to control the lives, speech, and actions of everyone
2020-07-02 -- * Liberals 'Love' America By Burning, Looting, And Capturing American Cities - Just Imagine What They Might Do If They Win The Presidency In 2020

June 2020

2020-06-30 -- * Democrats Celebrate The Right To Murder Their Own Children As The US Supreme Court Further Legalizes 'Black Genocide' - 'Democrat Death Dealers' & Black Eugenics Go Back 100 Years! Democrats Have Long Been 'The Party Of Death'
2020-06-29 -- * 'Democrat Revolutionaries' Are Pushing For Their Own Slaughter By 'Declaring War Upon America' - So Arm Up Heavily Now, Because 'War' Has Been Declared Upon 10's Of Millions Of Law-Abiding Conservative Americans - Democrats Are Working To Destroy America 'By Any Means Necessary'
2020-06-27 -- * China's 'National Security Crown Jewels' Are Well Hidden Behind A Wall Of Lies & Disinformation - When China Says 'No First Use' Of Nukes, We Need To Remember They Don't Consider EMP A Nuclear Attack!
2020-06-26 -- * If This Communist Coup Attempt Goes As Others Have Through History, Democrats & The Terrorist Gangs They Support May Try To Slaughter Millions Of Americans Should They Win In November - Democrat Insanity On The Streets Of America Another Reason To Arm Up, NOW!
2020-06-25 -- * Retired Prosecutor Snaps: Goes Over To The Dark Side In Aid Of Woke Corporate America Reimaging Tired Old Racist Brands
2020-06-24 -- * Americans Are Now Being Terrorized By Hypocrites Wearing Black Robes As US Supreme Court Rejects 'Normal' To Favor The Abnormal, Abominable & Abhorrent! Americans Should Retaliate Against The LGBT Mafia With Our Dollars! No Court Or Legislative Body Can Stop Us
2020-06-23 -- * The REAL Reason Democrats & John Bolton Hate President Trump Should Be A Dire Alarm To All Patriotic Americans As Their 'War Upon America' Turns To Mass Bloodshed Upon Each Other - America Has Entered A Dangerous New Phase As We Rush Towards November
2020-06-22 -- * It's A HUGE Clue When ALL Of Social Media Is Censoring Specific Information - So, Why Are They Playing 'Thought Police' To The 'Great Culling Of 2020'?
2020-06-21 -- * UN Cops On US Streets Enforcing The Democrats Despotic Agenda Would Be The Last Straw For Most Americans
2020-06-20 -- * BLM Is Being Used By Democrats To Spearhead Their Marxist-Leninist Revolution As Racial Pandering Is All They Have Left - Patriotic Americans Must Be Prepared To Repel The Communist Plan To Overthrow America!
2020-06-19 -- * Christianity Today Is Wrong, As Usual, About Slavery, Racism & Trump And Now They're Endorsing 'Reparations' As The Liberal War Upon Christianity Heats Up To The Boiling Point
2020-06-18 -- * The Democrats War Upon Police & Law And Order Is Part Of The Biggest False Flag Distractions Ever As Patriots Strike Back - NFL Legend Hershel Walker And His Son Christian Have A Few Choice Words For Those Burning Down America
2020-06-16 -- * Mass Cell Phone Outages From Coast To Coast Another Sign 'Zero Hour' Is Approaching - This Chart Shows How Quickly America Could Be Brought To It's Knees - Preparing For The Worst Case Scenario With America A Nation In Chaos
2020-06-15 -- * Imagine America In 2021 If Domestic Terror-Supporters Win In November: A Look Back At Where America Was Headed Under Obama Tells Us Where We'll Go If Democrats Win The Election
2020-06-15 -- * The Depopulation Agenda Is Forging Full Speed Ahead In 2020 As 5G Death Rays Are Dispersed Across America & The Covid-19 Smokescreen Has Been Welded Into Place
2020-06-12 -- * 'America Is In The Early Stages Of A Violent Revolution - Mix That In With A Pandemic, Food Supply Issues, Unemployment & Chinese Aggression & It's A Recipe For Destruction' - Communism Reborn In America With A New Name Gives Us All A Reason Prepare To Defend
2020-06-10 -- * Film Maker Rues Prophetic Nature Of His 2017 Movie Foretelling The Dystopian Fall Of America - God Help Us All If President Trump Is Not Re-Elected In November - ALARM! Black Lives Matter Was Formed As A Merger Of The Nation of Islam & The Black Panthers
2020-06-08 -- * More Bombshell Anomalies & Bizarre Oddities Suggest Everything We're Now Witnessing Are 'Intentionally Contrived Trigger Events' To Kick Off Chaos & Martial Law In America - George Floyd & Jeffrey Epstein Had The Same Coroner! Another Piece Of The Puzzle
2020-06-06 -- * With Insane Leftists Busting Out More Guillotines During Their 'Protests', Prepare For 5 Months Of Insanity In America & All Hell Breaking Loose After The Election - All Signs Show The Democrats 2020 Election Steal Is On As We Arrive At 'Zero Hour' For America
2020-06-04 -- * After Absolutely Abominable Failures That Have Left America Wide Open For A Coup, It's Time To Purge The US Intelligence Communities Because The Rot Runs Deep!An Open Letter To The New Director of National Intelligence, The Honorable John Ratcliffe
2020-06-04 -- * America's Dark Days Perfectly Illustrated In The 'War Upon Christianity' As 'Islamic Apologist Leftists' Go Ballistic, Slam President Trump For Taking Bible To Church
2020-06-02 -- * Everything We're Now Witnessing Is A 'Massive Distraction' From Something MUCH Bigger! 'They' Know NOW Is 'The Moment', So They're Pulling Out All The Stops - People Don't NEED 5G, But Artificial Intelligence Does!!

May 2020

2020-05-31 -- * A Bunch Of 'Karens' - Why Are Female High Profile Democrats So Miserable, Angry And Hate-Filled? - - There Are Some Women That Are Not Happy Unless They Make Everyone As Miserable As They Are
2020-05-30 -- * Three Parables That Help Show Why 'Near Future America' Could Collapse Into Oblivion: When 'Survival' Is At Stake, The Last Thing In The World Americans Should Trust Are 'Tyrants Gone Wild'
2020-05-29 -- * As America Burns We Are Witnessing An Increase of Satanic Activity - From COVID-19 To The Politics Of Destruction, We See Evil Snowballing Across The Nation
2020-05-28 -- * More 'Predictive Programming' Being Carried Out Before Our Eyes As Globalist Mouthpiece Warns: Brace For Quarantine To Take 'A Dark New Twist' - Preparing For A Grid Down Scenario
2020-05-27 -- * The 'Vanishing' Cities - Pandemic Lesson For City Slickers That Are Discovering 'The Party Is Over' - Note: Do Not Bring The 'Chaos And Filth' With You
2020-05-25 -- * Covid-19 And The Globalists Not-So-Stealthy Attempt To Overthrow America Have Led Our Nation Into Completely Unknown Territory And It Reeks Of Tyranny!
2020-05-25 -- * The Satan Worshiping Globalist Cult Jumped On The Pandemic Bandwagon Because It's Too Tempting For Any Tyrant To Ignore: Covid-19 Has Been Swimming In Lies & Disinfo Since Its Discovery - Lock-down rebellion may be part of a plan to generate a larger body count
2020-05-23 -- * America, Watch Out! The Hammer Is Already Pounding And The Sickle Is At The Door: The Road To Socialism Is Sneaky & Is Being Jammed Down Americans Throats Right Now! We're Beginning To See The 'Big Covid-19 Picture' And It Isn't Pretty
2020-05-22 -- * As America Falls To An Invisible Enemy, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Failures Will Take Decades To Correct With The Big Pharma Mafia Having Weaponized His Mistakes
2020-05-21 -- * Mysterious Deaths Of Covid-19 Researchers & Arrests Of Journalists Covering The Pandemic Are More Ominous Warnings Something Incredibly Sinister Is Going On
2020-05-20 -- * Shocking Pictorial Essay Shows Why It's Time To Arrest Bill Gates: This Eugenicist Who Practices Medicine Without A License Could Be A Mass Murderer As Well! - Italian Politician Calls Out 'Depopulation Expert'
2020-05-19 -- * 'Mark Of The Beast Tech' To Track Every Human Being On Earth Is The Devilish Covid-19 Vaccine Endgame Of The Globalists Sinister Marriage Between Big Pharma & Big Brother- Do These Devils Really Think 'Free Americans' Will Just 'Submit' To Tyranny?
2020-05-17 -- * More Proof Covid-19 Was Designed To Trample The US Constitution As Broward County Health Administrator Discusses Forcefully Removing Sick People From Their Own Homes -'Constitutional Attorney' Claims Americans Have NO RIGHT NOT TO Be 'Vaxxed'!
2020-05-16 -- * The Battle Of All Battles Is Ahead: If The CDC & 'Big Pharma Mafia' Think They're Going To Just Inject Poisons Into American's Bodies Without A Fight, They've Got Another Thing Coming! The Globalists 'Final Solution' Of A Vaccine Is NO Solution
2020-05-14 -- * The Upcoming Explosion Will Be Heard Around The World - It Is All Coming To A Head As Americans Revolt Against Dictatorial State Leaders
2020-05-13 -- * Americans Are Being Set Up For The Kill - With Food Shortages Already Here In America, Why Are We Sending Millions Of Dollars Of Food To Our 'Enemies'? As Biblical Scholars Warn The Book Of Revelation Seals Are Broken, Where Are The Globalists Herding Us?
2020-05-12 -- * The Covid-19 Distraction: While Americans Were Hypnotized By Covid-19, This Is What We Were Missing - With The Obama Admin Attempted Coup Now Fully Exposed, Let The Treason Trials Begin!
2020-05-11 -- * A Greater Threat To American Life Exists Than Covid-19: Iran Still Wants To 'Terminate The Great Satan' And Could Use Recently Launched Satellites To Help Send America Back To The Dark Ages
2020-05-10 -- * Is The 'Covid-19 Event' The 'New 9/11' That We've Long Been Warned Was Ahead For America? More Signs This Pandemic Was Planned To Usher In The Globalists End Game - Does Anyone Believe These Devils Wouldn't Plan Something Like This Out For Their Gain?
2020-05-09 -- * Globalists Are Using A 'Double-Whammy Covid-19 5G Deception' To Usher In Their 'Brave New World Order' - Never Before In History Have So Many Been Put In Grave Danger By Their Satanic, Hidden Schemes
2020-05-07 -- * 'Time's Up! It's Going To Get Ugly!' - You Really Cannot Make This Stuff Up: House Proposes HR 6666 And It's Tyranny Being Unveiled Before America's Sleeping Eyes- President Trump Warned Us They Were After 'Us' & Now We Have Proof They Are, HUGELY!
2020-05-06 -- * Sinister Signs That '9 Meals To Anarchy' Is Unfolding In America In 2020: Coronavirus Has Exposed The Perils Of America's 'Just Enough, Just In Time' Food System
2020-05-05 -- * Tech Guru Warns Those Using Covid-19 To Transform America Into A 'Police State' Forgot About The 2nd Amendment- John McAfee: 'Coronavirus Is A Government Plot, Go Buy Guns!'
2020-05-04 -- * A 'Cure' For Coronavirus? Taking Charge Of Our Own Health In A Pandemic Age Without Big Pharma & Their Poisons - Have No Fear! There Are Answers To The Madness We Face
2020-05-03 -- * Clues 'Operation Covid-19' Was Planned By The NWO Decades Ago As Billionaire Hints Of Virus Being Used For Globalist Takeover - 20 Year Old Video Game Also Hinted Of 'Mass Surveillance' And The Destruction Of Freedom
2020-05-02 -- * Those Using Covid-19 As A Battering Ram For An All-Out Attack Upon The US Constitution Have Forgotten History!Will The American People Rise Up And Take Back Their Freedoms?

April 2020

2020-04-30 -- * America Is In Huge Trouble If The CDC Is As Incompetent On Covid-19 As It Was On HIV: Americans Should Never Trust The CDC, NIH & WHO In Bed With The Big Pharma Mafia
2020-04-27 -- * Nefarious Signs Covid-19 Being Used To Initiate The Overthrow Of Nations With Americans & The World Victims Of The Luciferians Most Sinister 'Social Engineering' Experiments
2020-04-23 -- * Would You Obey These 'Commandments' If Demanded Of You By Government During A Pandemic? Will Forced Vaccinations & Microchips Be 'The New Normal' In America?
2020-04-21 -- * Food Banks Warn 'Perfect Storm Scenario' Approaching: As America Is Locked Down, Cracks Are Appearing In Our Supply Chain And There Is No End In Sight - Only 21 Days To Cannibalism After Total Starvation In A Worst Case Scenario
2020-04-20 -- * Denial Of Reality Runs Rampant In 2020 America: Those Who Really Believe The Government Will Save Them Will Be Blindslided - Stop Procrastinating and Delegating, Take Charge of Your Life Today!
2020-04-19 -- * America 'Locked Down' For Years? States Push For Lockdowns Until Vaccine Is Developed While One Of World's Leading Vaccine Manufacturers Warns That May NEVER Happen! World Was Set Up Via 'Predictive Programming' For The 'Coronavirus Death Cult'
2020-04-18 -- * Get Ready For More Stupidity & Tyranny In The Days, Weeks And Months Ahead As Globalists Position Themselves For 'The Kill' - Covid-19 'Weaponized For Tyranny' Much More Dangerous Than The Virus Itself
2020-04-16 -- * 'Death Camps' Now Await Residents Of Michigan Merely Suspected Of Being Sick As America Is Transformed Into Nazi Germany - All Hands On Deck! Signs Globalists Have 'Declared War' Upon The American People
2020-04-15 -- * Signs We Are Witnessing Some Of The Greatest Crimes Against Humanity Of All Time - Pandemic Or 'Scamdemic'? And What Do The Globalists Have Planned Next? Hold On To Your Hats!
2020-04-14 -- * This 'Picture Worth A Thousand Words' Suggests Americans Are Being Deviously Lied To & Set Up For The Kill - Enemies Of Freedom Are Trying To Take Down America Without Firing A Single Shot
2020-04-12 -- * Is Your Skin 'Fizzing'? Absolutely Bizarre Symptoms Of Covid-19 Victims Suggest Microwave Radiation Sickness As NY Front Line Doctor Warns Something Very Strange Is Going On
2020-04-11 -- * Americans Could NEVER See Freedom Again If The Globalists Get Their Way - Signs 'Covid-19' Is A 'Higher Form Of Killing' Designed By The Deep State To Complete Their Take-Down Of America - America Locked Down Until NO New Cases Is Virtually Impossible With Re-infections Happening Regularly
2020-04-10 -- * 'Perfect Fear Casts Out All Common Sense' - We've Seen This Bad Movie Before As America Is Herded Into Economic Oblivion
2020-04-09 -- * Something Very Nasty Is Ahead If We Keep Going In This Direction As Doctor Warns Of 'Coronavirus 2nd Wave' Ahead Like The Spanish Flu Of 100 Years Ago That Killed With A Vengeance - 'Orwellian America' Is Unfolding As One Man Warns: 'We Haven't Seen Anything Yet'
2020-04-08 -- * The Twin 'Pandemix' Of 2020 Are A '2 For The Price Of 1' Globalists Dream Come True: The NWO Are Concocting A Witches Brew Of Pandemonium & Pandemic Panic - Bill Gates & The Globalists Are Setting Up Americans For The 'Kill Shot'
2020-04-07 -- * America's Draconian Coronavirus Lockdown Is Plunging Country Into 'New Great Depression' & A National Nightmare - How Many Will Die From Starvation & Suicide In The Days Ahead?
2020-04-05 -- * New Signs We've Entered An Evil, Alternative Reality Bizarro-World As Human Rights Abusing China Is Named To A Key United Nations Human Rights Council Panel - China On A Human Rights Panel Is Like Hillary In Charge Of Investigating The 'Clinton Body Count'
2020-04-04 -- * Signs Democrats Are Using The Coronavirus Crisis To Transform America Into A Socialist Nation - Was Covid-19 'Engineered' To Push Socialist Tyranny Onto America? America Is Being Turned Into The 'New Venezuela' Under Nancy Pelosi And Her Ilk
2020-04-03 -- * Is Covid-19 A Devious & Deadly Government Undertaking? Remember The Appalling Tuskegee Experiment, Where Hundreds Were Permitted To Die Agonizing Deaths By Our Own Government! Historically, Officials Lied About Looming Disasters as China Is Doing!
2020-04-02 -- * Signs The Globalists Will Use Covid-19 To Usher In The 'End Times One World Government' Predicted In The Bible With 'America' & 'Freedom' Being 'Indoctrinated' Out Of Existence
2020-04-01 -- * Giant Red Flashing Warning Signs Are Screaming Something Huge Is About To Go Down - What Does The United States Government Know That We Don't Know?

March 2020

2020-03-31 -- * Triumvirate Of Stories From Stars & Stripes Shows The Pentagon Made Series Of Early Coronavirus Missteps That Left Them Behind The Eight Ball And Has Set Off A Series Of Dominoes - With The Medical System Sure To Be Overwhelmed, Preparing To Ride Out The Storm On Our Own
2020-03-30 -- * The Hunt For 'Escapees From New York' Is Absolute Proof Covid-19 Is No 'Ordinary Flu' - America Transformed Into A War Zone As Coronavirus Wreaks Havoc Upon Big US Cities - America's East Coast Megalopolis The New Coronavirus 'Hot Zone'
2020-03-28 -- * The 'Great Bug-out' Has Begun As The Globalists Push Chaos In Attempt To Manufacture 'New World Order' Out Of The Abyss - 'Continuity Of Government' Teams Going Into Their Bunkers A Sign Of Things To Come!
2020-03-27 -- * Signs Covid-19 Is An All-Out Attack Upon America By China Who Promised, Then Planned, And Is Now Prepared, To Kill Millions Of Americans With Biological Weapons! Is China Preparing To Repopulate US Cities With Loyal, Chinese Nationalists?
2020-03-26 -- * 'It' Is Hitting The Fan Now - Prepping Time Is Over, It Is Time to Shift Into Prevention & Protection Mode - It Is Too Late to 'Start' Preparing
2020-03-25 -- * Suffering Post-Traumatic Stress, Confusion And Anger? Many Excellent Ways To Make The Best Of Our Time In Quarantine & Move Into The Future With Spiritual Courage - Remember! The Devil Finds Work For Idle Hands
2020-03-24 -- * America On The Road To Being 'Coronavirus King' With A Skyrocketing Infection Rate Setting Up Entire Country For A Major Crackdown Ahead - Will Coronavirus Bring Out The Best In Americans Or Bring Out 'The Beast'? - Will Coronavirus Bring Out The Best In Americans Or Bring Out 'The Beast'?
2020-03-23 -- * 'This Week, It's Going To Get Bad' - Dire Warning From Surgeon General About Coronavirus Shows Why We Should Still Be Preparing For The Worst While Hoping For The Best
2020-03-22 -- * For Mad Scientists & Globalists Bent On Depopulation, Covid-19 Is A Dream Come True - More Signs 2020 Will Bring Full-Scale Martial Law To America At War With An Invisible Enemy
2020-03-21 -- * How 'Coronavirus Idiocracy' Could Lead To Nearly 20 Million Or More Dead Americans Following Collapse, Chaos & Starvation - The stupidity surrounding Covid-19 doesn’t end with those who’ll kill or be killed for toilet paper
2020-03-20 -- * The Mightiest Empire Of All Time Fell Because Of A Bug - It's Something To Think About Heavily, Then Plan, Prepare And Pray- How Pandemics Have Changed Societies Throughout History
2020-03-19 -- * With Billionaire Warning Of 'The End Of America As We Know It', Coronavirus Is A Shortcut To The Globalists End Game - Truth Now 'Quarantined', America Has Been Set Up For Disaster
2020-03-17 -- * The 'Final Battle' Has Begun! Americans Need To Stop Hating Upon Each Other & Unite Against Our 'Real Enemy', Before It's Too Late
2020-03-16 -- * Heads Up! American Preparedness Radio Network Warns Of 'Coronavirus Checkpoints' Coming To American Roadways - Prepare For Months Of Madness In America! Were China's 'Ghost Cities' Built For Coronavirus Survivors?
2020-03-14 -- * Grocery Insider: US Government Now Controlling Food Supply Distribution As Coronavirus Turns Into National Nightmare - The CDC Posted Need For 'Quarantine Program' Public Health Advisors Back In November 2019
2020-03-13 -- * The 'Elite' Bugging Out To Their Bunkers Another Sign 'The Great Freakout' Has Begun - Study Hints Millions Of Americans May Be Infected Without Even Knowing It, Yet Spreading It To Others - Was COVID-19 Engineered To Usher In The Globalists End Game?
2020-03-12 -- * Is Coronavirus Judgment Upon America And The World For Turning Away From God? During The 'Black Death' In London, People Believed A Plague Was Cast Upon Them For Their Sins - During The 'Plague Year' in London, People Turned to Religion!
2020-03-11 -- * This Could Be The 'Coronavirus Game Changer' - Retracted Study From Chinese Medical Journal Warned The Killer Virus Could Be Airborne - If True, All Bets Are Off About How Widely & Rapidly This Beast Will Spread
2020-03-10 -- * Coronavirus Brings A 'Shocking Escalation From No Symptoms To Death' Within Hours - With 'Containment' Now Impossible, Prepare For The Crackdown - TEOTWAWKI Has Already Begun For Millions Around The Planet
2020-03-09 -- * Mass 'Coronavirus Quarantine Zones' Could Be Erected In Democrat-Run Cities Across America As Even The MSM Is Finally Warning Of Potential Coronavirus Havoc Among The Homeless - Is Coronavirus An Engineered Weapon For The Globalist Take-down Of The Western World?
2020-03-08 -- * Coronavirus Now 'Endemic' In The State Of Washington Per The CDC: A Subliminal Hint At An 'Endgame-Pandemic'? Pandemic Or Not, Coronavirus Is Bringing Pandemonium As Killer Virus Chaos Spreads
2020-03-07 -- * The War Upon Christians & Conservatives In America Perfectly Illustrated In This Man's Story: Lloyd Marcus, A Conservative Black American & His Courageous Fight For Truth
2020-03-06 -- * Stunning Coronavirus Disconnect: US Nurses Slam Coronavirus Response As Medical Workers Are Set Up For A Deadly Fall - How Long Before Medical Martial Law Is Fully Unveiled In America?
2020-03-05 -- * Democrats, Globalists & Their Architecture Of Evil: Remember! Their Plan Is To Completely Destroy Our Culture & Replace It With Another Doomed To Human Slavery & Extinction - Leftists Defile And Destroy Everything They Touch
2020-03-04 -- * Brace Yourselves For The 'Crackdown' - Could You Put Your Entire Life On Hold For 3 Months? Coronavirus Could Help Unveil The 'Mark Of The Beast' As Global Orwellian State Is Rolled Out - How Long Till We Begin Witnessing Troops On The Streets Of America?
2020-03-03 -- * This Is How Quickly America Could Be Transformed From A Free Society Into A 'Medical Tyranny' - Bioweapons Expert Warns ANP: 'A Vaccine Will Probably Be More Dangerous Than Useless' - When Government Panics, Very Bad Things Happen To The People
2020-03-02 -- * Are Coronavirus Re-infections Being Caused By A Second, Bio-weaponized & Mutating Virus Distinct And Different Than COVID-19? Would Authorities Tell Us If It Were? 'Coronavirus' Is Re-infecting Far Too Many With Deadly Consequences
2020-03-01 -- * Suddenly Emerging Coronavirus 'Hot Zones' Across America Suggest The 'Big Event' Is Happening Now & Many Americans Still Don't See The Tsunami About To Crash Down Upon Them! The best way to 'serve' our families is to prepare so we don't need to be 'saved' by 1st responders

February 2020

2020-02-28 -- * Deagel's Forecast Of Massive Depopulation By 2025 Didn't Include 'Death By Pandemic' But Warned Us What Could Happen: 'A Scenario Could Evolve Of A Death Toll Of Up To 90%'
2020-02-27 -- * Keeping Our Children Safe In The Coronavirus Age: If Your Children Are Out Of School Due To A Coronavirus Outbreak, Think Of It As An Opportunity To Regain Control Over Their Educations!
2020-02-25 -- * This Pandemic Is Proof We Should Prep & Get As Far Away From The Masses As Possible As Coronavirus Panic Buying Everywhere This 'Beast' Hits Shows What May Soon Be Coming To America - Expert Warns: 'Only One Thing Separates America From China, 3 or 4 Months'
2020-02-24 -- * America's Unfolding Horror Show Was Carefully Crafted With The Perfect Storm Of Homelessness & Cesspools Of Filth In The Big Cities For Society To Be Taken Down By A Global Pandemic
2020-02-23 -- * 'Typhoid Mary' Infected 51 People Without Showing Symptoms: Now We Have Evidence 'Coronavirus Mary's' Are On The Loose And 'Untraceable Outbreaks' Are Happening Around The World - Was This Pandemic Forecast In The Apocalyptic Denver International Airport Murals?
2020-02-21 -- * 'A Scourge Of Biblical Proportions' Could Bring About The End To The Mass Production Of Food And Supplies, Public Chaos, Economic Disaster And The Demise Of Entire Populations - Social and economic disruption caused by a pandemic marked the end of Roman rule
2020-02-20 -- * The Battle Lines Are Drawn As Americans Awaken To 'Satan Central': The Democrat & UN's Agenda For America And The World - 'Sustainable Tyranny' Is What These Devils Are Working Towards
2020-02-17 -- * The 'Wipe Out Humans To Save The Earth' Insanity Now Being Babbled By 'Elite Leftists' Another Hint Coronavirus May Really Be A Depopulation Weapon - As Flu-Like Illnesses Explode Across America, One Homeless Coronavirus Carrier Could Cause Havoc
2020-02-16 -- * Signs Medical Martial Law In America May Be Unavoidable With The US Military & The Center For Disease Control Actively Preparing For The Ultimate 'Black Swan Event'
2020-02-15 -- * The Convoluted Thinking Of The Left Creates Dictators, Genocides & Death On An Industrial Scale - Americans Should Never Give Up Our Right To Defend Ourselves Against Such Evils! 'Hate Speech Laws' Are Democrats Attempt To Do Away With The 1st Amendment
2020-02-14 -- * With 'Death On Parade' Across The Planet, Those Unprepared Or In Denial Have Forgotten History: The Most Deadly Pestilence Of All-Time Lashed The Face Of America A Hundred Years Ago! Since It Happened Before, It WILL Surely Happen Again!
2020-02-13 -- * This Is Why Coronavirus Could Be 'The Stuff Of Nightmares': Yale Study Finding 24-Day Incubation Period Hints Of 'Walking Time Bombs' On The Streets Of America With 14-Day Quarantines - Globalists Want 90% Of The Population Eliminated & That's No 'Conspiracy Theory'
2020-02-12 -- * New Hampshire Gives Us A Look At America's Future If Radical Left Gets Their Way: Guillotines, Gulags & Forced Obedience To Government Are Why America Has The 2nd Amendment
2020-02-11 -- * This Is How The World Might End If Democrats & Globalists Have Their Way With Democrats Choosing Human Extinction Over President Trump's Re-election! 'Crazy Runs Rampant' Among The 2020 Democrats
2020-02-10 -- * Bioweapons Expert Warns ANP: The 'Nazi Death Science Biological Warfare Work' Going On In America MUST Be Stopped! This Is What YOU Can Do To Help Protect America - In A 'Worst Case Scenario', Coronavirus Could Collapse America's Heathcare System
2020-02-09 -- * Nancy Pelosi And 'The Democrat Cabal' Have Shown Their True 'America Hating' Colors For The Entire Country To See
2020-02-06 -- * Mysteriously Dead Microbiologist Who Worked On SARS & H1N1 Outbreaks & Death Sentences For Quarantine Violators The Latest Signs Of Something Incredibly Sinister About Coronavirus
2020-02-05 -- * As 'Impeachment' Blows Up In Democrats Faces & Iowa Shows Us The Left Shouldn't Be Governing America, More Signs Emerge They'll Try To Kill Off The Independent Media
2020-02-04 -- * America's Democrat Run Cities Are The Perfect Breeding Grounds For A Pandemic - Should Coronavirus Make It Into 'Tent Cities' Full Of The Homeless, Entire Metro Areas Might Be Locked Down
2020-02-03 -- * Democrat-Globalists Are Setting America Up For A Bloodbath! Patriots Should Prepare To Defend America With Radical Leftists Threatening To Burn It Down
2020-02-02 -- * California 'Nanny State Prisoner' Has Dire Warning About The 'Nightmare In Paradise' That Will Be A 'Model For America' If President Trump Doesn't Win In November
2020-02-01 -- * Locking Down America & The Globalists End Game: Due To The 'Nature Of The Beast', Completely Stopping A Coronavirus Pandemic May Require 'Shutting Down Society'

January 2020

2020-01-31 -- * Americans Can Learn From This Crucial Lesson In History: Diseases Like China's Coronavirus Have Crippled Nations & Brought Down Entire Empires
2020-01-30 -- * Weathering The Coming Storm: How To Overcome Our Own Bodies Immune System's Attempts To Kill Us With Coronavirus Now Confirmed Here In America
2020-01-29 -- * Looking Down The Rabbit Hole In 2020: The Left Will Try To Burn Down America If They Don't Win The Presidency So Prepare For Mass Chaos & More Coup Attempts By 'The Cabal'
2020-01-28 -- * Watch Out For Something Incredibly Nefarious With Globalists Now Openly Pushing 'Plan B' To Cool The Planet Via Stratospheric Aerosol Injections In This Day And Age Of Airborne Coronavirus
2020-01-27 -- * Has The 'Perfect Bioweapon' Been Unleashed Upon The World? Non-Symptomatic People Being Contagious To Others For Up To Two Weeks Is A Recipe For Disaster
2020-01-26 -- * STORY UPDATED! Like Scenes From The Walking Dead, Chinese Doctor's Twitter Shows Chaos Unfolding - Photographs & Videos Show Food Gone, Checkpoints Everywhere & People Dropping Dead In The Streets
2020-01-25 -- * The Rev. Al Sharpton Is The Perfect Example Of Liberal Hypocrisy: Democrats Going After President Trump For Corruption Is Like A Skunk Accusing A Rabbit Of Having Bad Breath!
2020-01-24 -- * A Word Of Warning To Adam Schiff And All Of The Traitors To America: Nobody Is Above The Law, Especially NOT You! It's Time For Democrats Treason Trials To Begin - Impeachment Is A Soviet-Style Show Trial & Dire Warning To America Of Where We're Headed
2020-01-23 -- * MAJOR UPDATE ADDED! Coronavirus Patent Granted To Bill Gates Funded Institute In 2018 Gives More Credence To The Theory It Might Be A Bioweapon - MSM Colluding On Narrative Hints Something Sinister As China Locks Down Cities
2020-01-22 -- * These Traitors To America Have Some Explaining To Do: Their Seditious Conspiracy To Overthrow Our Sitting President & Launch This National Nightmare Is Nothing Less Than Treason - Democrats MUST Be Held Accountable For Their Decades Long Crime Spree Upon America
2020-01-21 -- * One Of The Most Monstrously Evil Political Agendas Of All Time Being Unveiled By Democrats In 2020: The Impoverishment, Enslavement & Extermination Of Most Of The Human Race - This Much Is Clear, All Of The Leftists 'Agendas' Lead To Horrific Human Suffering
2020-01-20 -- * The NRA Warned Us 'Gun Control's Future Is Communism' And 'One Of History’s Most Destructive & Sinister Political Ideologies For Civilian Disarmament' Was Being Cemented Into Place - Virginia Democrats Policies Responsible For More Than 10 Times The Number Of Deaths As Guns
2020-01-19 -- * VA Senator Issues Dire Warning: 'We Are Being Set Up' - Beware, Democrats Need A Massive False Flag Event To Turn The Tide
2020-01-17 -- * It's Time Democrats Are Charged With Treason & Sedition And Held Accountable For Their High Crimes Upon America With Their Entire 'Coup Attempt' Based Upon 'Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree'
2020-01-16 -- * Be Aware Next Week In Virginia! Signs Point To A 'Dark State Trap' To Demonize The 2nd Amendment & Disarm Americans As 2020 Becomes 'Do Or Die' For Globalists - A Well-Armed People Will NEVER Be Put Into 'Gulags' To Be 'Re-Educated'
2020-01-15 -- * Profiles In Treason: Adam Schiff - This George Soros Stooge Was At The Center Of The Impeachment Coup & The Russian Collusion Hoax - What Is This Traitor Hiding?
2020-01-14 -- * The Globalist Death Cult Has Used The Same Playbook Over And Over Again To Get America Into Endless Wars: It's Time To Honor US Veterans By Ending The Madness - Globalism Has Brought Only Death, Destruction, Starvation & Despair
2020-01-12 -- * As World's First Ebola Vaccine Is Released, Reported To Be 100% Effective, Remember This: EVERYTHING The Globalists Touch Leads To 'Depopulation!'
2020-01-11 -- * MSNBC Terrorizing Americans Proves They Are 'The Enemy Of The American People': The MSM Pushing Iranian State Propaganda Could Be Considered Treason - We Should Do Everything We Can To Put The Corrupt Media Out Of Business In 2020
2020-01-09 -- * Preparing Fast And Cheap - With So Much Uncertainty In The World Today, Prepping NOW, Even On A Budget, Could Save Your Life - It is 'Never Too Late Until It Is'
2020-01-08 -- * Iranian Bounty On President Trump's Head Gives Perfect Cover To The 'Enemies Of America Within' To Carry Out 'Final False Flag' - Rogue, Anti-Trump 'Sleeper Cell' Discovered Operating Out Of US State Department
2020-01-07 -- * 'President Trump Just Opened The Gates Of Hell' Islamic Journalist Warns Because Iran NEEDS World War 3's Chaos & Carnage To Bring On Their 'End Times Mahdi'
2020-01-06 -- * Two-Week Window For Attacks Upon America Issued By DHS Reminds Us: Iran Sent Turkey Back To The Dark Ages In 2015 - Experts Warned Attack Eventually Killing 90% Of Americans Would Be Relatively Easy
2020-01-04 -- * Democrat Sympathy For The Devil & Murderous Terrorists Proves The Enemies Of America Are Among Us & Likely Guilty of Treason - Flashback: Barack Obama Loved The Islamic Terrorist Element Now Embraced By The Left
2020-01-03 -- * 'Operation 2020': Full-Scale Information Warfare Launched Upon Americans As United Nations Preps Free Speech Crackdown & Globalists Pull Out All Stops In Attempt To Take Back America - Socialism Is A 'Hate Crime' Against Humanity That Must Be Forever Vanquished
2020-01-02 -- * President Trump May Be Walking Into A Globalist Trap: With Iranian Sleeper Cells Across America, War Against Iran May Be A Globalist Ploy To Unleash Death And Destruction Here - Iran Running War Games With Russia And China Hints Of Trouble Ahead
2020-01-01 -- * Gird Your Loins And Hitch Up Your Britches, 2020 Is Going To Be One Wild Ride! With Everything On The Line, All Democrats Have To Offer America Is Socialism And Misery

December 2019

2019-12-31 -- * Horrific Texas Church Shooting, Immediately Ended By 'A Good Guy With A Gun', Provides A Motto For America For 2020: It's Time To Stop The Spread Of Evil Before It Gets Worse - Americans Should NEVER Give Up Their Guns: Hatred Government Disarmed Citizens = Genocide
2019-12-29 -- * More Signs Of Something Sinister Unfolding As Mysterious Drones Flew Over 5 Colorado Counties That All Voted Heavily For Donald Trump, With 3 Voting To Secede From Colorado
2019-12-28 -- * Radical Leftists Holding Impeachment Like A Sword Over President Trump's Head Attempting To Steal Next Year's Election Proves The Dire Nature Of What America Faces In 2020
2019-12-27 -- * All These Signs Point To A Satanic, Global Elite Pedophile Ring, Covered Up By The MSM & FBI For Decades, Desecrating Children Across The Planet - The Leftists Mass Murder Of Children Proves They Are The Devils Destroying America
2019-12-26 -- * Why Do So Many Liberals, Like Michael Bloomberg, Have A 'God Complex'? They've Forgotten Our Rights Come From God, Not From Men Nor Government - God gave us free will but a man who thinks he’s God never does
2019-12-25 -- * US Trucking Association Warns Of 'Super Supply Chain Crisis' And A 'War Zone' In America In 2020 With Violent Leftists Rioting In The Streets Over Failed Impeachment & Tyrannical Politics In Virginia - SBTC Warns: Politicians Will Have To Learn Their Mistake The Hard Way
2019-12-24 -- * Merry Christmas 2019 - Open Thread For Christmas Eve & Day From ANP To The 'PipeLiners'
2019-12-23 -- * Truth Stranger Than Fiction Delivers More Proof They Want Us All Dead: Amazon's Artificial Intelligence Goes Rogue, Suggests Human Suicide To Solve Overpopulation - AI Being Programmed With Globalists Talking Points Hints Of Major Danger Ahead
2019-12-22 -- * 'Letters From The Gulag' & These Recent Events Prove The Dumbing Down Of America Worked Like A Charm Using The Globalists Beast System Of Identify, Vilify, Nullify & Destroy - The War Upon Americans Was Designed To Destroy Our Ability To Reason
2019-12-21 -- * Gun Control Group Warns Of 'A Rude Awakening' Ahead For Virginia Gun Owners As Democrat Coup Attempt Morphs Into Open Warfare Upon Americans & The US Constitution - Anti-Gunners Gunning For Mass Gun Confiscations Would Unleash Hell Upon America
2019-12-20 -- * Generations Of Barbaric & Brutal Killers Without A Conscience Are Being Raised In America Yet Those Opposed To The Death Penalty For Them Have No Problem Butchering Babies
2019-12-19 -- * America Now Has Proof: Democrats Have Become The Tyrants America's Founding Fathers Warned Us About - Attempted Coup Has Used The MSM The Same Way Soviet Dictators Used Pravda
2019-12-18 -- * Beware The Domino Effect - Virginia A Possible BETA Test For Martial Law & Civil War As President Trump Retweets: 'FBI & MSM Are Tyrants' & A 'Criminal Organization' - Virginia's Governor Preparing To Slaughter His Own People Is A Dire Warning To America
2019-12-17 -- * The Trans Agenda Is An Attempt To Normalize Madness In America: Transgender Activists Want To Prevent People From Thinking In Terms Of 'Male' And 'Female' - Transgender is part of a continuum of denying reality
2019-12-16 -- * A Ticking Time Bomb Is Sitting Off Of America's West Coast That Scientists Can't Explain: Staggering Number Of 'Mass Animal Death' Events Worldwide The Past 8 Years - Is This Earth's Final Warning?
2019-12-15 -- * The Open Promotion Of Cannibalism & Satanism By Anti-Christian Activists And The Mainstream Media Are Dire Warning Signs Showing Us Where America Is Headed
2019-12-14 -- * With 'Truth' Called 'Conspiracy Theory' In The 'Empire Of Lies', The Russian Collusion Hoax & Jeffrey Epstein's 'Death' Cover-Up Tell Us Something Incredibly Sinister Is Still Going On! 'They Say That Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - And That's No Lie'
2019-12-12 -- * The 'Dark Agenda Of The Godless Left' & The Global War Upon Christianity Has Plenty Of God-Hating Ax-Grinders Attacking Christians Simply For Opposing Abortion & The Gay Mafia Agenda
2019-12-10 -- * With The Globalists Needing An 'End Game False Flag Event' To Finalize Their Coup Over America & Fully Cement Tyranny Into Place, Prepare To Defend Your Families And Loved Ones
2019-12-09 -- * READ The 476 Page FISA Report From Department Of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General
2019-12-08 -- * The 'Chaos Factor': How Government Bureaucrats In The DOE, DHS & NRC And Utility Industry Lobbyists Are Putting The Lives Of Every Man, Woman And Child In America In Grave Danger - Is This The Globalists 'End Game' That Will Lead To 90% Depopulation In America?
2019-12-07 -- * This One Chart Shows Why Christianity, Freedom & America Are In Peril: The 'Law Of Islamic Saturation' Has Enabled 'The Most Totalitarian Political System In History' To Thrive In America - 'Islam doesn't seek a 'balance point', it dominates and annihilates the indigenous culture over time'
2019-12-05 -- * With Virginia The New 'Canary In The Coal Mine Of Tyranny', 'Impeachment' Is A Distraction From The 'War Upon You' - 'Republicans & Democrats have no problem joining forces to maintain their stranglehold on power'
2019-12-04 -- * Prepare For Persecution: The Anti-Christian Agenda Of America's Public Schools & The Premeditated Undermining Of The Faith And Morals Of Our Children & What We Can Do To Turn The Tide - We're witnessing a deadly onslaught against the faith and morals of Christian children
2019-12-03 -- * This Is What 'The Enemies Of America Within' Don't Want Us To Know! Mass Murderer Joseph Stalin Would Have Been Proud Of Adam Schiff & 'The Cabal' & Their Soviet-Style Coup Attempt
2019-12-02 -- * Major Grocery Store Chain Sees The Handwriting On The Wall! Kroger's Goes In-Store Hydroponic As 'IT' Hits The Fan - 'River Watchers' Already Warning Of Major 2020 Spring Flooding In America's Breadbasket!
2019-12-01 -- * This Is Why 'America' Is A Perfect Example Of The Democrats & Globalists Worst Nightmare: Armed People Make Terrible Slaves! Beware, Virginia! Venezuela Is Modern Day Proof That 'Gun Control' Precedes Tyranny

November 2019

2019-11-30 -- * If America Crosses The Rubicon Into Socialism, There Will Be No Turning Back So We Best Prepare For Mass Famine, Starvation & Opposing Global Government Tyranny While We Still Can - America's Founding Fathers Ensured The American People Wouldn't Be Defenseless Against Tyranny!
2019-11-29 -- * The Shopping 'Zombies' Of Black Friday - If People Will Do This Over Gadgets And Gifts, What Happens When Food Runs Out?
2019-11-28 -- * The Radical Leftist Media Has Fully Distorted Reality In America With The Loonies On The Left Blaming President Trump For Sun Spots, Cancer, Dandruff, Climate Change And Scurvy - 'The more society drifts away from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak truth'
2019-11-27 -- * Yes, Virginia, There Is An Agenda To Confiscate Your Firearms & The People Are Already Revolting! The 'Gun Control Master Plan' & Push For 'The Final Execution Of The US Constitution & Bill Of Rights In One Fell Swoop' Are On Display For All To See
2019-11-26 -- * Tidal Wave Of Stories Published In November Warning Of 'The Rise Of Killer Robots' Proves 'The Future Is Now' - A Permanent System Of Oppression For The Human Race Is Looming
2019-11-25 -- * Humanity In For Devastating Shock: Investigative Report Finds 5G Will Make Us ALL Into 'Targeted Individuals' For 'Electronic Harassment' On Steroids
2019-11-24 -- * A 'Scourge Of Pestilence' Is Brewing In America With The 'Plague Of Leftism' Unleashed On Democrat-Run Cities: 'Suitable Soil' For The World's Next Killer Pandemic? This Is Why We Should Prepare Now With Left Following A Predictable Pattern Of Decay
2019-11-23 -- * The 'Truth Bomb' About To Explode On Democrats Heads Will Leave The Dumbed Down Masses Running Around In The Streets Like Their Hair Is On Fire -America Entering A Rough Stretch With Democrat/Deep State Crime Spree About To Be Exposed
2019-11-21 -- * With A Wolf In Sheep Skin At The Door, Voters Have A Right To Know About The Democrats 'Dark Agenda' To Destroy Christianity - The MSM Completely Ignores The 'Party Of Death's' War Upon God, Life, Women & Children
2019-11-19 -- * 'Parents Should Not Have The Final Say' In Raising Children Says Public School Teacher In Response To Parental Backlash Against Drag Queen Being Brought Into Class
2019-11-18 -- * In 2019, Only Fools Accept The 'Official Line' On Anything We're Told By The 'NWO Henchmen' But The Luciferians 'Indoctrination Centers' Have Been Working Overtime - The Entire 'Package Of Lies' Americans Have Been Sold Has Led To Society Gone Mad In These Last Days
2019-11-16 -- * The Democrat's Soviet-Style Fantasy Impeachment In Search Of A Crime Has Turned 'The Rule Of Law' On Its Head In America - Impeachment Is An ATTACK Upon ALL Free Americans, Not Only President Donald Trump!
2019-11-15 -- * The Inconvenient Truth & Disturbing Facts About Slavery Democrats & The MSM Pushing 'Divide & Conquer' Don't Want You To Know! All 'Free Americans' Would Be 'Slaves' If Democrats & Globalists Had Their Way!
2019-11-13 -- * America's Gathering Storm Is How Dictatorships Begin With The 'Impeachment Coup In Progress' Nothing Less Than The Desperate Democrats Backup In Their 16-Year Plan To Destroy America - Remember! Deagel Is Proof The Globalists Wanted America To Be A 3rd World Nation By 2025!
2019-11-11 -- * In The Showdown Ahead Between Patriots And Globalists, Don't Expect The Military, Completely Infiltrated By The 'Deep State', To Defend President Trump And The US Constitution - Leftist Traitors Shredding The Constitution Don't Care About 'The Rule Of Law' In America
2019-11-10 -- * More Signs A Macro-War Upon America's Food Supply Is Underway With Nutrients And Everything Healthy In The Line Of Fire, Ending In 'Soylent Green'? Bill Clinton Set Standard For Lax Govt Regulation Of Supplement Industry
2019-11-07 -- * Do Massive Nationwide & Global Food Recalls Portend A Coming Global War? Americans Led Like Sheep To The Slaughter - Starved Into Submission, Food Really Is A Weapon - Part 2 of 3
2019-11-05 -- * ANP Exclusive! Congressional Aides Have A Dire Warning For Americans Nationwide: Democrats Are Ready To Impeach President Trump Without Even Hearing The Evidence! The 'Greatest Danger To The US Constitution' Is Playing Out Before Our Eyes!
2019-11-03 -- * The Age Of Rage And Days Of Global Unrest Now Upon Us Are Signs Of Great Upheaval Ahead, With America In A Death Spiral, Being Herded Towards The 'End Of The Age'
2019-11-01 -- * Impeaching President Trump Will Allow The Communists To Complete Their Destruction Of America & Finish Turning Our Country Into A Third World Hellhole

October 2019

2019-10-31 -- * Ongoing String Of Mysterious Deaths Lasting Over 30 Years Following The Clinton's Wherever They Go & Covered-Up By The Deep State Have Warped Truth And Justice In America - The 'Clinton Body Count' Cover-Up Is Pushing America Towards 'Banana Republic Tyranny'
2019-10-30 -- * Doctor Warns The 'Satanic Silent Weapons System' Being Fast-Tracked Across America Is Causing Catastrophic Health Problems - Critical Health News About 5G Continues Being Censored By The Mainstream Media
2019-10-29 -- * With History Our Forewarning, Tens Of Millions Of Americans Could Be 'Purged' Under 'Democratic Socialism' With America's Younger Generation Pushing Us Towards Tyranny - Famine And 'Death By Government' May Await America Should A Democrat Win In 2020
2019-10-28 -- * Globalists Warn A Deadly Pandemic Could Sweep The World In Hours, Killing Millions: Here Are Some All-Natural Remedies To Help You Survive And Avoid Big Pharma's Poisons
2019-10-27 -- * Top Farmer Warns Of Global Cover-Up: Globalists Hold The Key To Genocide And Are Ratcheting It Up Worldwide By Geoengineering Droughts To Ensure Famine, Disease & Mass Starvation - With Warnings Of A Global Protein Shortage Ahead, Prepare Now While We Still Can
2019-10-26 -- * This Is Why 'Battleground America' Is A 'Powder Keg', Ready To Blow To Kingdom Come: The MSM Has Deceived Americans Into Living In Parallel Universes - Another Civil War Would Immediately Bring About TEOTWAWKI
2019-10-25 -- * The Communists Trying To Overthrow President Trump Via 'Secret Kangaroo Court' Impeachment Trial Have Forgotten History - Impeaching President Trump Without Due Process Is A Call To Arms
2019-10-24 -- * America's Plunge Into Madness Began When Words Lost Their Meaning - It Was Long Ago Warned: 'When Words Lose Their Meaning, People Will Lose Their Liberty' - George Orwell's '1984' Has Become 'Reality' In 2019 America
2019-10-23 -- * With Democrats Brewing A Volatile Hell-Broth For America That Could Unleash Colossal Turmoil, Americans Better Get Prepared Quickly For The Coming Fallout - An Impeachment Of President Trump Is An Act Of War Upon The American People
2019-10-22 -- * This Is How The 'Resistance Cabal' Within The US Govt Has Put The Entire Country In Existential Danger - 'We should think about flavors of destruction that have never been seen before'
2019-10-20 -- * 'Gay Mafia' Launches Vicious & Vulgar Attacks On Conservative Author After His Viral Story Pointed Out Inconvenient Truths - LGBTQ Is Grooming Children To Turn America Into A Modern Day Sodom And Gomorrah
2019-10-19 -- * The Blueprint For Democrats To Complete Their Overthrow Of America Is Already Written As Retired Admiral Calls For President Trump To Be 'Removed' From Office, 'The Sooner, The Better' - Is Eerie Dream A Precognitive Warning Of A Coming Disaster?
2019-10-18 -- * Mysterious Death Of Tech CEO Hints Something Incredibly Evil Is At Play As She Warned Her Parents Before Her Death: 'It's All A Game, We're In The Matrix' - What Did Tech CEO Erin Valenti Find Out That Got Her Killed?
2019-10-17 -- * America Is Going Through A Classic Case Of Luciferian Inversion: With Decades Long Trail Of Dead Bodies Following Them Wherever They Go, The Clinton's Are A Perfect Example - Americans Owe No Obedience To Tyrants: 'Resisting Tyranny Is Obeying God'
2019-10-16 -- * Crop Loss Map Shows Nature Is Taking A Massive Toll On Planet Earth's Food Supply As Efforts To Hide The Truth Escalate - Two-Pronged Attack Upon America's Food Supply As Democrats Insanely Push Us Towards Communism
2019-10-15 -- * All Eyes Open For A 'Red October' Surprise As Democrats Invoke The 'Communist Playbook' With The Release Of The IG Report Bumped Back To The End Of October - America's Political War May Be About To Go To A Whole New Level
2019-10-13 -- * Sinister Signs Globalists Have The United Nations Agendas On The Fast Track With Seeds Being Planted To Sow Chaos - Were Forced California Power Outages A 'BETA Test' For The Rest Of America?
2019-10-12 -- * List Of Companies Ripe For A Boycott For Censoring Free Speech To Cater To Communist China - Big Corp Bowing To Tyranny Is A Major Alarm Warning Where America Is Heading! 'China’s model of scientific state-run evil is the world's greatest threat to humanity'
2019-10-11 -- * Death Camps, Mass Starvation And Forced Obedience To Govt May Follow Open Borders, Free Health Care For Illegals & The Total Destruction Of The US Constitution If Democrats Win In 2020 - If Democrats Aren't Held Accountable For This Attempted Coup, America Is Dead And Gone
2019-10-09 -- * UPDATED! What Is Really Going On In California? Over 500,000 Without Power Already And A Week Of Darkness Ahead Could Deliver Chaos, But Is More At Play Than Meets The Eye?
2019-10-08 -- * A 'Recipe' For A False Flag May Be In The Works As The Communist News Network Descends To Dangerous New Levels Of Absurdity In Their Pursuit To Destroy America
2019-10-07 -- * The 'Impeachment Coup' Is An Attack On YOU By Democrats Attempting To Overthrow America And The Results Of The 2016 Election Without Firing A Single Shot
2019-10-05 -- * The 'Conspiracy' To Transform America From A Free To A Fascist Nation Began Long Before The Current Coup Upon President Trump, Engineered Via One False Flag After Another - A Breakdown Of The Patterns Of Evil That Have Long Surrounded Us
2019-10-05 -- * It Could Happen Here! The Timing Of Everything Suggests America Is Approaching A National Nightmare In 2020 - Leftists Call For The Arrest Of Trump Officials As Globalists Seek Final Take Down Of America
2019-10-03 -- * This Abominable Chart Should Destroy Globalism And Launch The Biggest Tax Protest In America Since The Boston Tea Party - Americans Are Financing Globalism To A Tune Of Over $50 Billion Every Year!
2019-10-01 -- * With Talk Of Civil War In The Air, Deep State Sourced Website Is Still Forecasting A Massive Die-Off By 2025: US Population Expected To Plunge By 227 Million In Less Than 6 Years

September 2019

2019-09-30 -- * Terrorizing Children Into Preaching The Communists Environmental Lies Proves Globalists 'Mass Indoctrination Programs' Were Designed To Scare The World Into Submission
2019-09-29 -- * Gun Sales Go Through The Roof As Democrats Shows Their True Totalitarian Colors And The Globalists Shoot For The Oval Office In 2020 To Complete Their 'Final Take Down Of America' - All Hands On Deck! The Next 14 Months Will Be Among The Most Crucial In America's History
2019-09-28 -- * Denver International Airport Is Fully Prepared To Be Home To The Luciferian 'New World Order' Government Following An Apocalyptic, 'End Game' False Flag Attack Upon America
2019-09-27 -- * Democrats Are Shredding The Constitution In Their Search For Totalitarian Power: 2020 Is No Longer 'Republican vs Democrat', It's Freedom vs Tyranny
2019-09-26 -- * American Blood Shouldn't Flow In The Middle East Battle Featuring 'Much Evil' vs 'More Evil' - Let The Bloody Bullies Bang Their Heads Together & Resolve Their Own Differences
2019-09-25 -- * The 'Green Communists' Brainwashing The World Into Believing 'Global Warming Extinction' Is Coming Soon Should Be Held Accountable For Terrorizing The World's Younger Generations - 'Global Warming Climate Doomsayers' Have Been Wrong For Over 50 Years!
2019-09-24 -- * It's Time To Declare The Democratic Party A National Terror Threat With Them Pushing For A Political System In America That's Already Led To 'Death By Government' For Tens Of Millions!
2019-09-23 -- * This Is Why Americans Are Arming Up For Bear: Over 100 Million People Have Been Brutally Slaughtered By The Political Philosophy Being Pushed On America By Democrats In 2019
2019-09-22 -- * With Iran Threatening America Will Become 'The Main Battleground' Should We Attack Them And Russia & China Joining Iran In New Military Drills, Map Shows Where We Don't Want To Be When WW3 Begins
2019-09-21 -- * The Final Takedown Of America & Our Full Descent Into A Communist Nation Will Require Voter Fraud Of The Highest Levels In The 2020 Election To Be Successful
2019-09-20 -- * Top Psychiatrist Warns Of Modern Day Eugenics And Compares LGBT Agenda For Kids To Giving Children A Frontal Lobotomy - The Completely Ludicrous Modern Day Feminist Agenda Has Devolved Into Madness
2019-09-19 -- * With Democrat-Run Cities Across America Transformed Into Diseased Wastelands, Imagine If Democrats Win The Presidency In 2020 And America Is Turned Into A 'Sanctuary Nation!'
2019-09-18 -- * This Is How Close America Is To Disaster: With A 'Trucker Bloodbath' Already In Progress, Once TEOTWAWKI Arrives, It'll Already Be Far Too Late To Prepare
2019-09-17 -- * America Is In Such A HUGE Mess Because Historians, Writers & The Media Failed To Follow The Principled Maxim: Never Report A Lie And Never Refuse To Publish The Truth - This Is What Radical Leftists & The MSM Will Never Tell Us
2019-09-16 -- * Americans Better Lock And Load With War Against Iran Looking Inevitable And Iranian Sleeper Cells Allegedly Spread Across America, Just Waiting For The Word To Attack Us - The Global Armageddon Chess Pieces Are Being Moved Into Place
2019-09-15 -- * Americans Are Arming Up In Huge Numbers, Driven By Self-Protection & Politicians Pushing 'Gun Grabs', With Communist-Socialist Government's The Biggest Mass Murderers In History
2019-09-13 -- * Deciphering The End Times With The Greatest Evils Of Leftism Coming Together In The 'Radical Feminist Movement' - Feminists Prove Their Insanity By Embracing Anti-Women 'Islam' & Pervy Old White Men Like Joe Biden And Bill Clinton
2019-09-11 -- * This Pre-emptive Assessment Will Be Used With 'Red Flag Laws' To Leave You Defenseless In The Face Of The Coming Onslaught
2019-09-10 -- * US Assistant Attorney Murdered In 2003 Allegedly Sex Trafficked For Jeffrey Epstein According To Former Epstein Victim - Stabbed 36 Times, Jonathan Luna's Death Was Originally Ruled A 'Suicide'
2019-09-09 -- * Read Between The Lines When Globalists Push For A 'Post Human Future' While Emphasizing: 'The End Is Already Beginning!' - DARPA's Investing Millions To Allow Human Brains To Communicate Directly With Machines
2019-09-07 -- * With Globalists Pushing 'Soylent Green', The Plundering By Marauders In The Bahamas Following Hurricane Dorian's Wrath Is More Proof We Should Prepare Now While We Still Can - The UN & MSM Push Food Price Spikes To Offset 'Climate Crisis' While Nudging World Towards Cannibalism
2019-09-05 -- * America Is In Deep Trouble If We Don't Realize Government Is A Criminal Entity Controlled By An Entrenched Elite Who Are Unspeakably Evil - Our Nation Is Well On Its Way Towards Plunging Into Inconceivable Tyranny
2019-09-04 -- * True Tyranny Always Begins With The Censoring Of Free Speech! This Is Why Big Tech MUST Be 'Taken Down' For The Good Of Humanity - America's 'Breaking Point' Will Be Sooner Than Later If Antifa Terrorists Have Their Way
2019-09-03 -- * Those Peddling The 'White Nationalism Fraud' Are Running A Psychological Terror Campaign Upon ALL Americans! They Won't Stop Until Every Christian And Conservative Is Eliminated
2019-09-02 -- * With The Pentagon Unleashing DARPA To Fight 'Fake News & Disinformation', Remember This! According To Many Scientists, 'The Next Great Extinction Event Will Not Be Global Warming, It Will Be Global Cooling'
2019-09-01 -- * Communist Deep State Kingpin Makes Veiled Twitter Threat Towards President Trump As Radical Leftists Push For Disarmament & A UN Takeover Of Our Southern Border

August 2019

2019-08-31 -- * With Technologies Available For Conducting Secret Warfare Using The Weather, Americans Should Prepare With Monster Hurricane Dorian Approaching And A Forecast For A Brutal Winter Ahead
2019-08-30 -- * With 'The Secret City' At China Lake In California No Longer Available For Advanced Weapons Research And Testing, What Does DARPA Know That We Don't Know?
2019-08-29 -- * As America-Hating Democrats Make Their Final Descent Into Evil Madness, Totally Out In The Open Revealing Their True Communist Selves, Americans Better Be Prepared For What's To Come!
2019-08-28 -- * Imagine If A Republican Said 'It's Time To Burn Down The Democratic Party, Leaving No Survivors!'
2019-08-27 -- * On Guard If You Live In One Of These US Cities Or Areas! Map Shows Where Monstrous Health Problems May Soon Arrive As 5G Is Fast-Tracked Across America
2019-08-26 -- * A Disturbing Look At The Dark Underbelly Of Human Experimentation In America Reveals Great Evils And Unimaginable Atrocities Funded By The American Taxpayer - A Massive Uptick Of Secretive US Govt Experiments Began Soon After 'Operation Paperclip'
2019-08-25 -- * With 'Dirty Communists' Calling For Revolution And 'Brain Dead' Leftist Politicians Calling For Gun Confiscations, The 'Right To Bear Arms' May Once Again Be Needed To Repel Tyranny
2019-08-24 -- * More Evidence Great Trouble Is Brewing: With The Seeds Of Chaos Being Sown, 'Government' Is Preparing To 'Reap The Harvest' - 'Pentagon Predicted All Hell Would Break Out In America By 2030 But We're Way Ahead Of Schedule'
2019-08-23 -- * This Could Trigger Civil War In America! The 'Party Of Death And Destruction's' Hatred Of Whites, Christians, Conservatives And Trump Supporters Could Lead To Their Own Annihilation
2019-08-22 -- * 'Every Day Brings Fresh Horror Stories From A Black Mirror Hellscape' In America's Liberal Run States And Cities Where Homeless Veterans Survive By Eating The Trash Of Billionaires
2019-08-21 -- * The Long Trail Of Dead Bodies & False Flags That Follow Around Bill & Hillary Clinton & The Globalists Wherever They Go Point To Unimaginable Corruption And Gargantuan Cover-ups
2019-08-20 -- * China's Orwellian Social Credit System Is A Huge Warning To America, Giving Us A Great Reason To Prepare While We Still Can - The Way We're Headed, It's Only A Matter Of Time Before THIS Arrives In America!
2019-08-19 -- * The Planned Mass Roundup Of Americans Is No Conspiracy Theory! With Politicians Pushing Red Flag Laws, This Flashback To Rex 84 And Main Core Helps Complete The Story
2019-08-18 -- * The Tide Turns Against Antifa Terrorists After Their Violence Is Exposed To The Masses, The Media Can No Longer Protect Them - Even Some Leftists Denounce Them: 'You Don't Represent Me, Go Home!'
2019-08-17 -- * Recent And Historical Events Prove This Is No Longer Just 'Politics', We Are In A Battle Against The Full-Scale Implementation Of Communism In America! All That Remain Are The 'End Game' & The 'Grand Culling' With The 'Planned Overthrow Of America' No Longer 'Conspiracy Theory'
2019-08-16 -- * Antifa Flyer Threatens False Flag Terrorism Upon Innocent Americans This Weekend As Portland Prepares For Total Chaos - Leftist Terrorists Threaten To Dress As Trump Supporters While Carrying Out Violence
2019-08-15 -- * This Is Why America Must NEVER Again Follow The Insane Leftist Ideology Of Putting Other Nations Interests Above Our Own! Doing So Has Been An 'Open Recipe For Tyranny' - Putting 'America First' Isn't Racist, Selfish Or Vile - Only A Fool Would Think Otherwise!
2019-08-14 -- * The Difference Between Communism And Socialism Is Almost The Same As The Difference Between Murder And Forced Suicide: Either Way, You End Up Dead - Leftists Want Americans To Share The Misery Equally, Except For Themselves
2019-08-13 -- * The Bigger Story Most Are Missing About Jeffrey Epstein And His Ties To The Clinton Crime Family And The Clinton Foundation Came Via This 2007 Letter Written By Epstein's Attorney
2019-08-12 -- * Will 'Red Flag Laws' Become 'Red List Executions'? All The Know Nothings Will Exclaim, 'But It's The Law' - Remember! Courageous Police Officer Warned Of The Globalists 'Final Solution' For America
2019-08-10 -- * NASA Plane Flights The Last Six Weeks Over Molten Carbon Pools In The Western US Solved, And It's No 'Conspiracy Theory' - Lying Devil's In The MSM's Hit Pieces Attempt To Vilify Truth Tellers As 'Conspiratorial Nuts'
2019-08-09 -- * If Democrats Have Their Way, The Monstrous 'Death Toll Of Communism' May Be Coming To America! In 'Death By Government', Disarmament Always Precedes Genocide! The Insane Leftist Agenda Must Be Stopped In 2020 Or Kiss Freedom & America Goodbye!
2019-08-08 -- * What Are The Odds? El Paso Shooter Was Only 3 Degrees Removed From The Mastermind Of The CIA's MKUltra Assassination Program! Did Luciferians Drop A 'Trigger Word' To 'Activate The Manchurians' Before Last Weekend's Horrific Events?
2019-08-07 -- * 'Death Camps For Trump Supporters' Fliers Just The Latest Reason Why Personal Defense Is More Important Now Than Ever Before
2019-08-06 -- * With Proof The FBI Under The 'Deep State' Groomed A Mentally Ill Man To Become A Right-Wing Terrorist, Are Mind-Controlled Assassins Being Unleashed Upon America? 1991 Book Warned 'Secret Government' Would Use Patsies To Shoot Up America To Eliminate 2nd Amendment
2019-08-05 -- * Official Texas Government Website Blows The Lid Off Of This 'Conspiracy Theory'!
2019-08-03 -- * Is This The 'Atom Bomb' That Will Take Down The 1st Amendment And America? With The FBI Dropping This New Bombshell, Let's Talk 'Conspiracy Theory' - Our 'Search For Truth' Will Continue Whether The Globalists Like It Or Not!
2019-08-01 -- * From Texas To Missouri To South Carolina To Colorado To Washington, ANP Readers See 'The Big Picture': The Countdown To SHTF Has Begun If These Shortages Are 'The New Norm' - One Reader Warns Us: 'I Believe There Is More To This Than Meets The Eye'

July 2019

2019-07-31 -- * The Globalists Final Takedown Of America And 'End Game' Depend Upon 'IVND' - 'Identify, Vilify, Nullify And Destroy' - 'America’s woes are just part of the ongoing global decay and descent into Satanic madness'
2019-07-30 -- * This Is Why America Is In Much More Trouble Than Most Understand: 'You Cannot Reason With The Criminally Insane Whose Ultimate Goal Is The Destruction Of Western Civilization & The Extermination Of The Human Race'
2019-07-29 -- * Democrats Have No One But Themselves And Their Liberal Policies To Blame For Their Cities Turning Into Hellholes! The Demons Destroying Their Own Cities Are Also Working Overtime To Destroy America!
2019-07-27 -- * The Stage Has Been Set! Democratic Politicians Are Striking Matches In A Room Full Of Gunpowder By Insisting On 'Reparations'
2019-07-26 -- * What Do NASA And The US Govt Know That We Don't Know? NASA Aircraft Scanning San Andreas And Idaho Volcanoes Hint The 'Big One' Is Coming But Cascadia Would Be 'The Monster' - 'The Govt Is Aware Of The Real Threat But Keeps The People In The Dark Lest They Panic The Herd'
2019-07-25 -- * A Surefire Way To Expedite America's Destruction Is To Fall Into Another 'Arms Control' Trap: Prior Treaties Have Left Americans Completely Vulnerable To Nuclear Annihilation
2019-07-24 -- * New NY Times Story Downplaying The Health Hazards Of 5G Fails Miserably: Why Are Globalists Media Outlets Putting Out So Many 5G Propaganda Stories? Some Warn Globalists Will Use 5G Killing Fields To Carry Out Genocide
2019-07-23 -- * If These Are The New 'Signs Of The Times' And Not An Aberration, We May Be Closing In Upon A Living Hell - Grocery Store Customers Shocked By Empty Shelves Best Prepare Now While They Still Can
2019-07-22 -- * The Evil Leftist Billionaires Club Pushing For Socialism Will Never Redistribute Their Own Wealth So Why Should We Believe A Word They Say? These Hypocrites Never Practice What They Preach
2019-07-21 -- * With MSNBC's Resident Soy Boy Calling For Trump Supporters To Be 'Confronted And Destroyed', Why Is The Mainstream Media Whipping Their Dumbed-Down Followers Into A Frenzy? ANP Vows To Be A 'Nightmare' For The 'Four Horsewomen Of The Apocalypse'
2019-07-20 -- * Is It Already Too Late To Stop What's Coming? A Full Blown War With Iran Could Unleash Death And Destruction All Across America And The World Unlike Anything Ever Seen Before - What If Iran Already Has Nukes And Actually WANTS 'Armageddon' To Bring On Their 'Mahdi'?
2019-07-19 -- * Was Organ Harvesting Following The Globalists 'End Game' On China's Mind When They Stole The Medical Records Of Nearly 80 Million Americans? The Google - China Marriage Must Be Taken Down For The Good Of The Free World
2019-07-17 -- * With 'Fukushima-American-Style' Only One Big Quake Away, Experts Warn That Quake Could 'Threaten The Ability Of The Human Race To Survive On Earth' - The Deteriorating Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant In California Is Surrounded By Fault Lines
2019-07-16 -- * Adolf Hitler's Shock Troop Brown Shirts Are Democrats Model For 'Antifa': The Precursor To This 'Domestic Terrorist Organization' Ran Germany's Death Camps - President Trump, It's Time To Declare Antifa A Domestic Terror Organization
2019-07-15 -- * As We Travel Along The Razor's Edge Towards The Future, String Of Current Events Proves We Are Living In Truly Perilous Times
2019-07-14 -- * Enough! It’s Time This Heretic Pushing Christians Into A Satanic One World Religion Surrenders His Ordination Credentials And Leave The Ministry!
2019-07-13 -- * The Democratic Party's Terrorist Arm Antifa Needs To Be Taken Down By President Trump's FBI And DOJ Before They Trigger Civil War, Thus Ensuring Their Own Annihilation
2019-07-12 -- * With 'Diversity' And 'Multiculturalism' The Weapons Being Used To Destroy Freedom And America, We Must Rise Up To Face The Challenge Or Western Civilization Comes Crashing Down - 'Equipping A Warrior Class Of Christians For The Days Ahead'
2019-07-11 -- * These Two Maps From 'Successful Farming' Help Explain Why We're Heading For A Severe Food Crisis As Experts Monitoring 'Global Cooling Earth Changes' Warn Everything Is Speeding Up
2019-07-10 -- * With The Left Now Terrorizing Patriots With Democrats Approval, We're Nearly Out Of Time To Defend America: More Proof The 'Demoncrats' Hate Our Country And Want Civil War
2019-07-09 -- * As West Coast Plays Russian Roulette With Mother Nature, Planet Earth Is Locked And Loaded - Preparing For The Next Big Quake NOW Could Make The Difference Between Life And Death Later
2019-07-08 -- * As MSM Talking Head Warns President Trump Is On The Verge Of Igniting Civil War In America, The Future Of America Looks Downright Sinister If The Democrats Have Their Way - Democrats Are Using A Well Practiced Plan To Take Down America
2019-07-07 -- * Over 20 Years Ago, The Secretary Of Defense Warned Of Weapons That Can Trigger Catastrophic Earthquakes But The Mainstream Media Still Calls Them 'Conspiracy Theory'
2019-07-06 -- * With The US Senate Now Hinting At A Catastrophic Grid Down Scenario Ahead, Americans Should Prepare For The Total Chaos That Will Be Unleashed By A Return To The Dark Ages
2019-07-04 -- * With Both Russia And America Holding Emergency Meetings Following Mysterious Incident In The Arctic Ocean, Are We On The Edge Of Armageddon? Global Events Appear To Be Spiraling Out Of Control
2019-07-03 -- * Gun Owners Are Right To Be Concerned! These Totalitarian Moves Being Made By US Politicians Are Why Law-Abiding American Gun Owners Should NEVER Just Give Up Their Guns! With Tyranny Always Just One Generation Away, Americans MUST Remain Eternally Vigilant!
2019-07-02 -- * As Democrats Continue To Push This 'Tower Of Lies', This Leftist Agenda Is Impoverishing Us 'Commoners' While Making Us Feel Helpless And Dependent Upon The Government - Leftist Environmentalists Are The 'Againsters', The Ultimate Nihilists
2019-07-01 -- * Why Are Globalist Corporations & The US Govt Fast-Tracking 'The Stupidest Idea In The History Of The World' Upon America?

June 2019

2019-06-30 -- * The 'Enemies Of America Within' MUST Be 'Taken Down' Or America As A Nation Is A Dead Country Walking - This 'Unfolding Tyranny' Must Be Stopped For All Of Humanity
2019-06-29 -- * These 'Inconvenient Truths' About The Democratic Party Would Destroy Them If The 'Masses' Awakened To Them As They Peddle Their 'Reparations Scam': Blatant And Odious Thievery!
2019-06-28 -- * New Crop Loss Map Shows A Trainwreck Unfolding Before Our Eyes: 'Farmers Across The World Are Calling Out In Unison About Catastrophic Growing Conditions'
2019-06-26 -- * With One Of The Biggest Fights Of Our Lives Ahead Of Us As The Globalists Unleash A Plague Upon America, We Should Prepare Our Bodies Now For The Battles Ahead
2019-06-25 -- * More Evidence That NASA Really Does Stand For: 'Never A Straight Answer' - Should we not by now have all learned to question everything the government and academia and the controlled media tell us?
2019-06-24 -- * With The Most Important Industry In The Country Now In Big Trouble, Truckers Warnings Of 'A Bloodbath Ahead' Are An Ominous Alarm To America - A HUGE Thank You To All The Truckers Who Keep America's Lifeblood Flowing!
2019-06-23 -- * The Mainstream Media Presstitutes Completely Failed The American People For Years As More Evidence Emerges They Will Do So Again In 2020 - MSM Journalism Is Dead And Truth Lies In The Street, Gasping For Air
2019-06-22 -- * Mysterious Explosions In America The Past Week You Might Not Have Heard Of - With World Heading Towards 'Perfect Storm Of War And Destruction', Were These 'Events' Grey Terror?
2019-06-21 -- * With Russia's Most Modern Warship Now In The Caribbean Sea And The Middle East Heating Up To A Fever Pitch, Vladimir Putin Hints One Wrong Move And The End Is Nigh - The Admiral Gorshkov Is Capable Of Firing Long Range Attack Missiles Into The Heart Of America
2019-06-20 -- * These Maps Show America In Great Despair As Our Nation Turns Away From God: Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Had Warned The Turning Away From God Would Lead To 'End Times'
2019-06-19 -- * What Is REALLY Going On With America's Food Supply? Between Record Flooding And Suspicious Food Recalls, We May Be Witnessing Full Scale Asymmetric Warfare Upon America
2019-06-18 -- * With The Perfect Storm Unleashed Upon America, Why Are Almost ALL Western Nations Succumbing To The Same Evil Madness? This hints there really is a New World Order global conspiracy to enslave the entire planet!
2019-06-17 -- * Massive Misdirection Now Ongoing On Iran: Experts Warn Iran Has Probably Had Nukes For Well Over 10 Years And Barack Obama Was 'Woefully Deceived' (Or 'Part Of The Plan'!)
2019-06-16 -- * Democrats Have Ensured Gods Judgement Upon Our Country With Their Push To Turn America Into The Modern Day Sodom And Gomorrah
2019-06-15 -- * Abortion Is NOT 'Family Planning', It's Cold-Blooded Murder - God's Judgement On Planned Parenthood Should Be Equal To The Barbaric Acts They Carry Out Every Day
2019-06-14 -- * As Middle East Heats Up To The Boiling Point, Expert Warns Terror Attacks By Iranian Sleeper Cells Embedded Across America Could 'End Our Freedom Of Movement', For YEARS! 'Fiery Serpent' Of Nuclear War Could Usher In 'End Times'
2019-06-13 -- * Leftists Triggered By Questions And Media Lies Are Pushing America Closer To Civil War: Increasingly Violent Left Won't Be Able To Survive The Terror They're Unleashing Upon America
2019-06-12 -- * Are Human Guinea Pigs Bringing Pestilence Into America? The War At Our Southern Border Heads North Along With Deadly Diseases Long Believed Eradicated - How To Set Up A Medical Quarantine In Your Home For A Pandemic
2019-06-11 -- * More Proof Emerges That Democrats Lies Re-wrote History With This Bombshell The Mainstream Media Refuses To Handle
2019-06-10 -- * It's Time For President Trump's DOJ To 'Nuke' Silicon Valley! 'Big Tech' Must Be Struck Down Or The Enemies Of America Win - 'May The Wrath Of God Crash Down Upon Those Who By Their Unrighteousness Suppress The Truth'
2019-06-09 -- * Another Cluster Of Mysterious Deaths! Arkansas Judge Seals Police Records On Murder Of Former Arkansas State Senator Who Was Allegedly Investigating CPS Child Trafficking Ring - At Least 5 Mysterious Deaths In Week: Is A Nationwide 'Clean Up Job' Being Carried Out?
2019-06-08 -- * With The World Teetering At The Edge Of The Abyss, Nearly At The Point Of No Return, The Implementation Of The Globalists 'Total Control' System Is Ripping Out The Heart And Soul Of America - America Needs A Revival: It's Time To Rise Up And Fight To Restore America's Soul
2019-06-07 -- * Will Humanity Ever Learn The Hidden History And Mysteries Of Outer Space And 'The Planets That Never Were'? The 'True History Of Planet Earth' Has Long Been Hidden From The Masses - Why?
2019-06-06 -- * Is Planned Parenthood Re-Directing Blood From Babies They've Butchered To 'The Elite' To Help Them Achieve Immortality? The Blood Of The Young Is Huge Business To Satanic Globalists - The Democrats 2020 Party Slogan Should Be: 'The Blood Of The Innocent Must Flow'
2019-06-06 -- * Shocking New Poll Hints Most Americans Are Petrified Of Learning The Truth About The Deep Corruption Within Long Trusted Institutions Such As The MSM, FBI And The DOJ
2019-06-05 -- * Infanticide Will Be The Law Of The Land If Democrats Win In 2020: EVERY Democratic Presidential Candidate Reveal Themselves As Demons Who Approve Of The Murders Of America's Most Innocent - Every Democrat Presidential Candidate Is Doing The Work Of Satan
2019-06-04 -- * Since Those Who Committed Treason Or Sedition Against America Want Julian Assange Dead, There's Never Been A More Important Time Than Now To Stand Up For Truth And Justice - Calling All 'Truth Soldiers' To Battle! We Have The Ultimate Weapon Against Tyranny!
2019-06-02 -- * America's 'Nuclear Triad' Has Never Been More Vulnerable To A Surprise Attack: Attacks Upon Our 'Last Best Line Of Defense' Could Lead To The Gravest Consequences Imaginable
2019-06-01 -- * As The Masses Awaken To Deep State Crimes, More And More Information About UFO's Is Leaking Out: Is Full Disclosure Ahead?

May 2019

2019-05-31 -- * As Slow Motion Disaster Unfolds In The Midwest, FEMA Prepares For 'Shaken Fury' And A 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake Ripping America Apart At The New Madrid Fault Zone - Is The 'Ultimate Clandestine Weapon Of Mass Destruction' Being Used Upon America?
2019-05-30 -- * These Two New Videos Capture The 'Miracle Of Life' Democrats And The Mainstream Media Never Want You To See: Is It Time For A 'New Baby Boom' In America?
2019-05-29 -- * The Democratic Party Would Be Completely Destroyed If All Americans Knew This: 'Planned Parenthood' Is 'Black Genocide' - 'Planned Murderhood' Founder Wrote: 'We don’t want the word to go out we want to exterminate the Negro population'
2019-05-28 -- * Two Cardinals Break Ranks With Pope Francis And Warn The Death Of Western Civilization Is Ahead While Also Claiming 'Mass Immigration' Really Is An 'Islamic Invasion' - It's Not 'Hate' To Call Out The Barbaric & Oppressive Politics Of 'Islam'
2019-05-27 -- * There Is Something Terribly Wrong With Democrats In 2019: Their Deep Inner Sicknesses Are Revealing Many As 'Demonic Entities' - The Choice Is Clear, America, Choose Wisely!
2019-05-26 -- * Why War Against Iran Could Usher In Globalists 'End Game' For America: 'Experts' Warn World Is Now Closer To A Nuclear World War 3 Than Ever Before
2019-05-25 -- * 'The Hammer' Is Coming Down! Barack Obama's CIA Talking Head Says 'President Trump Has Entered Dangerous Territory'
2019-05-24 -- * The Great Unraveling Has Arrived: Nightmare That Never Ends For Agricultural Industry Leading To Devastating Food Shortages
2019-05-23 -- * Democrats Would Have Aborted Beethoven: No One Is Safe In A Nation Where More Than 1,000 Unborn Babies Are Brutally Slaughtered Every Day
2019-05-22 -- * Staggering Poll Numbers Show What America Is Up Against: As Younger Generations Embrace Socialism & Censorship, They Ignore Socialism's Growing 'Kill Count' - Death By Government: 'First they take your speech, then they take your life'
2019-05-21 -- * In The Deep State Coup Attempt, All Roads Lead Back To Barack Obama - Watch Out For A Major Breakout Of Leftist Insanity Should Deep State Crooks Fall- An Open Message To President Donald Trump: The American People Have Your Back!
2019-05-20 -- * More Evidence America Has Become The Modern Day 'Sodom & Gomorrah' - A Question For A Democrat Presidential Candidate That Will Never Be Answered: 'Pete, Since You Brought It Up, How 'Gay' Are You?'
2019-05-19 -- * This One Picture Captures The Miracle Of Life And Tells Us Everything The Democrats Don't Want Us To Know
2019-05-18 -- * America Totally Divided: Conservatives Should NEVER ACCEPT The Democrat's 'Religion' Of 'Child Sacrifice' - The Mass Murder Of Unborn Children Is A Satanic Epidemic - Why Don't Democrats Understand? Abortion IS Murder!
2019-05-17 -- * With George Orwell's 1984 Now Here, 'Everywhere Will Turn Into China' Tech Expert Warns - Is Orwellian 'Big Tech Censorship' The Prelude To A Massive 'Event'?
2019-05-16 -- * Does The NY Times Want Us All Dead? 'Gray Lady' Blames Russia For '5G Economic Warfare' While Launching Massive Cover-up Of Proven 5G Health Dangers
2019-05-14 -- * Danger Danger! You Can't Watch This! Banned Free Speech Might Topple Tyranny! Chew On This, Democrats: If The First Amendment Isn’t For EVERYONE, Then It Isn't For ANYONE!
2019-05-13 -- * Congressman Drops Coup Bombshells: 'America Brought To Brink Of Disaster' - Warns If Coup Plotters Not Held Accountable, 'We're Not Going To Last Much Longer'
2019-05-12 -- * Why A War Against Iran May Bring Bloody Terror All Across America: Iranian Sleeper Cells Are Already Here, Some Embedded For Decades, Poised To Launch Large-Scale Terror Attacks
2019-05-11 -- * A Message To The Globalists Whining About TRUTH Being 'Dangerous To Society': YOU Haven't Seen ANYTHING Yet! The War For 2020 And The Future Of Humanity Is On!
2019-05-10 -- * Another Sign Things Are Spiraling Out Of Control At Breakneck Speed In The Big Cities: With The Breakdown Of Law And Order, The Bloodshed Begins - How Will Victims Get Justice When Prosecutors Are No Longer Prosecuting Many Crimes?
2019-05-09 -- * Evidence Democrats And The MSM Have Embraced Islam's Principal Of 'Taqiya': Many Insanely Believe They Can Blatantly Lie To The American People & Are 'Above The Law Of The Land'!
2019-05-08 -- * If 'Wormburgers' And 'Maggot Sausages' Will Be The Meats Of The Future', What Do These People Know That We Don't Know?
2019-05-07 -- * What Is In The Water? New UN Study Demonizes Humans For Future Extinctions While Ignoring Fukushima, Techno-Poisons And The Geoengineering Of The Weather - The Globalists Are Laying Out Their Reasons To Kill-Off Billions Of 'Useless Eaters'
2019-05-06 -- * More Than 80 'High Risk' Afghan Pilots Trained By The Pentagon Are AWOL In America - What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Flashback To September Of 2001 - Is Another Massive Attack Upon America In Play?
2019-05-05 -- * This Is Why A Magnetic Pole Flip Will Present 'The Scariest Possible Gauntlet For Life Upon Our Planet Earth' - Is This Why People Are Going Crazy Worldwide?
2019-05-04 -- * Christian-Phobia At 'Near Genocide Levels' Globally: The Threat Is Already Here In The U.S., Hiding In Plain Sight
2019-05-03 -- * The War Upon Christians And Jews Gives Us A Peek At The Globalists 'Final Solution' - Quacking Robot Ducks Of The Slimestream Media Join Radical Islamic Terrorists On The 'Hate Jew' Bandwagon
2019-05-03 -- * More Evidence The Globalists Are Going For The Kill Shot: If The Left Has Their Way, Are 'Death Squads' For Christians And Conservatives Really Out Of The Question? Should The MSM Be Charged With Aiding And Abetting Deep State Treason? Vote Here!
2019-05-02 -- * As FEMA & NASA Carry Out 'Dress Rehearsal For Doomsday', The 'Lord Of Chaos' Asteroid 'Apophis' Heads Towards Earth: Do Govt Agencies Know Of An 'Extinction Level Event' In Our Lifetime's?
2019-05-01 -- * As Venezuela Goes Hot, Does This Map Show WW3 Battle Lines? Russia And China Invade America In Dreams And Visions Of Catastrophe

April 2019

2019-04-30 -- * Where Will You Be And What Will You Do When The Nukes Begin To Fly? Countries With Bomb Shelters For Their People Will Win - 'When A Fight Is Inevitable, You Hit First' - Vladimir Putin
2019-04-29 -- * The Waking Nightmare We All Live In Now - The Lunacy We Are Watching All Around Us Could Not Be Imagined A Decade Ago
2019-04-28 -- * Will Mandatory Vaccinations And Forced Quarantines Be The 'New Normal'? The Insanity Runs Deep On The Left Where One Scientist Actually Believes They Can 'Save The World' With 'Ebola'
2019-04-27 -- * President Trump, This Is Why It's Time For A Full-Scale Purge Of The Intelligence Community: A 'Red Thread' Still Runs Through It - Deep state used ruthless tactics of a Soviet-style police state against President Trump
2019-04-26 -- * Did The War Upon President Trump And America Begin With This 'Islamic Sleeper Agent' Who Infiltrated The United States Government At The Very Highest Level?
2019-04-25 -- * As Russia Unveils New Doomsday Weapons, Disquieting Map Shows Why More Than 118 Million Americans Could Be Killed Instantly Should These Weapons Be Unleashed
2019-04-24 -- * From Sri Lanka To Paris, Christianity Is Under All-Out Attack While The 'Religion Of Peace' Creates Panic And Sows Chaos
2019-04-23 -- * Democrat Cards On The Table: Left Puts Illegal Immigrants Ahead Of US Veterans As The Invasion Of America Continues Unabated
2019-04-21 -- * Why We Remain Vigilant: As The Table Turns, The Deep State's 'Window Of Opportunity' To Pull Off A Monstrous False Flag Closes Like The Nooses Around Their Necks
2019-04-20 -- * China’s Social Credit System Will Be America’s New Nightmare: The Tools Of The Antichrist Are Already Here As The 'Mark Of The Beast System' Is Cemented Into Place
2019-04-19 -- * Was The Torching Of Notre Dame Cathedral A Message From God? This Ominous Sign Comes As The Future Of Civilization Stands At Its Most Consequential Crossroads
2019-04-18 -- * Scientists Playing God Bring Us One Step Closer To The Zombie Apocalypse, Planet Of The Apes, And Jurassic Park
2019-04-17 -- * Men Of Fighting Age Make Up Majority Of Illegal Immigrants Attempting To Get Into America But MSM False Talking Points Say Otherwise - More Proof America Is Being Set Up For A Fall?
2019-04-16 -- * Did France Burn Notre Dame Cathedral To Appease Islam? As Muslims Celebrated While Sacred Icons Of Christianity Went Up In Flames, Appalling Proof Christianity Is Under Attack Worldwide
2019-04-15 -- * America's Blinded Younger Generations Are Steering Our Country Into A Death Trap: 5 Ways That Socialism Kills Societies
2019-04-14 -- * As 3rd World Diseases Return To America, 'Warrior At The Border' Warns Migrant Caravans Are A Trial Run For Medical Tyranny
2019-04-13 -- * An Open Letter To President Trump From A US Veteran: The US Govt Has Broken Promises To Vets For Far Too Long! The VA Must Fix Deep & Systematic Problems Still Plaguing Them
2019-04-12 -- * The Globalists Depopulation Agenda Is Real: This Is What They And The 'Big Pharma Mafia' Don't Want Us To Know! In Jaw Dropping Study, Raw Garlic Killed Almost ALL Cancers!
2019-04-11 -- * Only The Deaths Of The Globalists Lies Can Finally Lead America To Truth And Only The Trials And Executions Of Those Who Committed Treason Will Stop Future Coup Plots
2019-04-10 -- * As The 'Party Of Crazy' Pushes To Abolish The Electoral College, This Map Proves President Trump CRUSHED Hillary All Across America So Democrats, STOP Your Obnoxious Crying!
2019-04-09 -- * It's Time For The FEDS To Charge Twitter, Facebook, Google And YouTube With Election Meddling And Racketeering As 'Big Tech' Purge Of Conservatives Continues Ahead Of 2020 Election
2019-04-08 -- * As A New 'Pestilence' Begins To Ravage America, Our Fall Into The Twilight Zone Wouldn't Be Complete Without Us 1st Returning To The Middle Ages So The Left Is Now Seeing To That
2019-04-06 -- * A Warning To President Trump: The Globalists May Be Leading You Into A Trap - New 2016 Election Collusion Evidence Points To Hillary Clinton Colluding With The Ukraine
2019-04-05 -- * Danger! Danger! With The Deep State On The Ropes, It's 'False Flag Season' In America! Watch Out For Unprecedented Trickery And Diabolical Cover-Ups In The Days Ahead
2019-04-04 -- * What Trump Derangement Syndrome Does To The Brain: MAGAphobic Liberal Woman Loses It In Starbucks On 74 Year Old Jewish Man Wearing A MAGA Hat
2019-04-03 -- * A Public Health Disaster Is Being Unleashed Upon America That Doctors Warn Is Causing Heart Problems, Cancers & Brain Tumors And We're Only Now Seeing The 'Tip Of The Iceberg'
2019-04-02 -- * Do Many Democrats Have A Suicidal Death Wish? These Stories Prove A Huge 'Disconnect' As Left Blindly Supports The Rights Of Those Who'd Prefer To Slaughter Them
2019-04-01 -- * President Trump May Now Need To 'Knock Some Heads Together' To Fix The Greatest Threat Facing America

March 2019

2019-03-31 -- * The Coup Attempt Failed: Where Do We Go From Here? The Mainstream Media Is Absolutely Complicit In Treason - They MUST Be Held Accountable!
2019-03-30 -- * As Government Marched In Lock Step Towards Global Tyranny, Barbaric US Government Experiments On Humans Over Several Decades Unleashed Untold Horrors Upon The World
2019-03-29 -- * President Trump Rises To The Challenge Where Barack Obama Failed Miserably! Finally, A Presidential Executive Order That May Save American Lives! President Trump's EMP EO Is Long Overdue And Not A Moment Too Soon
2019-03-28 -- * None Dare Call It Treason: President Trump Must Fight Fire With Fire And Hold The 'Coup D'Etat' Leaders Responsible For Their Crimes Against America - With Others Watching, Justice Against The Coup Plotters Is Absolutely Necessary For Reasons Of National Security
2019-03-27 -- * Article 13 Offers Proof Globalists Are Terrified Of 'Meme Warfare' In 2020 As EU Enters Orwellian End Game After Draconian Law Sets Up Abolishment Of The 'Free Internet'
2019-03-26 -- * Red Alert! Watch Out For A Huge False Flag In The Days Ahead Following POTUS Trump Calling Out Deep State Treason - Everything Leads Right Back To Obama And Hillary - Is It Time For The Traitors Heads To Roll?
2019-03-25 -- * With America's Food Prices Expected To Skyrocket, Are Catastrophic Floods In Midwest 'A Sign From God' Or Globalists Weather Warfare Upon America? Now They Warn America's Breadbasket Under Water Could Be 'The New Normal'
2019-03-24 -- * The Radical Socialists Agenda To Bludgeon 'White Men' And 'Conservative America' Into Submission Has Blown Up In Their Own Faces - We Will Not Allow The Fully Radicalized Left To Complete Their Destruction Of America
2019-03-23 -- * New Zealand's Descent Into An Islamic State Is A Huge Warning To America With The 'Thought Police' Now Out In Full Force - The Global Totalitarians Love America's Snowflake Generation
2019-03-22 -- * This Heroic, Red-Pilled US Veteran Broke Free Of The Matrix To Help Lead The Fight Against The Evil Group Of Monsters Attempting To Overthrow America From Within
2019-03-20 -- * If America's 'Little Girl Socialist' AOC Has Her Way, The 'Party Of Crazy' May One Day Come Try To Take What's Yours And Give It To Others As That's What Progressive Socialists Do
2019-03-20 -- * Sun Casts New C-4 Class Solar Flare Towards Earth As New Report Warns Of Havoc Ahead: Devastating Solar Storm Could Bring Modern Society To A Screeching Halt
2019-03-19 -- * With Millennials More Stressed Out Now Than Ever Before, And Mostly About Their Smartphones, What Happens When We REALLY Arrive At TEOTWAWKI?
2019-03-18 -- * We Were Warned Over 100 Years Ago Of This Moment In Time: Illuminati Warned They'd 'Provoke Horrific And Savage Social Cataclysm That Would Result In The Most Bloody Turmoil'
2019-03-17 -- * Globalists Scorched Earth Policies Could Leave The Whole World In Flames Though 'Day Of Reckoning' May Be Ahead
2019-03-16 -- * This Is Proof: America Is Already At War With Ourselves - We'll Either Win That War And Save America Or Lose Our Country And Lives To Global Government Tyranny
2019-03-15 -- * Why Was John Podesta REALLY In New Zealand Days Before Mass Shooting? Signs This Was A HUGE False Flag To Demonize Nationalism And Further Censor The Internet
2019-03-14 -- * Think About What This Means - An Adviser To The FDA Issues Blunt Warning To America: 'Congress Is Owned By Big Pharma'
2019-03-14 -- * Congress Was Warned Of This Very Real Existential Threat To America So They Shot The Messenger: One Missile Could Bring Down Our Entire Nation
2019-03-13 -- * Did Pentagon Recycle 'Nitro Zeus' To Take Down Venezuela's Power Grid, Pushing World Closer To WW3? Globalist Think Tank Shows America Would Be Destroyed In A War With Russia And China: 'A Gruesome Annihilation'
2019-03-12 -- * If America Breaks Out In Civil War, After The Darkness And Bloodshed, New Republic's Will Rise Out Of The Ashes As The Lamps Of Freedom Are Relit
2019-03-11 -- * The New 'Tower Of Babel' Is Now Being Globally Unveiled: Rush To A 'One World Religion' Is All Part And Parcel Of The Move Towards A 'One World Government'
2019-03-10 -- * The End Of The Climate Change Hoax Is Coming: The 'Green New Deal' Is Another Step Towards Totalitarianism That Will End Up On The Trash Heap Of History
2019-03-09 -- * Increasing Signs Of Something Perilous Ahead: As 'Forces Of Darkness' Push America Towards Chaos, Patriotic Sheriff's Issue Dire Warnings
2019-03-08 -- * Red Alert! Democrats Are Trying To Undo The American Revolution! 'Big Tech' Going All-In To Steal 2020 Election For Globalists As The Left's Dark Agenda Comes In To Clear Focus
2019-03-07 -- * Ominous And Eerily Accurate Prediction About How America Would Be Undermined And Destroyed - We Were Warned Of The Current Battle Between Good And Evil More Than 50 Years Ago
2019-03-06 -- * Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Her 'Green Minions' Are Willing To Sacrifice Millions Of Lives To Complete Their Radical Environmental Agenda Based On Falsehoods And Lies
2019-03-05 -- * Over 4,200 'Mass Animal Death Events' The Past 7 Years: End Times Signs Include Rumors Of Wars, Famine And The Formation Of An 'End Times Death Cult'
2019-03-04 -- * As Bernie Sanders Pushes Party Far Left, Democrats Ignore These Words Of Wisdom At Our Peril: 'The Problem With Socialism Is That You Eventually Run Out Of Other Peoples' Money'
2019-03-03 -- * President Trump Shines A Light On The Year '1913' During CPAC Speech: Launch Of Federal Reserve And Income Tax That Year Began 'America's Century Of Enslavement'
2019-03-02 -- * The 'Four Horsemen' And The 'Red Queen Effect' Virtually Assure Western Civilization Will Follow Other Empires & 'Self-Destruct' With The Help Of 'Enemies Within'
2019-03-01 -- * Once Again, Denver International Airport Throws The Illuminati In Our Faces: 'Chatty Gargoyle' Announces DIA Is 'Illuminati Headquarters'

February 2019

2019-02-28 -- * Shocking New Poll Finds Record High Number Of Americans Believe 'Government' Is The Biggest Problem America Faces
2019-02-27 -- * Conditions Are Ripe For Mass Destruction In America That Will Exceed 9/11 - With Americans Divided To Distraction Among Ourselves, Will The 'Next 9/11' Be 'Nuclear Terrorism'?
2019-02-26 -- * The Progressive Socialists Green Agenda Is Really 'Population Control' And Their Deindustrialization Of The United States Is The Key To Unveiling Their 'New World Order'
2019-02-26 -- * As America Moves Ever Closer To Civil War, Retired Federal Prosecutor Urges Patriots To 'Buy Guns'
2019-02-25 -- * With America Facing A Catastrophic Food Supply Crisis, This Info Could Mean The Difference Between Life And Death
2019-02-24 -- * Is This The Biggest Cover-Up Of All, Stretching All The Way To The Planet Mars And Beyond? Remember! Some Of NASA's Original Scientists Were Nazi War Criminals
2019-02-23 -- * As Globalists Kick Planet Into 'War Mode', Once World War 3 Begins, 'Doomsday' Could Strike In Less Than 120 Seconds
2019-02-22 -- * Here Comes 'The Plague': This Is Part Of The Globalists Plan To 'Cull' Us All -Sickening Video Shows American Cities Descending Into Shambles - With Things This Bad Already, What Happens When TEOTWAWKI Really Arrives?
2019-02-21 -- * As 'Antichrist Technologies' Are Unveiled At An Alarming Rate, Imagine What They'll Be Able To Accomplish Combining 'Deep Fake' A.I. With Voice-To-Skull Tech!
2019-02-20 -- * With The Party Of 'The Holocaust Of Our Time' Waiting In The Wings In 2020 And Tyranny Surely On The Other Side, The Next 2 Years Will Be The Battle Of Our Lifetimes
2019-02-19 -- * Another United Nations Scam To Control America: The Doomsday Prediction Of The Screaming Banshee Climate Control Green-Nazis Is Full Of Lies And Falsehoods - Yet Millions Of Americans Swallow Them, Hook, Line And Sinker
2019-02-18 -- * This Is What The MSM Will Never Tell Us About 'Zombie Deer': Chronic Wasting Disease Is A Time Bomb For Agriculture Just Waiting To Explode
2019-02-17 -- * ANP Exclusive! Retired US Brigadier General Warns Of Major Holes In 'GITMO Mass Arrest & Military Tribunal Conspiracy Theory' As Nancy Pelosi Threatens Gun Confiscation & Martial Law
2019-02-15 -- * Americans Are Increasingly Endangered By The Creeping 'Islamification' Of The US Government And The Never-Ending Lies Of The Progressive Socialists Within It - Terrorist Sympathizer's Slowly But Steadily Pushing America Towards Sharia Law
2019-02-14 -- * This Map Shows Where We Don't Want To Be When SHTF As Big US Cities Already In A State Of Decay Are Transformed Into Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands
2019-02-13 -- * Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Dead Or Alive? It Appears A Huge Deep State Cover Up Is Going On - Americans Demand 'Proof Of Life'
2019-02-12 -- * Signs The Tide Is Slowly Turning: George Soros Freaks Out About The Revolution Against Globalism But The Empire Strikes Back
2019-02-11 -- * With The Left Utterly Obsessed With Their Dark Ritual Of Child Sacrifice, How Long Until They Embrace Euthanization On Demand For The 'Mentally Ill'?
2019-02-10 -- * As NASA Preps For An 'Armageddon-Style' Asteroid Threat To The Earth, Something Very Very Strange Is Going On All Around Us As 'Sounds Of Doom' Fill The Air
2019-02-09 -- * New Urban Warfare Drills Hint The Globalists Are Preparing To Turn America Into A War Zone: Is This More Evidence They Are Devising Their 'End Game' Coup? Google, Facebook And Twitter Do Far More To Steal U.S. Elections Than Any Foreign Govt Ever Could
2019-02-08 -- * This Dangerous Experiment Upon The Human Race Could Lead To A Global Catastrophe: 'Death From Above' To Unleash The Worldwide 'Microwaving' Of Our Planet
2019-02-07 -- * This Weapon Of Mass Destruction Created By Big Pharma Could Wipe Out America: Deaths In America Caused By Big Pharma's Poisons Far Outnumber Gun Deaths
2019-02-06 -- * Why Is The MSM Foreshadowing A Massive Cyber Attack Upon Our Electrical Grid Will Be Carried Out By Russia, Sending America Back To The 'Dark Ages'?
2019-02-05 -- * The 'Green Nazi's' Plans For America: The Herding Of 'The Masses' Into Concentration-Camp-Like 'Human Access Zones' Is Spelled Out In The UN's Agendas
2019-02-04 -- * Globalists Hoping To 'Orwellian Memory Hole' The 'Clinton Body Count' And Other Unpleasant Truths As The War Upon Independent Media Rages On
2019-02-03 -- * Russian Politician Warns 'The United States Has Taken Another Step Towards Its Destruction' - This Is Who Committed The Treason That Could Lead To Our Annihilation
2019-02-02 -- * The Media Has Turned A Blind Eye To The 'Terrorists Within Our Midst' And Their Push For Sharia Law In America - More Than 215 Million Christians Are Victims Of Religious Persecution In The World Today
2019-02-01 -- * The Democrat's 2020 Freak Fest Has Begun: Liberals Already 'Eating Their Own' With Primaries Still More Than A Year Away

January 2019

2019-01-31 -- * The Lies Of Islam Have Come To US Congress: Taqiyya Allows Muslims To Lie To 'Gain The Upper-Hand Over An Enemy'
2019-01-30 -- * Are You On 'The List'? Official Govt Documents Prove 10's Of Millions Of Americans May Be Rounded Up & Hunted Down Or Detained & Re-Educated During A Time Of National Crisis
2019-01-29 -- * Herr Gestapo Mueller's Politicized Stasi And Their Nazi-Style Inquisition Of President Trump Have No Place In A Free Society
2019-01-29 -- * The 'Unwashed' Enjoy 'Justice' In A Mythical World In A Darkened Movie Theater - God help us if the only place the citizens of our County can enjoy 'justice' is in works of fiction projected in the dark of a movie theater!
2019-01-28 -- * Hillary Clinton, Swamp Rat Debbie Wasserman Schultz And The Deep State Probably Murdered Seth Rich & Now They're Pushing 'President Trump Treason' Based On That Cover-Up!
2019-01-27 -- * Venezuela Is The New 'Powder Keg': How WW3 Could Kick Off Much Closer To Home Than Most Expect & Lessons We Can Learn From Their Descent Into Oblivion
2019-01-26 -- * These Hard Facts Suggest: The Deep State Coup Is Fully Underway And America Is Being Governed By Two Opposing Factions! Why Are Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Being Treated As If They Are Still In Charge?
2019-01-25 -- * Exorcising The Mainstream Media Demons And Taking Back America: The War For The Future Is Here And These Charts Show Us What We're Up Against
2019-01-24 -- * The Globalists 'Golden Child' Is Also A Radical Islam Apologist Only Two Steps Away From The Presidency: Watch Out For A Deep State Coup Attempt To Install 'President Pelosi' - And Don't Forget, Pelosi Also Drank The Reverend Jim Jones 'Kool-Aid'!
2019-01-23 -- * While Congresswoman Claims Global Warming Will Bring The World To An End In 12 Years, These 5 Scenarios Are Much More Likely To Bring On 'The End Of The World As We Know It'
2019-01-21 -- * Twitter Allows Death Threat Tweets For Trump Supporting Children To Be 'Shot On Sight' As MSM & Leftist Lunatics Push America Closer To Breaking Point And Civil War
2019-01-20 -- * Robots Rising: How Artificial Intelligence Will Leave Many Human Beings 'Obsolete', Stealing Jobs And Leaving Americans Impoverished, Homeless & Dying From Starvation
2019-01-19 -- * Saul Alinsky's 'Rules For Radicals' Are Now Full-Bore In Play: These Rules Explain Everything The Democrats Do - It's Time To Fight Fire With Fire And One Republican Has Turned Democrat's Own Rules Against Them
2019-01-18 -- * With TEOTWAWKI Looking Almost Inevitable In The Future, This Will Help You Stay One Step Ahead Of 'The Mob'
2019-01-17 -- * Big Tech's China BETA Test For America: We're Caught In An Electronic Prison Of Our Own Making
2019-01-15 -- * Progressive Socialists Spew 'Facts' Like Drunks Vomiting In The Gutters: Those Trying To Destroy America Will Find Most REAL Americans Will Never Fall For Socialist Indoctrination
2019-01-15 -- * Forget 'Toxic Masculinity': The Numbers Prove Radical Feminism Is Destroying America - America Needs MORE 'REAL' Men And Less 'Soy Boys' - 'Get Woke, Go Broke': Another Company Cuts Its Own Throat
2019-01-14 -- * A Message To The Enemies Of America Within: The American People Put You On Notice - CNN Commentator Filing Her Nails While Discussing The Blood Of Americans Spilled By Illegal Immigrants Shows How Low The Left Has Fallen
2019-01-13 -- * Banking Insider Warns We Could Soon Start Seeing Some Pretty Dark Scenarios Unfolding As 'Nine Meals To Anarchy' In The 'Dog Days Of Winter' Could Be Calamitous
2019-01-12 -- * This Pattern Of High Strangeness That Exists Within The Global Elite Has Led Some To Believe They Really Are Demonic Entities Having Taken Human Form
2019-01-11 -- * This Is What The MSM Doesn't Want You To Know: CNN Busted By Local News Station For Hiding Facts, Before Accidentally Telling The Truth About Border Wall - 'It Works'
2019-01-10 -- * Is 'Ultimate Kill Technology' Being Unveiled And Tested In China? Patriarch Kirill's Antichrist Warning Aligns With Those Given By The 'Watchmen'
2019-01-09 -- * Snopes Declared Website 'Fake News' In November Over Early Report Of Ruth Ginsburg Cancer, Yet The Obscure Paper Ended Up Being Correct
2019-01-08 -- * National Emergency! It's Time For President Trump To 'Round Up' The Traitors Who Sold Out America For Global Tyranny - 'If We Don't Defend America, We'll Lose America'
2019-01-07 -- * Was 1918's 'Spanish Flu' An Early Depopulation Tool Of The Parasitic Globalists Via Biowarfare? 'Young, healthy people would wake up fine but be dead by the end of the day'
2019-01-06 -- * US Navy Vet Admonishes Hollywood's Dumpster Of 'Has-Been Celebrities' And Their Progressive Socialist Agenda: 'It's Over - It's Time You Figured Out, Nobody Is Listening To You'
2019-01-05 -- * DEFCON Warning System Website Paints Chilling Picture Of Potential Nuclear Crisis In 2019 - Officials Worry Russian Doomsday Device Could Wipe Out Major US East Coast Cities
2019-01-03 -- * Two Warnings Of Martial Law In 2019 Emerge From Globalist Controlled Media As Leftists Expand Threats And Violence
2019-01-02 -- * Fasten Your Seatbelts For America's Rendezvous With Destiny: 'The Risk Of Catastrophe During The 4th Turning Will Be Very High'
2019-01-01 -- * One Of '2019's Top Tech Trends' Could Be Used To Route Americans Straight To FEMA Camps As 2019 Marks The Year 'PENTADEATH' Comes To America

December 2018

2018-12-31 -- * Will 2019 Usher In Civil War 2.0? Leftists Better Hope Not - The Democratic Party's Terrorist Wing 'Antifa' Is Composed Of Shrieking Witches, Girly Men, BETA Males And Soy Boys
2018-12-30 -- * The Mainstream Media Is A Bludgeon For The Progressive Socialist Agenda And Will Divide And Destroy America By Any Means Necessary
2018-12-29 -- * The Madmen Return With A Blueprint For National Suicide: With Democrats Back In Power In The House, Their Defense 'Experts' Are Back With Bad Advice
2018-12-29 -- * Man To Be 'Re-Educated' For 'Wrongthink' In Unique Legal Settlement That Could Provide A National Model & Showing Just How Far Down The Orwellian Rabbit Hole America Has Fallen
2018-12-28 -- * If These Numbers From A Deep State Sourced Website Are Correct, America Will Be A 3rd World Nation By 2025
2018-12-27 -- * Expect A 9/11 Style False Flag In 2019 To Push Us Into World War III As The Globalists Revolt Against 'Peace'
2018-12-26 -- * Progressive Socialism Has Produced The Brown Shirts Of Our Time: Well Practiced Through History, It Inevitably Leads To Starvation And Human Extermination
2018-12-25 -- * As The Mad Dash To 2020 Begins, Anything Can Happen Now With Nothing Less Than The Future Of Western Civilization At Stake - With Unseen Forces At Work, 2019 Could Bring A Great Awakening Or Usher In A Nuclear Holocaust
2018-12-24 -- * Krakatoa Volcanic Tsunami A Reminder To East And West Coasts Of America Of These Cataclysmic, Worst Case Scenarios
2018-12-23 -- * Since Now We Know The CIA Could 'Remote Control' Dogs 50 Years Ago, What Can They Accomplish Today? The Technologies Being Unveiled Today Are Far Behind 'Reality'
2018-12-22 -- * Quit. Politicizing. 7 Things YOU Can Do Today To Prevent School Shootings: School Safety Begins In Each Individual Community, Not At The National Level
2018-12-21 -- * Are Globalist Soldiers Of The Anti-Christ Leading This Mad Rush To World War 3 And The End Of All Life Upon Planet Earth? If We Stay On This Road, Nothing Less Than TEOTWAWKI Awaits Us
2018-12-20 -- * US Navy Veteran Has A Message For The Socialists Working To Destroy America: 'Be Careful What You Wish For' - The 'Yellow Vest Revolution' Against Socialism And Globalism Has Arrived In America!
2018-12-19 -- * If They Take Down POTUS Trump, Will The Tyrants Carry Out Stasi-Style Roundups And 'Hitler-Scale Killings' Of Patriots As One ICE Agent Allegedly Warned Before His Death?
2018-12-18 -- * An Orwellian Digital Iron Curtain Is Being Built Up Around Us Before Our Eyes: A.I. And The Takeover Of Humanity Require Widespread Systematic Censorship To Silence All Dissent
2018-12-17 -- * This Should Make Your Blood Boil: Rotten-Robert Mueller And His Gang Of Stasi Terrorists Have Long Used Trickery And Deceit To Terrorize Innocent Americans
2018-12-16 -- * The Incredibly High Cost Of Illegal Immigration Is Being Used By The Globalists To Bankrupt America: They'll Stop At Nothing To Destroy Us And Turn Us Into A 3rd World Nation
2018-12-15 -- * Is A 'Game Changer' Ahead In The World Of 'Energy'? President Trump has not been what many of us hoped for, but his energy, regulation, and trade policies are a great improvement over the destructive policies of his predecessor
2018-12-15 -- * America's Collusion With Neo-Nazi's Could Lead To Our Annihilation: As Russia's Patience Runs Out, Russian Military Base In Caribbean And Regular Nuke Bomber Flyby's Close To US Borders May Be 'The New Normal'
2018-12-14 -- * Voting Fraud In The 'Banana Republic Of Kalifornia' Is A Huge Warning To America: If Democrats Get Their Wishes, This Method Of Stealing Elections Is Coming To A State Near You!
2018-12-13 -- * Official Report Warns The US Government And Department Of Defense May Be Blindsided By The Biggest Threat Facing Us - And Nothing Less Than Carnage, Death And Mayhem Await The Unprepared
2018-12-12 -- * More Hints Paradigm Shattering Events Await Us: 'When They Pull The Plug, Everyone's Lives Change At That Moment'
2018-12-11 -- * 8 More Ways President Trump Can 'Red Pill' The Masses: From Hiding The 'True History Of Planet Earth' To 'Human Experimentation', The American People Have Long Been Deceived
2018-12-10 -- * With The Smell Of War In The Air, Patriots Should Be Prepared To Defend Their Families And America Against Globalist Terrorists!
2018-12-09 -- * How Many Americans Has The 'Deep State' Murdered Using MKUltra Mind Controlled Shooters In Schools, Concerts And Other Large Events? Newly Released Documents Prove MKUltra May Still Be Ongoing Now And Can Work On Large Crowds
2018-12-08 -- * America Under The Globalists Became A Government Of Criminals, By The Criminals And For The Criminals
2018-12-07 -- * Insider Warns: 'Don't Trust The Intel When It Comes To Iran's Nuke Program' - 'Our Intelligence Community Appears To Have Learned Nothing From It's Spectacular Failures'
2018-12-07 -- * Crooked Cop Robert Mueller And The Deep State's Days Of Terrorizing President Trump And America May Be Numbered
2018-12-06 -- * Are We Sleepwalking Into Armageddon? Expert Warns Nuclear War Could Be Triggered By 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'
2018-12-05 -- * Another Independent Voice Silenced Proves This Hellish Dystopian Nightmare Is Leading Us Straight Into 'The Belly Of The Beast'
2018-12-03 -- * 10 Ways President Trump Can 'Red Pill The Masses' In America And Why It's More Important Now Than Ever To Prepare For The Inevitable: 'The End Of Normalcy Is Here'
2018-12-02 -- * With The Migrants Preparing To Storm The Border, This Will Not End Well - Caravan 'leaders' fully accept the lurid ideology of leftist globalists like George Soros who continue to work towards a 'One World Government'

November 2018

2018-11-30 -- * Is A Takeover Of Humanity By Robots Linked To 'Alien Technology' Happening Now? With 'Pandora's Box' Now Open, The Civilization-Destroying Potential Of A.I. Makes It A Greater Threat Than Savior
2018-11-29 -- * Freakish November Weather Is Just A Taste Of Things To Come: Solar Minimum Wreaking Havoc As Winter Misery Index Spikes
2018-11-28 -- * Is This 'Rat' Finally Cornered? 'Herr Gestapo' Robert Mueller Has Nearly Single-handedly Destroyed 'Justice' In America As Globalists Coup Attempt Continues
2018-11-27 -- * RED ALERT: 'America' Is In Peril - Those Who Seek To Enslave America In Bondage Haven't Learned The Lessons Of History
2018-11-26 -- * The New World Order Will Rise Out Of The Nuclear Ashes Of The Old World Order: Has The 'Head Luciferian' Given The Go Signal?
2018-11-25 -- * As The 'Mountain Boys' And 'Redneck Underground' Survive California Fires, The Cult Shopping Hysteria Of Black Friday Gives Us A Tiny Peek At The Chaos And Carnage That Will Be Unleashed During Globalists 'End Game'
2018-11-24 -- * The Globalists Tried To Build A Future On A Mountain Of Sand But Like All Tyrants, They'll Eventually Be Overthrown, Though Only After Creating Misery And Destruction Across America
2018-11-23 -- * Gargantuan Orwellian Censorship On An Industrial Scale Shows How Deeply Down The Rabbit Hole America Has Fallen
2018-11-22 -- * Imagine America And The World Without The 'Global Elite' And Their Diabolical Global Government Conspiracy
2018-11-21 -- * NATO Was Playing With Fire In 'Trident Juncture 18': Russia's 'Vostok 18' Dwarfed NATO's Exercises, Which Looked To Moscow Like A Sign Of Weakness
2018-11-20 -- * Democrats Voter Fraud In 2018 Was A Trial Run To Steal The Presidency For The Globalists In 2020 - Democrats Proved In 2018 They'll Stop At Nothing To Destroy The 'Rule Of Law' And America
2018-11-19 -- * NPR Says This May Be 'One Of The US Government's Most Closely Guarded Secrets' - Is Hillary Secretly Running Parts Of America? Remember! She Wanted To ASSASSINATE Julian Assange
2018-11-18 -- * This Is How George Soros Does His Dirty Work, Covered Up By Mainstream Media Treachery, As America Is Invaded
2018-11-17 -- * Enemies Of America Within Or Without Take Heed: Tens Of Millions Of Awakened, Law-Abiding And Well Armed American Patriots Will Fight Against Tyranny To The End!
2018-11-16 -- * Every Democrat And Globalist Assisting The Caravan's 'Storming Of America' Are Committing Federal Crimes While Neglecting US Veterans And Homeless Americans
2018-11-15 -- * Eerily Accurate 1994 Prophetic Word Warned Of Biblical Fires On West Coast And Brutal Cold In The East Ahead Of God's Judgement Upon America
2018-11-14 -- * The War Upon Western Civilization And Christianity Included The 'Satanic Subversion Of The United States Military' - 'High Priest Of Church Of Satan' Admitted US Military Had Been Infiltrated
2018-11-12 -- * This Shows The HUGE Difference Between Barack Obama's DHS, Which Targeted Survivalists As Potential Terrorists, And President Trump's DHS, Which Is Urging Americans To BECOME Preppers!
2018-11-11 -- * This County Is A Hot Zone For Chaos And Mass Deception As Florida Sheriff Warns Of 'The Beginning Of Anarchy'
2018-11-10 -- * Bizarre Coincidence Or Traitorous Manipulation And 'In Your Face' Buffoonery? 50 To 60 Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Were Also At Mass Shooting At The Borderline Bar And Grill
2018-11-09 -- * 'The Watchman's Rattle' And 'The Art Of War': This List Shows Who President Donald Trump REALLY Is By The Books He Reads
2018-11-08 -- * With America Still On A Very Slippery Down Slope Towards Self Destruction, The War For The Future Of Humanity Is On!
2018-11-07 -- * Has The Pentagon Been Compromised, Controlled By Globalists And No Longer Loyal To President Trump And America?
2018-11-06 -- * The War No One Is Talking About Proves The Deep State Is Alive And Well In America And Still Murdering With Impunity - These demons will fight their wars until there is no more life left on planet Earth
2018-11-05 -- * With Nothing Less Than The Future Of Our Country Hanging In The Balance, Mid-Term Elections Could Bring More Crazy To Congress Or Martial Law And Civil War To America
2018-11-04 -- * As Biblical End Times Signs Appear, We Remember This Warning From The Patriarch Of The Russian Orthodox Church: 'If Evil Prevails, The End Times Will Be Upon Us'
2018-11-03 -- * Wise Man's Parable Shows How Freedom Dies In America: This 'Nightmare' Illustrates How America Could Descend Into Civil War And Become An Imperial Dictatorship
2018-11-02 -- * Has The 'Final Tipping Point' Arrived? America In Perilous Times With Mid Term Mayhem Ahead And The MSM Being Used As A Weapon To Push Us Ever Closer To Civil War
2018-11-01 -- * Western Civilization Is A 'Dead Man Walking' As 'Truth Become Treason' In The European Empire Of Lies: 'Behold, America! This Fate Awaits Us!'

October 2018

2018-10-31 -- * Days Away From An Election That Will Help Decide The Future Of America, This Long History Of Voter Fraud Proves The Demonrats Will Resort To Crime In Attempt To Steal Back Their Lost Power
2018-10-30 -- * The Sheer Demonic Evil Is Palpable: The Globalists Plans To Kill Us And Our Families To 'Save The Planet' Might Be Derailed By A Planet-Ending Nuclear Holocaust
2018-10-29 -- * Globalist Insider Gives Blunt Warning Of More Orwellian Censorship Attacks Upon Independent Media To Come After Facebook Purge: 'This Is Only The Beginning'
2018-10-28 -- * Roundup For Breakfast: Every Kid's Breakfast Cereal Sampled Tests Positive For Monsatan's Weed Killer As Two New Studies Hint Of 'Water Wars' Ahead
2018-10-26 -- * 'What We Are Watching Is Pure Evil': Americans Have Awoken To Desperate Democrats Dirty Tricks And October Surprises
2018-10-25 -- * Russia's New Blitzkrieg Is An Electronic ‘Lightning War’ So Potentially Decisive That An Entire Civilization Could Be Overthrown In Hours
2018-10-24 -- * President Trump SLAMS The Globalists For Selling Out America As Congressman Warns Of Battle Between America And Socialism
2018-10-23 -- * CNN's Temper Tantrums Are Enabling The Left Wing Mobs: More Proof There Is Blood On Their Hands
2018-10-22 -- * TEOTWAWKI: What America Will Look Like Should The Globalists Ludicrously Pushing For War With Russia Get Their Way - Russia's Unstoppable Nuclear Weapons Are A Warning To The Psychopaths
2018-10-21 -- * Even Democrats Are Sickened By Her: Will Hillary Running In 2020 Be A Gift To President Trump Or A Curse Upon The World? A Hillary Election Steal In 2020 Would Usher In The Gulags!
2018-10-20 -- * DARPA Insider Warns: The 'Voice Of God Weapon' Is Real: Can 'Talk' To You From Nearly A Mile Away, Blind You, Or Melt Your Skin Off - Insider's Stunning Admission: 'I've Empowered The Dark Side'
2018-10-19 -- * The War For The Future Of America: US Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Case Which Could Impact 1st Amendment And Prevent Totalitarian 'Big Tech' From Censoring Conservatives Online
2018-10-17 -- * This 'Conspiracy Theory' Is Mainstream Now And The Left's Descent Into Madness Is The Result As It 'Red-Pills' America
2018-10-16 -- * New DARPA Doomsday Tech Suggests Warfare Of The Future May Use Insects To Exterminate Opponents Of The New World Order
2018-10-15 -- * Proof Globalists Are Funding Draconian Censorship Purge: Some Are Also Sources For Deagel's Shocking Forecast Of Mass Death Coming To America By 2025
2018-10-14 -- * Stay Alert With Extreme Prejudice! The 'World In 2019' Economist Magazine Cover Hints At The Arrival Of The 'End Game' - Globalist Mouthpiece's 33rd Edition Is Midnight Black!
2018-10-13 -- * Creepy Video Shows Large-Scale Mind Control Going On In The Democratic Party As 'Big Tech' Launches All Out War Upon Conservative News In Attempt To Steal Mid Term Elections And 'Stop Shocking Political News' From Going Viral
2018-10-12 -- * President Trump Pens Scathing Op Ed For USA Today: Warns Democrats Want To Turn America Into Venezuela
2018-10-11 -- * With Republicans Energized And Angry, Hillary Clinton And 'The Mob' Should Be Careful What They're Wishing For - The Very Last Thing The Moral Wasteland Called The Democratic Party Should Want Is Civil War
2018-10-10 -- * The Secret History of Dianne Slimestein Helps To Explain The Democrats Descent Into Madness: California Democrats 'Drank The Kool Aid'
2018-10-09 -- * If These 'Trigger Events' Happen, The 'Final Domino' Will Fall - The Left Is Playing Out Saul Alinsky's 'Rules For Radicals' To A Tee
2018-10-08 -- * This Is A History Lesson Every American Should Know: The Evolution of Armed America And How The 2nd Amendment Helps Protect The 'American Dream'
2018-10-07 -- * Will It Turn Into A 'Red October'? US Admiral Warns Of New Russian Submarines While NATO Launches Largest Drills Since Cold War On Russia's Front Door Step
2018-10-06 -- * UPDATE! Kavanaugh Confirmed! Pandemonium Alert! With Total Bedlam From The Left A Possible End Result Of Today's Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote, Will Violence Become A Permanent Part Of Politics In America? Watch The Live Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote Here!
2018-10-05 -- * US Senator Unleashes Upon George Soros Paid Protesters - Compares Democrats Tactics To 'Brownshirts Of 1930's Germany'
2018-10-04 -- * More Proof Emerges Something HUGE Is Out There And We Are Only Seeing The Tip Of The Iceberg: 'The Goblin' Is Another Breadcrumb, Leading Us Closer To Reality
2018-10-03 -- * Will Loony Left Amass One Million People Around US Capitol To Delay Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote Until After 2018 Mid Term Elections As They Previously Threatened?
2018-10-02 -- * The Globalists Drive To Impose An 'Alternative Reality' Upon America Is Using Artificial Intelligence Mass Marketing To Spread Their Satanic Agenda
2018-10-01 -- * The Circus At The End Of The World: Things Are About To Get Down And Dirty In The USA

September 2018

2018-09-29 -- * This Is How The United Nations Is Working To Complete The Destruction Of America And Is Behind The Mass Censorship Of Conservatives
2018-09-27 -- * It's Time To Watch The Circus! The Lines Have Been Drawn, The Protesters Have Been Paid And The LIVE Stream Kavanaugh And Accuser Hearing Videos Are HERE!
2018-09-26 -- * A Chilling Look At China's New 'Digital Dictatorship' And 'Technological Tyranny' Gives Us A Peek At The 'Mark Of The Beast' System Coming To America
2018-09-25 -- * The Fascist Billionaires Club Funding The Globalist Agenda To Take Down America: The Sinister Figures Behind The 'Resistance' Using The 'Useful Idiots' To 'Divide And Conquer'
2018-09-25 -- * Critical Updates On This Whole Clown Show: Kavanaugh Accuser Whines About 'Experienced Sex Crimes Prosecutor' Slated To Question Both Her And The Judge For The Senate
2018-09-24 -- * LiberalLogic101: 'Every Woman Has The Right To Be Believed': Except Those Raped By Bill Clinton, Beaten By Keith Ellison, Groped By Cory Booker Or Killed By Ted Kennedy
2018-09-22 -- * Profiles in Treason: John Kerry - This Traitor Teamed With 'Death To America' Mullahs While Turning His Back On America
2018-09-21 -- * This Globalist Mouthpiece Fears 'What's Coming Next To The World': What Does Bill Gates Know That We Don't Know? Deagel's Forecast Continues To Suggest: Huge Changes Are Coming To America
2018-09-20 -- * Retired Prosecutor Explains 'California Crazy' Perfectly In This One Conversation And Weighs In On US Supreme Court Fight: Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind As Pamela Piles On Kavanaugh
2018-09-19 -- * Tis The Season Of Treason In America And It's Long Past Time For Heads To Roll! A Reminder To The Corrupt Rats Attempting To Hide The Truth From The American People: 'The Only People That Don't Want To Disclose The Truth Are People With Something To Hide'
2018-09-18 -- * The 'Hollywood Of Hanoi Jane': 'In Most Countries, Traitors Are Executed - In America, They Join The Democratic Party'
2018-09-17 -- * To Autonomous AI, We Will Be Simply 'Carbon Lunch' - As Human Race Approaches 'Technological Extinction', Hollywood Inoculates Us Against The Question: 'Will Machines Take Over The World?'
2018-09-16 -- * If President Trump Is Our Last President As Many On The Left Now Fear, It Will Be Because 'America' No Longer Exists - Preparing For WW3 Level False Flag, Terrorists Film 9 Staged Chemical Attack Videos In Syria
2018-09-14 -- * Another 'Carrington Event' Could Lead To The Deaths Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans On The First Day While Costing Society Over $35.7 Billion Daily!
2018-09-14 -- * Profiles In Treason: Rod Rosenstein - From Uranium One To IRS Corruption To The FISA Scandal, Rosenstein Sold Out America For Globalism While Covering Up Clinton Family Crimes
2018-09-13 -- * In May, A FEMA 'National Level Exercise' Simulated A Hurricane Which Devastated East Coast, Took Down The Grid And Severely Damaged Nuclear Power Plant - Might Reality Soon Mimic Fiction?
2018-09-12 -- * Watch Out President Trump! The Globalists Are Trying To Get You To Make The Same Mistakes Bush And Obama Made! Nothing Less Than 'Judgement Day' Awaits The Wrong Decision
2018-09-11 -- * At Least 10 And Potentially 15 Nuclear Power Plants Are In The Path Of Hurricane Florence - Is Florence An Attack Upon America?
2018-09-10 -- * The Monster Within The AI Brain - Killer Robots Are The 'Perfect Extinction Recipe For Humanity'
2018-09-09 -- * The War Upon The People: THIS Is Why If The Globalists EVER Regain Control Of America, We'll Fly At Breakneck Speed Down The Same Path Of Destruction As Europe And Canada
2018-09-08 -- * Democratic Party And Deep State's All-Out War Upon President Trump Is Orchestrated Sedition And Treason: Will It Lead To Civil War Upon US Soil?
2018-09-07 -- * Back In 2005, The US Govt Published This 'Recipe For Destruction', That Killed Nearly 100 Million People In 1918, Online - 'It Killed Violently, And Struck Down The Most Healthy People Suddenly, As If They Had Been Shot'
2018-09-06 -- * Remember! Terrorists Said They'd Use Human Guinea Pigs To Start A Pandemic - Was New York Airplane Incident A Bioterror Attack Upon America?
2018-09-05 -- * New Construction At The Denver International Airport Proves They're Throwing It In Our Faces Now - DIA: 'Speaking Of The Apocalypse, We're Ready For It'
2018-09-04 -- * Antifa Terrorists Forming 'Red Army': Call For Civil War - Quote Biggest Mass Murderer Of 20th Century As If He Were A Saint
2018-09-03 -- * Huge Mainstream Revelation! NY Times Story Adds Credibility To Claims Made By 'Targeted Individuals' Of 'Electronic Harassment'
2018-09-02 -- * As Hurricane Season Heats Up And The Mainstream Media Warns Of A 'Nightmare Winter' Ahead, Remember The Pentagon Has Confirmed: Man Can Now 'Play God' With The Weather
2018-09-01 -- * With Global War Drums Beating, The Perfect Storm Is Brewing As Radical Islamic Cleric Calls For The Overthrow Of America - How Many Globalist Leaders Have Converted To Islam And Thrown Their Countries Populations To The Wolves?

August 2018

2018-08-31 -- * 2020 Election Will Determine If America Merges Into 'The Borg' And Further Descends Into Luciferian 'New World Order'
2018-08-30 -- * The Blood Of Americans Is Once Again On This Evil Woman's Hands: Is It Just A Coincidence That More Than 20 CIA Agents In China Were Executed While China Had Real Time Access To Hillary Clinton's Emails?
2018-08-29 -- * Long Called 'Conspiracy Theory', The Exposure Of The Dark Underbelly Of The Catholic Church Proves It's Really A 'Conspiracy Of Silence'
2018-08-28 -- * The NY Times Covering Up Genocide & Forced Famine Leading To Cannibalism In The Past Hints Of Peril Ahead
2018-08-27 -- * So Eager To 'Cull The Heard', Big Pharma & Modern Medicine's Stubbornness To Recognize Alternative Medicine Ensured The Death Of John McCain
2018-08-25 -- * Americans Draw Red Line Against Deep State Coup Attempt Upon President Trump - 'That line is the impeachment of the one man who has the courage to stand up to the greatest political criminals America has ever seen'
2018-08-24 -- * Wednesday's Cascadia Quake A Wake-Up Call For Pacific Northwest: Feared Mammoth 9.0 Quake A Matter Of When, Not If
2018-08-23 -- * Investigators Are Being Murdered And Witnesses Forever Silenced As 'Clinton Body Count' Claims Another Victim
2018-08-22 -- * The 'Deep State Resistance' Throws A 'Hail Mary' - More Proof The FBI And DOJ Colluded With Hillary Clinton To Overthrow The Will Of The American People And Vanquish Freedom In America - Profiles In Treason: Bruce and Nellie Ohr
2018-08-21 -- * The 'Death Lists' Have Been Drawn Up And Exterminations Have Begun: What's Happening In South Africa Today Is A Look At America Tomorrow
2018-08-20 -- * When Did The Democrats Turn Into The 'War Party'? The Disastrous History Of False Flags Being Used To Take America Into War
2018-08-19 -- * Iranian General's Instagram Post Of Him Blowing Up The White House Hints We May Be Near The Boiling Point With Iranian Sleeper Cells Lying Dormant Across America, Ready For Jihad
2018-08-18 -- * Gargantuan FBI And DOJ Corruption Have Taken Us Down A Rat Hole America May Never Be Able To Get Out Of As Former CIA Agent Exposes The 'Shadow Government'
2018-08-17 -- * It's Time To Slay The Dragon! Patriotic Americans Can CRUSH 'Big Tech' Tyranny By Ditching YouTube, Facebook And Twitter For Real.Video, Gab And Minds
2018-08-16 -- * Profiles In Treason: The Hillary Cover-Up - This Is How The Corrupt Faction Of The Deep State Conspired To Keep Her Out Of Prison
2018-08-15 -- * Globalist Mouthpiece Hints 'Breaking Point' May Be Only 2 Years Away As Thin Veneer Of Civilization Begins To Crack
2018-08-14 -- * Profiles In Treason: James Comey - This Pathetic, Treasonous Coward Weaponized The FBI To Assist In The Destruction Of The Rule Of Law In America
2018-08-13 -- * More Evidence The 'Invasion And Overthrow Of America' Is Being Orchestrated By Our Own, Corrupt Elite Who Have, In Effect, Declared War Upon Our Nation
2018-08-12 -- * Orwellian Censorship Of Independent Media Hints Horrific False Flag May Be Ahead: 'Enemies Of America Within' Will Stop At Nothing To Take Down President Trump And Destroy America
2018-08-11 -- * Why This Serial Liar, Perjurer And Leaker Of Classified Information Hasn't Yet Met The Noose And Scaffolding Is Proof Of A Deeply Corrupted System - America's Most Wanted: Profiles In Treason - James Clapper
2018-08-10 -- * America's Most Wanted, Profiles in Treason: John Brennan - This 'Stooge For Jihad' Should Be Facing The Gallows For Subverting President Trump In Deep State Plot To Overthrow America
2018-08-10 -- * Big Tech's Full-Scale Information Warfare Backfires: Censorship Of Alex Jones And Infowars Blows Up In Their Faces!
2018-08-09 -- * Monstrous Terror Plot Thwarted In Canada: Jihadists Had Enough Chemical Weapon To Kill Every Person In North America - Why Isn't The Canadian Government Talking About This?
2018-08-08 -- * As Globalists And Big Tech 'Identify, Vilify, Nullify And Destroy', Totalitarian Attempts To Ban The 1st Amendment Could Lead To Rivers Of Blood Flowing Through The Streets Of America
2018-08-07 -- * Barack Obama And The Globalists Wanted America To Accept A MAD Suicide Pact: While The DC Elite Were Asleep At The Wheel, 'Marriage Made In Hell' Between AI And Nuclear Super-Weapons Was Consummated
2018-08-06 -- * CNN Intimidation Tactics Are A Media Pattern To Silence Americans Calling Them Out For Their 'Abusively Biased' Coverage
2018-08-06 -- * Democrats And ISIS Jihadis Keep Blabbering The Same Talking Points - ISIS Warns: 'We Will Make You Fear The Air You Breathe' - This Is How America Could Rapidly Descend Into A State Of Utter Chaos
2018-08-05 -- * The Democrats End Game For 2020 Include Mass Luciferian Sacrifice Of The Unborn And America Transformed Into A 3rd World Hell On Earth, Mired In Poverty
2018-08-04 -- * This Could Change The Face Of The International Chess Board: A U.S. Space Force Could Become The Basis For A New Philosophy Of National Security, More Consistent With The Principles Of Judeo-Christian Civilization
2018-08-03 -- * Should The Corrupt Faction Of The Deep State Succeed In Taking Down President Trump In Their Drive To Take Down America, There May Be Nothing That Can Stop The Chaos That Follows
2018-08-02 -- * WE Are The Last Line Of Defense Against Global Government Tyranny And A Boot Stamping Upon Our Human Faces, Forever - This Is Something That Should Unite ALL Freedom-Loving Americans!
2018-08-01 -- * August 4th 'Flashpoint Event' Could Cause A Chain Reaction Nationwide That Spreads Across The Country Like Wildfire

July 2018

2018-07-31 -- * Surviving The Next Pandemic: Whether Natural Or Created In A Basement Lab, When The 'Vaccine Pushers' Revive Their 'Doomsday Virus' Warnings, We Should Prepare To Fend For Ourselves
2018-07-30 -- * The Left Becoming A 'House Of Horrors' Proves This 'Blueprint For The Destruction Of America' Is Now In Play
2018-07-29 -- * An Open Message To President Donald Trump: It's Time For Americans To FINALLY Get Some Truth About Barack Obama While 'Slaying' The 'Deep State, MSM Dragon' In One Fell Swoop
2018-07-28 -- * This Nightmare Scenario Is Growing Closer: Iranian Sleeper Cells 'Hibernating' For Perhaps Decades Are Waiting To Unleash Their Fury Upon America Should President Trump Bomb Iran
2018-07-27 -- * Shocked Farmer Warns: 'Nobody's Prepared For This' - More Evidence SHTF Can Happen Real Fast
2018-07-26 -- * CBS News Admits, 5G Is Already Causing Staggering Health Problems: 'A Health Calamity Unlike Anything America Has Ever Seen Before Is Waiting And Could Happen Fast'
2018-07-25 -- * Vladimir Putin Goes Off Script And Calls Out Corrupt Faction Of 'Deep State' While This Video Montage Lays Out The 'Game Changer' That Happened While Much Of America Was Sleeping
2018-07-24 -- * Another Truth Speaker Silenced After Viral Video Exposing Deep State Criminals: Purge Of Independent Voices On The Internet Indicate We Are Approaching 'The Event' - 'Dumb And Silent We Are Led Like Sheep To The Slaughter'
2018-07-23 -- * 'The Crazies Were Right, And I Was Wrong': Former Federal Prosecutor Speaks Of 'Rogue' FBI & FISA Court Abuses
2018-07-22 -- * The Left's True Agenda Revealed: The Complete Decimation Of White's, Conservatives, Christians And Western Values And Satanic Human Sacrifice On An Industrial Scale
2018-07-21 -- * Civil War Brews Within The Democratic Party As 'New Face' Of Party And Her 'Cult Of Doom' Ignore The Lessons Of History And Venezuela's Current Death Spiral With No End In Sight
2018-07-20 -- * Those Screaming 'Treason' About Peace With Russia Should Think About The Alternative: War With Russia Could Lead To The Deaths Of Every Single One Of Them
2018-07-18 -- * Globalists And Mainstream Media Blame President Trump For Deadly Pandemic That Hasn't Even Happened Yet As Scientists Discover Two New Potential 'Doomsday Viruses'
2018-07-18 -- * The Forgotten Position Of President Trump: All Of Those Within The 'Deep State' Who Have Their Own Private Political Agendas Have Already Passed Judgement Upon Themselves
2018-07-17 -- * 'Establishment' Going Into Total Meltdown Over Trump - Putin Summit Hints Of Danger Ahead: Will They Attempt To Carry Out A Coup To Complete Globalists 'Take Down' Of America?
2018-07-16 -- * Orwellian Purge Of Natural Health Facebook Pages Began The Same Time This 'Marriage Made In Hell' Was Consummated
2018-07-15 -- * If This Is True, President Trump And America Could Be In Huge Trouble! The Lunatics Are Still Running The Insane Asylums
2018-07-15 -- * President Trump Sent A Very Blunt But Hidden Message To The Whole World When He Met With Queen Elizabeth II: 'We Are Not Your Servants Or Chattel But A Free, Sovereign Nation'
2018-07-14 -- * This Viral Photograph Answers The Question: What Kind Of Person Might Plan False Flag Attacks, Murdering Innocent Americans, To Further The Globalists Gun Grab Agenda?
2018-07-13 -- * A Smorgasbord Of The Strange, Bizarre And Everything In Between: As A.I. Advances Fast And Furiously, Society Is Being Transformed Into 'The Borg'
2018-07-12 -- * Deagel's Astonishing Forecast For 2025 America Envisions A Stalin-Style Purge And The Perfect 'Communist-Muslim World' In The US - While 'Left' Calls For Socialism, Hundreds Of Millions Have Perished Under Socialist Regime
2018-07-11 -- * Remember! In 1988, Globalist Mouthpiece Predicted A Global Currency By 2018 And Warned Implementing The New System Would Unleash Massive Chaos And Civil Unrest
2018-07-10 -- * Is 'MEDUSA' Technology Being Used To Carry Out The 'Sonic Attacks' Upon US Diplomats Around The World? The US Navy Developed 'MEDUSA' In The Early 2000's
2018-07-09 -- * Treason, Treachery, And Terrorist Threats: Yes, The Mainstream Media Is The Enemy Of Free Americans And These Recent Stories Help To Reveal Their True Agenda
2018-07-08 -- * Deranged Violent Left Claiming A 'State Of Emergency' Exists In America Could Create A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Patriot Warns Antifa Terror Could Strike Suddenly And Without Warning
2018-07-07 -- * This Is 'How It Ends': New End-Of-The-World Disaster Movie Features The Apocalyptic Destruction Of America Starting At The 'Cascadia Subduction Zone'
2018-07-06 -- * The 'Boiling Frogs Police State' In America Was Created On Robert Mueller's Watch And His Witch Hunt Against President Trump, Using 'Stasi Tactics', Is A Huge Warning To All Free Americans
2018-07-05 -- * Massive Evidence The Monstrously Evil 'Elite Class' In America, Including Bill And Hillary Clinton, Delight In Torture And Murder And Especially, The Deaths Of Young Children
2018-07-04 -- * 8 Recent Stories That Show Our World Has Gone Mad And One That Provides Us The Remedy To The Madness: Christian Prayer
2018-07-03 -- * Global Illegal Immigrant Tsunami And The Battle On The Border Prove The 'Conspiracy Theorists' Were Right All Along!
2018-07-02 -- * As The 2nd Civil War Begins In Portland, 'Death Of A Nation' Offers A Devastating Look At The 'Big Lies' Of Progressives, Exposing Hidden History And Explosive Truths
2018-07-01 -- * Rigged Wars and Manufactured Enemies Prove In The End, The Elite Have Been Fighting Just One War Against One Enemy: Us

June 2018

2018-06-30 -- * Was Friday's Massive Comcast Outage 'Coordinated Sabotage'? If They Take Down The Internet, They Can Take Down America
2018-06-29 -- * How Many 'Ticking Time Bombs' Are Walking The Streets Of America, Weaponized By Mainstream Media Lies, And Covered Up By Political Agendas?
2018-06-28 -- * As The Left Clutches Their Armageddon Pearls, Stinging Satire Offers A Look On The Bullet America Dodged Of The Prospect Of Hillary Clinton As The First Woman President
2018-06-27 -- * With Martial Law Plans Already In Place, We Could Lose America If We Don't Stop What's Happening Right Now
2018-06-26 -- * Announcing The Launch Of The 'Mad As Hell' Campaign: It's Time To Let Congress And The Mainstream Media Know That Millions Of Us Who Love America Are Sick Of Being Called 'Nazi's'
2018-06-25 -- * As The Left 'Declares War' Upon Conservatives, 'Luciferian Inversion' Is Running Rampant In America
2018-06-24 -- * Among Russia's New Invincible Nuclear Weapons, Their 'Ultimate Weapon' For The 'Day Of Reckoning' Will Be Able To Carry Out Completely Clandestine Doomsday Missions
2018-06-23 -- * As We Move Into The Heat Of Summer, The Calls For Violence Upon Law-Abiding Conservative Americans Being Made By Liberals And The MSM Could Blow Up In Their Faces
2018-06-22 -- * Brave New World Of Synthetic Biology Has Opened Pandora's Box As Threat Warned Of In New DOD Study Will Lead The Human Race To The Point Of Its Own Extinction
2018-06-21 -- * President Trump Ravages The 'Dark Cabal Of The Deep State' After Dark And Dangerous Period Of US History Revealed In IG Report - Imagine This Horrifying Alternative Reality
2018-06-20 -- * Doomsday Has A Name: Russia's Newest 'Nuclear Apocalypse Machine' Is Named 'POSEIDON' After The Greek God Of 'Oceans, Earthquakes And Tsunamis'
2018-06-19 -- * A Look Into The Eyes Of The Future And The 'Nightmare Machine': Psychopathic A.I. And Killer Robots Hint Our Days Are Numbered
2018-06-18 -- * These Stories Prove It's Well Past Time To Get America Out Of The United Nations And Put A Dagger In Their Satanic Agenda
2018-06-17 -- * Stunning Maps Show Half Of America Could Be Hit By Pandemic Within 70 Days Of An 'Outbreak' As MSM Talks 'Disease X' - Could 'Man Made Recipe For Disaster' Bring A 'Tidal Wave Of Death'?
2018-06-16 -- * Globalist Publication Hints Of Nuke Attack Upon New York As Russia Warns Of 'Chemical Weapons' False Flag In Syria
2018-06-15 -- * Big Pharma's Chemical Warfare Upon America Has Killed More Americans Than All World Wars And Acts Of Terrorism Combined! And Now We Get MORE Proof Congress Wants The 'Big Pharma Death Clock' To Keep Ticking
2018-06-14 -- * Proof 'Re-Education Camps' In America Were Created Before Our Very Eyes As Massive 'Red Pill Event' Awaits 'Trump-Triggered' America
2018-06-13 -- * Expert Warns EMP Incompetence Still Endangers America With Obama Holdovers Within The Department Of Defense Sitting On 7 EMP Commission Reports
2018-06-12 -- * End Times Headlines Ring Out In Europe And The Middle East: New Report Warns Of Massive Terror Attacks Coming To Europe Soon After Self-Proclaimed Islamic Caliph Warned Of Coming 'War Between The Crescent And The Cross'
2018-06-11 -- * A.I. And The Rise Of 'Demon Possessed Machines' Coincides With Humanity's Descent Into The Abyss And The Fall Of Western Values And Civilization
2018-06-10 -- * Mysterious Deaths Of Two Celebrities Soon After They Completed Projects Exposing The Armenian Genocide Suggests Cover-Up At The Highest Levels Is Still Ongoing
2018-06-08 -- * Populist Uprisings In Europe Suggest Tide Is Turning Against Islamo-Fascist Globalists As Their War Upon President Trump Coincides With Global Mass Awakening
2018-06-07 -- * As Mind Boggling Details Leak Out On 'Las Vegas Massacre', Any REAL Investigation Will Likely Lead Right Back To Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton And The 'Criminal Faction' Of The Deep State
2018-06-07 -- * Extreme Events Across Planet Spark Fears Catastrophic Disaster Is On The Way As Parts Of Guatemala Are Transformed Into A 'Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape Frozen In Time'
2018-06-06 -- * Can Tens Of Millions Of Well-Armed American Patriots And The 1st Amendment Stave Off This Orwellian Nightmare From Becoming America's 'New Reality'?
2018-06-05 -- * Liberal Disconnect From Reality Perfectly Illustrated In Bill Clinton Calling Himself A 'Victim' While Hillary Covers Up His Crimes
2018-06-04 -- * With The UK Having Fallen To Islamic Tyranny, It's No Surprise That All Russia-Gate Roads Lead Back To Barack Obama And Openly Totalitarian London
2018-06-03 -- * 'Silent Weapon' Technology Is Placed Into Neighborhoods All Across America As Countdown Begins To Potential National Health Crisis Of Epic Proportions
2018-06-02 -- * A Whole Lot Of Crazy In The 'Resistance' Liberal Party - There Is Something Very, Very Wrong With These People

May 2018

2018-05-31 -- * Upcoming Release Of IG Report Hints That A Massive False Flag Event May Be On The Horizon With Hammer About To Drop Upon Corrupt Faction Of Deep State
2018-05-30 -- * 'Red List Round Up' Warned Of By Courageous Police Officer Would Be Part Of Globalists 'Final Solution' For America: Huge Orwellian Nightmare Waiting If Globalists EVER Regain Control
2018-05-29 -- * Is This The Biggest 'Criminal Deep State' Cover-Up In History? Long List Of Dead Bodies And Circumstantial Evidence Tell A Tale The 'Elite' Will Never Tell And Harvey Weinstein And NXIVM Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg
2018-05-28 -- * Will This New DARPA A.I. One Day Be Used To Hunt Down Resisters Of Global Govt? The UK's Descent Into That Tyranny Is Complete As They Coddle Islamic Grooming Gangs And Censor Truth While Dystopian-Sharia-Police-State Unfolds
2018-05-26 -- * Crop Loss Map Hints At Food Shortages Ahead - As NASA Data Confirms Two Years Of Global Cooling, The MSM Remains Silent
2018-05-25 -- * The Globalist Satanic Agenda Is Coming To A City Or Light Pole Near You: With The Rollout Of 5G Across America, 5G Death Zones Are Sure To Follow
2018-05-24 -- * MKUltra And The 'Mental Blitzkrieg' Of America: The Deep State's Mind Control Techniques Have Created Murderous Monsters And Dumbed-Down Americans As Tortured Victims Fight Back
2018-05-23 -- * President Trump Slams 'Criminal Deep State' As Spy Scandal Blows Up In Faces Of The Vermin Who Fabricated It And Former Trump Advisor Warns: 'This Is Just The Beginning'
2018-05-22 -- * From Covering Up The Crimes Of Obama, Hillary, Comey And Comrades To Hiding The Islamic Terror Network In America, Robert Mueller And The Corrupt Faction Of The Highly Politicized FBI Are Indeed The 'American Gestapo'
2018-05-21 -- * Shocking New Maps Show Globalists Takedown Of America Accelerating As Deagel's 2025 U.S. Population Forecast Confirms Luciferian Endgame Is A 'Colossal Purge Of Humanity'
2018-05-20 -- * As 5G Techno Kill Grid Is Established All Around Us, Experts Warn The Odds Of An AI Catastrophe Could Be As High As One In Ten
2018-05-19 -- * 'The Plan Is Well Underway, And So Far, It's Working Perfectly': Just Like Clockwork, Santa Fe School Shooting Takes Attention Away From 'Deep State Corruption'
2018-05-18 -- * Texas School Shooting Another Massive Distraction From Biggest Political Scandal In US History As More Evidence Proves The 'Dumbing Down Of America' Is Almost Complete
2018-05-17 -- * Sinister 'Dark State Agenda' Exposed As Expert Warns: 'We Are All Part Of A Grand And Lethal Experiment'
2018-05-16 -- * As California Suffers 'Trump Derangement Syndrome On Steroids', A 2nd Trump Term To Liberals Would Be Tantamount To A Disaster Rivaling The Darkest Greek Tragedies
2018-05-15 -- * As The Church Slept, Satan Crept In And The Masses Embraced The Doctrines Of Demons - When The Church Went Blind, Lucifer Danced And The World Descended Into Darkness
2018-05-15 -- * The Masses Are Being Fully Indoctrinated Into The 'Beast Of Revelations' System As AI Hemorrhages Any Vestiges Of True Biblical Living
2018-05-14 -- * Seismic Symphony Of Mayhem Happening Now Is A Wake Up Call As We Enter A Tumultuous, Perilous And Ominous Future
2018-05-13 -- * All That Stands Between Humanity And The Ultimate Catastrophe Is A Thin Red Line Of Well-Armed American Patriots
2018-05-12 -- * The 'Most Horrific Scenarios' Warned Of By 'Watchmen' Confirmed In Newly Declassified EMP Commission Report
2018-05-10 -- * The Secret Societies That DO Control America And Their Plans Are Plain For All To See As Hillary Clinton Linked NXIVM Sex Cult Gives Us A Peek At How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes
2018-05-10 -- * Movie Rejected By Hollywood Cabal Warns Of The 'Imminent Self-Destruction Of Humanity' And 'America On The Dystopian Road To Ruin' Should Democrats Win Presidency In 2020
2018-05-09 -- * Food Prices Expected To Skyrocket As Planet Earth Awakens - Astonishing Number Of 'Earth Change' Events Planetwide As 'Unstoppable Force' Reclaims What Humans Have Taken
2018-05-08 -- * Ancient Prophecies Foretelling The Destruction Of Damascus And All-Out War In The Middle East Say The Time Draws Near
2018-05-07 -- * 'Incompetent Purveyors Of Politicized Intelligence' Are Enabling The Building Of The 'Islamic Bomb' And Corrupting President Trump's National Security Council
2018-05-06 -- * As 'Hypno-Lobotomized' Masses Are Numbed And Dumbed, Possible Theft From National Security Linked College Hints At Nefarious Plans & 'Plutonium Pandemonium'
2018-05-05 -- * 'Cloning Hatcheries' Become Closer To Reality As Scientists Create 'Life' Out Of 'The Void' And Our 'Brave New World' Brings In Emerging Horrors
2018-05-04 -- * Narcissism's Role In The Fall Of America And Pearls Of Wisdom To Fix What Is Broken: This Is Why We Are Where We Are Now
2018-05-03 -- * End Times Expert Warns Things Are About To Get Biblical As Age Old Hotbed Of Unrest Smolders
2018-05-02 -- * Deagel Makes Mysterious Changes To 2025 Population Forecast For America As Bill Gates Launches 'Grand Challenge': The 'Holy Grail Of Influenza Research' And 'Bridging The Valley Of Death'
2018-05-01 -- * Pandora's Box Blown Wide Open As We Creep Closer To The Completion Of The Globalists 'Ultimate Seduction' For Humanity

April 2018

2018-04-30 -- * The Fuse On The 'Powder Keg Of The Planet' Has Been Lit And Our World Set Upon A Collision Course With Armageddon
2018-04-29 -- * Insiders Warn 'Deep State Treason' Has Put Entire Country In Danger As America Faces Tectonic Shift Of Political Landscape - As Democrats Pay Huge Money For 'Fake News' On Trump, Their Lips Tell Us Everything
2018-04-28 -- * A New Look At A Report Used To Enslave Every Man, Woman And Child In America - The Deep State's Case For Perpetual War And Their Blueprint For Tyranny Exposed
2018-04-27 -- * Is This Series Of 'Catastrophic Events' Really 'Grey Terror' In The Build Up To Full-Scale War? Americans Should Be Fully Prepared For Almost Anything In This Time Of Potentially Great Danger
2018-04-26 -- * Black-Robed Tyrants In US Court System Protect Elite Criminals In High Places While 'Declaring War' Upon The American People
2018-04-26 -- * It's Time For Supporters Of The 2nd Amendment And The US Constitution To 'Strike Back' Against Corporate Gun Grabbers - Get The Message, Yeti?
2018-04-25 -- * Nuclear Expert Has Ominous Warning For America: 'If We Are Not Prepared For This, There Will Be No Coming Back'
2018-04-24 -- * In The Cosmic Battle We're In Between Good And Evil, As We Close In On The Culmination Of History, To Understand Today's Headlines, We Must Understand Yesterday
2018-04-24 -- * As China Builds Single Biggest Weather Modification Project In The World, Incredibly Courageous Medical Doctor Warns Of 'Emerging Medical Condition Across Society' - This Is One Of The MOST Important Videos On YouTube!
2018-04-23 -- * Is This Proof School Shooters Are Being 'Programmed' By The Luciferian Elite? Fusion Center's Release Of 'Remote Mind Control' Documents Goes Way Beyond MKUltra
2018-04-22 -- * We Are Closing In Upon A 'Trigger Event' That Could Unleash Total Pandemonium In America As 'Deep State' Warns 'Massive Terror Attack' Coming
2018-04-21 -- * The Stage Has Been Set For The Obliteration Of Our Species As The Precipitous Rise Of A.I. Will Take Humanity To The Brink Of Extinction
2018-04-20 -- * Patriot Warns America Is In Extraordinary Danger And Needs An Extraordinary President To Lead Us Out Of The Abyss
2018-04-19 -- * With Great Trouble Dead Ahead, End Times Characters Jockey Into Position As 'Epic Event With Prophetic Implications' Happens Next Month - As We Head For A Date With Destiny, The Month Of May Be The Tipping Point That Kicks It All Off
2018-04-19 -- * Chilling Confirmation The 'Conspiracy Theorists' Were Right All Along As James Comey Verifies The 'American Hydra' Is Real
2018-04-18 -- * Globalists Telegraph Their Next Move: An Attack Upon Our Electrical Grid, Attributed To Russia
2018-04-18 -- * Once A Country Is On The Road Towards Destruction, Is There Any Turning Back? It's Business As Usual For The Depraved Minds Of 'Slimy Swamptown'
2018-04-17 -- * They Weren't Kidding When They Said They'd 'Own The Weather By 2025'! Is Full-Scale Weather Warfare Inducing Global Famine?
2018-04-16 -- * One False Flag Away From TEOTWAWKI, Is Covert Underground WW3 Preparation Now Taking Place? As Vladimir Putin Warns Of 'Global Chaos', Mysterious Underground Booms Return To America
2018-04-15 -- * Creepy Video Gives Confirmation Of What Has Long Been Warned: Google AI Is Always Listening! This Dark Scenario Awaits The Future Of The Human Race
2018-04-14 -- * Risky Game Of Cat And Mouse Could Lead To Unexpected Destruction As President Trump Treads Perilous Waters - Pentagon Targets President Trump's Core Supporters As 'Russian Bots'
2018-04-13 -- * 'Judgement Day' And 'The Underground World' Are Hot Russian TV Topics As Former Russian General Warns, 'If Russian Blood Is Spilled In Syria, Russia Will Retaliate'
2018-04-12 -- * A Net Has Been Cast Across The Planet And The Monster That Has Been Created Seeks To Destroy Us - Amazing Facebook 'Coincidence' And Links To DARPA Take Us Further Down The Rabbit Hole
2018-04-11 -- * As We Stagger Towards The 'Day Of God's Wrath' And All-Out War, Most Of The World Doesn't Have A Clue About The Abyss We Are Plunging Into
2018-04-10 -- * California Goes To Hell And Liberals Want America To Follow: Expanding Authoritarianism Is A 'Test Run' For The Despotic Tyranny Left Wants To Unfurl Upon The Rest Of Country
2018-04-09 -- * The General Public Is About To Get Blindsided: The Change That Is Coming Will Unleash Widespread Chaos And Mass Civil Unrest And Nobody Will Be Able To Stop It
2018-04-08 -- * We've Entered The 'Season Of Blood Sacrifice', When The Globalist Cabal Bathe The Earth In The Blood Of The Innocent
2018-04-07 -- * Was CDC Doctor's Mysterious Death Tied To Luciferian's Release Of The 'Doomsday Reaper Virus' And The 'Depopulation Agenda'? CDC Whistle-blowers Warned 'Rogue Interests' Have Made CDC 'Hopelessly Corrupt'
2018-04-06 -- * Our Dangerous World Has Gotten Even More Dangerous As Russia's Nuclear War Preparation Includes 'Strategic Surprise' And Lessons Learned From The 'Great Fatherland War'
2018-04-05 -- * Will This Be 'The Trigger' For The 'Last War' Of The Human Race? Apocalyptic Islam Believes 'The Mahdi' Will Only Come When The World Is Engulfed In Chaos And Carnage
2018-04-04 -- * Did These Prophetic Vision's Of America's Destruction Foresee Russia's Unstoppable Nuclear Weapons That Could Incinerate New York Or Texas In One Strike? How Far Will Russia Be Pushed Before Unleashing 'Hellfire' Upon America?
2018-04-03 -- * Is 'Caravan Invasion' An Act Of War Upon America? 'Unarmed Invasions' Are The 'Grand Strategy' Of Covert Warfare
2018-04-02 -- * This Is Why People Are Now Preparing For World War 3: Russia's 3rd Generation Nuclear Weapons Are Vastly Superior To Any Other Nuclear Weapons In The World
2018-04-01 -- * Will US Military 'Bounce Back' Under President Donald Trump After Barack Obama's Purge And Pussification?

March 2018

2018-03-31 -- * As Global Elite Manipulate Events To Bring Chaos And Wars That Could Bring Catastrophe, What Can We Do?
2018-03-30 -- * Our 'Final Invention' May Lead To The 'Final Solution' As Artificial Intelligence Prisons Are Rolled Out For Dissidents In China - Transhumanism And AI Are The 'Dead End' Of Humanity As We Know It
2018-03-29 -- * New 'Currency' In Decimated Socialist Venezuela Is The Machete - Children Joining Gangs In Desperate Attempt To Survive As Shortage-Plagued Dystopia Is A Warning To America
2018-03-28 -- * 'President Trump, Here's How To Eliminate An Existential Threat That Could Kill Up To 90% Of Americans By Starvation'
2018-03-28 -- * Gun-Grabbing Event Backfires On Gun Control Activists - NRA Membership And Donations Spike As Gun-Grabbing Proponents Rile Up Second Amendment Supporters
2018-03-27 -- * The Creepiness Of Social Media Giants Are Hitting New Levels Of Crazy - Facebook And Twitter Are Doing Some Very Strange Things
2018-03-26 -- * From Eating Tide Pods To Calling For Revolution, 'March Against Our Rights' Shows 'Open Totalitarianism' In America Seeks To Destroy Everything Within Its Devilish Path
2018-03-25 -- * With This Clear, Irrefutable Proof The FBI Set Up A False Flag & Planned To Let People Be Murdered, Would They Allow Millions Of Americans To Die To Complete Globalists Agenda?
2018-03-24 -- * President Trump 'Loads For Bear' As His Latest Personnel Moves Indicate Hillary Clinton, Uranium One And The 'Muslim Brotherhood In The White House' Are In His Cross-hairs
2018-03-23 -- * George Orwell Meets 'The Matrix' At Samsung: Is 'Big Tech' Now 'Programming' The Next 'School Shooter'? Sinister 'Mass Brainwashing' Technology Unveiled
2018-03-22 -- * As Globalists Cement Final Blocks Of Tyranny Into Place, Creepy Feeling Of Impending Doom Spreads Across America
2018-03-21 -- * Communists Pulling Out All Stops To Cause Havoc, Chaos And Mayhem Everywhere Before 'End Game'
2018-03-20 -- * These Haunting Words From The Gulag Have Come To Pass In America As The 'Last Bastion Of Freedom' Has Become Dreadfully Degraded
2018-03-18 -- * Is California's Governor Preparing To 'Wage War' On Conservatives In California? 'Be Careful What You Wish For, Jerry'
2018-03-17 -- * Hillary Clinton's Treason Could Lead To America's Extermination As President Trump Admits Corruption Existed At Highest Levels Of Obama's DOJ, FBI And State Dept
2018-03-16 -- * Was 'Last Days Pestilence', A Doomsday 'Reaper Virus', Created And Released? 'Pandemic Would Quickly Assume Disaster Movie Proportions' - Pandemic Prepping Open Thread
2018-03-15 -- * As 'Global Armageddon Amplifier' Cranks Up To Full Blast, Everyone Should Be Prepared For WW3 Level False Flag Event
2018-03-15 -- * Has The Wrath Of God Been Unleashed Upon Decadent & Depraved California? Mass Exodus From State More Proof Liberal Politics Are A Death Cult
2018-03-14 -- * Expert Warns: 'MAD Is No Longer Mutual' - Thanks To 8 Years Of Barack Obama, America Is Now Unilaterally Vulnerable To Nuclear Destruction
2018-03-13 -- * 'Total Control Kill Grid' And 'Pandora's Box Of Trouble' To Be Unleashed As 5G Brings Frequency Warfare To America
2018-03-12 -- * The Dumbing Down Of America Is Paving The Way For The Antichrist And Continues Right On Schedule
2018-03-11 -- * Rivers Of Blood Flowing Through The Streets Of America Could Be The End Result Of A 'Stalinist Purge' Of The 1st Amendment
2018-03-09 -- * Scientists Warn This Alarming Trend Is An Urgent Wake Up Call And Straight From A Dystopian Nightmare
2018-03-08 -- * Thanks To Barack Obama, Russia Has Achieved The Holy Grail Of Nuclear Superiority: 'Escalation Dominance'
2018-03-07 -- * These 'Tools Of Tyrants' Are Hidden In Plain Sight Within Our Homes And Controlled By A Diabolical Power: 'Brain Meltdown' By 'Telepresence' Has Lobotomized The Masses
2018-03-06 -- * Pieces For Apocalyptic War Have Been Moved Into Place: Kick-Off Of All-Out, Biblical War Awaits Just The 'Trigger Event'
2018-03-06 -- * Something Incredibly Strange Is Going On In The Gulf Of Mexico As Temperatures Hit 130 Degrees Repeatedly In One Location - Is Long Dormant Volcano Awakening Or Just A Bizarre Anomaly?
2018-03-05 -- * A Plague Has Been Unleashed On America And We May Not Be Able To Survive It - Colossal Red Alert Issued As Globalists Prepare 'Final Event' To Complete Their 'Take Down' Of America
2018-03-04 -- * 'Dystopian Horror Show' In Venezuela Leads To Massive Exodus And Offer More Dire 'End Times Warning Signs' To America
2018-03-02 -- * Is 'Deep State' Already Planning Their Next Massacre Of Americans? Real Investigation Of Florida Shooting Would Expose Satanic Secrets And Crimes Of Hillary Clinton And The DNC!
2018-03-02 -- * Republican Senator Warns 'War Of Biblical Proportions' May Be Unavoidable: 'If This Thing Starts, It's Going To Be One Of The Worst Catastrophic Events In The History Of Our Civilization'
2018-03-01 -- * Perfect Storm Brewing As Secret 'ISIS Kill List' Provides Plausible Deniability To Those 'Manipulating And Facilitating Events' To Round Up & Execute 'Red-List' Americans

February 2018

2018-02-28 -- * These Horrors Hidden For More Than 40 Years Prove That The 'Deep State' Is Capable Of Having Children Murdered In 'False Flag Event' To Disarm America
2018-02-27 -- * With The Impossibility Of Repaying The Mostly Phony National Debt And The Sheer Insanity Of The Criminal Federal Reserve, Will Eating Our Own Children Loom In The Future ?
2018-02-27 -- * We've Now Reached 'Freedom's Last Stand' - Attacks Upon 2nd Amendment Coincide With Attacks Upon 1st Amendment
2018-02-26 -- * As 'Day Zero' Approaches And The Seals Of Judgement Are Prepared To Be Opened, More Signs Emerge The 'Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse' Have Begun Their Gallop Across The Globe
2018-02-26 -- * With Global Government 'Conspiracy Theory' Proven True, World Govt Summit Says 'Future Plans Do Not Include America'
2018-02-25 -- * Fascinating 'Map' Outlines 6,000 Years Of Hidden History - Does It Also Confirm An 'Empire Beneath The Ice' And These Other, Long-Held 'Conspiracy Theories'?
2018-02-24 -- * Cowardly Companies That Caved To BoycottNRA Campaign Learn That Patriots Don't Threaten, They Act Accordingly
2018-02-23 -- * It's Time For President Trump To Strike Hard And Purge The Vermin From High Places For Should He Not, The 'Forces Of Evil Within' Will Complete Their Destruction Of America
2018-02-22 -- * MSM Cover-Up Of Catastrophic Earth Changes Fully Underway Illustrated By Huge Number Of West Coast EQ's And Global Weather Changing Volcanic Events - Will 2018 Be A 'Year Without A Summer'?
2018-02-22 -- * Expert Warns The Blind Are Leading The Blind Towards The EMP Abyss: 'Erroneous Speculation & Misinformation By Non-Experts Could Get Millions Of Americans Killed'
2018-02-20 -- * If America Is Nuked And Completely Destroyed, This Must-See Graphic Shows Us Who'd Be Responsible For TEOTWAWKI - Has The War Of Gog And Magog Begun?
2018-02-20 -- * This 'Matrix-Shattering Event' Would Lead To 'The Great Awakening' - Is President Trump Preparing To Take Down The 'Clinton Crime Family'?
2018-02-19 -- * With 'Nanoweapons Of Mass Destruction' Having Moved From Science Fiction To Reality, Globalists Could Use This 'Invisible' Technology To Kill Off A Huge Part Of The Population Without The Masses Even Knowing What Hit Them
2018-02-18 -- * With These Numbers Showing A 'Future American Holocaust', Why Did CIA Censor 1965 Book Titled 'The Adam And Eve Story'?
2018-02-17 -- * Behold! 1991 Book Warned Us 'Secret Government' Would Use School Shootings To Disarm Americans! Was Florida Shooter 'MK-Ultra-Cated'?
2018-02-16 -- * Is Globalists Suppression Of Alternative Technologies That Could Heal Millions And Provide Endless 'Clean Energy' Among The Most Monstrous Crimes In History?
2018-02-15 -- * Are 'Global Elite' Sending Occult Messages To The World, Hidden In Numbers And Through 'Hell's Headlines'? Globalists Continue Push Towards 'End Times' War Along The 33rd Parallel
2018-02-14 -- * Traitors In Congress Put President Trump's Base In Their Crosshairs - Are Globalists Hoping To 'Round Up' Peaceful, Patriotic Americans By Lumping Us In With Violent Extremists In New 'Domestic Terrorism Bill' In Congress?
2018-02-13 -- * 'QAnon' Hints That 'Big Pharma Mafia' Carried Out 'White Powder Attack' Upon The Trump Family And Promises: 'Response Forthcoming'
2018-02-13 -- * Obama Portrait: The 'Serpent In The Garden' - Strange Hidden Occult Imagery, Six Fingers, Horns And...... Sperm On His Head?
2018-02-12 -- * MSM Celebrates Communist Death Camps And Slavery As The 'War Upon Truth' Reaches 'Twilight Zone' And 'MK-Ultra-Cated' Left Falls Ever Further Off Deep End
2018-02-11 -- * These Are Red Flags We Are In The Last Days: As President Trump's HUD Secretary Warns 'The Purge' Could Turn Real, Socialist Venezuela Descends Into 'Mad Max' Violence And Total Chaos - A Huge Warning To America
2018-02-10 -- * As Medical Experts Warn 'Worst Yet To Come' With 'Flu' Already Killing 4,000 Americans A Week, Deep State Will Allow Tens Of Millions Of Americans To Die To Get Out Of The Mess They're In
2018-02-08 -- * Over 100 Years Of Govt And The 'Criminal Elite' Terrorizing The American People Documented Here
2018-02-08 -- * FDA Tyrants Declare War Upon The 1st Amendment And The American People While Promoting 'Big Pharma Mafia' And Their Deadly Poisons That Have Killed Millions Of Americans
2018-02-07 -- * Is It Time To Head To 'Higher Ground'? With Ring Of Fire Thundering And The 'Big One' Long Overdue, How Long Till These Prophetic 'Visions Of Destruction' Come To Pass?
2018-02-06 -- * As Russia Develops 100-Megaton Tidal Wave Robot Bombs And Super EMP's, Holdovers From Obama, Politically-Correct Pseudo-Scientists, Are Derelict In Duty
2018-02-05 -- * A 'Disaster Waiting To Happen' - Minnesota Dept Of Health Was Doing 'Enhanced Infectious Disease Research' Super Bowl Week
2018-02-04 -- * Are Globalists Preparing Mass Sacrifice At 'Little Mogadishu Super Bowl'? Appearances By 'The Owl Of Moloch' And Global Mercenary Firm G4S Have 'Conspiracy Theorists' Concerned Everything Aligning For 'An Event'
2018-02-03 -- * Was Newsweek's Recent 'Coming Pole Flip' And 'Planet-Wide Blackout' Story A Solemn, Ominous Warning To Prepare For TEOTWAWKI Or 'Utter Codswallop'?
2018-02-02 -- * With FISA Memo Released, Is 'A Great Awakening' Ahead For Our Country? President Trump Hints At 'Traumatic Event' Ahead As Globalists Plan Massive False Flag Attacks To Stop Rebirth Of America - Full Memo Embedded Here!
2018-02-01 -- * Shocking Story From West Virginia Proves 'Big Pharma' Is The Biggest 'Drug Pusher' In America - Is President Trump Preparing To Take On 'The Big Pharma Mafia'?
2018-02-01 -- * This Is How Hillary Can Crash Planes, Trains And Automobiles - Remember Journalist Michael Hastings Deadly Car Crash Before He Could Publish Devastating Obama Expose

January 2018

2018-01-31 -- * Former US Army Colonel Warns 'Danger Is Close' And 'Rogue Sleeper Cells May Be Being Activated' As Democratic Party And Deep State 'Enemies Of America Within' Get Ready To Be Slammed With The 'Release Of The Memo'
2018-01-30 -- * 'Secretive Army of Darkness' Is Dedicated To The Enslavement, Impoverishment And Extermination Of Every Human On Earth
2018-01-29 -- * BOOM! Top Dogs At FBI Confirm They're Corrupt With This Official Release Proving To Americans The Tyranny We're Up Against
2018-01-28 -- * Is America Closing In Upon 'Pitchforks Time'? If The Globalists Launch World War 3, There Will Be No Stopping The Massive Culling That Is Coming - Hundreds Of Millions Of Dead Americans Perfectly Suits The Globalists 'End Game'
2018-01-27 -- * Remember! Hillary Clinton Wanted Wikileaks Journalist Julian Assange Assassinated - Is The Punishment For Treason In America Still 'Hanging By The Neck Until Dead?'
2018-01-26 -- * This Is Why The Next Civil War In America May Already Be Written In Stone - Is It Also Written In The Sky? Matt Drudge Tweets: 'Winds Of War'
2018-01-25 -- * Intel Agencies Go Rogue - OIG Recovers FBI Agents Missing Five Months Of Texts As Names From Classified Memo Are Leaked Online
2018-01-24 -- * Mainstream Media Warns Stopping Weather Modification Programs Could Lead To 'Extinction Level Event' But Won't Admit Such Programs Are Now Ongoing
2018-01-23 -- * Mysterious Diseases Morphing Into Extinction Level Events As The Killing Fields Are Turning Into The Great Culling Fields Of The Globalist Grim Reapers
2018-01-23 -- * Did Missing FBI Texts Hint At Assassination Plot Upon President Trump? What Is Happening Is Treason - Heads Need To Roll
2018-01-22 -- * Has 'Death By Clinton' Hit Big Pharma? Murdered Billionaire Couple From Canada Did Work For Clinton Foundation As FDA Tyranny Strikes Out At Homeopathic Medicine
2018-01-22 -- * Is This The Biggest Cover-Up In US History? The Nazi - NASA Connection And Trillions Of Missing Dollars: Ultra-Secret Projects, Exotic Technologies, Mars And The Secret Space Program
2018-01-21 -- * Humanity Is Under Full Scale Attack As Experts Warn: 'The Dangers Are Real' - Are The '5G Killing Fields' That Are Coming To America Part Of The Globalists Depopulation Agenda?
2018-01-20 -- * As Noose Tightens Around Necks Of Corrupt Members Of Deep State, February Olympics In South Korea Provide A Perfect False Flag Opportunity To Kick-Off World War 3
2018-01-19 -- * Nuclear War, Weather Catastrophe, Fires And Deadly Plagues Foreseen In Pastor's Vision Of The Destruction Of America
2018-01-19 -- * With World 'At The Brink', Was Wells Fargo 'Glitch' Another Sign They're Preparing To Bring Everything Crashing Down? Only 'Nuclear Options' May Soon Remain For Globalists To Bring About Our Sudden, Cataclysmic End
2018-01-18 -- * Would Christians And Conservatives Be In The Gulag By Now Had Hillary Clinton Won The Election? Newsweek Reports Hillary Could Still Be President If Russia Probe Finds Conspiracy
2018-01-17 -- * Flu Descriptions Including 'War Zone' And 'Flu-Pocalypse' Hint At Weaponized Variant - Google And Globalists Funding 'Universal Flu Vaccine' Research As Dollar Signs Dance In Their Heads
2018-01-16 -- * Leaked Pentagon Report Confirms 'Radioactive Tsunami' Is Not Just A 'Conspiracy Theory': Most Devastating Russian Secret Weapon Could Kill Millions
2018-01-15 -- * This Alarming Video Footage Should Concern Us All If This Is What The Future Holds - Vast Potential Of Unintended Consequences Proves The 'Beast System' Is Materializing Before Our Eyes
2018-01-14 -- * Will The Greatest Scam Ever Perpetuated Against The American People Turn Into The Most Destructive 'Trojan Horse' In History?
2018-01-14 -- * Was There More Going On In Hawaii Than Meets The Eye? Freakish Coincidence And BETA Test Come Along With 'Apocalypse's False Alarm'
2018-01-13 -- * Will Turmoil Or Outright Rebellion Lead To Massive Deployment Of Private Military Contractors Into America's Run-Down Cities?
2018-01-12 -- * As Flu Deaths Soar, Big Pharma Pushes Their Answer: 'Death By Lethal Injection' - Has The 2018 Flu Been Genetically Manipulated?
2018-01-11 -- * Days Before Massive 7.6 Caribbean Quake, The Ocean Disappeared In Locations Almost 2000 Miles Apart, Nearly Directly North And South Of Earthquake Epicenter- If Our Planet Earth Is Trying To Tell Us A Story, What Might That Story Be?
2018-01-10 -- * 'We Are On A Very Dangerous Path Of Self-Annihilation' Warns Head Of Russian Orthodox Church: 'If Evil Prevails, End Times Will Be Upon Us'
2018-01-09 -- * Will The 'Impossible' Soon Come True? While Upcoming OIG Report Shows Comey, Lynch And Clinton In Crosshairs, A Nuclear Holocaust In America Would Quickly End All Investigations
2018-01-08 -- * Liberals 'Red Pilled' By President Trump Blaming Their Own Descent Into Madness Upon Him As Massive 'Soft Coup' Effort Picks Up With Talk Of Using 25th Amendment To Remove Him From Office
2018-01-07 -- * As CDC Preps America For Nuclear War Despite Upcoming Peace Talks We're Reminded: 'While People Are Saying Peace And Safety, Destruction Will Come On Them Suddenly, As Labor Pains On A Pregnant Woman, And They Will Not Escape'
2018-01-06 -- * Chelsea Clinton And The 'Church of Satan' Connection Follows The Clintons Long History Of Satanic Affiliations
2018-01-05 -- * Nightmarish Scenario Predicted By Arrogant Elite Puppetmasters Hints At Many More Calamities To Come To Achieve The Population Pillage They Foresee
2018-01-05 -- * God's 'Cold Fury' Unleashed - Was A Prophetic Word Given 23 Years Ago, In Great Detail Coming To Pass, And Are The Great Quakes Next?
2018-01-04 -- * MSN Warns Huge Number Of People Are Now Preparing For Doomsday And TEOTWAWKI But These Statistics Also Show Some Alarming Numbers
2018-01-03 -- * Massive 'Red Flag' Alert! Globalists Move To Permanently Silence Independent News And Slay Their Latest Victim
2018-01-03 -- * Was Huma Abedin The Ultimate Spy, One Of The Greatest Traitors To America In US History? It's Time To Take Down 'The Enemies Of America Within', President Trump!
2018-01-02 -- * Two Plane Crashes Take The Lives Of Business Executives Who Had Ties To Hillary Clinton And The 'Deep State' As Julian Assange's Cryptic Tweet Hints At Bombshell Story Ahead
2018-01-01 -- * Urgent New Year's 'Red Alert' To Patriots Across America: 'As We Enter A Time When Anything Is Possible', These Things Prove 'We Had Better Keep Our Powder Dry'

December 2017

2017-12-31 -- * As Russia Warns 'World Faces War Worse Than Any Other In Human History', Does Deagel's 2025 Forecast Show America After The Coming War?
2017-12-31 -- * Happy New Year 2018 OPEN THREAD - May Everyone Have A Safe And Happy New Year!
2017-12-30 -- * With 220 Million Americans Now In Crosshairs Of 'Killer Cold Zone', Some Scientists Warn A Mini Ice Age Is Coming - 'Big Freeze' ANP Winter Prepping Thread
2017-12-29 -- * With President Trump, 'The Kraken', Unleashed, 2018 Is Setting Up To Be A 'Year Of Redemption' For 'Deplorables' Across America!
2017-12-28 -- * The 'Robot Genie' Has Been Released From The Bottle - Will These Self-Propelled, Mechanized Creatures Be Programmed To Carry Out A Pre-Set Mission Of Destruction?
2017-12-28 -- * CNN Stumbles And Bumbles To Delicious New Low After All Day Freak-Out Over Mysterious White Truck Blocking Video Access To President Trump
2017-12-27 -- * The Total Meltdown Has Begun - This Is Why Almost Half Of America Has Gone Freakishly Insane!
2017-12-27 -- * Media Rages In 2017 - MSM Suffers Humiliating Year Of Manufactured Outrage, Fake News And Mortifying Moments
2017-12-26 -- * As Monstrous, Parasitic Entity Sucks Lifeblood Out Of America, These Numbers Show America Is On The Road To Catastrophe
2017-12-26 -- * Absolutely Crucial Las Vegas Shooting Investigation Information: 'These Are The Same People That Investigated Hillary - They Will Lie And Cover Up Any Truth'
2017-12-25 -- * This 1859 Novel Has A Great Lesson For Americans And The World This Christmas: No Matter What Your Circumstances, No Matter How Difficult Things May Seem To You, Keep Looking Up!
2017-12-24 -- * As Two US Generals Warn We're At The Precipice Of An Enormous War We're Reminded, 'One Mistake Could Lead To Calamity'
2017-12-23 -- * These Latest Events Show It's Time To Get The United Nations Out Of America And Time To Get America Out Of The United Nations!
2017-12-22 -- * US Senator And Congressman Warn Of Conspiracy At The Highest Levels To Take Down President Trump: 'This Could Be Worse Than Watergate
2017-12-21 -- * Food For Thought This Christmas Season: 'The Star Of Bethlehem Was Also The Star Of Freedom'
2017-12-20 -- * Experts Warn 'There Is No Turning Back Now' From What Is Awaiting Humanity: 'Self Genetically Engineered Basement Bio-Borg Boys' And The 'Zombie Generation'
2017-12-19 -- * Has Patient Diplomacy On Nuclear North Korea Become A Form Of Insanity? No Matter What The 'Washington DC Elite' Might Think, Mutually Assured Destruction Is Not A Good Idea
2017-12-18 -- * Are These Events Foreshadowing A Major False Flag To Come? Transportation System Pandemonium Offers Us 'Red Flags' Of A Large Scale Event Ahead
2017-12-17 -- * Is President Trump 'Too Little, Too Late' For America? 'When The Law No Longer Protects You From The Corrupt, But Protects The Corrupt From You, You Know Your Nation Is DOOMED!'
2017-12-16 -- * Neuroscientist Warns Humanity Is Racing Towards Becoming 'AI-Induced Zombies' - Is This Why FEMA, The CDC And The Pentagon Have Been Preparing For A 'Zombie Apocalypse'?
2017-12-16 -- * Are California Wildfires Part Of God's Judgement Upon America? 'The Lord Is Going To Bring Judgment On Evil Whether By Wildfires, Earthquakes, Or Fireballs From Heaven'
2017-12-14 -- * Russia Warns 'Stand-Off Moving Towards Hot Phase' As North Korea Prepares Sunday ICBM Launch
2017-12-14 -- * This Unbelievable Tool Is Now At The Disposal Of Madmen! Called A 'WMD Threat', This Technology Could Be Used To Wipe Out The Human Race In A Very Short Period Of Time
2017-12-13 -- * Dead Bodies With Ties To Hillary Keep Piling Up! Will Mueller's 'Witch Hunt' Ensnare The Wicked Witch Or Give America Proof The 'Rule Of Law' Doesn't Apply To The 'Clinton Crime Family'?
2017-12-12 -- * Retired Prosecutor Sounds Alarm: 'President Trump Must Go On Offense Now - Step One: Fire Rosenstein, Wray & McCabe'
2017-12-12 -- * Globalists 'Ultimate Killing Machines' Are Hiding In Plain Sight - Russia Blows Whistle But The World Remains Silent
2017-12-11 -- * The Masses Are Blissfully Unaware Of The Hell That Could Be Unleashed - 'Simple Mistake Could Trigger Sequence Of Events That End With Millions Of Americans Dead And The US In Ruins'
2017-12-09 -- * The Rules Of The Game Have Changed! America's Total Vulnerability To This Existential Threat Shows How Fake News Could Help Turn America Into A Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland
2017-12-09 -- * Islamic Rage Across Planet May Leave America In The 'Bulls Eye' - Remember! Obama Prevented Investigations Of Mosques And Islamic Terror Training Camps Across Country During His Reign!
2017-12-08 -- * As Vladimir Putin And Russia Move Again To Protect Christianity, Evidence The Real Threats To Christians And Patriotic Americans Come From 'Enemies Of America Within'
2017-12-07 -- * Globalists Will Use This Dangerous New Technology To Further Imprison The Masses - As We Rush Towards The Fall Of Humanity, This Offers Them Endless Pathways Of Deception
2017-12-07 -- * MeToo Hysteria Is A 'Sexual Inquisition' Against Men By P*ssy Hat-Wearing, Lilith The Night Hag FemiNazis
2017-12-06 -- * Are We Counting Down The Hours Towards 'Two Meals And 24 Hours Away From Barbarism' In America?
2017-12-05 -- * With Mueller's FBI Team Sleeping In The Same Bed As The 'Biggest Loser', Corrupt Globalists In America Are Warned 'Remove President Trump And You'll Lose Civil War'
2017-12-04 -- * Tsunami Of Demons Or 'Old Ones' Set To Inhabit An Army Of AI Powers - 'Techno Possession' Closer Than Anyone Knows
2017-12-03 -- * Hundreds Of Unsolved Mysterious Deaths And Ritual Murders Accompany The Demonic Appetite For Human Flesh In America
2017-12-02 -- * Did Treason Lead To North Korea Becoming A Nuclear Power, A Country Poised To Send America Back To The Dark Ages?
2017-12-01 -- * Catastrophic Failure: Democrats Long-Held Strategy Of 'Divide And Conquer' Has Blown Up In Their Faces

November 2017

2017-11-30 -- * Is President Trump A 'Conspiracy Theorist' Or Just Another Angry American Who Has Had Enough With Clinton, Obama And Deep State Corruption And Wants Truth?
2017-11-30 -- * Mass Starvation And TEOTWAWKI Could Be The End Results Of The Mainstream Media Misleading The American People On This
2017-11-29 -- * 'There's Some Crazy Stuff Coming Down, Chaos Is On The Calendar' - Why Are Military Contractors Preparing To Deploy Within America?
2017-11-28 -- * Massive Cover-Up Ongoing At The Highest Levels - Fukushima Nuclear Hell Hole And 'Mass Deaths Events' - Are We Now Only Witnessing The 'Tip Of The Iceberg'?
2017-11-28 -- * Smart Cities Of The Future Will Be Like 'Nazi Germany On Steroids' - No Privacy, No Freedom, No Free Enterprise And One Step Closer To Completing The Globalists 'New World Order' Agenda
2017-11-27 -- * With 'Globalist Enemies Of America Within' Still Working Overtime To Pillage And Plunder Our Nation, All Americans Should Take A Stand Today Or There Will Be No Freedom Tomorrow!
2017-11-25 -- * Another Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Meets Untimely End Just The Latest In String Of Bodies To Drop Long After Shooting
2017-11-23 -- * Happy Thanksgiving 2017 Everyone - Open Thread
2017-11-22 -- * Is This The Greatest And Most Immediate Threat We Face, Short Of Nuclear Cataclysm? Expert Warns 'This Is As Serious As It Gets'
2017-11-21 -- * Russian Patriarch Warns 'The Signs Of The Book Of Revelation Are Apparent' And 'We're Moving Towards The Abyss' As Mysterious Booms Spread Across Planet
2017-11-20 -- * At War For 93% Of Our Existence, Will The 'Deep State' Entrap Us Into Just One More, Getting President Trump And America Into A Quagmire We Can Never Get Out Of?
2017-11-19 -- * From Russians To 'Deplorables' To Insiders Who Knew Too Much, Are 'Enemies Of The Deep State' Being Targeted For 'Elimination'? The 'Clinton Body Count' Rises Again!
2017-11-18 -- * Is This More Evidence Our Days Are Numbered? As President Trump Is Warned To Establish A New 'Manhattan Project', 'Enemies Of America Within' Set Up Our Country For A Devastating Fall
2017-11-17 -- * Global Elite Panic As They Go Down One By One - Sexual Abuse And Pedophilia Cover Ups Led Right To The Hillary Clinton State Department
2017-11-16 -- * Is THIS How They'll Eliminate Nearly 90% Of The US Population By 2025? Stunning Number Of Dead Scientists, Microbiologists And Holistic Health Practitioners Suggest Something Extremely Nefarious Is Going On!
2017-11-15 -- * This Unending Series Of Mysterious And Still Unsolved Deaths And Murders Proves Massive Corruption Still Exists In The Highest Echelons Of 'The Establishment'
2017-11-13 -- * Is This Proof Of 'White Genocide' Straight From Google? Bizarre Google Search Term Results Show Establishment's All Out War On White Christians Has Been Kicked Into Overdrive
2017-11-12 -- * As Saudi 'Purge' Expands And Chaos Grips Middle East, We're Ticking Down To Something Huge On The Horizon With All The Ducks Now Being Lined Up In A Row
2017-11-10 -- * More Signs Of Catastrophic Collapse Of Food Chain Come To Us From The Independent Media While The MSM Remains Silent And Complicit In What Could Become An 'Extinction Level Event'
2017-11-09 -- * Human Civilization Set Up For A Crisis And Collapse That Will Devastate Billions As Events Cosmic And On Earth With No Modern Historic Precedent Take Place
2017-11-09 -- * With 'Apocalyptic Islam' Pushing For The 'Return Of Their Mahdi', This Could Be The Spark That Sets Off World War 3 - 'Trigger Event' Could Unleash Global Cascade Of War And Unrest
2017-11-08 -- * Will We Avoid 'The Final Step Of America's Worst Nightmare'? With Ongoing Attempts To Breed America Out Of Existence, Insider Warns Of Massive Changes To Come!
2017-11-07 -- * The Bloodlines Of 'The Billionaires Club' Run Deep - Starting With Antifa's 'Puppet Master', This Look At Some Of The World's Richest People Is Revealing
2017-11-06 -- * An Open Warning To Churches All Across America! Think You Know Everything About Sunday's Horrifying Church Shooting In Texas? You Won't Believe What We've Found!
2017-11-05 -- * There Is Something 'Dark And Disturbing' About This Outbreak - Bizarre Coincidences And Deadly Proficiency - Part 1 Of 3
2017-11-03 -- * 'Something Has Happened And It's Very Bad' - Democrats Throwing Hillary Clinton Under The Bus Have Pundits Asking 'Is More Coming?'
2017-11-02 -- * Left-Wing Politicians And The MSM Dig Their Own Graves As DOD Prepares For A Total 'Grid Down' Scenario In America
2017-11-02 -- * Antifa Launches 'Operation Incognito' As Domestic Terrorists Plans To Overthrow President Trump, Take Down America And Unleash Chaos Are Further Examined
2017-11-01 -- * With Antifa Planning 'All Out War' On President Trump, Was ISIS Terror In New York The 'Tip Of The Iceberg'? As Americans Hit The Panic Button, Foreshadows A Coming Apocalypse

October 2017

2017-10-31 -- * Colossal 'Conspiracy Theory' Now Confirmed May Have Profound Implications For November 4th With Outright Chaos The 'Endgame'
2017-10-31 -- * Is This Proof 'Black Eyed People' Are Much More Than An Urban Legend? If The 'Eyes Are The Windows To Our Souls', Millions Of Americans Are Walking A Very Dark Road To Nowhere
2017-10-30 -- * Retired Meteorologist Says His 'BS Detection System Is Flashing Red' As Australia Prepares For 'Thunderstorm Asthma Season' And 'Weather Bomb' Strikes America
2017-10-29 -- * ANOTHER Murdered Las Vegas Eyewitness Reminds Us: Dead Men Tell No Tales! JFK Files Prove US Government False Flag Terror Is NO 'Conspiracy Theory'
2017-10-28 -- * Scientists Warn 'Something Really Big Has Shifted' That Is 'Something We've Never Seen Before' - Catastrophic Collapse Of Pacific Ocean Food Chain Found In Government Survey
2017-10-27 -- * 10 Impossible Things We Are Expected To Believe - Through The Looking Glass - The Globalists Warped Perspective Of Their Hideous Reality Proves We Live In A Land Of Luciferian Inversion
2017-10-26 -- * 'Double Plague' Outbreak Could Be Man Made? Airborne Pneumonic Plague Prompts Black Death Warnings In Nine Countries & Territories
2017-10-25 -- * Is This Former CIA Official's Statement A Harbinger Of Things To Come? 'It's Just Mystery After Mystery After Mystery'
2017-10-24 -- * More Signs Emerge We May Be Only Days Or Weeks Away From Something Huge - Prepare Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
2017-10-23 -- * The Antarctica - Mars Connection And The Cataclysmic War Between Good And Evil - Will Energies And Technologies Long Hidden Soon Be Revealed?
2017-10-22 -- * Mass Demonic Possession Preparing To Grip America On November 8th As Democrats Obsession With Cannibalistic Hollywood Turns Terminal
2017-10-20 -- * The Grim Truth And The Grand Deception - Biblical Evidence 'Gatekeepers' Have Been Long Hiding The True Nature Of Reality

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